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still in ruins reviving it to its former glory is a task of gargantuan proportions and of immense political and economic importance the citadel of aleppo has become the symbol of the city's resistance. but aleppo is much more than just a maze of antique streets and attractions from history books. the militants have stolen computer units with chips for the machine they destroyed the factory on purpose they want to damage syrian industry as a whole and specifically industry in aleppo reviving this that south. would.
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see one forever to go over this area they can feed and basically very functional hunger. he says one of the events but now that the former industrial hub is slowly getting back on track things are finally looking up for the people of alaska. two years ago during the war we couldn't even open our shops the shelling snipers were everywhere you couldn't live under such circumstances we cover the roof of the building back then so that we could take cover it was unbearable we took shelter for about half an hour whenever the shelling started we just locked ourselves in here thank god now we can work peacefully day and night we just hang around smoking just like the good old days. the atmosphere is really good around here the weather is nice everybody is feeling safe and it's only getting by. you can see getting better day by day lanham up
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latin and i was lucky enough not to leave my home high and this is the district the rebels couldn't get to at the time there was a blockade once but it was firmly lifted now saying god things about are despite all the things we've been through we're no better than one of them when you know it's safe you can return home if your house lies in ruins you can still fix it the main thing is it's safe now. just a couple of years ago these tents used to protect people in the street from polling shows and debris well now they're sheltering them from the sun story the city of aleppo has been the economic capital of syria and now with the world gone finally some traders are coming back to streets. of reporting from aleppo in syria. well this week a highway bridge collapsed in the italian city of genoa killing at least forty
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three people including three children in response the country's prime minister has declared a twelve month state of emergency in the area. different outcome of the full. effect of us with this one. but it was a call to the. oval office via must have a lot to do and a. political don't want to but for the brought. over him up close to the wood it was a close. because it felt
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a lot of you know my vision of me. by the window invited to bust me going to be. as the investigation into the tragedy continues the company which manages it the bridge has set up a fund to help the victims and has pledged to rebuild the crossing is also apologized to the people of genoa and all those who saw. young girl from the us state of maryland who was reportedly reprimanded for kneeling during the pledge of allegiance at school has won the support of hillary clinton a former presidential candidate tweeted event it takes courage to express disagreement with injustice love in your old marianna taylor hopes more people will join her it's important to stand up. for the kind of things. you want for the people and to make sure there is no. well miranda said that she
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was inspired by an american football quarterback calling tapper nick who knelt during the national anthem before a game in two thousand and sixteen he said it was against racial inequality and police brutality is silent protest soon spread among other athletes that provoked a fiery political debate which reached all the way to the white house. love to see one of these n.f.l. owners when somebody disrespects our flag to say get that son of a up the field right now out the sky that was not against our anthem or our flag that was actually kneeling is a reference position responding to the girl's action the american civil liberties union urged all maryland schools to guarantee students freedom of speech without punishment meanwhile the girl's school has issued a statement saying that it is not aware of any students being disciplined for such behavior. we put the issue up for debate with former missouri state senator john
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loudon and richard goodstein a former adviser to the hillary clinton presidential campaign. football is about football schools about school and if you have a protest protest in a constructive way this girl can write letters to the editor she can arrange a little march but protesting in your classroom to irritate your classmate mates and virtue signal and that's what she's being taught mom's teaching her mom is so proud you're taking to the streets is that bothersome to people is that annoying to people when you get when you get arrested disproportionately when you get shot disproportionately when you get put in jail just proportionally that's not just annoying that's totally ruining your life so the fact you're taking to the streets is not merely disruptive you're trying to make a point and lets you have a goal and something that you actually have a path to accomplish then you're just disrupting you're just being an antagonist to
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your fellow athletes or the fans or in this case to her classmates what does she want what's going to make her stand peace on earth and you know will we ever get to the point where there's no discrimination no there are bigoted people let's stipulate that there are people who are bigoted they will be bigoted forever donald trump is giving them a voice but the fact of the matter is it's not to say it's wrong for them to basically stand up for what they believe in that's what this little girl was doing that's all the democratic party the united states gets her power on dividing people and separating us versus them there's class warfare gender warfare they want to show that everybody's got a reason for injustice and they need to vote democrat to war in order to fix it and that's all this is it's just it's pure politics and hillary hillary clinton got millions more votes than donald trump did and her campaign theme was being together not dividing people she wasn't mocking handicapped people she wasn't
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telling punch him in the jaw and i'll pay your legal bills that's not what her theme was her team was about bringing people together. on monday greece finally exits and. the financial bailout program which has sustained it through an almost decade long debt crisis over the course of the bailout put together by the e.u. and the international monetary fund greece received more than three hundred billion euros but the crisis has dealt heavy blows to the country's economy more than four hundred thousand people have left the country pensions have been dramatically cut and taxes raised while the debt has risen to one hundred eighty percent of g.d.p. athens is expected to be repaying the bailout loans until twenty sixty and while there are now signs of recovery the e.u. officials supervising greek of finances admit that there is still a long way to go clearly the reality on the ground remains difficult the time for steroids he is over but the end of the program is not the end of the road for
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reform there is still much work to be done so that greece can stand on its own two feet we also underestimated the deep crisis facing the greek state and economy of the tensions between greece and the e.u. reached a peak in two thousand and fifteen when brussels that demanded austerity measures to deal with the debt crisis most greeks voted against those measures in it referendum government was pressured by the e.u. into implementing them as a result the e.u. approved eighty eighty six billion euro tranche of aid dmitri's young former press officer for greece's then finance minister believes that the country's partners did not take the right approach to the debt crisis. an alternative would have been the . drastic reduction of the debt to make it sustainable in two thousand and ten eight wouldn't require a lot of restructuring in order to make the debt sustainable day but at that time neither europe nor the united states or the world economy were ready to deal
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with their debts effectively and that's why people view two hours date with some relief in the sense that they would not be under the same strength of old as they were in the past eight years on the other hand greece will still have to continue with this and are staring which is going to make life difficult for the majority of greeks. a large fire in a commune in a suburb of paris has reportedly left at least twenty two people injured on sunday seven are said to be in critical condition including five children fire started around seven pm on the top floor of the three story building around eighty firemen fought to bring the situation under control it police officers who were first on scene are among those who are injured on the cause the fire is not yet.
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the afghan government has announced a cease fire within the taliban in light of his lama colonies being celebrated worldwide the truce comes after a significant escalation in fighting between the two sides hundreds of people including civilians have been killed. you know i mean. i saw my friend dying he was among thirteen people including children and women who were killed during an air strike last night and there's no attention from the government no facilities for the president was dead bodies are still on the roads and i've also been injured. the city of gaza me where the taliban offensive started has strategic importance due to its location close to the capital kabul trying to
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look at how after almost two decades of the american led war afghanistan is no closer to achieving peace. this is what's happening just a little more than one hundred kilometers from the capital kabul there's barely a camera in gaza any available to film this dreadful battle locals say there are stronger descriptions than simply the taliban is back in action and if it wasn't for u.s. airstrikes the afghan army could have been in far worse trouble so it makes you wonder do american diplomats and their military keep in touch there is nothing that precludes us from an gauging with the taliban we're doing everything we can to ensure that our actions help the taliban and the afghan government does the same table. everything they can only
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a few weeks ago the state department said talking with the taliban was a good idea and regardless of how hostile their actions the extremists say they're forward to this is what we wanted and were waiting for to sit with the us directly and discuss the withdrawal of foreign troops from afghanistan the rumor is there's already been some direct contact at least we know for sure alice wells went to qatar last month where the taliban's got a political office i'm confused the armed group has all but regained its might which not so long ago are in them a reputation of out reich islamist barbarians in america and pretty much all over the world we acted and the taliban no longer is in power in afghanistan which is not only good for the security of the free world it is incredibly good for the people who suffered in afghanistan on the barbaric rule time flies u.s.
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administrations come and go fair enough but the things the people in charge say about insurgents today could be totally different tomorrow taliban this taliban that the taliban are fighting isis and we encourage that because isis needs to be destroyed. oh so they're good for something at least if it's about knocking out islamic state yet just a few months earlier general nicholson said the taliban's fight against dyess was a piece of russian propaganda we see here a narrative that's being used that grossly exaggerates the number of isis fighters here this narrative then is used as a justification for the russians to legitimize the actions of the taliban and provide some degree of support complicated hol of ghana's stan business as usual and the american strategy for afghanistan see above the american strategy a strategy from the beginning of the so-called war on terror which was launched off
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to the september eleventh attacks as this war has turned out to be an utter failure . you know i was we all know was in a stronger position than it ever was in two thousand and one. so hence i think it's proof that the u.s. has been pursuing a wrong strategy in defeating terrorism on the contrary i think that the u.s. involvement up until now when the focus on military force in the region has the growth of terrorism the taliban is not just pulling out a gun it's firing it it could be time for the pentagon and the state department to hunt for ideas together and to be more precise all right that doesn't for me i'll be back won't say in about thirty four minutes within the.


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