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treasury and other organs of the government want and. purchase of russian weapons is bad because russia is bad i think that not only with regard to arms purchases but every other excuse we can think of we will find ways to put new sanctions on russia or countries and companies the deal with russia. is french a journalist has been speaking out about the issue of discrimination on accommodation rental signs like air b.n. b. he has claimed that people are often finding they are having booking denied or cancelled because of their north african names journalist. says he himself tried to book an apartment in say twice and on both occasions his reservation was cancelled without explanation his friend who he says has a good french name later booked in the same apartment for the exact same dates says this is clear proof of discrimination after haji wrote about his experience on
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twitter air b.n. b. was quick to respond and expressed regret over the incident and stressed its opposition to all forms of discrimination we were joined by political commentator nicola miracle of a chant french lawyer hosni monti to hear their thoughts on the issue. well that's discrimination of course i think that it's a nonsense it's search for bit by french law i think what we have to see if there's a deeper problem than just refusing to read it because the purpose of renting is making money so why would somebody not read it i think there's a problem with. the storm committee usa in the large sense today in france which has got a bad image and some people would rather not rent than rent to people who got this bad image and people will think i mean from africa crime to instability to terrorism and people will relate to that and decide that they'd rather not rent these people are people coming from those are visions we cannot say at the first
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the first this is discrimination we have to pay attention on the second hand having some explanations that help people to be racist and to use discrimination against their will and work with people from different walks of life and i work with north africans who are from north africa and who are in france and they themselves are the first to say we have a problem in our own community there is racism in france you have to respect the little and when you are ready for this you have to be sentient i don't agree with the thing that we can sum up the reality of people acting or having delinquent behavior just by giving the roots of these people but this has nothing to do this has nothing to do to explain the behavior of. a man opened fire on two police officers outside the russian foreign ministry building in central moscow on thursday evening and he was wounded by return fire and is since
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reported to have died in the hospital but of a warning for you though you may find the following images disturbing incident in which one of the officers was shot in the leg was captured on c.c.t.v. his injuries are not believed to be life threatening investigation has been launched into what happened and the suspect is yet to be formally identified and his motives well right now as of this hour they remain unclear. something few would have taken seriously only a couple of months ago an alternative to the swift banking payment system has now become a legitimate discussion topic in the e.u. here is the german foreign minister floating the idea of an independent system where the us crosses red lines we as a european must counterbalance as hard as that is it is indispensable that would strengthen the european autonomy by creating channels that are independent of the united states a european monetary fund and an independence we system swift which stands for the
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society for worldwide interbank financial telecommunications is a global payment network it is designed to secure transactions between banks and encompasses eleven thousand financial institutions in two hundred different nations swift it claims that political neutrality but has apparently caved to american pressure in the past since washington withdrew from the iran nuclear deal and re imposed sanctions against tehran swift has been left with a choice to cut off iranian banks from its network by early november or face an asset freeze travel bans and restrictions to do business in america a german m.p. from the f.t. party thinks that although the foreign minister's call makes sense it has come at the wrong time. the one who controls finance controls everything so in this sense this to teach a goal of mr marson making europe and germany more independent
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by creating its own financial system it's still it's a strategic goal that has its right to exist but please we have to to take into account possible reactions from the united states i think they won't be fond of this idea and we cannot afford to ruin the ties with the united states at the same time when europe itself has deteriorated his relations with russia sold the baldness of mr mass it's not in the right time and not at the right place. although europe is one of america's closest allies the kind of treatment the e.u. has been receiving from the u.s. of late isn't exactly what you would call friendly.
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the united states will withdraw from the iran nuclear deal that diminishes confidence in the international order in it is never good for us to break the rules that we ourselves helped to create. we selling things to them they say no thank you we don't take you that's not free trade that's stupid trade so now we will also impose import tariffs we can also do stupid things we also have to be this stupid. expect that you are peons will see this business is a load seen the choice between doing business with a run of doing business with the united states story coolly it. has been seventy five years since the end of the largest tank battle in history it finished with the soviet union pushing on
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a counter offensive to ease pressure on the western front and helped liberate in the world from the nazis are to zeerust on off traveled to the city of course in western russia to watch the parade commemorating the anniversary. day here in course kicked off with a military parade tanks of the world war two era accompanied by troops later the russian president flew in by helicopter first thing he did laid flowers to the tomb of the unknown. and soldier then a minute of silence to commemorate all those lives lost seventy five years ago
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after that the russian president talked to some veterans and visited some of the memorials scattered around the city and while he was followed by hundreds of locals as well the city of course holds a very special place in the hearts of well pretty much all russians seventy five years ago this place saw what is still known as the largest tank battle in world history more than three million people fought in it and historians agree this battle that was the breaking point of the war for the soviets it allowed the troops to basically reverse the nazi onslaught and then effectively drive them back all the way to berlin and seventy five years on the memories of those times still live on among the streets of the city it doesn't from now be back with headlines in thirty minutes and thirty seconds stay with us.
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the aftermath of the cohen guilty pleas and then a force conviction what does it mean for the president and the russian probe we'll take a look at that on this edition of politic. politicking
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on larry king michael cohen donald trump's personal attorney and fixer pleads guilty to eight counts of criminal charges paul not afford the former campaign manager of a down drums presidential campaign convicted on eight charges against him leading democrats labeling donald trump as an unindicted coconspirator to say the least it's been a lousy week for the presidency and that has had many horrible weeks in his twenty month existence so what is the man avoiding throwing cases being the donald trump and waiters robert moses russian probe which has been the thorn in the president's side for well more than a year where does that go from here for us is to these are very true to its constitutional scholar harvard law school professor emeritus bestselling author his latest book is the case against impeaching trump. he joins me via skype
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ok alan what's your reaction to the cohen guilty plea but i think both sides are over stating their positions the democrats a senate that a coconspirator total nonsense and the republicans are saying there's no risk at all let me tell you as a criminal law scholar not as a supporter against him i can't paint against him here's the situation a candidate has a perfect right to contribute as much as he wants to his own campaign and so if donald trump paid two hundred thirty two hundred thousand dollars for our money to women if he paid it out of his own money there's no crime at all nothing at all maybe there was a reporting requirement that's like jay walking of but if if in fact michael cohen paid it without authorization from the president with no expectation of being paid back then it was michael cohen who committed a crime because a third party can't contribute more than thirty two hundred dollars to a campaign so the prosecutor has him self a little bit in
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a catch twenty two to the extent he said that it was directed by donald trump he loses the criminality because the president is entitle to direct his lawyer to make a payment from the president from the candidate to his own election campaign and to the extent he says it wasn't directed then it's only the crime committed by the lawyer not by the candidate himself so this business of an unindicted coconspirators total nonsense you can have somebody commit a crime michael cohen without the person who directed him to do it being guilty of a crime because the person who directed to do it had a perfect right under the statute to make that controversial alan ball logically we both know if the progeny michael cohen put didn't put a bizarre money in the present reimburse the man admitted to an ad is juliani admitted that that's what happened sure a let's say on the strict legal code you're right but isn't this a case of if it looks like that dumb. and it sounds like a duck and feels like
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a duck it feels like a crime nerd serial guy saying hey you pay this and i'll pay you back. doesn't look good out it doesn't look good it's terrible and all of my life i made a distinction in my last several books between political sins that look terrible and actual federal crimes and under the rule of law it's very important that we keep that distinction sharp and so what i think trump has done is committed a massive political sense for which he should have to pay a heavy political price but he's not gone over the line in my view and committed any serious crimes he may have the campaign may be guilty of failing to report a contribution by the candidate that generally results in some fine but not really any kind of criminal certainly not allow me a slight billing but what a selfie that he can be an unindicted coconspirator if it isn't a crime right that's that's right yeah so why did he and his prosecution think it's
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a crime why do they disagree with you well the prosecution hasn't said that it's only been pundits who said that the prosecution says that it was a crime committed by michael cohen and that's plausible for you if you made a contribution or excess of what he was allowed to do that would be a crime but if it's the president's contribution it's not a crime and so you know remember there's no indictment here or we have a plea and an allocution and the elocution isn't admissible against trump in any court proceeding and it's just like it was if it was a statement made under of the civil proceeding it doesn't have any real impact criminally look i spent a lot of today reading the morass of laws that regulate campaign contributions and it's very difficult to figure out what does and what doesn't it's very complicated you know thomas jefferson once said that for a criminal statute to be bad. alet you have to be able to understand it while
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running while running with it you know and i can't even understand this why well sit while sitting it's very difficult and the idea of threatening people with criminal prosecution for the general open ended statutes should threaten every civil libertarian but civil libertarians are so against trump that they're prepared to compromise civil liberties and rule of law in order to rid the country of a president who they think is to serving the interests of america and as a civil libertarian yourself have you lost some friendships over this and are you a little embarrassed when trump quotes you well i have lost friendships over it i would put it differently i've learned who my real friends are and i've learned to the phony friends are many people misunderstand my position they don't know that if hillary clinton been elected president they were going after.


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