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i mean my life. i've seen long. capable of producing chemical weapons in syria is it you one envoy gives a warning about extremists in the country but fear of a false flag attack has brushed aside in washington. another. being to try and hinder the n.t. terror operation in going to the scene for when you try to play the blame they try to put the onus on other groups and we don't buy into. france's president stirs outrage among the country's opposition figures after emanuel calls his own citizens french goals for resisting his economic reforms. but. with ten days and counting to the general election in sweden anger players out
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a rally where a swedish parliamentary candidate claims he was attacked by. my colleague collin bray is in the studio next hour to fill you in on all of today's top stories straight ahead though it is a report stay with us. keyser this is the kaiser report even just rummaging around the studio here you find all kinds of interesting things this is a toy. that was popular a while ago to teach kids how to hijack airplanes obama kind of funny and then here we have a russian listing go. through a patricia much much roast a rogue abortion and. putin and trump you know it's all about j. thompson getting along with our greatest ally and friend russia here is you know
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playing to good for the kids and you know if you open up there's other things in there so while we proceed here in the first half i'll just see what go what comes because you clearly cannot speak russian even though you russian double agent you must also call it nesting dollars that everything i know about russia i learned from watching boris and natasha on the bullwinkle show that's the same with most of our commentators are russian experts on that one went a little rocky yes moral you know many squirrels make it to cartoon stardom but there it is rocky the squirrel the flying squirrel and bullwinkle the moose great show this is how russia experts learn all their information about russia and the united states yeah but i want to turn to this headline about education i'm talking about are experts on the news here you know they learn from cartoons but in fact perhaps us the best way to learn because the knowledge economy is a myth we don't need more universities to feed it governments around the world believe that to remain competitive in
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a global economy they must become smarter in an attempt to boost its knowledge intensiveness the u.k. government has just launched a plan to overhaul the university sector it is to transform universities by creating many more of them the hope is that this will increase the number of people with degrees and the u.k. will be a more competitive. i mean that's a job yeah that's as close because there's only cambridge and oxford and those are the only two universities where you can go to and then get a job that pays more than minimum wage or you're working for delivery room so this is just virtue signalling by the people in the bureaucracy trying to make pretend that there is some kind of egalitarianism in the u.k. that allows for advancement of people willing to work hard that's false it's a rigid class structure it's almost as bad as the indian untouchables. living up in the caste system if you're too slow smen cuny and you're not going to end up workin for the b.b.c. that's never going to happen so let's see what's under this one ok well underneath here oh this is. clinton in yeltsin ok this was
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a very famous period in the collapse of the soviet union when america rigged that election to put their man in yeltsin who then gave away the country to frickin oligarchs which pretty much destroyed everything for a while before putin kamal i know that you were educated at n.y.u. in our university system here and i could say that i'm sure pretty sure that after that when you will not know who any of the press i'm i'm i'm a bit frightened now because the next i'm going to digging deeper into history when nobody really cared about this. really at all because you know we were all much more innocent in those days obviously in the united kingdom they want to expand the university system they want to offer more degrees of course. in the united kingdom actually even though they just started to introduce university tuition fees versus the us where we've had them for decades they actually graduate in the united kingdom with even more debt than americans do but we do have the american system to
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look at and they fact they found that the majority of jobs being created today do not require degree level qualifications in the u.s. and twenty ten twenty percent of jobs required a bachelor's degree forty three percent required a high school education and twenty six percent did not even require a high school. degree meanwhile forty percent of young people study for degrees this means over half of the people gaining degrees today will find themselves working in jobs that don't require a degree you know a degree to work at chipotle and get into projectile vomiting i don't think. anybody who works they're smart enough not to eat the food i got that all mixed up it's amazing but also you see what happens in the united states is and as they point out is that those who just get a college high school degree i say you're really afraid you definitely are afraid of is it before it will raise enough of an who was the american next up next and afford the next in our ford and then have a crew stephanie kennedy the answer is. so they went backwards and forwards is
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no timeline is now accurate timeline here and in reagan's america we don't cave and figure out what deck a room that's not a good. rule like oh that's a road reagan. and reagan this was detente you know yeah yeah even i well jealous you know he's the only man in america that actually knows anything about russia and he says this is to be emulated the trump is emulating the reagan gorbachev of detente era where they met for hours on end in closed door sessions to talk about denuclearization a very pressing political agenda we didn't have twenty four hour news cycle the time and we did have the equivalent of russia gate but it was the republican the right wing that was pushing that they were saying that i reagan was russia's dupe and they were his like their puppet and so yeah so now the next headline i bet your ass is killing me i bet you it will be kennedy and khrushchev that's my
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instinct but i could be wrong so it's a cliff and anyway so so in the united states they're saying that low skilled jobs are now being taken more and more by people with university degrees pushing out the the bottom rung of that but it's also this is. scariest thing this section i'm about to read to you now it is uncertain whether universities are even delivering on their core purpose one recent study tracked thousands of students during their time at university it uncovered a rather disturbing picture after two years at university forty five percent of the students showed no significant improvement in their cognitive skills after four years thirty six percent of students had not improved in their ability to think and analyze problems in some courses such as business administration students' cognitive abilities actually declined and the first few years so your
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cognitive ability declines in the first few years as a business administration student somebody like donald trump he studied business at university of pennsylvania so. these are the people that are running our economy by the way you go to business school and apparently you actually become dumber when you go there well there's a reason for that because wall street hiring people with no empathy if you're already well rounded liberal education you would by definition improve your empathy toward other peoples other cultures ideas you'd be able to think cognitively if you will use a term about a multiplicity of ideas but a wall street wants people that are without empathy they want people that are on the spectrum of the autism spectrum in suffering severe autism because they want them to look coldly at the numbers and to harvest gains like you would harvest organs other kidney you know from whole most people and that's what they want so
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makes sense that cognitive abilities are on the wane because of the commons becoming financial ised and that's being paid in this economy the people the time not being paid to think you're being paid to steal you know you mention the caste system in india they do have the brahman class and they're not expected to work they're just expected to think you're expected to just be a scholar and think about things we used to have that back in ancient greece and stuff you had a lot of friends idea exactly like you and he just thinks he says he's working somewhere around the city of london but actually i've never actually seen him in the cambridge that's just because he's westernized he has to pretend to be a working hotel he's also the i don't know but are just yeah the fact is that we use that thinkers and philosophers we no longer value that and therefore you know in fact you're the highest value in the us economy is to go to business school and apparently that you're being. you know you profit from thinking less so that's
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actually proven here but this is a system as you said financial eyes and it's all really a debt racket and they they they you know cloak it with these high falutin words like we're just trying to educate the population it's a knowledge economy we're all just going to be smart and. well fool rather well you know enough writers you know in august some are bombing children in yemen you know that you don't want empathy ok so who's in the open up now don't put it out go ahead and listen to this opening up there. it's. looks like i think of so i think that's cruz jeff smisek khrushchev that's that's that's that's a bad record i think that's actually jimmy carter right and brezhnev jimmy carter and and you. yes british. jimmy there are more in there and british of so what happened during the president carter era cold war it was pretty hot at that time the cold war was hot and that was the days when
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a lympics used to be great now it's the opposite in cold war to point out the olympics it's all like you know it's not like oh boy caught in something like that back then we used to be like it was like professional wrestling are professional wrestling which isn't really professional it's just fake it's all entertainment. with the bad just like you are in this period you had the famous hockey summit canada versus russia during this era you would know better than know this was when the philadelphia flyers started beating up russians on i want to ask putin when i interview him later this year about that series you hope yeah i heard this that i'm going to be interviewing putin about hockey detente ice hockey detente later this year again i'm going to quickly move to this final headline because you know an education might not be necessary it is certainly not necessary really for a soldier more than tariffs china sees trade war as a new u.s. containment tactic it's about time of course much of what the u.s. has actually done over the past two decades i would say since two thousand since
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two thousand and one the invasion of iraq that russia gate stuff is actually all i believe about containment of china and now china sees this they don't see the trade war as actually being about the trade war. it's about containment of china they don't want china to grow anymore and this this opinion piece over is in asia and a hong kong newspaper is saying that basically they're both underestimating each other and their willingness to resort to military means america china america china that they both could start a hot war that is their greatest ally america and case to go to war china russia that's the point of this new doll. exercise you see america has always been you know some degrees. you know bodies like frenemies i say american russia from the me where frenemies right but let's because we only have forty seconds left i'd like to see who actually is in the final. seeming as kennedy and krishna as they get
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smaller their representation of these presidents really good or for worse this is the worst one and you can't. hard to see. it's yes kennedy and. khrushchev not a good likeness of yeah it's not a good likeness so that we have say that it actually looks like gorbachev but i'm thirty three so i think that the chinese people who made this their orders wrong and they put gorbachev in kennedy put him twice as there's one christopher impression a member of the cold war there the bay of pigs cuba it all goes back to cuba and the cuban bay of pigs see that's the kind of poetry you don't see on mainstream media they only see here on the cars report why because they were in love well we got to go to the second half don't go away much more coming your way.
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it's. the same wrong but old rules just don't hold. the world is yet to shape our disdain comes out of it and in games from it equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground.
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welcome back to the kaiser report i'm max kaiser welcome to the show the one and only the krypto kenya sinclair welcome thanks but i feel you know the first name now like madonna is just sinclair when they get on with whatever you call them claire skinner of bit mari is also at the black bloc chain summit the black bloc change summit i was coming up. look we're trying to take this amazing technology and solve some long existing problems in the black communities and we think this is a great way to do it so we're going to have some experts in some of these particular topics be an education dealing with energy as well as having folks who are well versed in black chain technology we're going to put them together discuss these issues try to come up with some you know. actions you know that we can take from there and it will have
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a hackathon from that point in till november and i'm going to take all that energy from the hack a thons and hopefully next year we would have done something better and we're not going to have a meeting after meeting to meet we're going to actually do like they did with the declaration independence they went out and start shooting folks so after we do our meeting what we're going to outshoot people when i'm doing kind of the what this is a conference on go another step at a conference it finishes it up in the city probably in. the declaration the end of it is a huge deal not because of the meeting but because of what they did after they declared independence they went out there is they're getting it i mean if you like shooting a film well not like actually shooting people's guns oh we're not go shooting about were used technology we think is better than politics with things but in protesting we even things better in philanthropy it was ok this is an element of my focus on this president to sell the black struggle in america east think and you're position is that technology is another rail that offers emancipation. it is not to be
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too you know fine a point on it is that a fair statement absolutely could be an underground railroad or just another radio absolutely that's in dire need in a racism let me tell me if i'm wrong racism is as prevalent in american society today as it's ever been rice is systemic it is actually something is a part of fabric and we need to do something to change it i think technology wait for someone to come save us is not going to work so i sussed her mission jim crow is gone but the president does your complex is amazing is here and is our generation's actually felt the most like coming of age in eighty's you think about it you know prior to that it was a lot of prison population but we hit all these other things and next thing you know we're in an even worse situation so i think it's it's time for us to use technology to wait for you know the cult of personality of people that we love as political office like obama or people that people hate like a trump that's not
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a political strategy we need to use technology and not get caught up in these distractions and messing pounce is a distraction but when you ok so she is black that's yes yes and that sow talk a little bit about that. you talk about madge it was your idea who pleaded to lovenox mary. so i would you be it is not imagine that you want to ask me that question what is this about what is so black about my ex tell up to you i think it's about i think it's about you know liberation and the fact that this technology of blah chain and because i'm is is offering a way forward from our constrictions in our restrictions and in our chains in a lot of ways you know racism hurts everybody go and that's just the victims of racism that are out right there but it hurts everybody and this country as either ban it you know built on
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a cemetery of indigenous population and then made whole made possible through slavery you know that was the economic innovation of previous centuries was slavery that was the block chain there on the chain gang there was a fricken chain of people you know that's how america got wealthy right seller and now you know we're all black in that sense when they bring in censorship now and when they bring in wholesale kind of sensory essential ship on the internet that that's intolerable we're back to all fighting the same fight now and i think you're i think it was a good near she talked about when you look at victims of racism as canaries and they. was a current in a coal mine so because of this racial environment it's not the kineret is a fault but there respiratory system is more sensitive because of the things going on but they gas to kill everybody so i think what you do say does directly relates
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to the fact that many of the things we've seen from drugs being put in communities and the military industrial complex it may start off with one population but is let me ask you this question you know i was familiar with the crack head and the. not not in the and there's a janitor it and i get that may he's on heroin ok now in the white community they say oh we have an opiate crisis. right now some of my brother is a couple years older than me he's been on drugs for moses adult life and he sed talked about how to prison changes that we first got in early late eighty's if it was very punitive he said now they've got some little programs for folks to kind of like do good about. why people have opiate crisis and they're micro dosing right through to black people are strung out on terra and they're cracking animals
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then so that's the same again there's a way you practice on one population now it leads to the other problem in the meantime by slavery you know it's hard to compete for fair wages when you've got one population they could be owned by one and yet you're oh you're trying to figure out i got you're right all the firms that all companies are responsible for the o.b. crisis they ran out of people in the ghetto to mess up you know they had to go jump over to the white population to make money because they already messed up the black population pretty bad so they've got to jump over to the white population that's why we're all in the hood we're all blacks actually suppose he is black now talk about technology let's talk about this the technology added at is there's two schools of thought one is we heard safety in talk about his book to the bitcoin standard and it's a very western approach to money hard money and why bitcoin is a better source of money but in when i talk to you you know you've come to it from a slightly different angle of there's a spiritual element to this that goes back way back way back before america way
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before western cultures it goes back thousands of years you know maybe even half a million years that there's something more critical at stake here there's an essence here there's a spiritual quality to it ok speak on that yeah i think what we've seen in these economists even in. blah change space their context of what civilization starts in the very late stage and even when you're on must first principles we're looking at the conditions in the world to start just one hundred years ago or two hundred years ago in america rufe five hundred years ago those are still very recent i mean we've been civilized people for thousands of years and what existed before that you know european the so-called western culture is very late very young so there's been cultures in africa we still can't build pyramids so even when people talk about technical innovation we still can build a pyramid and have them in mexico and they have them after so if the blocks in a big plan is the perfect money we all say it is and if it disenfranchise essential
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banks and banks and it puts family out of business and it takes us back as a culture as a civilization to one before we had that western notion of money all where are we all a gone back to our african roots essentially like they call in to take us back to africa all of us the entire species of humanity of humans back to something that is primordial now in for a moment so there's more humane more humane and that whole humanity comes out of a spiritual space it's not the other way around and i think that the spiritual space allows us to exchange value in a way that is more than just transactional there's something else there's an energy there there's something more to it you see many of these analysis they leave that energy out as if these all it is a series of transaction there's more to how we got where we are now than just saying that we transact cuz a-k. listen to say fifteen and he talks about economics starting with scarcity well it's octavo yeah and others who take it back spiritually thousands and thousands of
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years actually the economics is defined by abundance absolutely abundance so you get the people who talk about the people who is an ice people but it into the day you look at many parts of the world people didn't have to worry about winter coming and run around being afraid to some. how something was going to be there if you look at your been some of these other cultures there was a real sense of scarcity that made people believe more confrontational if we look at many parts of the world where it does a lot of the motherland right i mean they felt they left africa which was abundant to go search for something else outside of the garden of eden not only did they lose a color but they started thinking about everything in terms of scarcity and they were already living in the garden of eden right sosa toshi is black they're here the successful will go back to eat in which is second africa thank you and i think if we all start changing that mindset we can create a space no matter where we are and i think that's where because we're amazing about
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the the global power of this technology it doesn't have a jurisdiction we all can start creating community beyond these artificial fake borders that never were very helpful anyway and if you think about it we start talking about you know decentralization and africa rio they still are two thousand languages and it was already centralized it was it went to the colonize it came in carved up spaces they had nothing to do would actually create a better space but it was actually done that subdue people so i think we can get to that space now not just with the internet with actually with this next layer would transactions and being exchange value in a very powerful way through the blood letting network do it again we're lame second layer second layer we're doing lightning right now we did it yes we did our first remittance transaction from a node in nigeria to a node in zimbabwe back in march so tough people at that mari is so big mari is a pan african blood chain while we hold big korean big corning cash and we're going
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to be coming up some additional services in one of the big things that we've been doing is or allowing people to cash out of crypto in zimbabwe we have a bank particle agra bank that we've been working with that allows people to. cash out and we're now expanded to other african countries one of the big things is dealing with regulators you know one area might not be is warm is the other but if we have an expansive offering we can be in multiple african countries and our target is trying to decolonized it in a day you know barclays and a lot of these banks made their money off exploiting us we don't need them any well we actually get exchange value peer to peer and uses amazing technology but we know the blocks in technology and the peer to peer applications are exploding in africa much probably the most adoptive place in the world is it probably because there's just already a natural tendency to think in this way i think that actually tends to be the
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problem with most of these developing countries those not the local people most of these african countries as well as latin america are still you know neo colonial states where they still look to the west for approval so if you're a banker in africa and you're trying to do business in europe you're still going to fortunately be manipulated by the swift bank or the other systems that are out there so i think this is a great opportunity though to use technology to change it up case so it's black blotch ain't sun it still may tenth and eleventh while howard university historic our university historically black college amazing place in d.c. i'm speaking a thank you max for speaking out and thank you for us it's oh she's black then up thanks vanna cause or part yet lead our life out of. our. own for a guy we were really just thinking would play and i got to say hello i got to. sinclair ok calm down or let me get down to get through with this like this that
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hey we've got to go and that's going to do it for this edition of that has reportedly nice guys are safe here and i think our guest claire skinner that mark if you want to like catch us on twitter it's guys report and so next time. a parting of ways european leaders talk of a future without the u.s. what is the story for the transatlantic alliance and much much more on this edition of. four men are sitting in a car when the strips get short of the men have. all four different versions of what. one of them is on the death row
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there's no way you could have done it there's no possible way because the list did not shoot around a corner. bar . on a welcome twelve a part of much of the twentieth century of rising levels of organization it came hand in hand with rising incomes moving to a big city more often than not a ticket to a better life that still holds true but everywhere the majority of people leaving for big cities in the global south particularly in africa may actually see their
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fortunes rather than improved is a ribbon a station turning from a blessed thing intercourse well to discuss that i'm now we're joined by robert buckley senior fellow in international affairs at the new school in new york mr barclay it's a pleasure talking to you thank you very much for your time thank you now almost every country in the world has a version of the breakfast at tiffany's movie about a young man or young women moving into a big city attracted by its opportunities but i understand it from your writing that. it is a rather mythologized perception of what are been a station is like more and more people are moving to bigger cities not because they want to know because they're attracted by big life but because they have no choice is that right that's right no let me qualify that it's not. the general phenomenon or how it started of is that indeed cities grow.


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