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tv   Cross Talk  RT  August 27, 2018 3:30pm-4:00pm EDT

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putin is intent on killing traitors and the russians are willing to kill sources perhaps they say the assassination attempt on double agent so i guess cripple has affected flows of intelligence as with the meddling accusations minimal evidence was also enough to expose the kremlin's hand in that case russia has long arms russia has lots of tentacles we imagine that they will continue to have an interest in our elections but also many other nations elections as well we continue to see a pervasive letters in messaging campaign by russia to try to weaken and divide united states intelligence blackout could also be down to a fall in u.s. operative numbers in russia the russians kicked out a whole bunch of our people laments a former cia officer a reference of course to moscow's retaliation after dozens of russian diplomats were first expelled from the united states the russian meddling saga even has the us president himself worried i'm very concerned that russia will be fighting very
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hard to have an impact on the upcoming election based on the fact that no president has been tougher on russia than me they will be pushing very hard for the democrats they definitely don't want trump but those are named officials can explain the logic the kremlin doesn't want to specific outcome any more broad chaos is apparently the aim despite no hard evidence of meddling past or future it seems the narrative is getting old unnamed sources can only sound convincing for so long no no the rusher informants they were definitely in the u.f.o. crashed or was a meteorite this is so confusing what the media told us imagineer of france whisper in the ear of the new york times. sources see your times makes up stories but what if as endless anonymous sources allege russia isn't busy tilting elections
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sowing discord or spreading chaos what if russia isn't doing anything at all that would never make a thrilling read. french president emanuel the crown has set his plans for europe defense speaking to the country's ambassadors here on the lines the region security can no longer rely so heavily on the u.s. . a lot pre-commit europe can no longer rely solely on the united states for security to us today to take responsibility and guarantee european security and consequently european sovereignty mr michael went to outline a number of points to the united states such a very similar to cripes that the european union has with the united states and particularly the trumpet administration this things such as the trade wars that we've seen in recent months this is the hiking of steel an element in tariffs with countries around the world also the fact that the trumpet ministration his
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withdrawal from the paris climate accord it's also withdrawn from the iranian nuclear deal earned of course there has been doubts from the trumpet ministration particularly from president trump himself over nato itself which is the security force that boeing's the u.s. and europe now he's talked in the past saying that he thinks the u.s. is doing too much so all of these concerns of printed matter can say we can't now rely on the u.s. for security we have to do something about it ourselves what is that well he's talked about this closer defense cooperation here in europe but he's also said that europe needs to look beyond its borders and to look to other countries such as russia in the feature. film for simply reinforce solidarity would imply revisiting the european architecture of difference in security by knish eating renewed dialogue on cybersecurity chemical weapons conventional weaponry territorial conflicts space security the protection of the protozoan sympatico with russia i
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want to launch exhaustive reflection with our european partners in a broad sense with russia example that defense relationship with russia mr michael said depends on europe and russia finding a mutual agreement in progress when it comes to the minute's peace agreement on the continued conflict in. praying so it seems that as the u.s. continues to isolate itself from longstanding such as you european union could be no paving the way to a new relationships with other countries to manage. the german foreign minister slams washington's sanctions policy on suggests new ways to solve problems but details for you after this short break stay with us.
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what holds its institutions to. put themselves on the line. to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president i'm sure. some want to be rich. but you'd like to be close with what before katrina more people. interested always in the water. there should. thank.
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you. welcome back to u.s. nationals in vietnam have been sentenced to fourteen years in prison over an attempted coup they were among twelve people sentenced to all of the members of the provisional national government of vietnam which was declared a terrorist organization by the country's all forty's back in january the war in vietnam ended more than four decades ago but apparently for some the struggle goes on. the vietnam war one of the world's bloodiest conflicts and the american army's biggest defeat to you ideologically opposed blocks in two decades of fighting came at a cost of fifty six thousand u.s.
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troops who in a bid to overthrow the communist regime of north korea now the casualties among civilians were much greater at least two million people died in the wall. after hopes of tightening a democratic grip across the vietnamese state slipped away and up to one hundred forty one billion dollars was spent on military operations the us folded to obviate an exhausting rule at home and a. nine hundred seventy three thousands of antiwar protesters would later contribute to the end of u.s. military involvement and two years later the south surrendered with vietnam forced to unite under a socialist flag. however it would take years for vietnam to heal from the wounds of the us campaign. napalm bombs and toxic herbicides left the country scarred. and its citizens suffering. fast forward to twenty eight
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and us vietnam relations have turned a new leaf. even prospering. however there are some people who can't let go of the pa among them the provisional national government of the republic of vietnam most of them share one thing in common they all supported over forty for the south vietnamese army and had to flee when the war ended in one nine hundred seventy five they dream of a regime they never had a chance to see. and they're proactive about sharing their agenda they have their own prime minister and even newspapers about their cause printed in japan malaysia and thailand. recently they've caught the attention of more global audience at. the ministry of public so. curity should announce the organization of the provisional national government of vietnam as a terrorist organization. they plan to buy weapons in an attempt to carry out terror attacks but the plots were uncovered and they were arrested by the enemy
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security forces. twelve members were charged with subversion attempting to broadcast anti state messages described as a coup two of those behind it were american nationals of vietnamese descent. it's been revealed they openly penned letters to the u.s. president with a q. even based in california it may be almost half a century since the end of the vietnam war but under the surface there are still rumblings with some still willing to fight for a cause they never saw come to fruition. as we just saw one of the two u.s. nationals sentenced is hung james know and the u.s. embassy in vietnam has released a statement saying it will continue to provide him support some locals say the group people longs to just doesn't understand times have changed. my feeling on my own this reactionary group which carries out acts of sabotage against the vietnamese government is to prove that the government is determined to maintain
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peace and stability so that the country can develop and prosperity be brought to the people that the group's members should not delude themselves into thinking what they do is write code like the one way they don't understand that times have changed they don't understand the position of they put themselves in when they conspired against a country like i think the sentences were too lenient. the german foreign minister the e.u. to review its policy is towards the us and lot of washington sanctions against the number of foreign state but his rhetoric has weakened somewhat since previous comments. we must adapt our politics to fit the new reality we must take in washington is a new attitude into account when formulating our foreign policy this means when you have must take more responsibility for its own security we have to be ready in case europe and america go their separate ways. where the us crosses red lines we as
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europeans must counter-balance as hard as that is it is indispensable that we strengthen european autonomy by creating payment channels that are independent of the united states the european monetary fund and the independence with system the global payments network known as thrifty is used by eleven thousand financial institutions in two hundred countries it claims the political neutrality but has apparently caved in to american pressure in the past after washington done to the iran nuclear deal and way imposed sanctions swift had a clear choice cut off iranian banks from its systems or face an asset freeze travel bans and restrictions on its business in america but the e.u. has said it still committed to the arabian deal without the us we are determined to protect european economic operators in legitimate business with iran
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this is why european union's updated blocking statute enters into force under seven of august to protect e.u. companies doing legitimate business with iran for an impact of u.s. extraterritorial sanctions we believe that it is and it has to be up to the europeans in this case to decide with home to trade what we spoke to deal in ca party member b. john to have a thoroughly who believes that finding a solution to be a round deal should see europe in gauging other key players in the region such as china and russia. the deal is in a very critical phase right now if you look at the situation in iran then the government is split whether to continue with the deal or whether to renegotiate with other countries or maybe even to restart the nuclear program so i think the european union is in a bind and it has to consolidate with its allies such as russia and china who
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hasn't got that deal if you could build a new monetary system then you would have the way to challenge the power off the u.s. but that can only be done if you include russia if you include china and other countries it would be tough because right now most of the transactions in the world are going through this with payment system but if you could include major countries then in a short timeline you could at least take some of the transactions off and by doing so it could take some of the pressure from countries such as iran and from companies that are doing business with countries such as iran. the democratic republic of congo has seen its deadliest outbreak of ebola in more than a decade since the start of the month the virus has killed seventy two people from one hundred eleven confirmed or pop probable cases the last a major pan-african
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outbreak between two thousand and fourteen and two thousand and sixteen killed some eleven thousand people but even those who survived found it was at the end of their struggle as they were treated as outcasts by their community parties documentary evoking the third vibing survival tells their story you can watch it in full at sixteen thirty g.m.t. here's a preview. from whatever morning i'm told i will. not mean i'm going to exceed to real people at all levels from security i'm ready to move to. where people. are. going to be able we are being stranded on the road.
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all about is a robot. we are going to know the ground live life. on that's. the truth. you believe. you. should i decide to save. face i want to. be bluntly down i'm tired of the most of the flow out of live now from want to. live our lives for our dollars and seven the alamo for family. and not socialist self or with. a lot of things that the last. funded in there will obviously. be a. long night out. just.
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in the church. is very very serious in the world to everybody in the whole nation will let it all for it's more. for my own for what is on my home and a good job so far. though my grandma lobby talked about that i. would look for the would i be the money for the. people out of the will not only did it just about the bus it would have been. they were doubts he would love to hear your thoughts on all of our stories that so do get in touch by following us on social media and leaving your comments we'll be back in about thirty minutes with the latest headlines join us then if you can.
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seems wrong. and in. the trail. when some find themselves worlds apart we look for common ground.
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and we're going underground on british armed forces day and in this special edition we're joined by pulitzer prize winning journalist site hersh who exposed nato nation war crimes of the military industrial complex from abu ghraib prison in the anglo-american war in iraq to the mean massacre hersh has exerted a damning skepticism of the official line did the syrian government really use chemical weapons what was the truth behind the asama bin laden assassination what connects nato nations to al qaeda and should we believe to resume about the poisoning of the script files in england his new book reporter a memoir is out now thanks so much for going back and going underground why you
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rather than dick cheney and though you were writing a book on dick cheney. it's a source issue i mean what happened is. obama in the balmy years there was he tightened very much on leaks and dissent in particular in the intelligence community put cia guy in jail there were people in the white house somebody was jailed also privately without public disclosure there was a sense that obama really didn't like leaks and so i had done a book on cheney i've written a lot about cheney for the new yorker during you know after nine eleven and there was a story a book to write and when i began giving chapters to people involved they said the appropriate you know it's going to be published because they would get in trouble their professional intelligence people and military people the ones i deal with they take an oath of office to the to the constitution and not to any particular president so i just had to i just couldn't publish the book and put him in jeopardy it would put them in jeopardy would would make it almost impossible for me that the check about me is that. i don't give up people i mean people they don't go after my
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people they don't know who they are i put nothing in a computer i write all my interviews in longhand and so i just felt if i if i publish stuff over their opposition and they got prosecuted i would not sleep at night and be also not be able to do the kind of reporting i'm still doing if anyone reading this memoir about so much military action of one kind or another they shouldn't be a great event that i think you said recently that we're in war with the united states is at war in seventy six countries now let alone the wars you clinical in this what i said was that there's seventy six places in the in the world where the americans are involved with kinetically with weapons and it based it was based on actually a public study done by an institute at brown university called the watson institute and i knowing some of the people involved in the study it's a lot of stuff that we have a big special forces community that are active project in africa and
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a lot of places i think the public knows very little about it i don't think this are my president is been briefed on any. but i don't think he would he's not interested in oh you doesn't know about it i know there's concern about some people in the military and high up in the military in my government in washington what are these guys doing who's in control there's a lack of control in among the special forces they've just gotten and many of them are driven. with the idea that they are on a crusade that they're there the night some malta fighting the infidels in the fourteenth century a thirteenth century ice really crazy stuff and so i don't think when i hear military special operations command say about mali here's what happened four guys died how i i'm sorry i i just think this probably much more to this story i think there's much more to our presence there but it's very hard to get to that stuff lots of opportunities for reporters is may be you thinking in any way that this
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memoir already being reviewed quite widely favorably and helps in defending you from some quite extraordinary ad homonym attacks on your recent reporting you know the only thing that happened in my recent reporting is. it was fine when bush and cheney when dick cheney and george bush were in charge but want to bomb i came in he was the not the white knight if you will or the black knight i came as an african-american and it just changed it editors just you know that's the way it is the stories that would have been fine in the days of bush and cheney suddenly were you know not getting published and people were complaining that i am always on the complaining about anonymous sources as if every day the new york times you can't pick up a newspaper and find the lead story based on anonymous sources it's just part of our business you can't name people in particular the stuff i do know i you know when i first did the middle a story that really i mastered a story in one nine hundred sixty nine the first thing i remember there was a poll from the i think for university of minnesota fifty four percent of the
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people didn't believe it and forty six and among my peers you know eighty percent didn't believe in. you might have to expand on the mean life story because it's not only in the british curriculum as stated a mature in the united states you know how it is it's when i was growing up i born in one thousand thirty seven by the time i got into my twenty's and thirty's the world war one oh my god i don't think i knew about world war one his fields of poppies that hemingway novels so it's not surprising to me that the generation doesn't know what happened the lies vietnam has disappeared in america pretty we you know it wasn't a good war for us i'm sure there's still five pages of textbooks but there was a period when universities all had special courses on the war but that was twenty thirty years ago you and i were too old buddy we're all people i'm a much younger yeah but you know look i know great here but you must hate it but i don't believe me but if we go. mentioned it. the medium as it still resonates the name of the judge of this maybe historians of vietnam you tell in
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this book the doria of trying to find sources and witnesses just describe what you go into there and why i just got a tip about it and you know i covered it's not as if i came from nothing i've been a police reporter in chicago and let me tell you about being a police reporter in one thousand nine hundred sixty wanted to go to go it was you learned a couple things you learned all about the weakness as my first job was copied we're working for a news agency to cover crimes and police aces and so what i learned was you could do anything you want as a reporter was great fun you're on the street you're reporting about fires and murders but if a cop kills a black person that's off the books you know you know no matter what your words are going to be taken and if if you ever get into the police relationship with the mafia in chicago you know this is sam giancana though some of those names some of you people know the famous mafioso as you could you could you could see fight some guy in the street with fourteen bullets in a downtown area where those clubs are controlled by the mob and everybody would be
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reported as a automobile accident and so i learned right away that there was tyranny in the world. hold that there are things you could do there was self censorship too and it instantiating i had a great time i learned a lot about i covered fires i learned more about racism that i thought i would but i also knew there were there was as i say tyranny there were certain things you could not get the chicago police department was operating in the world on its own things have changed a lot since then but what a lesson that was in sixty sixty one i went in the army i worked for united press international i covered the legislature in peter south dakota town of ten thousand i was a chicago kid never lived in a small city i then worked in chicago and i was sent to washington covered the war from the pentagon learned they hate the war but the point i'm making is by the time i got to the meat life story had been in the business eight or nine years and so when i got a tip about somebody shooting up a village you've got to read before you write so i used to i was not about watching reading the new york times coverage of the war and then i read the french the
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french journalist and bernard fall there was a couple wonderful french journalists who wrote about the fall of france india being food one hundred fifty four and so i read a lot and so i and there was a muscle tribunals was very important although everybody in america said russel's he hates america he's ninety four it was an incredible document there was testimony from american soldiers about shooting of villages like crazy fifty sixty five very early so when i got a tip about me i just whatever else i was doing and i thought i could do it but i thought i would heard that some g.i. went crazy and shot up seventy five people and that sounded like something that could happen but they didn't in the war early on is we would go in the villages american units a company would go in on a raid find nobody there and we the way it worked as we always thought the viet cong our enemy the north through the maze they were farmers by day and guerrillas at night so we go early in the morning and catch him in bed after a night of being a gorilla i don't know what the craziness was movement in children so after enough
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of those raids you would get frustrated and sometimes the officers would say. ok guys i know you're all angry everybody could have a mad moment in this village the tank gunner with his missiles and the machine gun just you can shoot the villagers up so that was quick to let the guys get off if you will they so be happy so they should have villages and that's what i thought they were talking about and then i got into the story and it's the same time as i'm writing about the fact these people killed five hundred sixty seven people something like that and innocent people there was no they were the company been in the war for about three months the kids the nothing about the vietnam or the culture and they were proportionally more hispanics and blacks then in the population and poor farm kids really white kids. are the secretary defense of lowered the standard by sixty seven and sixty eight he wanted no more there was a draft that presumably would take very edge well educated middle class white
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people he didn't want them in the war because they would come home and talk and be articulate about it and the senator who ran against lyndon johnson eugene mccarthy used to talk recently about my dad met him or wanted to change the color of the corpses but in this village they were brief this this company that hadn't seen no enemy they had been sniped at and they'd fallen into pits with sticks pull of poison they'd lost about twenty or thirty people have their hundred and they want to pay back and they were told by the cia official contract employ bad intelligence some are you're going to go into a village and are going to see the enemy there so they got ready to go to their credit to be kill or be killed for america right they had seen no combat really and they fly in and there's nothing there woman making five hundred fifty sixty men women no one no men old man woman children and they began to round them up and executed what i could write about the they did things like throwing up babies and catching them alive and beignets i mean and raping like crazy i didn't. so much
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trouble that story because i didn't know what i was getting into when i first thought. it and the horror and shame i felt for my country and for my soldiers i've been in the army i did the army i was it was a piece i mean the idea that the guys i served with do this kind of stuff so in a way the kids who did it was mostly the white kids hispanics and the african-americans no way man this is what the old face the whites that they do it this isn't for us and the next day they all wore on band some of the miners minorities and they were ordered to take them off their black armbands trying to separate themselves from the white kids had done the shooting anyways just a mess was a great story and you didn't you don't blame those soldiers also and you for they were getting they want told anything about this they didn't they were told they were communists they're out to kill us they didn't they went and they couldn't figure out these kids were not talking about the crime deal or crime of america these are their working lower working class kids met them or lowered the standards
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that normally would be bright enough or have not about brains about education they want to get into the army so what did they know one of the problems they had is my god these people didn't have refrigerators i mean i talked to forty or fifty that before i realized you know after i wrote a book about this afterwards and i went i spent six eight months just flying around america talking to kids some slammed the door some didn't talk to me but many did and they're pouring out their heart they had a problem in vietnamese society when they evacuate one of the planes one of the things we did in the war was we would remove families from their lands that had been ancestral fields for their protection it was called the movement of what we called fortified hamlets which enabled us to declare the areas that they cleared free fire zones you could shoot in anything and when they have villages there were people you could do it so we had evacuated and say it's where they're good and put them in the little armed protected areas with fences around them away from their fields.


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