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made without any evidence and that are clearly created for public attention it's sad that a big international company that successfully worked for a long time in the russian market and has to be a part of the witch hunt now has invaded washington but microsoft insists the threat is there and oh how convenient already has a solution on stand by microsoft account god will be provided for free to come pains and candidates it will alert them of potential threats and educate how to keep the network secure so a threat of no threat microsoft has nothing to lose but this new product of theirs won't market itself. switching gears now the syrian army appears to be gearing up for an offensive on the country's last major rebel stronghold italy the battle for the enclave that would mark the final stage of the conflict if assad's forces manage to retake the area it will bring almost the entire country back under government control however ahead of
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a campaign many western media outlets have been doubling down on the narrative against a damascus with some saying the assad forces are certain to inflict heavy civilian casualties the same media though fail to mention that over sixty percent of the enclave is under the control of hardline islamist groups that have been accused of war crimes aren't easily a tracker takes a closer look. these yog are a few of the syrian civil war has strong it's now pretty much about this part of the country the northwest basically here in and around it is where you'll find all the armed rebel groups the ones still putting up a real fight no wonder getting hold of this area would be the ultimate success for damascus five days after multiple airstrikes hit this once quiet neighborhood in profits killing dozens of people shattering whatever illusion of safety that may have existed if you listen to the c.n.n. piece and get the impression it looked province had been
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a peaceful oasis still showered by those bombs how about telling the viewers about the dicey melting pot it actually is the syrian army has been on a mission to win back land those rebels or even internationally recognized terrorists who stood in their way were given two options take out the white flag or get a one way ticket to it no kidding some were moved there on buses and that's when the real mess began instead of teaming up various groups and went to war with each other and let's not forget some of the mightiest organizations running the show their moderates. h. t. s. or to. arguably the most powerful and hair raising the very same people who used to be known as moose row or syria's al qaida branch and if that
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name doesn't ring a bell just picture nine eleven or any other bloody carnage that took responsibility for. this is quite a trio to those who've heard of nor aldin. likely associate them with the beheading of a palestinian boy on camera they've also been blamed for torturing journalists and aid workers jaish al islam paraded kates hostages through the damascus suburbs they once controlled only to use them as human shields later this group along with. was firmly on the john kerry's terrorist list when he was in charge of the state department we've seen pictures we've heard testimony of shocking crimes committed by our by book by joshua. by al-shabaab it seems
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even london a staunch ally of some rebel groups has lost patients britain won't send any more cash to fighters an adlib as it says in the times newspaper u.k. diplomats have admitted the remaining rebel areas are falling into the grip of the hottest t.v. giant sky news came up with a teaser for their exclusive report from edward province on twitter but online many warned by and the media is attempts to portray that place as just rebel held clave so the question is if you live is mainly ruled by al qaida who gave sky news the exclusive access they are not rebels there. which rebels did you get access to perhaps they've seen this reporting tactic once before during the siege of syria's economic hub aleppo activists say close to one hundred children have been killed in the east in rebel held area of aleppo will your seat at the
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battle districts of rebel held east of the unable to convince moscow to stop bombing civilians all they talked about was how civilians and moderate opposition fighters were being slaughtered by assad. the russians there was no mention of the hottest though and there since something our reporter saw with their own eyes. we're in the al assad. and the rebels are pushing into aleppo again. beyond that you're into the rebel held parts of aleppo that is the black flag of job nusra. brainchild in the syrian civil war. and it's been repeating it is go time after time after time. a year ago we had to. what we had with. our duma always black and white evil
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regime again. and that enjoyed killing. both. obviously a child which is the ocean of a complicated reality. watch march international more news after a short break stay with us. you know world of big partisan movies a lot and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that made stream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door on the fast and shouting past each other it's time for
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critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks. when we all make this manufactured to send to the public well. when the ruling classes protect themselves. when the final merry go round lifts be the one percent. can all middle of the room see. you really.
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are welcome back this is our t. international now an american journalist has published a new investigation exposing washington's efforts to interfere with the internal affairs of countries around the world and undermine rival governments max blumenthal went to an event organized by the national endowment for democracy it's a nonprofit ngo founded in one thousand nine hundred eighty three and supported by both of the democratic and republican parties. the organization claims to help nongovernmental groups promote democracy in over ninety countries and blumenthal couldn't tell them but notice some parallels but i covered the ceremony because these organizations are doing exactly what congress accuses russia funded media outlets and troll farms of doing in the united states to interfere in other country's politics and with foreign money. the only difference is they do it openly and in the name of spreading freedom. are they spoke to the journalist behind that
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report max woman thought he told us more about his findings. so once again. i'd like to express our sincere gratitude to buy pot of. the poor and also u.s. congresspeople as well and u.s. citizens financially we are doing this work with the u.s. citizens tax americans have no idea that they're funding an organization that's explicitly dedicated to meddling in other countries affairs interfering in elections toppling often democratically elected leaders and spreading public relations campaigns to sow chaos against countries that resist washington's agenda but here you have kind of open acknowledgement from this korean activist who is behind the transitional justice working group which is responsible for a lot of what congress states and knows about north korea's suppose it human rights violations so basically the united states is paying for its own findings to ramp up
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sanctions and hostility against north korea and what's really interesting about this event that i attended in capitol hill is that it was timed to coincide with the trump kim summit it was essentially a u.s. government backed event undermining a u.s. government initiative to foster peace between north and south korea and that to me seems like almost and in a form of internal interference you think that the national endowment for democracy . if there is a peace treaty that they should cease funding civil society groups that seek a transition or regime change and i think i don't know that that's what they do but i do know that they promote human rights as they and i mean for example if russia were funding civil society groups inside the u.s. and that going into the hype and i support the worth they do i think it's pretty obvious i mean two things are going on there first of all you have. these activists and organizations that are funded by the national endowment for tomorrow
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. see the u.s. regime change arm in south korea who are dedicated to regime change in north korea really worried that the money's going to stop rolling in from washington if there is a peace treaty so basically conflict is an entire industry and it's part of this fake human rights and democracy promotion industry so pelosi wanted to duck that issue and then the other issue she wants to duck is the sheer hypocrisy of supporting an organization that funds civil society groups and opposition media to topple governments and so chaos and sovereign countries while complaining that for example this network r.t. does that in the united states and that's exactly what nancy pelosi and her colleagues in congress do every day when confronted with the issue there's nothing they can do but deflect and run away as palosi did a lot of what we do today was done covertly twenty five years ago by the cia it's
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even more the case since the color revolution model has been introduced. and what the ne d. does is what the cia might have done to salvador allende in she lay but they do so overtly and therefore avoid a lot of the scrutiny from congress it looks like they're funding democracy and legitimate protests but they're directing their resources exclusively against countries that resist washington's economic and political agenda it's an extension of the cia but it seems like it's pushing human rights and things that americans can get behind and that's why they receive so little scrutiny from the public it's very clever actually. there are concerns that a large number of child slaves trafficked from vietnam and china could be working on cannabis farms in london this comes as figures disclosed under the freedom of information requests showed the scale of the illegal drugs cultivation. the high
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number of cannabis farms across london and trafficking of vietnamese children to work in them is extremely worrying potentially thousands of children and young people are being trafficked from vietnam and exploited by ruthless criminal gangs hundreds of cannabis farms have been discovered in the british capital in recent years and specifically that number is said to be at three hundred fourteen that's one farm every two days from january twenty sixteen until april this year and of course what makes these matters worse is certainly concerns about who it is that's being to work at these farms or factories as they're described we do know that experts from campaign groups have been raising red flags about this issue for at least a decade now with headlines circulating in the british press on and off throughout recent years trying to raise attention to this issue however experts are continuing to say that large numbers of children and teens from countries like vietnam and
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other places are trafficked to work out these kinds of farms and indeed this is being described as extremely worrying it's being said that over two thousand suspected trafficking victims were referred to officials just last year and that's a number that's being described as the highest on record and one of the concerns that containers have on this issue is that oftentimes these people when discovered working at these farms could be treated as criminals as opposed to victims and this is certainly seen as a very serious issue and we have sent out requests to the home office to the metropolitan police and anti trafficking groups such as anti-slavery international so we will be certainly updating this report once we hear back from them on this topic. well that does a for mail be back in thirty five minutes with more news you are watching art international certainly glad to have you with us.
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a low in welcome to cross top where all things are considered i'm peter lavelle remember when the political left stood up for free speech and equality for all and remember when the mainstream media called for the same tone and tenor of political discourse appears to be at a turning point if you don't agree with the left you face insults harassment and even violence is a new civil war on. talking political civility i'm joined by my guest rob talbot new york he is a political pundit and journalist contributing to the huffington post in west palm beach we have dr gina loudon she is a psychology expert and host of america trends with dr gina and in los angeles we
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cross to wrongful cone he's a comedian frequent guest on the jimmy doors show and the young turks as well as host of his own streaming show get your news on with ron all right crosstalk rules in effect that means you can jump in anytime you want and i always appreciate you know let me go to you because i know your political stripes pretty well and reflect upon what i had to say in the introduction to mean if you don't agree you face insults harassment and violence representatives beliefs about what it means to be on the receiving end of violence it seems to me and i don't want to overdramatize things but over the last few weeks it seems to me that part of the political spectrum wants to normalize political violence in terms of speech at least go ahead gene in west palm beach you know it's discouraging because i think that my whole political life my thing has been that sometimes i'm wrong and i hold myself out to the fact that i may be wrong but i enjoy the civil discourse and some of my favorite things to do have always been shows like yours where you can have
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a conversation and a civil dialogue without ridiculing the other person without calling them names without accusing them of some form of bigotry that the left has taken attack you call it a civil war i'm calling it an uncivil war as a massive step away from the civility and then they tend to want to do this blame game and blame the whole thing on the fact that the president is somebody who hits back just because conservatives traditionally have never hit back and so i think that it puts conservatives like me in a in a really discouraging place and that we've always wanted somebody who would hit back the bully on the playground right i think that's a good thing because bullies in politics they shut down. civil discourse but in this particular case i think the left has taken it far too far at least being case one but there are a lot of other cases here that we're seeing almost every day now and that political environment you know. i used to remember is that ok i can understand you know the
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liberals used to be the ones that were tolerant and want to dialogue and wanted to engage people and now we have a president which who can be quite vulgar at times i think everybody on the panel and our viewers would agree many times he's a pretty he's a bit rough ok but why does the left now have to emulate that i mean aren't they supposed to be better they've always presented themselves as being the better part of the political spectrum it seems to me they want to get in the mud. and fight it out that way which is not really part of the left's tradition at least my reading of it go ahead robert. well there is an old expression that you don't get into a peeing match with a skunk and i think it's been a huge error on the part of democrats but i'm going to make it clear donald trump has set the stage for all of this and if there were sixty thousand people in yankee stadium and everybody cheered for him except one person he'd be tweeting about that
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one person that doesn't like him but i don't think that the democrats are doing the right thing my fellow democrats and in the attacks that they make against trump against his allies just in general i think maxine waters is is the biggest enemy to the democratic party is look like an idiot saying the things that she says and does and i i find it repugnant i've been attacked because. i'll speak and i'll say well as a democrat and then i get blasted on twitter from people saying you can't say that you're not a real democrat you're a phony you're you're you're a plant you're a bob and so it's like oh i can't have any kind of dissenting opinion i have to just have an automaton o'clock response and you know all the drama will be oh i mean rob that is what gets me angry with all due respect what do you expect from identity politics ok if that's exactly where it goes you're not fitting the mold
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you know then you're an enemy that's what identity politics does let me go to ron ron what does the left hope to achieve by this strategy i mean you know you don't have the leadership speaking out against that schumer said something and then he got attacked for it again identity politics comes into play it's a losing proposition i don't know what the democrats hope to achieve by going down this path go ahead ron but you know i don't want to split hairs on optics here but i think when you're in the in the topic of this conversation when you say the left . really referring to is the democratic establishment good in the corporate media and i would argue just for optics sake that's not the left one could argue that something like m s n b c and the democratic establishment that is in fact the liberal establishment but when your say liberal you should be using it in the field
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loek sense were sent to the left in the best of times and are sent to the right on it affects them a dirty fair the question that's actually wrong there's nothing actually progressive i agree with that ok but in the end the questions that i set out to everyone here i said stablish mentor left so good kind of procreation and ok but let's but my question is what does the establishment left want to achieve by taking on this strategy all it does is increase you know it just increases the volume in the temperature of political discourse when we have no to the point where we don't have any ok go ahead ron. oh i agree with you and i think they really thrive on creating this am i caught of me of a we're not trump and trump's awful and we're not that when it comes time to talk to policy they really don't have any idea you know we live more than ever before we live in a two party system lewis black said it best the republicans have bad ideas the
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democrats have no ideas so when you have a absolutely no ideas and when you have this president that's kind of a knee jerk reactionary you know that says you know some outrageous things sometimes what else can you do but then get in get into the match yourself and gauge in the hyper partisan click bait culture that were a part of and try to run with it and hope that maybe you beat a republican or two and twenty the third priority of the democratic party is winning their first priority making sure progressive policies don't happen their second priority which those two things kind of go hand in hand is pleasing their donors their third priority maybe beating a republican or two but engaging in just partisan bickering you're getting all three of those things accomplished while you get in those top two things accomplished any ads that third one maybe maybe not so rep a recipe for disaster ok. reflect upon the fact that recently over the last week or
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so it's been conservative women particularly that have been attacked in public we don't have to go through all the names are so many of them i mean i thought the democratic party loved women and respected women go ahead gina. yeah we have the whole when they go low we'll go high thing it looks like when we when someone goes low they're going to go lower the whole war on women thing they've turned that into a war on any woman who disagrees with their politics i would really like to get back to a time where we can have a conversation a little bit like we're having right now frankly where probably the three of us wouldn't agree on policy matters much at all but we can definitely agree that civility and conversation are much more intelligent way to go about establishing policy that works for america they end slinging insults and especially as you point out to peter it's the identity politics i would argue not the president the identity politics that have brought the democrats to where they are in what is
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amounted to a truly uncivil war that is really among the left in this i mean the right we're getting along pretty well not perfectly but pretty well i remember a few years ago when i thought the republican party was imploding but at this point i really think that identity politics is imploding the left that they have got to get some issues to stand on and to work together frankly because even if the three of us four of us sat down and discussed policy we could agree on we could find something that all of us are passionate about and we could fight together on that but rather than that the american people and especially the traditional democrats out there they're watching this lunacy go on the left and thinking i don't know but i know that's not what i want and they'll lose in the midterms because of it i feel quite sure at least at this point if something doesn't change fast you know why can't the establishment democrats rein these people in are they afraid or do or they're worried to be their bases drifting to more progressive socialist we could
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look at what happened in new york i mean what what what what still lack of reaction because it seems like the lack of reaction shows the huge splits within the party go ahead. it's a completely fragmented party right now there's no leadership who can you say is the leader of the democratic party no one since you seem really sensitive booker. maxine so you know and here's the here's my proclamation for the democrats that they bet that they have to get the sky is always blue water is always wet and donald trump is always going to be donald trump so stop complaining about what he says and what he does because he's always going to do that why do you throw some policy at us and tell us what you are going to do democrats to get rid of them or if why should we vote him out what what is your plan as a democrat i can't speak to any policy i've heard other than donald trump is
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a creep and a jerk ok i agree so what are we going to do. ron you're agreeing there now that my point is this it's ever been ever since the campaign that even the election is that the more you go after this guy the mainstream media the more you push him up and it's free advertising what in any any and so much you know you have seen him go out on the road i mean all he does is attack these people and they love it ok they were giving him all his material run yeah you're absolutely right and i'm sorry guys i missed a little bit i was having a tech issue on my end i had hopes that it expresses i thought it was like why was it something i said i don't know i don't have a good discussion but that everything just kind of went out on me version and so i'm not totally caught up i apologize but yeah i think rob i think i got a very good point they don't have any policy ideas i don't think that's an accident though and that's why again i'm very disenfranchised by the two party system right
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now because i don't feel that there's anybody with power in politics with the exception to bernie sanders that represents any of the policies of iraq going to jump in here i'm going to jump in here we're going to go to a short break and after that short break we'll continue our discussion on political civility stay with our. and i find it on film and also that it can get a little now hons a little bit on the album people point the. line and if he would be would it be
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that easy to find a friend that i had and me. plus is that going to get the muscles to people who. didn't. vote a lot of the time i did upon my little bit of a wonderful time about our little bit that we are shut out of money good to know about much of the woodwork the mob not to go to jail but in. this one do fly these blues. somebody to. say. see. you can be no problem.


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