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it seems increasingly likely that trump and his friends may be corrupt con men. you know and i find that really hard to admit because as you know if you watch the show a bunch i am not allowed to criticize donald trump and. i never a comment about all of his corruption so this really makes me look pretty foolish but corrupt fraudster non entity one the twenty six thousand election by insulting people on twitter when you have an administration and a military industrial complex this corrupt like we do sometimes or corruption starts to conflict with each other i've recently uncovered the corruption of the trump administrator have done a lot in the past few weeks have called them disgusting i've called them greedy bastards i've called them a bucket with an i.q. of half a block in a this is why corruption looks like so. you
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don't want personally can't criticize drawn by the bad guys got it covered i think . roone on the pope took the rare step of penning a letter apologizing to catholics around the world for the decades of sexual abuse by priests this comes just days after a grand jury report in pennsylvania found that the church had cover up abuse of a thousand children by three hundred priests over seventy years let me sit to simply speaking like probability wise the least safe place for your kid in the entire city is the church like if you are i mean this you are being told at a young age ok away even if your kids walk home from school goes by a church he's better off getting a ride with a stranger driving a windowless van all right i mean how many kids have to get abuse before we put a warning signs like this in front every journey i think. you know how. like when
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someone you do remember with old refrigerators when someone leaves or left them in a junkyard you were supposed to break the handle off so that no kid would accidentally get trapped in the in the refrigerator should we break the handles off the church door is it is. a. big thing. you don't do it has been discovered that facebook has started writing its users trustworthiness and it does this by looking at whether other users report your content as well as using facebook's own truth analysis essentially facebook has begun raving you on whether you fit in with the mainstream and whether you ever say anything that could possibly make people angry basically are you posting baby photos and buying into the c.n.n. fox news propaganda then you're a good little sheep in that well i don't get to a good trustworthiness rating are you questioning why the pentagon can't account
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for twenty one trillion dollars according to their own inspector general reports you are all back and shape all right. i'll get you one no writing on the c.-span back. and then facebook will stop showing your post to people so that your decision ideas don't infect the other sheep the good she slowly but surely this will make sure we all have the same views which will be the views put forward by the corporate media and we can all you know stop getting angry and upset about the pillaging of the world and instead go back to betty by walk around think cheap. if you go to a quick break but please note our content is being suppressed uncensored online the best way to keep up with our new videos is to join our free email list by texting the word redacted to four four four nine nine nine it's free and quick also i'm on the new platform steam it steam it dot com slash at least camp well right back where the hell was.
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you know world's big partisan group. and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to get the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door on the bad shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks. finally the non-sensical going to play now how does it play out on talent to the point about. lining if you would it be that easy to find
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a ten that i had in me. plus it said thank you plus the city to go home it is. good but i thought it might have been my little bit to live under but not that i look at it i accept that i don't have money coming over as much of the way but some are not to get it but it. exists in london like. some boards of. the sea. you can do no problem.
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i will do my welcome back we turn now to the shadow rulers of the department of veterans affairs you heard me right according to pro publica. trump has three citizen private citizens secretly running the v.a. from behind the scenes one could go. here now to explain the situation is our own senior shadow lurker john of. what's going on alex shadow side so it's no big deal it's just an informal council of three trump moral lago cronies without specifically relevant military or health care experience who have sweeping power over policy and upper level hiring that affects the lives of millions of our veterans without any oversight but with conflicts of interest no big deal. yet yet it's a big deal our government is always treated our veterans shamefully and now trump
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is actually using the v.a. is like a pet project for his rich friends who are these people anyway all right well you got bruce moscowitz a doctor and mark sherman a lawyer whatever but leading the team you got ike perlmutter the chairman of marvel entertainment for real. and if this guy can oversee the intricate story lines of season two of luke cage on netflix i'm pretty sure he can handle the complicated physical and psychological dramas our vets are facing. that we can't. sadly the v.a. is already a dysfunctional mess there needs to be experience and transparency to turn things around not entertainment c.e.o.'s well how about some innovative action figure driven cross promotion to turn things around. yes last year perlmutter and the v.a.
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wanted to conduct a very important public awareness campaign about veterans suicide so they decided to promote it by ringing the closing bell at the new york stock exchange. while handing out marbles sweat bags and making sure that captain america and spiderman made an appearance look at thank you. i mean now you may say conflict of interest but i say conflict of. interest in. ok there was ethically awful to put it lightly but have these guys done anything else more directly to ferry us than just. come on i mean sure v.a. leaders who are at odds with the mar-a lago crowd were pushed out or passed over
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included were the secretary deputy secretary chief of staff acting undersecretary for health deputy undersecretary very well chief information officer and the director of electronic health records modernization but it was only that. other key personnel physicians see these unaccountable shadowy figures have been able to hold the v.a. to their will they've been forced to say in the mother answer for this at all well overall so far they've all the klein to be interviewed but they have fielded questions that are a crisis communications consultant and author and another says in a certain misunderstanding like hiring a crisis communications consultant. they don't knock it till you try it my crisis communication consultant has gotten me out of many a tight spot. john are
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you getting much better straight from the jar to answer that maybe a little ship or anything including peanut butter is merely a construct of the capitalistic bush crime scene. i don't like that could be a right good line that. this . was not. every swallow first. has come up with a new one to help you pay for sick days maternity leave and other urgent life emergencies well what do you want to bet it's a really great plan filled with compassion and care for the least among us for more on this we go to our truth.
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teller for new new york new jersey rhode island and washington state have in common . well if you set places that see the box couldn't find on a map of the us of her life depended on it then you'd be quotes but it's those states plus d.c. that are the only ones offering its residents paid family leave a benefit that's crucial for new parents people with sick kids and elderly parents and it looks like even the republican lawmakers realize its importance but barco rubio who earlier this month and will be economic security for new parents at which . knowing the republicans is probably just a promise to give every new parent a government issued roll of bubble wrap a lifetime supply of emergency and where be. so what do you propose marco for offering is an option for working american parents to take up to twelve
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weeks of leave when a new child is born and to use some of their own money from their own social security benefits to help compensate for the lack of a paycheck. social. security we we couldn't borrow from the billions we use the paper f. thirty five jets or whatever bottomless money pit that keeps the big bang theory on the air. this plan also leaves out the fact that women are often the primary care giver earning less than bad meaning they receive overall lower pensions and social security benefits. which is ironic given that rubio's idea to use social security benefits for paid leave came from a group called the independent women's forum. that is until you learn there are conservative leaning groups that grew out of women for judge thomas which formed during and needed to build custom only about clarence thomas and his nine hundred
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ninety one supreme court confirmation hearing wow what a fun origin story. what you want to let everyone know you got your start by claiming a woman lying about being sexually harassed by a man a man who has the real judicial power to grow women's rights so for the we'll see amazon ads for menstrual hurts before we see paid leave in this country. and if you think that's hyperbolic consider that out of one hundred ninety three countries in the united nations the united states is one of eight countries and the only high income country without paid maternity leave the country that offers the most is a stone and a year and a half of paid leave to new parents. in the course you need something that progressive to balance the fact that a stone dia has won the white carrying world championships for eleven years in a row in which the grand prize is the wife's weight in beer the only thing that
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would make that more aggressive is if the beer they won was also cold raging. but margot. rubio doesn't deserve all the scorn because none of the lawmakers are old hats and creating solutions that boost the wealth of a few and exploit everyone else this much is true when twenty five years ago congress's solution to family leave was the pass the family and medical leave act which guarantees twelve weeks of unpaid leave for anyone who works for the government or for a company with fifty or more employees but federal paid family leave what's possible in one thousand nine hundred ninety three the same way a blue funded social security program is possible today despite lawmakers who say it will become insolvent but are more than happy to pass the seven hundred seventeen billion dollar defense spending bill so until there's
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a value shift among federal lawmakers on what will really benefit american families the initials of the family and medical leave act will mean something much different . reporting from washington natalie mcgill gasket tonight. your headline from the future in september or you'll read over words cia accidently brings down central american government they just installed last year. calling something in this coming monday you learn facebook to begin lightly tasing users who question government talking points. and when asked about this facebook c.e.o. mark zuckerberg should. we just want to give users the best experience and they have told us they want to see others to. thank our show but i have live comedy
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shows coming up in denver and boulder colorado as well as washington d.c. and other cities go to redacted tor dot com for details or you can vote for your city to be added until next time good i am through. to protect him he said he took me up a bit basically. in the. yasi will you have you discussed this with. me talking to. know that i. am not going to. get it will only get you ready. and that a lot of what i think about comedy is good but i'm about the same as art when i was
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up the money into the magazine but i'm going to. tell you in a long moment i'm like my own home and. decides to leave the dog there and place of business while some of the. palmetto bugs are being made by. other people more gulf homes and offices on the. list. so. you lose you move on to not enough they would say. it was a levels. i came back to the community. and people we are based on you know the road lookouts me all
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about us all bible torture him. lying for a while i was like oh no. you. see. she's going to use your money that was all that. it should be blood spilled. no you wanted this. was the fact that it was also i am not happy my life. i soon long have to die. when a loved one is murder it's natural to seek the death penalty for the murder i would prefer it mean when the death penalty just because they think that's a fair thing the right thing research shows that for every nine executions one
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convict is found innocent the idea that we were executing innocent people is terrifying the is just new really hasn't been that we're even many of the times families want the death penalty to be abolished the reason we have to keep the death penalty here is because that's what murder victim's family is what that's going to give them peace it's going to give them justice and we come in and say. not quite enough we've been through this this isn't the way. am. i am.
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top stories here on r.t. it's a national foreign assistance sales on a credit lines to russia the focus so fresh u.s. sanctions targeting moscow we understand they come into effect on monday. but brazil's presidential election looming the latest polls put. out in front. of.
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the claims. does give us his side of the story. having a feel. to see the ever. go on this saturday welcome to. the united states says that fresh sanctions against russia will kick in on monday the penalty claims that the kremlin orchestrated a nerve agent attack in the u.k. and will target russia's financial sector as well as sales to moscow reporting from washington his. now the new batch of sanctions will come into force on august
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twenty seventh and will prohibit russia from importing secure u.s. goods and technology related to national security but there were also a few waivers first the foreign assistance act which would have terminated all aid to russia except for urgent humanitarian assistance is waived second the prohibition on arms sales that was introduced in two thousand and fourteen will also be waived determined on a case to case basis a state department official said that these waivers are essential to national security third arm sales of financing which has been in place already sanctions will deny u.s. government credit and financial assistance ban exports of secure goods and tech a few days ago president putin said that these sanctions were counterproductive let's take a look. regarding the sanctions if you judge actions are counterproductive and meaningless especially when it comes to a country like russia it's not just about the u.s. president's position is that it's about the position of the so-called establishment . pulled into. the realisation so this policy has never future will come on the
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streets of the cooperative in a normal fashion just because these sanctions were announced earlier this month over russia's alleged involvement in the script paul poison in which there is still no evidence for russia has repeatedly denied its involvement and has even offered its assistance to the quay and investigating the incident but this was apparently ignored now as russia gets slapped with sanctions it's very likely that we'll see russia respond with to for tat measures can stern from the hamilton coalition to stop the war told us why the sanctions would have the opposite effect to the one inside it's time the united states started to realize that in the days of the unique poland world are over and the united states needs to have a meaningful consultation rather than hysterical accusations with russia russia does not need u.s. military assistance russia has developed an age system which are in demand. all over the world all the u.s.
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is really doing is forcing russia to become even more self-sufficient than i was before so these military sanctions against russia are going to have exactly the opposite effect this is completely a robert kagan issue this is they were over russia and the sooner the american government grows up and acts like an adult the sooner for the american people and the rest of the world of course it will be. so trump russia collusion stories again in the momentum yet again but now one u.s. t.v. channel is under fire with it even suspected of having direct links to the kremlin and then you hawkins looks into the claims we've all heard about trump russia election collusion you know the great scam that brought the u.s. president to power who's asian of collusion collude passably it smells a whole lot like collusion there was ample evidence of collusion but where is the coalition you know there's still looking for collusion where is the delusion finds
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a loser little did we know of the conspiracy goes deeper now it's in the media it started with the trump tweet on proposed land expropriations and alleged murders of white farmers in south africa covered prior to this by fox news president of south africa posed has begun and you may have seen this in the press seizing the land from his own citizens without compensation because they are the wrong skin color that is literally the definition of racism it's a story that's been making headlines for quite some time in different outlets in multiple countries but there's just too many coincidences here coverage by r.t. to that list throw in russia and things get heated. i'm simply shocked shocked shocked that r.t. has also been pushing a story line that's similar to tucker carlson's about threats facing white south african farmers including this family they claim sort refuge in russia. thanks for
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pointing out i didn't know that threat to south african farmers was a major story on r.t. there must surely be a link here a fox news report trump's twitter feed or t.v. there's a clear pattern if of course we ignore the fact this shuttle has covered related issues in south africa for quite some time the south african parliament has voted in favor of new legislation that could see land from white farmers ceased. solid because government has vowed to tackle violent crime a problem that it says plays as an equal threat for all races living in the country . just outside south africa's capital stands the statue of the man who was behind the policies of apartheid it's a whites only enclave which allows black visitors only under special permit because . the discrimination of the apartheid in south africa has long come turn and all
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the evidence is obvious trumps been talking to the russians again and r.t.e. collude with fox or what to cover when and how it all adds up this u.s. administration just loves putin and next time you see reports in russian media that's also covered by other media that's also been tweeted by trump you'll know what's really going on. brazil's presidential election is about a month away now but the current favorite in the polls faces a major uphill battle that's because lula da silva the former president is currently lingering in prison within a quarter of a reports. brazil's presidential election is looming and the latest pools the show one clear favorite and he is a familiar face learned there silver's can paint has all the regular features rallies full of adoring supporters. merchandise branding his name and the must have can paint add set to dramatic music.
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so what is the number of patients to discuss it. if you. please but here's the twist mr silva is currently serving a twelve year sentence for corruption still that hasn't stopped his renewed political aspirations and his party registered him for the race days before his imprisonment the law told r.t. about his intentions will but did look at your friends at my party wants me to run for president so they support my candidacy and i'm ready to do it and when you lection. before handing himself over to police in april thousands of the former president supporters formed a human shield around the building he was and claiming the charges were politically motivated he was convicted of trading favorites with
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a construction company in exchange for the promise of a beachfront apartment a former model worker himself lula became a hero of the working class as the economy soared during his eight years at the how finishing back in twenty eleven. although for sound has become associated it's with the barrage of political scandals that have hit brazil the corruption was rampant all people in the workers' party were corrupt they used again very flimsy trumped up charges of the group but it was the entire political system so yes the population obviously going into government in power when there is rampant corruption but the corruption was all the political parties and looking at his prison cells busy visiting schedule taking his plans seriously just this week he was reported to have visited by the had of brazil's most powerful trade union and his fice presidential running mate brazil's thirty fifth president
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currently occupies. a fourteen square meter room and is reportedly allowed to wear his own cloth saying his sad to have his own t.v. and a trad mel where he jocks for miles daily still at salon shot even fellow lap convicted felons are banned from running for office and electronic court is expected to declare him in alledge of zero in coming weeks lou is not going to be able to run what he's trying to do is to increase as much as possible support for the workers' party and then so he wants to keep that alive his candidacy is alive for as long as possible and then at the last minute or when he's no longer possible transfer all of that support that he has building up currently to his vice presidential run in may running mate which is his favored candidate to replace him if he can't run and again that fernando who was a the mayor of san pablo and is not popular at all.


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