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tv   News  RT  August 22, 2018 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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oh. donald trump's presidency appears to be on shaky ground after two former associates are found guilty of numerous federal crimes a special counsel probe initially launched to investigate alleged collusion with russia that so far only expose fraud and election campaign violations. wherein the drugs are you know they're still looking for clues or where to find the killers. also this hour the french interior ministry admits that a terror suspect involved in a boiled attack in two thousand and fourteen was freed by a court due to a bureaucratic failure. in russia slams newly enforced u.s. think sions as counterproductive and meaningless this valley to respond congress is also mulling over even more aggressive measures against moscow that could lead to
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the seer. a very warm welcome to the program from the whole crew here at r.t. h.q. in moscow thanks for joining us this hour there's been plenty of talk this wednesday over dull terms presidency which now appears to be in a precarious position less than two years in two of the president's former associates have been found guilty of federal crimes and that's put trump in hot water as his ex lawyer has implicated him as the orchestrator of campaign and financial violations and the media is already getting in a spin over possible impeachment. going to be impeached with this i think the beginning has to be set and mark right now and wolf we're in a watergate moment but there is i think a lot for the president to fear impeachment endlessly discussed in mainstream media
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discourse today it seems became a little more realistic for trump although it's not exactly what you might think nefarious links to russian agents or collusion with the kremlin something far more mundane as his former lawyer michael cohen pleaded guilty to franken tax fraud he also admitted guilt in campaign finance charges allegedly paying off former mistresses of trump for their silence on the orders of the now president in a double whammy trump's former campaign manager pulled out of fort was also found guilty of numerous personal fraud charges potentially facing years in prison but what about those russian links after all that's what the attorney general authorized special counsel miller to dig up coordination between the russian government and individuals associated with the campaign of president donald trump they found buying ten tax fraud evasion lies to the f.b.i. hush money but no russian collusion fake news or the right here in which we got
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our pick. where is the call loser you know there's still looking for collusion where is the delusion finds a loser it's a day of embarrassment for trump and bad timing too with midterm elections approaching and democrats looking for any i mean if they can find the president though will view this as a vindication a year and a half later after several investigations the russian leak story still seems dead in the water although who knows what else the ongoing investigation will find the fact that they haven't come up with anything and that the all they've managed to claw back with paul metaphor is mis firings and some bank fraud charges. the same with cohen in violation of campaign. regulations finance regulations that proves there is no russian collusion or they've wasted two years to find fairly pedestrian
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violations sure if you went into any of the campaigns including hillary clinton's and spent two years with an investigation team in the grand juries i'm sure you'd find a lot more than ms filings and maybe some violations of campaign finance laws donald trump has given his first direct response to his former associates allegations against him the us president went on twitter praising former campaign chief paul metaphor for not breaking under pressure while the same time accusing michael cohen of making up stories in order to get a plea deal. the french interior ministry has admitted that a bureaucratic error led to the release of a terror suspect allegedly involved and they foiled attack artie's maria from the national reports from paris an interesting story here in fronts and alleged islamist terror plot it was freed here early in april because an investigating judge had forgotten to renew his pretrial custody and this information was first emerged in the local media but later was also confirmed by france's just as
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ministry the spokesperson of the french government has called it a failure and for the record to go it is obviously agree failure i think the justice minister already initiated an internal probe to identify the reason for the speech and then introduce certain amendments to prevent such things from happening in the future because obviously the priority now is to find this individual the man who was one of the defendants in the case over alleged planned terror attack in the new an area here in france in two thousand and fourteen and was also believed to be part of a terror network sending fighters to syria he was one of fifteen people accused of being involved in this sixty eight of these people have already left friends to fight in syria and iraq after the man was freed in april justice ministry says he's been under strict additional control which means he had to come to an assigned police officer twice a day to report his activity and his whereabouts and he was restricted on movements
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but just one month after that in may the same a man was found outside the restricted area he was driving a car without a license and there were pictures found on his cell phone that could be classified as islamic state group propaganda the man appeared in front of the judge immediately after that but he was freed again and as we just heard from the government spokesperson and now they have sorties are trying to find this man. paris based political analyst printer vest thinks that this incident could indicate systematic problems in the french justice system. if it was not so tragic it would be a joke time talking to you was treated so i mean it's completely logical after all we can understand if you record you carry one but. to hope that never it looks just incredible this year there was
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a lot of anger. and of course there is bureaucracy but there is also destroyed just to try to get justice and. overcrowded i mean there is too little judge for too many chances so there are problems independently from this case but i don't think it's just a bureaucracy error i think it's a genuine. situation. the russian leader has slammed washington's latest sanctions against moscow as counterproductive a lot of your putin's remarks came during a joint news conference with the president of finland in sochi. because it's a song regarding the sanctions those actions are counterproductive and meaningless especially when it comes to a country like russia it's not just about the u.s. president's position it's about the position of the so-called establishment the ruling class in broader terms i hope the realisation that this policy has no future will come one day and we will cooperate in
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a normal fashion. the first part of the latest u.s. sanctions against russia are set to come into force this wednesday they focus on exports of american made electronics is an aeronautical and space industry is moscow says i'm overs won't affect the russian public in november moscow could face a second wave ever struck sions described by a u.s. state department official as more draconian this could include more limits on trade and banking and cuts to diplomatic relations the measures under consideration may also ban russia state airline from entering u.s. airspace washington says the new sanctions are in response to the poisoning of a russian double agent and his daughter in britain earlier this year investigation into the case is still ongoing and no hard evidence of russia's involvement has been made public. killed muffin's been gauging what americans make of the latest moves against russia as are just some of the unacceptable behaviors of the putin regime putin wants to break apart the american republic russia's attempts to
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interfere in the two thousand and sixteen u.s. presidential election are well and widely known russia has undertaken a campaign of malign activities in its attempt to compete with us our allies and our partners and cuts up to thirty one gives us more tools with which to respond however a new gallup poll shows that among the u.s. public fifty eight percent that's well over half favor improving relations between the usa and russia and that it's just over a third thirty six percent that say they want further steps against moscow and now we decided to go out on the streets of new york and talk to people about these new sanctions more than half of americans want the usa and russia to get along better are you one of those people i wouldn't mind yes one i want everybody to get a room you know i think you need seize the way to peace you know where we fighting with russia. who knows the truth is obviously known only to being you know these tell you one thing but it could be do you have another reason for playing you know they've put sanctions on russia before and according to the officials there
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hasn't stopped their activities so i think it's a good move to keep doing them. and maybe more the cold war was terrible for everybody you know we need to thread the delicate needle of not encouraging bad behavior while recognizing that there are a world power that needs to be respected for their capabilities and you know navigating through that is not simple i think it is important that we do sanctions they have to be and putting and eco substances into other countries that were allied with illegal substances in the u.k. it is prayed to be related to the gulf many of us anyway more than half of the americans want better relations between the two countries why do you think that costs should be more. and i mean you do you think. be good for the usa and russia get along right you think so absolutely why can't we get along with russia i mean i think that we can but it would be really difficult right now in a situation now where and when. you know the current president i mean it's nice to get along but you can't trust russia they always been under another me so they get
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what they deserve a better relationship with everybody i'm in favor of russian would think one hundred percent of our country wants a better relationship with russia and i would think a hundred percent of russians want to get a relationship with us and the north koreans and the iranians and the mexicans and you know and the people in new jersey for that matter they say that this is the best way to deal with russia's malign activities are these sanctions do you buy that argument now you know you don't really believe anything anymore and i am i to believe the people that we spoke to seem to overwhelmingly feel that it would be better if the united states and russia could see eye to eye get along more now that certainly just isn't the feeling on capitol hill we've heard a lot of hostility to russia from american politicians but it's just not there on the streets. former wall street journal correspondent joe warry it believes u.s. politicians are using the so-called russian threat as
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a distraction from internal problems. the whole thing is quite a conundrum for me why they continue to try to politicize this issue and use sanctions of some way to help them domestically except that they're trying to cover up their own shortcomings their own short changing of the american people and to try the blame our divisions an article on the crisis in our racial divide year on and on an outside power which is the oldest trick in the book going back to the beginning of civilization if the democrats lose or do not do as well as they hope in the november election having used rusher again as their as their main talking point they may have to readjust and realize that the progressive wing of the party is growing and that the american people don't give a damn about russia and that they have to finally address the real issues here and leave this russia issue alone and get back to normal relations with this country that is that it's imperative for. for world peace essentially. trouble has broken out at the border of a spanish enclave in morocco where hundreds of african migrants attempted to storm
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the coastal city of ceuta in their efforts to reach europe the resulting clashes up least officers attacked with acid. and. some of the muslim. police say seven officers suffered burns from acid or a similar substance thrown at them it's the second time in a month that migrants have attempted to breach the border of the spanish territory inside morocco in july and around six hundred migrants trying to break through into . day two of an international military expo taking place in patriot park just outside of moscow has wrapped up and russia's most famous weapons manufacturer the coalition of groups have unveiled a new soon to be all action robot let's take a look. there's
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concern over facebook's the latest tool to tackle fake news which will involve evaluating users based on how trustworthy they are online it's an addition to the site existing efforts to stem the spread of misinformation the idea is to protect users from others who indiscriminately flying up fake news as real and vice versa
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this is done will even be used to predict which articles need fact checking based on what users history of posting store is now despite facebook's boosting its efforts to get rid of fake news there are still a few big questions about this latest method like which users are which countries will be part of the new fake news initiative it's also not known how the evaluations will affect individual users on the site or how the process will be monitored it's put facebook in the media firing line but the social media giant insists it's not as bad as it sounds we developed a process to protect against people indiscriminately flagging users fake and attempting to game the system the reason we do this is to make sure that our fight against misinformation is as effective as possible but not all facebook users are convinced by the company's reassurances they accuse it of moving toward censoring content. this is the beginning of the end this model is after the chinese social
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credit score example cell of friends with joan joan as an outspoken critic of the government until sally young fellows jump to raise her score no loans benefits etc wasn't that how facebook started guys ranking girls at college. when deep suspicion use of privacy erosion fear frustration near total distrust and a lack of ethics at a company holds sway good news may appear bad. black mirror is here on the side of your boy in the fire that just sounds so good. is really something that. the c.e.o. of online privacy company crypto hippi told us that facebook's new top post significant risks for users. i think it's political pressure i think it really comes down to that they are putting themselves in the position of mediating human
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relationships which is first of all a very unhealthy thing to do and it's something that they really are grossly. incompetent to do and users primarily will not know what is being done to them and they will be manipulated in all sorts of ways we don't know what kind of ways people need to understand that if you're using facebook you are not the customer you are the product and they are going to use you and every single way they can get away with because the better they use you the higher their stock price goes. sports giant nike is facing backlash in the u.k. after releasing a controversial winter sports garment with some suggesting the company is cashing in on gang culture the balaklava in question has an attachment that can be quote clipped away for easy transit as the ad suggests and it also has a pocket that some say can be used to holster
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a weapon there's been an angry reaction online. so there's multiple stabbings every day around the country a massive gang problem that's getting worse by the day and night he has released this seventy pound balaklava are they dumb nike are using a black guy to promote about a club with straps and pockets where there is blood there is money now nike are endorsing gun and knife crime as well as in forcing racial profiling well done why exactly are you promoting a baloch lover in july if this was in winter it least it's hard to criticize. there have been thirty five thousand recorded knife crimes in britain over the last two years the highest amounts and stated became available and more than a fifth of those arrested for carrying a knife are teenagers or younger among those bashing one for the head gear is social media comedian white yardy he posted this on instagram. listen to me tonight nike whatever we offer pronounce it listen to me because right now it looks like
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a car getting the young people who are involved in junk and with these recent studies that we've been seeing right now in london this is definitely something we know our for c c o's people know we need. and it will explain the you know night don't do it bucky. we had a chance to speak to the comedian who described the ball club as military looking and that's whether it's appropriate and even so you get in the lots of these killings that have been happening recently are like ten minutes away from my hawks they came up with the wrong timing with this not only that is this something appropriate they should be making because yes this by the club was we noticed by the club was right there's many stores you can go into and buy about the club but this one just seemed to be more military look i don't think this was a great idea you should get star why would you should just upgrade why you had better where you please what are you hiding yes i mean we've got the thoughts of
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a few people in london about the product. could be sort of a sportsman like a climber. could be also a terrorist my immediate reaction is terrorists first so it's a bit scary. but at the same time is a scary might be just a sports equipment you find a menacing no no the problem is i'm from canada so all i think of is someone being warms to me it could be a good winter i'd outfit. it's not up healing to me at all i don't think you can banks and. it's not just so much that what's going on. is as if these could have i don't know you can see it was so severe them with weapons and left and guns pulling something like why the trying to cover the faggots like. i don't see why you won't which. you wouldn't want to have to face
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that you're not invited he's not going to make you to buy you know do you know the branded name i don't think it's really a fashion police i think they might suggest two colors that he's told the truth to childless and. think it's good to. make a profit on the back cold dark kind of image it was encouraged more gangsterism stuff you think so yeah of course that's nothing to do with nike if they don't get it from make it a they get it from somewhere else if nothing else oh my god one where seen around with people wearing. the company says the product is available in multiple markets around the world adding that it does not condone or encourage game culture and anyway it is now removed the sold out item from its website use and to violence activist paul mckenzie says that companies like nike should bear more social responsibility. they're worn by skiers and snowboarders i agree and i fully agree
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with that but they're also being mourned by going to london and there was so be used to cover the faces of known gang members a lot of the young people i work with are now buying these by the club has and i've actually seen these by the club as on a day to day basis and i'm seeing the being worn by children who do not ski or do not snowboard they actually go out and use those in their crimes and the way that young people look at the use of about a club are now as part. of going to china in my opinion these brands need to be a little bit more socially responsible when your brand is so desirable and when there is a trend of the moment of young people can in themselves in london who are using figures like better clothes to hide their faces on a day to day basis. video has emerged of a british police officer slapping a fourteen year old girl during an arrest soon spread online and fired up reaction from both the public and the police please be aware that the video we're about to
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show you does contain violence. but you're doing ok. ok i hear you how was your shoot ok was fine you know it was a ok already how did you know you know how to make people police say they were of responding to a disturbance involving use fighting while officers attempted to get the girl under control the male officer struck the teenager in the face it's claimed that was in response to her trying to grab the officers taser and radio as a result of the girl and a fifty two year old woman were arrested on suspicion of assaulting a police officer two officers had to receive medical treatment for bite marks and cuts to the head. the officers actions have divided opinion in britain with some
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calling for him to be sacked while others praised him for doing a difficult job why would a fully grown man police officer need to palm strike a fourteen year old girl the video shows nothing more than police brutality the officers in question need sacking the open palm head was to disorientate her so they could get her arms she was being very violent to my opinion i'm not force was very necessary meanwhile police chiefs have defended the officer's actions saying the video does not give the full picture of the situation we understand this footage may appear concerning however officers are trained to use restraint economics which may look shocking to untrained on will curse. earlier on r t a former british police inspector and i social justice campaigner went head to head with their reactions clearly to many people like myself it seems that there must have been a better way of dealing with that situation than bashing that go in the head in
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bashing the head into a metal shutter to grown place officers can find a way of restraining a fourteen year old go back to them i'll tell you what you say tell us i just tell us if that's why this is this is wise and tell us your the police officer you tell me the only alternatives available to the officer that i could see were allowed to keep a name and snatching his taser and radio which wouldn't have ended well or take it to the ground and then you'd be moaning about having police officer on the four year old girl on the break and if the officer's use of force isn't right then he would be prosecuted or disciplined for it that act of bashing that would bashing that girl in the head and i do think it makes a difference that she was a forty year ago if she was a six foot tall man i think would be a different situation in times and. i think if the police aren't trained to deal with fourteen year old girls that are being violent in ways that don't require them to bash them in their heads into metal metal shutters since any police officer uses any force whatsoever it's described as police brutality which it isn't you also
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keep saying for a lot that has any relevance fourteen year old girls calls are just like anybody else telling me that two grown police officers two grown police officers with four limbs to deal with on one person they can't restrain those four limbs and and the body without bashing the head into mental chatter and to go back to a point i made before and i don't for you this wasn't about using a hate to a man you should have taught was that. this is about recognizing that if the police can respond to a video like that with with pure defensiveness i think the problems are only going to get worse between sections of the public they already have a lot of doubts about the police black clothes matter in the us for instance it's not as if the police have a member. its allies and people for many years is that people now have smartphones and can record it the place the more than happy to be filmed doing what they do they then justify it unfortunately in the public media. gets put out and you see the suspect sites isn't the likes of yourself shouting place brutality the law in
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this country for ever has allowed the lawful use of force to detain people want to prevent crime and to defend yourself that is what we saw everybody describes that now as police brutality which is also nonsense a recap of the day's headlines news for now but don't forget you can find us on all of your favorite social media platforms up to the minute reports thanks for tuning in this hour. because or financial survival they say money that the relatives love to do that this is a central plank support via the means i don't call them i don't say stop to.
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remember finally into them and also to pick up now hundreds of billions of dollars on keep the point about. finding a few of you who would it be that easy to the party found that out in me. plus is that going to see much of the city people who move to. what i thought it might upon my little bit of a wonder about our little bit that we are shocked at but out of money going to know about much of that away for tomorrow not to get it but it. is this one did fly the blue flu some borders of the. i. see. you going to be will both.
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be gay it's natural camera. roughly once they showed some leaves for them. uncool videos and someone with a broken string of apps. going down more on string i don't rightly don't t.v. . hello and welcome to cross talk were all things considered i'm peter lavelle remember when the political left stood up for free speech and equality for all and remember when the mainstream media called for the same the tone and tenor of
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political discourse appears to be a turning point if you don't agree with the left you face insults harassment and even bio and it's a new civil war on. cross talking political civility i'm joined by my guest rob talbot new york he is a political pundit and journalist contributing to the huffington post in west palm beach we have dr gina loudon she is a psychology expert and host of america trends with dr gina and in los angeles we cross to ron paul cohn he is a comedian frequent guest on the jimmy door show and the young turks as well as host of his own streaming show get your news on.


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