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tv   News  RT  August 26, 2018 9:00pm-9:30pm EDT

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by the time we got to philadelphia though the police were swarming the red the apartment building and they let us know immediately that she had been in terror and that she had been murdered. we were beginning to face the fact that part of us had died and i mean it hit us very quickly. i just remember the prince that we'd be able to gather to get through this. that weekend they attended mass. when we got to the lord's prayer. saying the lord's prayer out loud was a real confrontation. forgives trespasses as we preserve those who trespass against
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us. i had to abandon something i had been saying. often probably thoughtlessly thousands of times over my over my life. and if anyone would have asked us what would you want to do if you if you ever found who did this i didn't i just why be so angry i want to i want him dead to maybe i don't know i never had this happen it was just so painful. eight days later that she burst buried their twenty three year old daughter.
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join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to guest on the world of politics sports business i'm show business i'll see you then. to get. up and up a bit basic living in the for. gas it will give you this is what you are talking to the sun does. not. get nothing it was our last good one on the list you need to give each of you. and then a lot of any of us come out i skid but i'm about the same as art when i was up the money into the magazine i'm about. giving the money i like my money coming. to save. the school yeah
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so who is your last. comment for much of you made. other people moved up on the office on the. list. and. if. so. let it out that. i'm a little better my god i would be pulled out by. the naacp and i. think we will be a little bit of what they're going to be about i've. decided
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to do when someone commits a horrific act of violence. for centuries seeking justice was a community affair. and disproportionate blow. aim fell on the poor mentally disabled and people of color. in the eighteen hundreds some capital offenses were targeted specifically at slaves the stablish in a racial bias that continues today. executions reached a historic peak in the one nine hundred thirty s. averaging one hundred sixty seven per year but then in one thousand thirty six. a gruesome execution caught the attention of the media. on aug fourteenth in owensboro kentucky raney the thea was publicly hanging by a white sheriff's many buck but the oh was innocent.
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one new york times reporter wrote ten thousand white persons some jaring another's festive saw prayerful black men put to death today and davies county's piton gallus . the outcry over rainy bothy is hanging did not put an end to capital punishment instead it drove executions behind prison walls out of public view. state officials built death houses and institutionalized the practice. it's a death by far it's a scripted death in the beginning it was hanging it was not only hanging but it was public and so you see the crowds come in and bring in a picnic lunch and celebrating then we move from hanging to the electric chair and then we began to hammer the horror stories that happened out of the electric chair . and then has been
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a move to lethal injection and lethal injection is likely going medicinal so that we'll just be putting them to sleep. but not everyone agrees. the idea that they should go out in an opiate haze that it should be a pleasant. that is absolutely perverse. the debate about the death penalty has become increasingly polarized and politicized we want a system that they are we want a system that respects the dignity of human beings the idea that we were executing innocent people was terrifying and there was just no way that we hadn't and that we want some people kill with an attitude so callous heinous sadistic that they have forfeited their right to live i believe in a turn of one and that is when we execute this person we know he will never kill
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again why is it that the death penalty really comes down to in many cases just where you live who your d.n.a. is we cannot recognize injustice when we see it at people of not being treated fairly and people not getting a fair shot you can be critical but you can be critical of the idea that the government has the right to kill. and also hold compassion and concern for victims maybe in some books of justice the person for this act deserves to die but do we as a society deserve to kill them. today capital punishment largely falls to the state in which the crime was committed and laws and methods vary widely. most states use lethal injection. but some still use gas chambers. the electric chair. hanging. and firing squad.
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carrying out the death penalty is intrusted to specially trained guards like jerry givens. of the sixty two executions the jerries conducted thirty seven were by electrocution and twenty five by lethal injection. lethal injection is considered the more humane form but for jerry it made the job of killing another person a lot tougher. when you talk about execution and electrocution is a button you push and washing push the button. the current flows in the car and the current comes out and that's all i had to do was push a button. but when it come down to death by lethal injection you have seven to. a chemicals. you have four flushes and three deadly chemicals
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that is inserted into this man and my self as an execution i met me in obviates a rant i'm pushing a poison. down a tune into the body so i'm more attach to this person then it is pushing a button then release and then they let the current for a wide self. fifteen days prior to an execution the condemned would be moved to the death chamber where gerry and his team worked. all nine of us were executions and mean for thek a good execution that's what we stood by. the preparation was mental as well as physical we practice and practice and practice prior to the execution. each of us knew our jobs out sign it and we never allow ourselves to get that close
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to anyone you know we train for that we train this way you don't get that close to . the day of the execution twenty four hours prior to that when we have a call a duck watch. a guy will act differently because he knew that this is the last everything. this is the sale when to condemn space. this is where the warden greed is don't want this clergy person to sit with him. doing this course in the day they condemn is given a shower his last meal is less visitations. by six o'clock our preparations were stopped into the inmate is placed to death.
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at home in new hampshire karen and her family were slowly recovering from their injuries. not so much for the physical abilities things like. especially for me my rose colored glasses you know. just the reality. people are. different. things are not the same. when even with one and i. different. working through things and i'm working through things. it had been six months since the bombing and
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karen had not yet seen her good friend celeste who was with them at the finish line and lost both her legs in the beginning. initially i. i couldn't bring myself. to do so. because i doubt. celeste and sixteen others lost limbs that day. ron was one of the lucky ones doctors were able to save his leg but the trauma and pain still lingered. we're going to have to work for a lifetime to get to the new normal whatever that and. after months of deliberation attorney general eric holder announced the u.s. would seek the death penalty. the deferred.
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that he was a popular well liked college kid led astray. and i agree and i and i'm to believe. that i. just can't still pending. karen son was the same age is no car. didn't seem like such a hard decision when it was abstract. you know i've got family and friends who are very religious and don't believe in it there and that i have others who say. it's the right thing to do they're so sure. i don't know that it's right for me to make that decision to take someone else's
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life. in philadelphia shannon's killer was still on the loose. the she worst pressed france or so but the police had none. it's just like you're in a coma you mean you're just like walking through something but you you don't know exactly how you're going to deal with them how am i ever ever going to get through this. this is tremendous sense of loss. and you know for some time i could visualize feeling they're walking through a door squawking in the house and walking through the door saying are daugherty bad she told me. she was so kind and generous and loving and helpful and she always would come to us and say mom dad i have to make a difference. there was a little mini thing. she had
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a tremendous appetite for learning. everybody loves shana everybody loved her she was a little extreme over and over. in their grief vicki and still turn to each other and reached out for support. this takes time and doesn't you know everybody goes down a different path at a different time line to this journey toward healing they begin attending support meetings for families of murder victims. there they saw the devastating toll of sorrow and anger. the father of one of the murdered daughters we know well took a first drink and he never stopped or hear him and she lost his job in a marriage. but well just daughter was one of one hundred sixty six people killed in the timothy mcveigh bombing of oklahoma city. one night about a year later he woke up in the morning and he had this dream and his daughter julie
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was there telling him dad dad he murdered me are you going to let him murder whole family. also saw the high price people paid for putting their lives on hold as they waited for an execution. we start finding out what murder victims' families go through if you decide to say look i want that man executed it would take fifteen twenty years as much longer for it actually to happen and we just saw the effects that this had on these family members we saw it destroying their lives.
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seem wrong but old rules just don't hold. any. get to shape our disdain comes to the ticket and in game trade equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. you know they would see. it as a levels from somewhere you. came back to the community. people we obvious found in on the road look out for me oh look out is all bible dorchin.
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that's. the way. she's going to receive money down in. the puzzle. if you don't. know we're going to do this. but it doesn't cut it doesn't cost. me my life. i soon long have to die. as well as got a lot of oil but there are many refineries and this is take the oil it on they're trying to levers our oil position through the machinations of a crypto currency you know my suggestion is you know maybe build a few refineries you know sell a higher end product and put that money back into the economy in this way may take
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ten or fifteen years but you're not going to be now taken over by some cia operative. because you know provision i might by going to what. you know. but i. just i don't hide away lost his boss because i just begun to got the. resources you know. that people go mano a mano with those in prison but the bit sort of i don't mean. so i was you know i was you're not saying. you know i just i mean what i most wanted i'm already whatever sped up out of me just got to go even i remember the lord we're going to go which i don't know if there's an up as i might say i meant that he feels i just don't get off on getting noticed but those were the old they're just beautiful sounds the people are going to respect i'm one of those but i want the best and like i said just this by this part of this i will ask him i want my father in with us if you could a car bomb i just bought that already yes it will be and he thought of nothing of
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it but i think with you you're seeing him in to carry out my thought aloud but let me just quote the idea. facebook has hundreds of pages of groups and accounts linked to iran and russia for what it calls coordinated behavior. political. headlines from some presidencies looking creasing we prepare various. associates were found guilty of numerous federal crimes. and the rocky girl who escaped sexual and slaves by islamic state only to come face to face with
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myself in a new home country of germany. from moscow watching we can hear our teams and ashland i know who you are thanks for joining us this hour. first of all let's go to our breaking news story police say there have been multiple fatalities in jacksonville florida in a mass shooting this happens during a video game tournament in a local entertainment center shortly after the first reports of the attack emerged the video came online of the moment of the attack just to warn you you might find the record distressing.
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the attacker is now dead according to police sources no official information on any potential motive suffering released so far the american media site some witnesses who say one of the game was opened fire after he lost. now to our weekly stories facebook's upping the ante in its crusade against fake using scott on another buying spree in a bid to stop the phenomenon and thereby limit efforts to sway political opinion in a patrol car has more. thanks for joining us millie but franco with your latest news in the world of social media facebook and twitter have gotten rid of suspicious accounts schooling fakes and propaganda from iran the troll factories not only after the minds of the americans but users all over the world it's claimed to be run by iran's government media. not us that those by. us about
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them through. facebook already enables users to check if they've been exposed to russian bots and trolls how many trolls does it take to incite i revolution scores of so-called russian bots took over twitter and facebook well this facebook slash twitter online police raid is an actual news story this week yeah you can take plenty of the earlier reports replace the word russia with iran and get pretty much identical stuff all right speaking of facebook this time it banned six hundred twenty five pages traced to iran and an unknown number of pages linked to russia it just wouldn't work if russia didn't get mentioned and the reason for this verdict is we removed multiple pages groups and accounts for coordinated in authentic behavior on facebook and instagram what kind of sin is this in authentic
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behavior let's hear from zax people they use similar tactics by creating networks of accounts to mislead others about who they were and what they were doing we ban this kind of behavior because we want people to be able to trust the connections they make on facebook. the issue of trusting what pops out at you from the internet it's almost as old as i am asking where we should meet. it seems like you're chatting with somebody just like yourself not only even if they show a picture of themselves it may not really be who they say they are it could be somebody dangerous i'm not trying to say criminals who take advantage of online platforms shouldn't be banned or prosecuted but dear facebook the way the internet and social networks have worked for years is that users can be who they want to be online who said they must stick to what someone thinks is authentic behavior
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what if i want to be an elf or santa or a real news hound and my now going to be blamed for an authentic behavior and get a red card sooner or later i. urge you to. come to the us just for all the things they can do i. say stay because of all the things thinking well it looks like online platforms will force us to adjust to a new reality where a step away from your genuine behavior may lead to a ban or some distinguished fact checkers will tell you who you should or shouldn't trust so next time when he choose to complain about a post online think twice what if the fact checkers disagree in fact whatever you do they're better think twice. meanwhile there's concern over facebook's latest
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tool to tackle fake news which will involve evaluating users based on how trustworthy they are online it's an addition to the site's existing efforts to stem the spread of misinformation and the idea is to protect users from those who indiscriminately flag up fake news as real and of course vice versa the system will even be used to predict which articles need fact checking based on the user's history of posting stories now despite facebook boosting efforts to get rid of fake news there are still a few big questions about this latest method like which users or which countries will be part of the new fake news initiative it's also not known how the evaluations will affect individual users on the site or just how the process will be monitored it's put facebook in the firing line from the media but the social media giant insists it's not as bad as it sounds we developed a process to protect against people indiscriminately flagging news is fake and
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attempting to game the system the reason we do this is to make sure that our fight against misinformation is as effective as possible. all the c.e.o. of online privacy company crypto hippi outlined the ethical implications of facebook's policies i think it's political pressure i think it really comes down to that they are putting themselves in the position of mediating human relationships which is first of all a very unhealthy thing to do and it's something that they really are grossly. incompetent to do the users primarily will not know what is being done to them and they will be manipulated or sorts of ways we don't know what kind of ways. talk of little trumps possible impeachment took center stage in u.s. media this week when a scandal over to sue of his former associates. and he be impeached with this i
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think the beginning has to be set and mark right now and wolf we're in a watergate moment there is i think a lot for the president to fear or the discussion about impeachment comes off the trump's former campaign chairman paul metaphor was found guilty of numerous fraud charges his ex lawyer michael cohen pleaded guilty to presidential finance violations allegedly paying harsh money to trump's mistresses so one of the u.s. presidents in the cohen has implicated him as the orchestrates a of the whole scheme at present the democrats had this pretty keen to rake up as much muck as possible in the midterm elections or there's muck up all that muck you can and much as possible so the general public would be influenced by this in the run up to the november elections the special counsel probe was initially launched to investigate alleged collusion with russia but so far it's only exposed
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fraud and election campaign violations take the right here in which we got a whole big company where is the closure you know they're still looking for closure where is the closure finds a delusion the fact that they haven't come up with anything that proves there is no russian collusion or they've wasted two years to find fairly pedestrian violations sure if you went into any of the campaigns including hillary clinton's and spent two years with an investigation team and a grand juries i'm sure you'd find a lot more than this filings and maybe some violations of campaign finance laws. a buxom model cohen no legal fees equal big costs so the former lawyer has asked for donations to cover his defense is paying off too he's raised more than one hundred fifty thousand dollars in just three days as reports it's not always bad business to be dismissed by the president and donald trump was a host on the reality t.v.
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show the apprentice he really took the show's iconic catchphrase to heart. now that donald trump is the president getting fired by him isn't exactly a career setback take the case of michael cohen this is michael collins lawyer urging people to support michael cohen with an online fundraiser for hoping that he will get some help from the american people so he can continue to be the audience isn't it they don't appear ready to donate some people might be laughing but that is slowing and there's peter struck the disgraced former f.b.i. agent who sent to trump messages to his mistress now he's raising money online he's already raised four hundred forty three thousand dollars half a million dollars on a go fund me just for hating donald trump has cancer patients on that side that are like hey we hate him too can you.


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