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tv   Sophie Co  RT  August 31, 2018 3:30am-4:00am EDT

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around a corner. welcome to sophie and co i'm sophie shevardnadze as former gammoning president killed by his once country civil war takes an unexpected turn. and that is while a saudi imposable kate threatens hundreds of thousands with starvation what is official hold for yemen well i asked karma on a famous yemeni political activist and nobel peace prize winner. the civil war and see the new blood of twist president saleh killed by his former allies in the battle lines are being violently withdrawn once again what will the new realignment
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bring to the ravaged country. an opening for peace. in the stalemate of war and the law and starving civilians have to wait before the guns fall silent. among the many journalists an activist winner of the nobel peace prize welcome to the show it's really great to have you with us. yemen's former president has been killed by his former allies they who face the alliance between them which fought a saudi led coalition is no more is sally's death good for yemen or is it only going to make situation worse. first of all thank you sophie and for r.t. for. inviting me to this program. it's a really tragic and the x. rays event highly son. and we. we didn't
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wish this and for him we made a great peaceful revolution and forced him to leave the authority peacefully we gave him immunity we gave him also we are low home to have the money billions of dollars that he toke from the also duty during his thirty three years so we need to him to leave the authority with this money but unfortunately he choose to have our lives with the mini shelf and to see and as he always do he is dancing with the with the snakes and now the snakes killed him and now the question the very important question what is next after i the son the death this is a very important thing the situation in yemen well due to the rate will this coup will continue will the wall will continue this answer should be this
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question should be unserved by the yemeni people yemeni people should we now the one who handled the solution the one that they stop the war and the one who'll stop that coup how come it's there is a lot of you know solution and yes the limits that you have many people should be will she talk about this in detail to our call so i want to be back to. president solace as a nation now that he is that. his loyalists have no more leader do you think they will start fighting each other and fight for power. here is we still who we are in the won't you know into the rule and also do you know room so the world isn't stopped this side yemen and also inside yemen so if it will be worse
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than that. then what had been to now nothing was that that done what does have meaning now no it's how can we stop this one how can we stop this fighting between yemenis and also between saudi emirates and iran in our country and that it's a lot of things so let's not this is done to speak about the past let's talk about future how can we prevent any attempts in the process was to belittle people who prevented the of this conflict. ok of the escalation i understand for for example one scenario is what president hadi is proposing great now right he is backed by the saudis and he has sat that he will declare amnesty for anyone who stops fighting. do you think this promise could end the war. no of course not i'm calling president to eddie. who is the visit to
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mature is a dent i'm calling to go to visit him it said government to open that dialogue to start to making because shooting with the media show for those who see with all parties of him and they have to find solutions for yemenis they have to stop cuckoo and also they have to stop the world. and when we are with dialogue it's now we are now in the. other stead after the death of charlie son so there is a lot of chances now to make peace in yemen so brizard entire did i end this it emitted no government should start a dialogue with the horses but also also who says no has to declare that they are already to hand over the web as to them is it to me to also duty former president reached out to the saudis calling on them to lift the blockade on yemen
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with salis death now is there no more hope for the end of the locate. it's a bit and this is this is the duty. of the saudi and emirates early and none some do and emits. and then they are held helbig of the visit to mit to boot is a dent on restoring his also tedium and they can then that and they are they said that they are with the legitimate other thing with the president ahead but the kid this is the reality unfortunately the they are cuba in yemen they are to cuba i think the the. about the most important parts of this even burson to open liberated. prevents is the good the bad the posts. i did the airports and also they are can really sing i love the militia.
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you know the loyalty to them special to him or its they are call ition has had young men under blockade for too we are still ready and the saudis say it is aimed at preventing arms smuggling to the who threw up those you any saying it is creating an imminent catastrophe with sit is running out of fuel clean water four hundred thousand children starving why are the saudis more afraid of arms smuggling that causing this huge despicable humanitarian tragedy that is through yemen now is suffering from a huge fall from the worst humanitarian crisis is because of war because of who because of. that is a really good testified that is a real. suffering from yemeni people in many people are known suffering
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from disease from hanged good from teh mean from local phoenix to city local food to cation like off axis to. yes we are suffering from old this thing and this suffering should be staub should be and yes lou good to have this look at should be lifted now then my guess is that look then there are two one just then there's another question imagine the blockade is lifted right now imagine and the aid is flowing to those who need it but what if that also opens up routes to yemen for more weapons and yemen will be over flooded with even more military weapons. what is the solution that we can we are calling for so if saudi and the emirates really they are really with yemen and they are really want yemen to go. to seoul to experiment and to face the truth and
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this is a very subverted the legitimate president they should alone i want to brizard intended to return to yemen to rule yemen. inside the civility bursts and provence is that is liberated that is very important so president had to do with the i don't mean make you know the solution all on controlling you know i would visit that you know that is that is that how you have to send receive for all. we need to flow with the whole with these and with all you know grooves it's a very important the most important thing now is to hand it to do with drove the rebbe's from militia so we should as him and these help others were selves we should solve our problems and we can do libs i mean how can you solve your own problems how can you solve your own problems as you have a nice if you're under
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a bloke eight and you're obviously can't solve the problem fully by yourself because a lot of pencil saudi arabia right now and i know you're calling from this location missed me this did it must be lifted but my question is and my question is lifted oh do you think saudis will listen to your calling for the leave to other. you know public speakers and women and men who are actually for peace are also calling on saudis to la louve to split case you and is calling on the saudis to lift blockade other humanitarian organizations are actually calling on the saudis to lift the blockade they're not listening to anyone. what dale what dialogue are you talking about as there is no i'm fortunately there is no enough brush or. four years ago the end immigrates and didn't the international community should do that their international community should as somebody why do they do it do like
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that i did not it's just the statements they've made some statements the something and maybe you are asking me about the blue canes that is led by saudi and in it but you don't ask me about blockade that is by the by this is backwards from here on they are sense to so that fourteen they are on makes easy in being in being in big government at this mission and does so now we are really in many people suffer from to locate a terminal growth good will kids think there is a special but then to buy sell or buy buy buy have been the shelf and healthy and. whole look at the led by the soda and in minutes and this one took a look at should be lifted not one i would presume to noun under. house arrest in. his in the house like a house and this is why our president how did didn't return to london why did its
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limits city why is he killed during the most important. than the islands the parts of the airports in the south and in been seventy percent of thier many liberated country his wife why do they carry it to me she does. why so do you like them as i throw the enemy now i called i don't care what they should i don't go on this and they had to buy soda and in minutes then we should let our brains of the return to ident and to rule and then from yemen for the. ok total goals how are we going to take a share of that weight right now i did important we're going to take a short break right now if you don't mind and when we're a back we'll continue talking about this we'll continue talking to tom cole carr manet yet many political activists who won the nobel peace prize and we'll talk more about the tragedy and unraveling in the country statement.
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leave. me not they would see. it as a levels from somewhere you know. i came back to the community. people we are based on and on the road look ask me oh look out is all viable going towards him.
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like. she's going. to see me and he doesn't. give us all that i. don't. know we're going to this. is the cut also i'm not topping the my life. i seem on have to die. a parting of ways european leaders talk of a future without the us what is in store for the transatlantic alliance and much much more on this issue of trust. because you know provision on my back when i want it. or not. but i. get.
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there so i don't hide oh alaska's boss because i just got the. resources you know. any of those it doesn't but that's honest i don't mean. so i said you know what i was you're not. you know just i mean what i most wanted i'm already but it was sped up out of me just going to go. i mean it was the lord we're going to. give it up as well i must admit that he was i just don't get it i'm getting letters but those. we're going to respect. my body and we've. already. got a lot of problems. and
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we're back with our mon and yemeni activist and the nobel peace prize winner talking about the civil war and humanitarian catastrophe and as a country. now you are a nobel peace prize laureate you got the prize for your role in the twenty eleven
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revolution in yemen five years have passed and the revolution hasn't brought any peace your country is being devastated by war a power struggle which all started five years ago was it all worth it. it's worth it absolutely yeah many people started a peaceful a great peaceful revolution in two thousand and eleven millions of fear many people left their weapons more than civility million piece of wood bins in their houses and went to the street with roses in front of all the violent of highly southerners . forces so yemeni people did a great work on stop listening to a new country based on democracy based on human rights because the only rule of law we did the great work in the transitional period we the others only in many parties
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even with the militia for truth even with that without any solace allianz in one table and we did a great national dialogue outcomes and we wrote a great draft of could a situation we were just steps forward making putting this constitution for a friend but the cool head bent the killers had been so the coup the killers the order isn't the result of the peaceful revolution is the result of the counters of pollution and it is the result of conflict that is you know conflict so it is not our fault but still we are in our revolution and we will you know that continue i wonder where and dream for change and we will when absolutely no you have blamed the hearses for this crisis. amongst others who are and they're fighting for one side in this yemeni conflict but you also speaking against the saudis who are fighting this is for the sake of president hadi is there anyone inside yemen you
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would want to work with. do you think that yemen is divided between a group backed by iran and well by somebody and and and emir it's no yemeni people they have they are they they are their own best their own district easy they own visit forded someone to see if i want to continue for democracy if i want to continue full piece of our country for the human poor didn't of our country so it is not. it is not under choice to be with this part to read that's plus look you've been exe exiled from the who see occupied part of the country but what's stopping you from going back to the areas not controlled by them after all you've sat yemenis not just divided between a part back with iran another part that's backed by saudis it's all about yemeni
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people so why don't you go back. as i told you seventy per cent of the liberated. provin says here men from the brazilian the booted from the coup led by horses and the former president ali said there is controlled by saudi and interests and i am against them and they are creating militias and that. prevents is the other i'm sure if i were will return to do that of a provision says it's the said that they are. the same things like the militia for the whole thing both of them are the same both of them they don't want my country to do to be democrats what both of them they don't are our peaceful revolution to when. and if you also there is this other provisions that isn't. with. that with who sees and also with the saudi and iran like for example murder
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but unfortunately i will not be able to go there because there is no plane that can make me you know free on my movement outside yemen for pressuring for yemeni freedom and for telling the world about our you know issue tackle i've seen you give many speeches and receive honorary doctorates in the west so it's good to see the western audience informed about the situation how exactly are you helping the yemenis themselves right now i mean do you have contacts on the ground through whom you can do something for the people. yes of course you know i yes i am in exile now but the still i am in yemen a lot of people nam and i'm working with inside yemen everywhere in yemen the people is there the peaceful people that have been issued or people this tell them that people who are against the acu bishan off eretz and so he is there and the
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people who are against the cool of militia for who see the previous signal. bryza that that is is there i am with them inside and i am with them outside the most important thing that i carry the hope and the dream of people for making peace for my cancer now back in the twenty eleven you spoke out against the out for interfering in yemen's affairs but according to a cable leak released by wiki leaks you secretly arrange meetings with a saudi official back then and ask for help i wanted to ask you directly is that true yeah of course through of course through i don't i and it's true but then we can this didn't lead to said that i also visited the russian embassy and also i visit that i want to get in to see and i visited british embassy french embassy cut to the embassy kuwaiti embassy on monday embassy i visited all the embassies in the
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security council in new york calling them to see to the yemen and to know a lot about in yemen peaceful revolution and to help me in many people on facing the idea of the last sunday and to listen to our numbers but you also said that the leaders of the saudi coalition will be prosecuted for the crimes stay committed in yemen how do you imagine that happening when the coalition is backed by arab states like you said and that they're also backed by their western allies so who will prosecute saudis. i call for the international justice to follow all those raters of the crimes against humanity all over the wound so i call the international criminal court to follow all those perpetrators against you know human rights. the one who are committed to
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the crimes against humanity so yes i'm i'm calling international theater criminal court to do its work and unfortunately the international community didn't do its work its duty is to responsibility. with those people who suffered from their dictators from their rulers who are suffer from the massacres not just in yemen in yemen in syria in myanmar in every really any where around the world as one coalition is fighting a rebellion and the rebellion itself is fighting its own allies at the same time al-qaeda has been given an opportunity to take advantage of the chaos does yet and then in your opinion risk falling to the jihadi sua it's busy fighting al qaeda and any terrorist group if you want to really do face of them to fight them it is not
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just came by the security solution not just done by the rebels there is another solution the other solution is supporting democracy. supporting peaceful movements supporting the development supporting the justice that is very important so in yemen people are you know facing all this is extremism are extremists people during down his son experience or if they will appear you know this time but also there is other solution for that how can we face them remember full field. when we made the i would peaceful revolution in two thousand and eleven during two years of peaceful missile two years that there wasn't a voice but almost died so we give the alternative which is peaceful struggle this full movement the struggle of both behaved to rid the stones throws of the love
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that says citizen the being set up. in front of the bus of peaceful people a voice of chanting the blows of peaceful sacrifice for freedom. do you think there should be a military intervention in your country can i un peacekeeping mission save the day . of course no of course no i'm calling. i'm calling god willing in many ways to start solving their issue by themselves and yemenis against this wall and eyes as i said before with the how can we stop that thing and other things that is grew out of correlation saudia and images showed that it would be a shame in yemen and they have to let i want president to return to yemen and that he will help me and many to to to to to to build their country without in the. armed intervention thank you so much for this
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emotional interview i wish you all the best all the best of luck in all your future endeavors and above all i wish peace for yemen for your beloved country thank you very much for being with us we're talking to tell the whole karma on your many political activists and nobel peace prize laureates discussing the tragedy unfolding in yemen and the future of the country that is it for this edition of sophie and co i will see you next time.
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pranking gave americans a lot of new job opportunities i needed to come up here to make some money i could make twenty five thousand dollars as a teacher or i could make fifty thousand dollars a year truck so i chose to drive truck people rush to a small town in north dakota was an unemployment rate of zero percent like gold rush is very very similar to a gold rush but this beautiful story ended with pollution and devastation a lot of people have left here i don't know too many people here anymore slow down so much they lost their jobs got laid off the american dream is changing that's not what it used to be. it's a tough reality to deal. it
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was a. nobel committee says the prime minister should keep the peace prize despite a report on the mass killing of the country's. information on the murder of russian journalists in the central african republic and said serious security lapses in the preparation of. the people in. the spanish.


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