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in writing of course it is hard because he's not he's doesn't have access to interviews he's not able to answer any of the exemptions that other candidates may make against him is not able to defend himself to do or the country which is what he really desires to be with the people and to explain he's a new ideas for the future of the country. trump russia collusion stories are again gathering momentum that now even a u.s. t.v. channel is under fire amid speculation it is links the kremlin to dangle hawkins looks at the claims we've all heard about trump russian election collusion you know the great scam that brought the u.s. president to power who zation of collusion collude passably smelled a whole lot like collusion there was ample evidence of collusion where is the closure you know there's still looking for closure where is the grow larger finds
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a coalition little did we know of the conspiracy goes deeper now it's in the media it started with the trump tweet on proposed land expropriations and alleged murders of white farmers in south africa covered prior to this by fox news president of south africa posed has begun and you may have seen this in the press seizing land from his own citizens without compensation because they are of the wrong skin color that is literally the definition of racism it's a story that's been making headlines for quite some time in different outlets multiple countries but there's just too many coincidences here coverage by r.t. to that list throw in russia things get heated. i'm simply shocked shocked shocked that r.t. has also been pushing a story line that's similar to tucker carlson's about threats facing white south african farmers including this family they claim sought refuge in russia thanks for
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pointing out i didn't know that threat to south african farmers was a major story on r.t. there must surely be a link here a fox news report trump's twitter feed r t there's a clear pattern if of course we ignore the fact this shuttle has covered related issues in south africa for quite some time the south african parliament has voted in favor of new legislation that could see land from white farmers see south africa's government has vowed to tackle violent crime a problem that it says poses an equal threat for all races living in the country just outside south africa's capital stands the statue of the man who was behind the earthly policies of apartheid it's a whites only enclave which allowed black visitors only under special permit but the discrimination of the apartheid in south africa has long can turn that all the evidence is obvious trumps been talking to the russians again and r.t.e. collude with fox or what to cover when and how it all adds up this u.s.
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of illustration just loves putin and next time you see reports in russian media that's also covered by other media that's also been tweeted by trump you although what's really going on. down hawkins there now the migrant crisis is once again causing divisions within the e.u. with italy now threatening to halt its payments to the block it does come after italy refused to allow a migrant ship to dock in sicily while demanding the e.u. share more of the burden because the e.u. does not respect agreements and does not meet its commitments we as a political force and no longer ready to give them twenty billion a year. let's not engage in finger pointing we also believe in constructive comments less alone threats are not helpful and will not get us any closer to solution what about here at the center of the rock has been stuck in port unable to dock since monday night with one hundred seventy seven migrants on board they've
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now begun a hunger strike to protest and also with the tensions growing even the u.n. story is waiting in its latest report the organization of states to take part in the relocation process and basically in particular to allow all the refugees on board the boat to disembark italian government in the meantime is now allowed sixteen migrants off the boat for medical treatment as well as twenty seven youngsters. the you need to step up in the meantime we are about maintaining health and human rights standards on board the. we have allowed miners to disembark. well a professor of early modern european history paladin a teeny says the crisis goes beyond migrants. and goes wow.
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so. a lot of constituencies for something. so. it's not. really on. par. with such a. family is a. lot of. value. is. more. most. still ahead spanish football fans are news that some of the game's now set to be played on u.s.
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soil we'll have a look at that story plus of his take just off the break. our laws that say the collapse when the soviet union collapsed because of the u.s. meddling in boris yeltsin and all that's going on they have the skyrocketing alcoholism and so shoulder. here in the u.s. because you have this enormous financial it reengineering to take all the money being printed and put in the pockets of a few folks and leave the vast majority in
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a state of zombification this is the collapse gap he was talking about the u.s. and the soviet union both collapsed in the one thousand nine hundred ninety period it just took a stake in the u.s. as he describes it you know longer to realize that a collapse. with r.t. now barcelona is legal messy and real madrid says you're an ass plus other club captains in spain's top football league are poised to go on strike that after the league's officials signed a deal with an american company to play regular games on u.s. soil spanish fans they want thrilled either at the prospect of having to fork out
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and fly out this election reports. shocker in spanish football real madrid and f.c. barcelona are not loved as much anymore by their home fans the opening games for the giants saw the lowest stadium attendance for both in a decade with ryall you can try to attribute this to a certain number seven leaving the club for italy but leo messi is men are not used to seeing dwindling support a company or maybe fans voted with their feet because both games kicked off very late quarter past ten pm on a sunday night madrid's german superstar twenty cross could not hide his feelings on twitter to boot the timetable of the game so late. even later worked. and thus too late for the children league bosses have now gone even further signing an agreement with american company relevant sports to have at least one game between spanish superclubs played on the u.s.
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soil yes you heard it right spanish domestic league played in the united states in miami to be precise and i was there last year at a sold out friendly version of el classico reale versus buster where tickets to what essentially was an exhibition game started at a whopping three hundred dollars that would get you a season ticket for all home games at most spanish clubs but charlie still eternal owner of relevant sports told me that was not enough as someone turned to me when i was three to two and they were still going back and forth and up and down he said maybe you should have charged more for this. while the company claims the move would boost popularity of the game across the pond many believe it will only line corporate pockets at the expense of ordinary fans. one of the. that's not the issue but you've. got you've
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got some things that you know used to. yes but the but. but all these are software. they only think about and imagine if that game thousands of kilometers away is decisive for winning the league or surviving in it and the spanish fans are not exactly the richest in the world that's why not only them but players themselves have been outraged the spanish footballers association lambasted this deal in a statement and to add even more fuel to the fire the captains of all twenty league clubs you name is lee sad they could go on strike. go to the end really unanimously against us and when we complain it's because we believe that our rights have been violated so that's enough so we'll go until the end of the deal fan shock waves across the old world with many in england fearing that the f.a. could follow in la leaders footsteps it didn't help that silly town or openly stated
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that he wanted to bring english football across the atlantic too and with the twenty twenty six world cup heading to north america you have to wonder what else is planned to raise the beautiful games popularity in the land of soccer. ski r.t. . in other news while a recent tweet suggest that donald trump wants new trade talks with china it appears that beijing is being a little more hesitant to talk trump's impeachment growing ever louder reports say that the chinese could wait until after the u.s. midterms to see how things pan out for the american president this kind of explains . trade talks between the usa and china have failed again now trump would like to push all the blame on to beijing however the situation deal mess to clean might have more to do with it chinese state media is openly arguing the trump is using the trade wars and tariffs as
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a gimmick in order to win political support trump likely to feel insecure good ahead of midterm elections the meet term elections are one of the key reasons the u.s. has maintained a tough stance towards china needless to say china is not eager to play into trump's hand officials there and reportedly said that they're suspending the talks until after the midterm vote it makes pretty good sense for china to cancel the talks until after november why because of the midterm vote doesn't go in terms favor it could be more than congress that's up for change i don't know how you can impeach somebody who's done a great job if i ever got a ph i think the market would pressure i think everybody would be very poor might think trumps playing with fire by saying i'm doing a good job don't impeach me especially when it's pretty clear that the i word is on everyone's mind you could say it's the talk of the town in washington d.c. could he be impeached with this impeach trump the idea of impeachment time for impeachment you could have even been preachment is probably likely but there is i
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think a lot for the president to fear compared to the previous administration top seems to have done almost a one eighty when it comes to dealing with the people's republic of china we welcome the peaceful. rise of china consistent with international norms that's good for everybody we are being taken advantage of and i don't like it so you have to ask the question are those who talk about impeaching donald trump are really doing american businesses a favor after all the idea that donald trump might be packing his bags after november doesn't really put him in a strong spot when it comes to practicing his art of the deal mantra the chinese have adopted if fairly strong it's not hard line position for the time being the chinese feel that they have been betrayed and mr trump has not followed through on his word they had a joint statement and a consensus that north tariffs were going to be issued the china agreement are
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collapsed within a week and of this point of time there's just no trumpet nor trust in his ward and i do not see. serious decisions and serious outcomes coming out from these discussions over the next couple of months china is holding on to beyond the midterm elections and i think it's a very good strategy. now than sources have been anonymously spilling the beans about russia's alleged hacking for some time particularly the twenty sixteen presidential election intelligence sources tell n.p.r. news there is no doubt the russians are trying to influence the presidential election a source tells n.b.c. news law enforcement and democratic sources telling c.n.n. that in a fired sources two sources with links to the counter intelligence community anonymous sources according to anonymous washington post source. but with november's midterm elections fast approaching those sources have gone cold somewhat that's according
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to the new york times the article names a number of reasons citing u.s. officials according to them they have gone to ground under pressure by russian security services also the expulsion of u.s. intelligence officers from moscow played a role too as did the outing of an f.b.i. informant back in may so let's get reaction other than conflict is a human rights lawyer and joins us this evening a very welcome dan good to have you back on a lot of reasons given by the new york times although it misses an obvious reason that perhaps russia has no intention of interfering. yes well you know i've always taken the position that russia did not interfere in the two thousand and sixteen elections i haven't seen any evidence to make me think otherwise and here we have no evidence that russia is trying to interfere in the midterm elections do you thousand eighteen and yet they take the some of the new york hour and takes the absence of evidence is evidence you know but that that seems par for the course for
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the scandal absolutely i mean that's what they say isn't it they say look there's no concrete evidence however you know we should be you're concerned about this because it could still happen you could say that about anything you could say that about you i guess it's about is fantastic is is is sort of theory. you know i don't even see honesty in the midterm elections what benefit russia would have to interfere in those elections i don't see you why they would favor one side over the other both parties frankly see as you know hostile to russia is the other. you know new york times theorizes well maybe they want to decrease people's you know faith in the u.s. electoral system i don't see again how their boobs russia and i would say that people probably have a right not to feel. in the us electoral system but not because of russian alleged russian interference book because frankly you have
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a system that is skewed by moneyed interests by mass disenfranchisement of people particularly african-americans. you have a lot of gerrymandering which benefits one party over another you should the republicans those are things that people should worry about and not russian interference but oh the things getting debated night dan i mean it doesn't seem to worry many people now and in fact again the irony is that the democrats could have had that big issue after two thousand and sixteen you know there are. a lot of greg palast a great journalist show going to million people in two thousand and sixteen were wrongly taken off the voter rolls that definitely skewed the election for trump and yet the democrats haven't said anything about that all they care about is the russian interference they don't talk about the rio looks. at the problems we have with their own democratic processes which can only be fixed by us to see this story
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ending any time soon i don't see this ending anytime soon the democrats for some reason see this as they are so hold so against trump i think they're wrong the polls show that the american people are not excited about the russia gate issue and the democrats should drop it and start pushing things like health care and you know little wage that sort of instead of pushing you know the kind that somehow they lost the two thousand and sixteen election because the russians they lost it primarily because clinton was not a good candidate and they just need to own up to that don always good to have you on we can have to leave it there because they had this coming but thanks for the time tonight that was human rights lawyer dan culver back. thank you and thank you for watching today we're going to be back with more news in the headlines and often .
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you know world of big partisan movies. and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door on the bath and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks.
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because of this is the kaiser report yes i looked up you from the dest because that's the way mainstream media anchors connote seriousness. i'm serious i say oh let's go to stacy. that's true is specially prevalent i've noticed on the b.b.c. they always do that oh yeah i'm working oh hey hey. actually i have a headline here quick tweet about santa because we do often mock the corporate media but they did come through with quite an amazing piece and i don't know if it was just on their website c.n.n. dot com but the tweet us from tim schork it he says a graphic from c.n.n. identifying civilian massacres in yemen with the bomb makers raytheon lockheed martin and general dynamics this should be standard in war reporting searing images
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here's yemen and here is the various raytheon bomb that's the general dynamics bomb so that's pretty impressive that they did that you know they don't because they're typical of the war channel you know the company itself martin marietta was simultaneously running some advertisements for how socially conscious they are with little kids running around playing while they were at the same time you know dropping bombs on kids elsewhere yes they were sending around a tweet saying send us your selfie so we'll put it as part of our thing and of course a sent a bunch of people son tend to them responses of children in yemen being blown up some other way of how this kind of reporting before because it's obvious and people are on the ground they shall stop shots of flak you know pieces of shrapnel these bombs with filmmakers name on the bomb and whether it's phosphorous in l. from the u.s. showing up all over these war zones or here in yemen. has been kind of known for
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quite some time the us is in the u.k. our arms dealers sell those arms are going to show up somewhere so overseas we have these arms dealers and this horrifying graphic in new haven connecticut we have drug dealers which are pharmaceutical companies many of them private because they make so much money like the family in connecticut who sells oxycontin well here's a new wave of insanity the zombification of the american population and you can't read this and think that something horrible horrible is going wrong here is the headline it's not just new haven mass k. to overdose symptom of national crisis at least ninety five people in new haven overdosed on the drug in two days a similar events become more common across the u.s. they call it a mass rapid fire overdose event ninety five people overdosed in the new haven connecticut on k two which is the synthetic marijuana they all like passed out in the green the new haven green right outside yale university one of the most
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prestigious ivy league universities in america where many of our presidents attend school there and it was a mass scary horror like it's a horror film right that's that's a classic scene from a horror film that people are just dropping the call it falling out well you know what i thought of immediately was i want digress to lengthily at this moment but dimitri our last essay the collapse gap and when the soviet union collapsed because of us meddling and boris yeltsin and all that's going on they had the skyrocketing alcoholism and social toss trophy and here in the us because you've had this enormous financial at reengineering to take all the money being printed and put in the pockets of a few folks and leave the vast majority in the state of zombification this is the collapse gap he was talking about the u.s. and the soviet union both collapsed in the one nine hundred eighty nine one nine
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hundred ninety perry. it just took a stake in the u.s. as she describes it you know longer to realize that collapse but for the same reasons and for the same kind of political machinations were saying the same results yet in the soviet union when they collapsed the institutions around you collapsed and you notice that the mainstream media will project the concerns of the elite and the elite often say that they explain russia gay as getting the american population to not trust institutions around them and i think what you're seeing is that there's the institutions around them their entire society the fabric of the society has abandoned them but it hasn't it hasn't been as obvious and dramatic like since the financial crisis you could actually see this situation from two thousand and so from the crash of two thousand basically ever since i not only have incomes declined but rapidly but the wealth and income gap from two thousand really went out of control spiraled up to the top and something happened from that crash from how they dealt with it from the federal reserve something i mean this is for
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a bigger topic for a. bridge came up and whoever was on the inside is now left in the spine of yale university having a spontaneous zombification event courtesy of the pharmaceutical corporations and it's just so appropriate that yale is one of the primary institutions of elite. power so that basically they have to go to yale or harvard and those to control so much of the fabric of our power centers so right outside yale and they also mention and this has been covered but it's still shocking to see these numbers and twenty seventeen drug overdoses killed nearly two hundred people in america per day according to the centers for disease control and prevention data released this week a new record driven by the deadly opioid epidemic since k two is first detected in the u.s. in two thousand and eight clusters of overdose. outbreaks have become more and more
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common about fifty six people overdose from k two in brooklyn i'm a one hundred overdose in lancaster county pennsylvania and july twenty seventeen and forty people overdose in dallas texas i'm a twenty fourteen so it's there aren't as many deaths from this key to but what happens is they have mass elucidations and they turn into like zombies and they just fall over in the middle of the intersection like those shows were sick coming out of hollywood the walking dead verizon b. movies various horror movies the popular culture is reflecting the guise of the zombification of the american population and cashing in on the box office while the pharmaceuticals cash in the cash register while the politicians cash in on insider trading while the media cashes in on high ratings but unfortunately nobody in the real economy is cashing in they're all going bankrupt and here again like where in this crisis situation of the institutions failing the american population
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a great majority of them the elites are concerned they recognize that the population does not have faith in the institutions and yet they're having faith and all sorts of stuff in fact that comes into this next paragraph because they're saying that you know says that that cannabinoid cannabinoid. marijuana but it's important they said it's the mix of different concentrations of other drugs that whoever the maker is puts in these and they say despite the mystery of each batch k two is appealing to drug users because it's cost is low it's chemicals aren't detected on standard drug tests that they might have to take out work and it's changing mixtures make law enforcement efforts more complicated than with pure drugs such as marijuana so despite the mystery of what they're about to take they're willing to take that they're willing to believe fake news they're willing to take a synthetic marijuana they're willing to take in. anything that might dull their
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pain now just a mystery substance and by being it's a lottery to oblivion and as an escape from the reality that their institutions their american institutions have turned them into chattel human chattel i think that's the right word yeah well there's a you know there's it's a great article because there's loads of quotes about how terrifying it was all these people dropping at all at the same time you know you're just on a stroll through the the public green the public spaces a public area and people are just dropping as you're watching and i'm i don't want to you know get to you know controversial and whatnot but i mean this is been going on in the poor neighborhoods for quite some time yet what makes this newsworthy is that you know yell university that's not a poor neighborhood that's a rich neighborhood that's what makes it suddenly newsworthy and that's why they call it like spontaneous overwhelming can of been this syndrome but up until
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recently it would just be called not and that in this nobody would care because those folks were already marginalized meanwhile chicago where the advent stages of this are taking place you've got wholesale slaughter going on of the murder rate skyrocketing that's the next step well here we have the people falling out as they call it now and the dean of the school of public health stand firm and said my fear is that the synthetic cannabinoids might be a new wave occupying the fire department the emergency room an e-mail you can imagine the pain and suffering the patient's family on the patients themselves is quite a big burden on a small city it would be a big burden in a big city remember these are public health you have to treat these people because they might be dying and that yale university medical school which is one of the best in the entire united states very expensive this the city has to pay for the taxpayer has to pay for it so here we have this crazy situation where who are these taxpayers paying for this of the obama pear care folks are paying full boat like. a
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oh you me i'm supporting like a fountain cannabinoid addicted losers out sob yeah yeah yeah well this is a no this is another this is the general taxpayer and this is important to note because this is going in to my final headline here which ties the first one where you're seeing the bombs drop in yemen linked to lockheed martin linked to general dynamics linked to raytheon here big media companies are branching into health care here's why and they point to comcast remember where rachel maddow works a member comcast cares well because of this sort of huge profits because remember we have we because we say we're capitalists so we can't fix any prices but we can force everybody to buy these prices where there's no limit to how much the health how much is going to cost you to walk into yale university medical so you and i could never go into yale medical into the emergency room because we would be stuck with a one hundred thousand dollars bill just for walking in there right somebody who
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