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tv   Cross Talk  RT  August 21, 2018 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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rebel group says last patients britain won't send any more cash to fighters an adlib as it says in the times newspaper u.k. diplomats have admitted the remaining rebel areas are falling into the grip of the hottest t.v. giant sky news came up with a teaser for their exclusive report from edward province on twitter but online many warned by the media as attempts to portray that place as just rebel held clave so the question is if it lip is mainly ruled by al qaida who gave sky news the exclusive access they are not rebels there. which rebels did you get access to perhaps they've seen this reporting tactic once before during the siege of syria's economic hub aleppo activists say close to one hundred children have been killed in the east in rebel held areas of aleppo will your seat and if battle districts that rebel held an able to convince moscow to stop bombing
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civilians all they talked about was how civilians and moderate opposition fighters were being slaughtered by assad and the russians there was no mention of the jihad as though and there since something our reporter saw with their own eyes. and the rebels are pushing to aleppo again. beyond that you're into the rebel held parts of aleppo that is the black flag of job nusra. brainchild in the syrian civil war. duma. always black and white or with the legal regime against the all
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civilian or ask that just enjoy killing civilians stuck in the evil i was. obviously a child which is the ocean of a complicated reality we're not going to take a short break and then my colleague sean thomas will be here with temple of all news updates as always thanks for tuning out. to protect him he said he was up and up and basically. in the fog. yasi will either be disposed to say you or me talking to the still. not something that i am not going to cut out loud get it know i don't listen to you
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i just love it. and that a lot of it i didn't ask to come out i skid but i'm about the same as art but i was up the money into the magazine of a bag when it comes home along o. i left my home was calm and. just stayed civil and i'll just call them safe so that was a long haul to nothing. all that bunch of me made by. other people more adult films a lot less on the go just. that little part that. i. feel. i've been saying the numbers mean something they matter to us is over twenty trillion dollars in debt more than ten white collar crime stamping each day. eighty
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five percent of the global wealth you longs to the ultra rich eight point six percent market saw thirty percent minus minus two years some with four hundred to five hundred three per circuit first second and bitcoin rose to twenty thousand dollars. china is building two point one billion dollars a i industrial park but don't let the numbers overwhelm. the only numbers you need to remember is one to one business shows you can afford to miss the one and only. a response to the two thousand and eight prices. with that the global bankers got together they re architect of the global financial system to withstand a ten time the impact financial crisis in the future they did nothing however to undercut the ability for the bad actors the global banks to increase
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their balance sheets from the leverage by ten times and now here we are in twenty eighteen and then back now the balance sheet of these banks in the central banks is ten times more a lot of. good hope to. put themselves on the line. to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president. i want. to go right to proceed with what before three in the morning. i mean two stools in the water.
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they gave his camera. roughly once they showed some leave for them. to. shoot your own cool videos and so on with the broken string that. down more on string. t.v. . those who don't share our values need to know that there will always be a serious price to pay if red lines across the british foreign secretary urges more
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sanctions against russia during a visit to washington as the us treasury have further punitive measures over moscow's quote malign activity. we can bring even more economic pain to bear we will not hesitate to contact does not demonstrably and significantly change. microsoft claims russian hackers are added again by targeting u.s. senate and conservative think tanks bob while listing the supposed culprits at the tech giant took the chance to push its own products. that the syrian army gears up to retake in the rebel held on paper label western media outlets warned of a civilian a massacre the same outlets though failed to meet. but much of the area is under the control of hardline islamist groups accused of war crimes.
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broadcasting live direct from our studios in moscow this is our international i'm john thomas certainly glad to have you with us now sanctions was definitely the buzzword in washington this tuesday with yet more calls to tighten restrictions against russia over a series of issues for which moscow's being blamed the british foreign secretary who is on his first official visit to the u.s. or urged western partners to ramp up the pressure on russia. those. values need to know that there will always be a serious price to pay if red lines across and stay the united kingdom its allies to go further by calling on the european union to ensure its sanctions against russia comprehensive and that we stand shoulder to shoulder with the u.s. we heard him speak to the u.s. peace institute he made his remarks and essentially he called for more hostility to
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russia in aspen and it's interesting because his speech was actually leaked to the press ahead of time so people knew what he was going to say before he said it and he followed the draft of his speech that was leaked pretty pretty closely and now just two weeks ago we saw a new sanctions imposed on russia by the united states in response to the accusation about the involvement in the chemical weapons attacks now the latest measures will come into rounds those sanctions are they limit financing and exports they specifically ban the sale of national security goods that are sensitive like technology the the second round the tougher round that will come into force in november. could include the banking sector restrictions on imports and it would actually suspend diplomatic relation there and actually terminate flights between the two countries now moscow as said that this amounts to economic warfare against
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russia this is what has been the response there is because that i wasn't support of russia will consider retaliatory measures in response to yet more adverse steps from washington in light of these the confirmation by the u.s. administration of its read and that is to keep improving relations with russia just looks ridiculous it's a blatant hypocrisy yes it was supposed to be the but if something follows something like a restriction of the operations of russian banks the use of foreign currency it can be called for what it is a declaration of economic knee and it will be necessary to respond to this war with economic political if necessary because of the method you now it's still an open question whether the usa the u.k. and the european union will all fall into line against russia when we are as of yet having waiting to see any solid evidence to back up the accusations that are justifying these new sanctions and economic attacks now meanwhile the u.s.
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treasury has frozen millions of dollars worth of russian assets or washington correspondents america has more on that so it's getting harder to keep up with the rate of sanctions washington's imposing what do we know about this latest statement from the treasury well the treasury department did explain it all in its statement saying that these efforts have been taken in order to counter russia's efforts to challenge the u.s. and its allies listing a few examples including the occupation of crimea subverting western democracy its neighboring the assad regime just to name a few now in the statement to the treasury department also reiterated how well they're saying go away saying quote the treasury's russia sanctions program is among our most effective and impactful since january. twenty seventeen this administration has sanctioned two hundred seventeen russian related individuals and entities for a broad range of activities check out what else with the bread and brazenness of russia's malign conduct demands
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a firm and vigorous response our actions are imposing an unprecedented level of financial pressure on those supporting the kremlin's malign agenda and on he sectors of the russian economy though russia's malign activities continue its adventurism undoubtedly has been checked by the knowledge that we can bring even more economic pain to bear using our powerful range of authorities and that we will not hesitate to do so if its conduct does not demonstrably and significantly change now while these sanctions are effective and that's what the u.s. claims they come at a pretty steep price not only do they impact the u.s. but they also impact europe and the european commission had a few words of course u.s. policies are impacting on german foreign trade individual companies are grinding their teeth and are severely affected german companies fear
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a short term loss of ongoing business operations worth hundreds of millions of euros furthermore the short term terminations of contracts with suppliers for example could lead to production losses along the entire production chain since a replacement of equal quality has to be found first. america first cannot mean that europe's interests come last. the fear is that american policy will restrict the behavior over european companies and impact in their view policymaking with the in the. europe's energy supply is a matter for you or not the united states of america even though trump says that he wants to improve relations with russia it seems that that washington doesn't really want that to happen. former wall street journal correspondent joe told us he believes there are all teary or motives behind the sanctions against russia the whole thing is quite a conundrum for me why they continue to try to politicize this issue and use
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sanctions of some way to help them domestically except that they're trying to cover up their own shortcomings their own short changing of the american people and to try the blame our divisions and our economic crisis in our racial divide here on an outside power which is the oldest trick in the book going back to the beginning of civilization if the democrats lose or do not do as well as they hope in the november election having used rusher again as their as their main talking point they may have to readjust and realize that the progressive wing of the party is growing and that the american people don't give a damn about russia and that they have to finally address the real issues here and leave this russia issue alone and get back to normal relations with this country that is a that is imperative for. for world peace essentially. one of the malign activities that it's upsetting washington right now is supposed it was supposed russian hacking in microsoft claims it's wanted a fresh attack the tech giant says the targets were the u.s.
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senate and conservative think tanks but mainstream outlets reporting on microsoft's findings rushed to draw their usual conclusion about who might ultimately be behind it all. attempts by russia to hack u.s. senate and conservative groups for hacking group affiliated with the russian government the russian military operation the intelligence operation the russian military intelligence unit r t z goes down of commentary on microsoft's claims microsoft is ringing the alarm russians are at it again apparently how has set up a bunch of websites doppelganger of those belonging to prominent political groups and the us senate this technique is known as phishing designed to lure unsuspecting users to pages that look just like the real thing and then basically steal their data according to microsoft that they recognize this.


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