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tv   Politicking  RT  August 31, 2018 7:30am-8:01am EDT

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this is not the first time he's fired a staffer or at least announced the departure of a staffer by tweet and it's to some extent horrible management of an office another point here though larry is what led to it and to some extent we can only speculate that the president is handling began in this way because of his cooperation with the independent counsel and because of the fact that you know perhaps began a scene is not sufficiently loyal to the president despite of course having helped get such an important portion of the president's agenda put into place he's not delaying his deployment you until and report was your reaction to that. well who knows what what the important thing is there again his departure is now certain and it may have been up in the air until the president made clear with that tweet a little bit earlier as to when we can't number one cause we don't know when the reports going to come you know the president and his attorneys as you see i've seen rudy giuliani has been stressing now that as we approach september first that the
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report is imminent that the report is coming out right away well that that's actually not true the report can come out at any point and it doesn't have to come out before september first which is just in a couple days from now so i wouldn't read a ton into the fact that he's waiting until after the release of the report because we just can't know when it's coming is of. i don't know it's but again what we've seen it if you will you know if you look at the way the president has handled the attorney general in the last over the last couple weeks or even the last two or three days that even if it's not a firing it's an unceremonious distancing from an individual who's seen as not sufficiently loyal to the president and the president's agenda if you notice the president seems to have no qualms letting go of individuals who you know appear to just sort of not play into that sense of loyalty and as we've seen over the course of the relationship with mcgann and the president there's this disconnect between
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being the lawyer to donald trump the individual and the lawyer who represents the interests of the white house or the presidency as an institution mcgann as we know and as we've read has long seen himself as a defender of the institution of the presidency which is what the office of white house counsel is it is the lawyer to the white house but not the lawyer to donald trump and it to some extent it seems that that distinction has been problematic for the president because it's it's you know. it's clear that he expects the loyalty of all of his folks and i think. because this was seen as a as a breach of that loyalty i think eventually he had to go and i think what this opens up the question of is who is the next person going to be mcgann has identified someone who reportedly is a former clinton white house individual who could be a potential successor given that the president seems to play such a premium on people he can trust being around him it seems highly unlikely that
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that would be the next individual to take over the office and the president would ideally seek to have someone who'd be more loyal to his interests as we proceed through the mall investigation and any other number of legal matters that are going to be coming to the white house over the next year or two years senator lindsey graham said the president is in the title. to an attorney general he has faith in why is sessions still is. to some extent you know the press the present tell do in turn in general that he has faith and i think jeff sessions is entitled to friends in the senate that he. that will continue to support him despite having worked together for twelve or fifteen years or however long it is yes the president is entitled to a cabinet that's around him but what is striking is how quickly a number of republicans in the senate who have been longtime allies and supporters even to some extent personal friends of jeff sessions have been quick to distance themselves from him and what seems to be an effort to appease the president or at
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least stay in the president's good graces jeff sessions was a long time member of the senate sort of an institution there at least on the republican side and it and it's striking how so for instance he and lindsey graham had served for however many years on the senate judiciary committee together working on legislation together and frankly sharing for the most part a philosophical bond and it's very striking that an individual like graham was so vocal so quickly and more importantly just a year ago lindsey graham had said it would have been i came to what the word was there was armageddon if if the president or something like that and if the president were to fire the attorney general so it's unfortunate that. i'm surprised here myself saying this but that the fortunes of jeff sessions at least with respect to senate republicans have fallen so dramatically lindsey graham's an odd cases in any oh absolutely because it again it's for the well and i also think he's
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an odd case what's striking with respect to the president and sessions as well is that sessions is largely aligned with the president on so much of the president's agenda he's sort of been the president's conscience a better term on immigration and on criminal justice reform on any. number of conservative issues that the president there are important to the president and so whatever it is and if you saw the interview graham and said there's something private that we don't know about that has led to this disconnect between these two individuals it is fascinating it's an odd case where graham's coming from and what he knows about this relationship your guess as good as mine larry great having you with us we hope to call on you again oh i would love to be back thanks a lot larry let's turn now to our political panel they are jen kearns g.o.p. strategist former spokesperson for the california republican party she's in new
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york and brian joyce host of the brian joyce show on talk radio on w g o w f.m. bryan joins us from chattanooga tennessee jen what's your take on don mccann leaving the white house. well larry it's something i've expected for a while there has been often some contention and some differing opinions here between don mcgann and the president i've been hearing about this since even last fall so part of me wonders what took them so long but i think this is the natural course of events here when you're dealing with someone like president trompe someone who doesn't mind changing horses midstream we've seen that with the onset of rudy giuliani coming onto his legal team and i think don began it was more of the the old school washington d.c. type of attorney that president trump thought he needed in the beginning but now i think president trump is starting to see as his poll numbers continue to rise as he
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continues to explain this investigation to the american people that he actually needs to win in the court of public opinion as well and that's why you see him bringing on people like rudy giuliani and people like don began heading out the door brian g.o.p. leaders publicly expressing concern he was seen as someone who could stop the presidency from firing robert muller what do you make of this ryan well i commend him for trying to put as positive a spin on this as possible but the fact is larry this is a chaotic white house if it's naught this man leaving it's just one person after another open door being replaced by somebody else it's a chaotic white house yeah you know leadership in the why do you have to agree with that a little now we got the idea of firing jeff sessions don't you have to believe it is a little bit of a mess why do you think it is chaotic but i think that is how president trump
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prefers it to be look i've worked for a couple of mega millionaires and even a billionaire this is how they run their board rooms believe it or not they always put staff against one another they always want to bring the staff together and come up with the best ideas i mean i hate to say. a it but it is almost like an episode of the apprentice and that is just how president trump of words is your country well it but here's the important thing larry the american people this is what they wanted they were ok with the status quo not remaining in washington d.c. they were ok with the boxes being blown up they were ok with no business as usual in fact they preferred no business as usual otherwise they would have elected to do hillary clinton do you think they wanted this. i do and look you look at he has an approval rating he's got the highest interparty approval rating since president george w. bush is the only other president that was ahead of him that was george w.
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bush in the wake of the nine eleven attacks when the country came together he also has beaten barack obama and the presidential approval rating at the five hundred day mark which is pretty impressive when you think about how popular barack obama was as this young up and coming african-american first president. to have beaten barack obama at that is pretty good and you look at this new wall street journal n.b.c. poll that's been out this week he's at forty six percent that's saying a lot for a guy who has the entire pretty much the. press again ten ran a pretty impressive. if you don't mind let me respond here again i commend him for trying to put a positive spin on this this president has historically bad favor ability numbers poll after poll after poll there might be a couple of anomalies i'll give him that poll after poll shows him in the high thirty's low forty's that is historically bad it's incredibly low given the
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fantastic economy he inherited from the obama administration and in this business that you know this is a reality show and that's how he likes to run things i would agree it is a reality show but that's not what america wants and that's why he is a historically unfavorable president this is not what america wants brian agenda stay right there we'll have more politicking right after the break. aeroflot russian and lights. in a world of big partisan movie lot and conspiracy it's time to wake up to
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dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door on the bath shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks. aeroflot russian and lights.
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next as a financial survival guide stacey let's learn about philo let's say i'm the troika and here i'm greece banks of the fight well thank you for helping. us we're on the story that's right fail us debt slavery. a parting of ways european leaders talk of a future without the u.s. what is in store for the transatlantic alliance and much much more on this edition of. the bags of politicking more now with our political panel in new york jim. strategist former spokesperson for the california
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republican party and in chattanooga tennessee brian joyce host of the brian joyce show on talk radio w j o w s j and if the democrats take majority in the house do you think they're going to push for impeachment i think it is the first order of business nancy pelosi swatch i absolutely do and in fact there was a list released the other day of one hundred investigations that the democrats plan to launch should they become elected but here's the problem for democrats this issue of impeachment does not poll well on the campaign trail and that's why you hear democrats staying away from the issue and specially in those top swing districts randi you think it would in fact reverse hurt the democrats. i would agree with jen that i think some i think some democrats will push for this of mediately but the bottom line is larry democrats do not have the political backbone that republicans have they have never been good at taking the mandate and
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running with the mandate i think if they take back the house there will be a push from some democrats to impeach but i think john's right there's also going to be a lot of democrats in there who are going to be very they're going to be walking a fine line this is going to be it will have to be a very delicate approach and you know one thing i have always admired about the republican party is when they win back that house when they win back the senate they get to business they have a political backbone the democrats i think it starts with their leadership with chuck schumer and nancy pelosi not the best leadership they've had a lot of difficulty i think getting everybody under the tent and and on the same page so i think there will be a push from some but i'm not really sure where it will go jen the president should . be savoring the last do you think you really think jim there's a media bias against conservatives. yes larry in fact i do i've lived and worked in
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silicon valley i've seen it with my own eyes and if you look at time and time again the algorithms of these social media outfits they consistently put more conservatives into twitter jail they consistently shadow ban conservative accounts not liberal accounts that the process of shadow banning is doing a couple of things it's very moving thousands of followers from conservative leaders and then also throttling meaning holding back some of their posts from being seen by all of their followers which is a form of censorship brian how do you see it. i think these these accusations of left wing bias with search engines are a bunch of baloney but let me ask you something larry even if it were proven that there's a little bit of a bias when it comes to facebook google a little bit of a bias towards the left what exactly is wrong with that i work in talk radio i don't know if you've noticed this but talk radio is an example of
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a medium that not only has a right wing bias you can not be a left wing voice on talk radio it's almost impossible let's look at fox news fox news has become state run propaganda for the trumpet ministration so if facebook is swerving a little bit to the left if google if it could be proven there swerving a little bit to the left i would throw right back at republicans and what's wrong with that there i what do you really are and it's out there that are just as biased to the right i would agree with brian to the main extent i'm a free market gal i'm a capitalist i think any entity look if conservatives wanted their own platforms they should go out and invent those here's the problem it comes down to candidate time and candidate access and you can ban all the people you want you can silence all the people you want but if you're doing it to conservative candidates under what would normally be f.c.c. laws and rights to equal time that's where you're right to the problem if you then political parties and police and jen and equal time i don't mean interrupt i've
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been in the business sixty one years there were republicans throughout the time amendment there were republicans throughout the fairness doctrine and they're right there are that's right just that well that's news couldn't exist. well that's news couldn't exist right but look again i am and i'm a free market i believe you can't complain about it if you want to go create your own product as a conservative they should do that the right should have done that ten years ago when facebook first came out but look a new times call for new measures and it's interesting because a lot of us political reporters and contributors are finding ourselves having to become tech reporters in a way because the way that people search for information now does matter and it's different larry then the t.v. rules of the old days now you actually can't find a product there's an article out about a google you nearly can't find
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a product these days unless you go through the google search engine that my friends is a monopoly that may need to be looked at by the f.c.c. chairman a guy who i know and i think it's very fair but we're in completely new territory this goes far beyond equal access amendments right in the garden right in the european war is there such continuing division in this country. why is there such continuing division but i think it's i think it's clear larry it's the republican party and it's donald trump larry let's look at what just occurred over the past couple of days where we have a war hero john mccain who passes away now look you don't have to agree with john mccain's politics you don't have to think he was a good senator i didn't think he was a great senator a lot of us didn't agree with his politics we have become so divided under this white house we have a president of the united states who cannot even lower his own ego to honor a man who served five years in
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a prison camp in vietnam it where wondering where the division is coming from this is the first time in my forty one years as an american where i have seen leadership in the white house that will not on or a purple heart winner he actually you know what he actually is hot and let me let me share the facts with you after being sad to know. he did with sour same protocol he followed the exact same protocol though we have a president sent one thousand nine hundred fifty nine and there he said do you do not challenge the end of the power to live president dwight i want shall remain. i will not allow you to excuse me i let you finish you let me finish in one nine hundred fifty nine it was president dwight d. eisenhower who set the protocol for flag lowering above the white house and other properties and it says this it says that for a u.s. senator the president of the united states must lower the flag on the day of the u.s. senators death and the day following the u.s. senators death that is precisely when president trump dead this right here is the
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problem larry that the democrats no matter what president trumps did he follow the exact same protocol. that states president of the then united the changes then. he did not change it why did we lower that leg down and. then he changed it wife and what are you like here i said her question here is a daily reminder at our flash larry jen quite an oh no i didn't see how the hell i've let you finish it let me inject some common sense you could let me inject some common almost shouted that if you don't larry it was not just democrats taking exception to this if donald trump was following protocol gen why did the american legion write him a letter posted on facebook become hens and write that if you are a protocol. to do what are you doing organizing this time i'm out of time guys we're going to have you back soon jim brian banks time today thanks larry thank you . president donald trump took
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a huge risk by holding his historic summit with north korean leader kim jong un earlier this year and they hailed it as a stunning history changing success and since then the talks of stalled and tension between the two nations are again rising where does this new impasse leave the effort to denuclearize north korea so this we turn to our friend joe rogan he served as deputy assistant secretary of state for legislative affairs in the obama administration administration and he joins us from washington why have those talks stalled joe. well larry there's been a lot of vacillation at the white house on what it's trying to achieve and north korea they've also continued to move forward on their nuclear program so both sides while meeting as you mentioned in an historic summit really having taking concrete steps to implement what they agreed to at that summit and so
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a lot of the residual uncertainty and insecurity about the relationship persists and it's really dampening the enthusiasm that there was back in june for a more aggressive diplomatic process to resolve this issue what was the agreement at the summit once misunderstood. so the core issue of what's misunderstood is in terms of denuclearization what we in the united states define is denuclearization versus what the north koreans define it as and so there's been some back and forth about that the white house is saying that it once verifiable denuclearization irreversible steps that north korea will completely eliminate its nuclear infrastructure the north koreans have not said that they concur with that but they have understood what it is that we mean and then reverse the north koreans are asking for an end to the state of war asking for american troops to leave south korea we are beginning to understand that as well but that's the contours of it
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what they haven't been able to do is to build a sink clear step by step diplomatic process to negotiate those objectives that each side has that's why we're at this impasse one of the sides lying. well that is a hard question because in diplomatic relations and negotiations there's always a bit of gamesmanship going on so certainly there is. a misrepresentation of language and lying to a certain extent within a diplomatic approach is oftentimes done to achieve a bigger objective but i think both sides are are still attempting to figure out how to engage and are being very direct but they're not really bridging that gap and that's that's what's been very concerning. schedule trip through this career he said he doesn't believe china is helping with the process of denuclearization.
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and china does hold a significant lead lever in this negotiation they have many cards to play with north korea they can turn up the heat and get kim to come to the table if they can reduce the pressure and allow for goods to flow we really do in many ways depend on china for the pressure and. the president trump the context is important he has begun to put tariffs on china and. one cannot discount the impact of that on chinese reactions we need to and this is part of the diplomatic process that so challenging here for the trumpet ministration is we need to ensure that we have our allies on board with us so there's a bit of a dissonance here where the president is calling for allies to help us on north korea but he's then sanctioning them and putting tariffs on them in other instances and so that doesn't make them necessarily want to cooperate in the way that we think they should and that is undermining efforts as well where does this leave south korea and that is
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a deep concern for united states we've been able to maintain a strong alliance with south korea but right now south korea's policy in many ways it was driving the diplomacy in pulling the united states and north korea together if we pull back south korea is not going to pull back with us they're still going to engage north korea they have direct equities their interest in not having any military action with north korea we can't afford a separation from south korea though if we're going to have a successful negotiation my fear is that we're going to begin to have a separation that is analogous to our separation with many of our european allies and with canada where our alliance is no longer feel like they can count on the united states for their security and they go it alone and that begins to unravel american leadership in asia we need to preserve prevent that from happening can we say joe the single payer of singapore summit was a bust. it's tempting to say that it's tempting to because again larry we have
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decades of failure with north korea and our default position is to not have a successful negotiation with them but i wouldn't call it a bust just because it's now opened up a direct channel between the united states and north korea that did not exist prior although it did of course leading up to that but this is a new channel and this is unique and this is not something that we had for significant number of years we what we do with it now is the key challenge but to have this channel to have this type of engagement letters going back and forth that is unique and that is something we should build on job thanks so much for joining us always great having you thank you larry my pleasure and thank you for joining me on this edition of politicking remember you can join the conversation on my facebook page or treat me. don't forget use the politicking hash tag and that's all for this edition of politicking.
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aeroflot russian and lights. you know world of big partisan movies lot and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door on the fast shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks.
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aeroflot russian and lights. they're not going to learn how to not they're not am not out of luck though they want that you know not a lot of the money out of the money that they eliminated that actually. this
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was a good time to. try to move their i don't know mom to no. no not that i want to get a little money not have why not act and then again why it generated the whole people we believe this other obedient. little of my kids i don't want them up with johnny who are of the moment i thought oh mother how do a little accuser is a lot of money on a move the white community will do nothing about the pimp i don't want to put out a of the most hardy would imo the mother brother. john mccain or his republican cohorts like the bush family and others they will break cozy with ken lay who financed the bush campaigns in the bush presidency and
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when they got caught committing massive fraud on the same scale as a savings along crisis the machinery was already in place thanks to john mckay who's the bag man for wall street for decades yeah to bail those guys out and make them all at the expense of the a democracy slash economy of the united states which is disintegrating. ten days or the sweden's general election and if listen to rather he were a parliamentary candidate claims he was at the time by a migrant. nobel committee who says that most prominent. this should keep the peace prize despite a un report on the mass killing of the country's rank of minority. your nation on the murder of russian journalists in the central african republic considered serious security lapses in the preparation of the trick. bus.


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