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tv   News  RT  August 21, 2018 6:00am-6:30am EDT

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that was earlier on today the taliban raining down missiles on central kabul hitting among other targets the presidential palace during a live address by the afghan leader watching the three hours of heavy fighting between security forces and insurgents in syria. i'll swear as the syrian army gears up to retake the militant held on claims of western media outlets one of eight civilian massacre potentially the same outlets though failed to mention the areas under the control of jihadist groups accused of war crimes we follow that up this hour. and the story of a young russian boy's mother is severely ill and in need of difficult to obtain
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medication who's appealed to locals in a city to help boy they turned out to help to tell you all about it coming up. the other lot to get through this lunchtime live from one pm is kevin are with you thanks for watching so the focus this hour on afghanistan where the capital is seeing three hours of heavy gun fighting eliot choose day between security forces and insurgents earlier in the day missiles rained down on central kabul fired according to local police by the taliban the afghan president in fact was delivering a live televised speech on national t.v. what happened take a look. you. mean. you you. and me and you. all the missiles landed in the diplomatic
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district of the cities bring it out check out the logistics of it you can see for yourself where the government building is situated and as we just saw the presidential palace was among the buildings it as well as reportedly was the u.s. embassy and the taliban's been increasing its military activity there lately let's look at some of the stats of those another assault yesterday major one taliban fighters yesterday ambushed three buses taking almost two hundred people hostage late that day afghan security forces reportedly made together hundred fifty of them free local journalists all turned phasey brought me the latest from kabul just last hour. well it has been more than three hours that we still have been hearing some r.p.g. and gunfire from the side which is not more than six kilometers from our location here. police believes that there have been two up to three assailants involved into this attack and
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a source for some up to ten rockets have been fired into different locations kabul police says that two policemen have been slightly injured into these attacks but the look asian have been evacuated the firefighters of arrived and tried trying to douse and we have to wait and see what will be the latest about because we still do not have any clue about the civilian casualties well ironically maybe tuesday's missile attack came after the afghan president offered a cease fire on sunday to last for the duration of the just started muslim holiday . doesn't hawkins next report says lunchtime on current relations that more generally between afghanistan and the taliban a three month cease fire proposed by president danny is not the first such motion in afghanistan it probably won't be the last that has the blessing of the u.s. time for peace has a better ring to it than war on terror regardless the taliban are firmly rejected
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it instead continuing a countrywide military offensive. i saw my friend dying he was among thirteen people including children and women who were killed during a near straight last night there is no attention from the government and no facilities for the residents of the dead bodies are still on the road signs i've also been injured. military command. say the truce will only benefit the u.s. led forces they've also been clear no peace will be possible in afghanistan as long as the foreign occupation carries on and as coalition forces approach their seventeenth year of operations in the country how simple things seemed all those years ago we acted and the taliban no longer is in power in afghanistan which is
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not only good for the security of the free world it is incredibly good for the people who suffered in afghanistan under barbaric rule a decade and a half later the taliban control large swathes of territory and are able to strike at security forces and civilians almost that will afghanistan has been a battleground for various militant groups something the u.s. views pragmatically the taliban are fighting isis and we encourage that because isis needs to be destroyed the afghan question has forced the u.s. this way between a military solution negotiations with the taliban was such a hot cold rhetoric from the white house it's hardly surprising the possibility of mediation is taking years to arise it's been quite a balancing act for washington you have the taliban willing to come to the negotiating table there's no talking to the taliban we don't want to talk to the taliban and we're going to finish what we have to finish and i want to reinforce to
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the chela been that the only path to peace and political legitimacy for them is through a negotiated settlement the taliban trimble's was a hero put. in. the video of him the boy before the call for the taliban when their choices are to reconcile women irrelevance. in september taliban representatives have been invited for talks in moscow alongside government officials bypassing the united states if successful these could become a step towards the long list cease fire of them all a permanent solution to a decades long cycle of violence something that today looks as this didn't as ever and then orchids reporting there we discussed the prospects of the talks between the taliban and the afghan government with political analysts. and investigative journalist nicholas davis. the afghan government just recently understood the
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crucial rule by the us other superpowers in that region in russia of course is one of the strongest country russia can a pivotal role in in mediating between the taliban and the afghan government and everybody in afghanistan is hoping that something good will happen after the conference in moscow in russia mediating. will be also invited the afghan government could be also a participant of the conference so there could be some more progress is in afghanistan because the different the negotiation in the interaction between the afghan government in taliban and just under very fast speed the taliban have obvious on their side have concluded that you know they need to apply more pressure to force the u.s. to talk to them in a sense it's ironic because you know the u.s. have always talked about applying enough military pressure to bring the taliban to negotiations to the peace table that has always been the official u.s.
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policy that in fact it's the taliban who are doing that and. probably have more chance of success. the syrian army is gearing up for an offensive on the last major rebel stronghold the battle for the enclosed marks the final stage than of the syrian war if we are serb forces do manage to return a kid it'll bring almost the entire country back under government control however ahead of the campaign the western media has been doubling down on its narrative against a mask it was some saying that assad forces are certain to flick heavy civilian casualties the same outlets though failed to mention the enclave was under control of jihadi groups accused of war crimes. take a closer look. these yagur a few of the syrian civil war has strong it's now pretty much about this part of the country the northwest basically here in and around it is where you'll find all
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the armed rebel groups the ones still putting up a real fight no wonder getting hold of this area would be the ultimate success for damascus five days after multiple airstrikes hit this once quiet neighborhood province killing dozens of people shattering whatever illusion of safety that may have existed if you listen to the c.n.n. piece and get the impression it looked province had been a peaceful oasis till showered by those bombs how about telling the viewers about the dicey melting pot it actually is the syrian army has been on a mission to win back land those rebels or even internationally recognized terrorists who stood in their way were given two options take out the white flag or get a one way ticket to it no kidding some were moved there on buses and that's when the real mess began instead of teaming up various groups and went to war with each
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other and let's not forget some of the mightiest organizations running the show their moderates. h t s or high yet to. arguably the most powerful and hair raising the very same people who used to be known as moose or syria's al qaida branch and if that name doesn't ring a bell just picture nine eleven or any other bloody carnage that took responsibility for. this is quite a trio to those who've heard of nor aldin. likely associate them with the beheading of a palestinian boy on camera they've also been blamed for torturing journalists and aid workers jaish al islam paraded kate's hostages through the damascus suburbs
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they once controlled only to use them as human shields later this group along with . was firmly on john kerry's terrorist list when he was in charge of the state department we've seen pictures we've heard testimony of shocking crimes committed by our by book by joshua. by al-shabaab it seems even in london a staunch ally of some rebel groups has lost patients britain won't send any more cash to fighters an adlib as it says in the times newspaper u.k. diplomats have admitted the remaining rebel areas are falling into the grip of the hottest t.v. giant sky news came up with a teaser for their exclusive report from edward province on twitter but online many warned by and the media's attempts to portray that place as just a rebel held clave so the question is if libya's mainly ruled by al qaida who gave
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sky news the exclusive access there are not rebels there. which rebels did you get access to perhaps they've seen this reporting tactic once before during the siege of syria's economic hub aleppo activists say close to one hundred children have been killed in the east in rebel held area of aleppo will your seat in the battle districts of rebel held east of the unable to convince moscow to stop bombing civilians all they talked about was how civilians and moderate opposition fighters were being slaughtered by assad. the russians there was no mention of the hardest though and they're since something our reporter saw with their own eyes. and the rebels are pushing into aleppo again. just beyond that you're into
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the rebel held parts of aleppo that is the black flag of job nusra. brainchild in the syrian civil war. that's been repeating it though. a year ago we had to. we had. our duma always black and white legal regime again. that enjoyed killing. both. obviously a child which is the ocean accompli. and as that place tries to move forward hundreds of internally displaced syrians and i won their way back home to their home city of aleppo many of them used a humanitarian corridor or set up by the russian and syrian army some of them are
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waiting to return for years now aleppo was liberated from militants a gear and a half ago and life is regularly returning to normal the syrian government most large scale restoration program for the city but moscow claims those efforts are being undermined alleging that the u.n. is secretly banned its own agencies from helping to repair syria's economy because there was still it's turned out that the political department of the un secretary it produced and distributed a secret guideline within the whole u.n. system in october last year it restricted the organizations within that system to take part in any projects on the reconstruction of the syrian economy our only humanitarian aid nothing else thank you a number of other russian colleagues it's about this reported quote unquote secret directive it's always with a secret directive it takes me a while to try to find it's actually the reason secret directive but i expect to
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have an update we've asked some guarded so expect an update a bit later on this afternoon and i had nothing you want on the letter was a bit more to this we contacted the u.n. on the matter in reply the spokesperson for the u.n. secretary general denied the existence of any secret memo saying aid is being allocated in accordance with u.n. guidelines for the more than we asked the russian foreign ministry to come back on that. story this next one with a very sad twinge must be said seriously ill parent can be hard for anyone especially if you're a child but one thirteen year old russian boy whose mother desperately needed lifesaving drugs in despair instead he took matters very much into his own hands to help. the commercial market you're on the sauce in your school machine dumpster for
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nothing more important in life and health love in your family is the hope those guys get through all this is an international ok you can stay with me for at least the next ten minutes a lot more news to come in this short segment next including a figure in the me to campaign against sexual harassment is no sued by a former fellow actor who alleges that she rates him when he was seventeen that's one of the stories ahead.
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i. took. one of most prominent figures in the me to movement against harassment now been accused of sexual assault herself tell an actress says see
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a gentle is being sued by a former colleague who claims that she abused him when he was seventeen. for ports . a star in dozens of movies director author and music contributor to bands like placebo or gentle jerk of all trades charged headlong to accuse the now it is graced hollywood producer harvey weinstein of sexually abusing him pioneering the me too movement blundell it when women have the same power as men i'm sure this type of violence will no longer happen the cases of women imbues in their parents i hope but i believe there because of me too everyone has a voice everyone has a chance to speak out and inspiring called by all means yet let me replay you one quick bit for you. the cases of women imbues in their parents well according to a report by the new york times our gentle herself falls into that category the
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investigation claims the activist paid nearly four hundred thousand dollars in hush money to a guy called jimmy bennett who accused argento of sexually assaulting him in two thousand and thirteen now even a brief glimpse around social media shows the two have quite a history in two thousand and four bennett played a son of character in one of the movies and since then a very cordial relationship was maintained waiting for my long lost son miss you mama this borderline flirting between the two has left questions hanging over the grave of the trauma or gentle dealt out why did she agreed to foot the bill then well bernard at the time of the incident was a teenager seventeen one year short of the age of consent in california so technically our gentil faced a statutory rape case this is the latest but not the first time champions of me to
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a noble and valiant movement have cast shadow on their own cause in another case a feminist professor at new york universe. city was actually found guilty of sexually harassing a gay student of hers in response her defenders appealed to a democrat cheve mint and wit apart from those in the me too ranks undermining its own cause there's another problem innocent victims last year one traffic hungry swedish tabloid published anonymous accusations against a stockholm theater director again the article gave no names no one revealed themselves after the publication either stilled benny frederick sons' career was ruined after sixteen years at the helm of his theater he resigned after several months he took his own life after his death and investigation revealed he did nothing wrong just a week later he must have felt like falling into
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a bottomless abyss and then he hadn't been planning for a long time to take his life he just didn't make it that day it was too bad for many me too helped overcome the terror of public shame and potential vengeance it showed that no one is immune to justice but as of now hypocrisy and exploitation for personal gain could bring about its demise. the us is fun to culprit when it comes to election meddling china the mainstream media those still obsessed with russia's alleged involvement in american voter let's raise the alarm over those upcoming midterms in november kaleb open reports on the latest. as america prepares for the midterm november elections the mainstream media is beating that same dead horse from twenty sixteen if there is a problem you know who we can blame question hackers ahead of the midterm then i was arrogant and security of our next election the russians are targeting members
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of congress the us midterm elections are just around the corner and russia's attack continues to haunt the united states russian election interference in the twenty thousand midterms the russians have not reduced their hacking but it looks like russia is not the only country capable of assembling an army of keyboard crunchers to maniacally dismantled democracy trump says that another global adversary of the united states is getting in on the action one of the foods that are so focused on looking only at russia she's also looking in another direction china but in the end if we're smart tough and well prepared we will get along with everyone so why does trump want everyone to focus on china so badly well trump is waging a trade war against china a trade war that's quite unpopular with lots of american farmers right now word for disappear that we have no control over anything or are they based in washington at the train. station the chinese we have no control over there but the markets are
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going to know that this continues for and like the time they're going to be certain people are not going to farm and i would say no matter what you think of trump's tariffs nobody likes the idea of china coming into the country and messing up our election process trump wants us to rally around the flag and protect our ballot boxes come to think of it this could be used against any country they don't want you to like it seems like john bolton has figured that out i can say definitively that it's a sufficient national security concern about cheney's meddling iranian meddling in north korea meddling that we're taking steps to try and prevent it so all four of those countries really. our intelligence shows that there are a number of others that they're looking at and considering particularly in two thousand and eighteen of course no actual evidence is being provided but who needs evidence anymore these days anyhow now iran russia china and north korea all plotting to meddle in the upcoming elections we shouldn't be surprised that the
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congress is now working on the election security bill but it's interesting to note that despite this four way pending an attack it seems like this bill will not actually include a hand counted audit but don't worry those easily hacked computer voting systems they can handle anything trump is obviously using china as sort of this target to make it the new big bad guy the big justification he has had for at least steel tariffs is that because the chinese government gives such a huge a subsidy to its own domestic steel production that we need to fight back of course he's going to want secondary justifications you know suggesting that china trying to influence elections or whatever else the united states has a horrific record in foreign policy the u.s. government is creating one false enemy after another and using that to justified politically unjustifiable behavior on this of the top news stories most international so far this tuesday units here in half an hour for me kevin ollie
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thanks for watching. what politicians do something to. put themselves on the lawn they get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president or injury. or somehow want to be brits. that's it like to be for us this is what before us three in the morning can't be good that i'm interested always in the waters of my. question.
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finally into the night so that they can get up now how does it live on the other monkeys the point about. finding a few of you who would it be that easy to find and that out and me. plus is that don't yet see the city live people. it is. good but i thought it might have been my little bit of a wonderful not that i thought of it that i accept that i don't have many good to know about much of the weight but i'm not going to get but it. does this one does leave. some forces of. to see if you can be no problem.
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greetings and salutation. all right all watchers perry yourselves i hope that you're sitting down to juneau that the united states of america has been supplying missiles to the saudi led coalition currently bombing yemen into the worst humanitarian crisis in the world. did you know that yeah well for most of us who actually follow the real news of the day you you probably already knew that but apparently if you're c.n.n. of the washington post this is a major news story a major news story yes over the weekend both the supposed c.n.n. and the washington post finally discovered it and realized the united states and
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its military industrial complex actually share some responsibility for the current devastation in the horrors taking place in yemen welcome to our nightmare by corporate friends c.n.n. proudly beat their chance chests and exclaimed in an article on friday that quote the bomb huge by the saudi led coalition in a devastating attack on a school bus in yemen was sold as part of the u.s. state department saying should arms deal and that working with local yemeni journalists munitions expert c.n.n. of the stablished of the weapon was a five hundred pound laser guided m k t two bomb made by lockheed martin well bully for you c.n.n. except might be a little late to the party i mean independent journalists like ben norton and we here at r.t. were actually reporting that days if not weeks before you ever got around to the story but hey you know i guess you know your only real journalist of lockheed
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martin actually have or ties on your channel which it does meanwhile the washington post editorial board after discovering the u.s. hand in the bus bombing has declared it's time to end it u.s. support for those missed be gotten and unwinnable war. thank you washington post i guess it's better late than never is it i mean. three years three years too late on that one. now let's do what they do not and start watching the hawks. one old legal street looks like. it would be analyzing the bottom. line for the day like you that i got.


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