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tv   Going Underground  RT  September 8, 2018 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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russia warns that terrorists are preparing a chemical attack in syria as it leaves province that is after crisis talks with turkey and iran and a tense debate at the u.n. security council. germany's security chief of questions of records and videos of anti migrant mobs in the city of kemah. a new political party in ireland pledges to follow britain's example and leave the e.u. . the latest on these stories you can head to argue dot com coming up
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a former italian finance minister is on going underground talking about the deadly collapse of a bridge in genoa and if you're watching in the u.k. sputnik looks into the latest allegations against russia over the. time seen as some in brazil finish celebrating independence from portugal today many wait to hear whether it's country's most popular politician lula will be released after imprisonment and what they believe is being a u.s. backed right wing coup coming up on the show as violence in libya continues this week we speak to it in these former foreign minister franco frattini about the war the trays i'm a supporter of the. it only can cyber war may now supports against russia and also
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from italy rapper sings about equality and acceptance it is country where deputy prime minister mikhail saakashvili has been accused of resurrecting the rhetoric of been the job of silly me but i can state how the house that they stone the body of intelligence the government has concluded that the two individuals named by the police and c.p.s. offices from the russian military intelligence service. also known as the g.r.u. tourism a appears to contradict the british police. just after the first prime minister's questions since the summer break that's all coming up in today's show but first africa's defacto richest country bombed doggedly into catastrophe by britain inaction supported by prime minister theresa may have another bad week over the weekend the secretary general condemned the continued escalation of violence in and around libya's capital in particular the use by armed groups of indiscriminate
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shelling leading to the death and injury of civilians including children the news from countries bomb good stories of a support makes it on to british t.v. channels often these days well it's in these foreign minister when britain bob was franco frattini twice foreign minister and berlusconi cabinets and a european commissioner he is a special representative of the organization for security and cooperation in europe and a former public prosecutor he was also italy's parliamentary committee president for intelligence and security services and state secrets full of our minister welcome to going on the ground in person for a change let's just begin with libya i mean at the time you told anyone that would listen the bombing libya was a bad idea so what's your take on libya seven years after britain boehm did well we confer our position at a time we didn't want to war in libya we try to do everything possible to purchase you weigh. partners lie because our calls he'll come around it
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was a very bad idea to destabilize the northern africa we doubt thinking about what next the is was the question was not an answer seventy years later we see the real risk of partition only in two or three this is because many people in europe don't know as he told he does what is the tribal situation in libya what equilibria inside the contrie how important is to get involved the tribes instead of get them as clued and this is the result a jihadist extremist division tripoli under attack and the government of mr seraj who is a diligent in my eyes unfortunately all door is really recognize from the
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international community the only way is to reconcile is to get involved mr off guard is to get support from egypt with the help of russia and united states and europe otherwise if we give france the hands of a d.d. did the keys of libya we would go to know where this is absolutely it was in the case of sarkozy is even more today france alone cannot have the illusion to succeed he cannot is that seems to almost. with tears of the deputy prime minister as regards front i want to get on to that perhaps in a second but just a little bit of history at the time when you were speaking with these people and your leader was good it did you not use the case of iraq in other cases to for your argument well you know believed we did. and this is why we are
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least voided and now they're clearly shown a willingness these was the first idea of sort of causey a group of three for going to gather bomb big libya we said in that case you will not have the military bases we put a veto and we accepted act least to transform into a un nato mission but they had already decided in their minds there was a ready when we came to paris it was a sunday afternoon we found president sarkozy he told us ya nonsense dear friends tonight our miraj will be bombed being dug outs tonight without any kind of yes we we go ahead alone this was the beginning of the story our prime minister to resume of course supported the war and supported the then lead to cameron it bit about there was some exposure actually from wiki leaks clinton
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e-mails that the french military had the n.r.a. . it had an oil company installations in the target perhaps according to the clinton email they said something about that france had a view or italian energy or is it in delta secret france but we were told here it has american afi that we run this as well having always the ambition to overcome italy to replays important position of italy as a political leverage as a konami collaborative given the person and friendship between berlusconi and qaddafi who was in i'm be sure all standing and be sure of france but they knew perfectly it not possible to replace each only by making the war it is not today it was not possible at the time we were told that if britain didn't join this
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coalition there would be mass killing. well should say nearly one hundred have died i think this week i think u.k. you also made a big mistake because they decided the prime minister cameron decided to follow we doubt even discussing with president sarkozy the reasons the meanings the perspectives and when he tried to put on the table again the question what next no answer at all well we have a new enemy in britain now you may have heard it's putin. what did you make of the fact that the police still say there's no evidence of russian state involvement but the prime minister terrorism is as our intelligence services say it is the russian state that is going around well having weapons here being a judge myself it is my deep conviction politicians cannot transform an
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allegation into i would see evidence nor to transform innocuous people into a guilty people so prime minister may is pressing an opinion what is important she said it was the i mean as i said the police did not say that but the she is saying our secret intelligence services. i think we shouldn't speculate i would not speculate about reported to our to friend to mattick secret security service reports until i will have under my eyes every dance. judge will let pronounce a verdict this is normal democracy this is rule of law i understand there are political problems here i understand prime minister may is asking for european saudi darity i'm happy that she's forgetting fortunately that europe exist when it
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comes to asking for more sanctions against russia but death cannot transform a speculation into it even in the context of as they say the occupation of crimea the killing in syria the use of chemical weapons. you don't share this opinion that the great enemy no of europe is russia no way i think or russia is a strategic partnership my idea is share a wall share at the time i was foreign minister by the government bitterly but there is a continuity an italian foreign policy on conceived during russia is strategic partner to be not isolated rather to be involved because we like or not is a matter of fact on foreign policy russian president putin are playing an important cards for stability in the broader middle east we have to take into consideration why do you think the italian government imposed sanctions after the script incident
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in say a country like greece also in in the european union of well i said doubt only it was a mistake made by the previous government to be totally it was a mistake. russian diplomats they have been in government in europe like greece that did not expel anybody from the russian diplomacy so it was a mistake but isn't the solidarity with london. i think it was de idea all of you who are clung to the loyalty there was one that bled prime minister led to accept sanctions that obama proposed and european applied for it was another mistake appliance sanction against russia was against it your european interests and now the government to lethally said the
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prime minister calling to say you were treated imes we are reconsidering the idea of really new sanctions against russia it is a very right propose we don't of course know in the light of tourism is new revelations where the this will affect this but. how would you characterize the relations than now under this government of qantas with the relations between moscow and rome. they are good relations prime minister is preparing to visit moscow in october to pay an official state visit to president putin. deputy prime minister silvio will be soon and moscow is been already in moscow officially at the end of a soccer championship by the way a great success or russia organization and i'm sure i'm sure all the
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members of government share the opinion that russia has to be concede their good partner on addressing how to fight terrorism stop belies the middle east in addressing libya krises because a less we have russia cooperating with us is absolutely illusionary to get together with the rican c.d.'s should the government in libya since the political leverage or russia own and c.z. of easy on off is one of the keys to succeeding leak and of course that's when. mrs alving is not being photographed with tony blair you when you went to the un an internationalist should look at it it went to carol salvini he said to kidal we want to cooperate and then he said we support the prime minister's but we have to
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discuss we all the components and i meant i meant him at tony blair you know it really really bad if any intervention is tony blair it was the line of the promoter of the war in iraq frank girl stop you there more from at least for the foreign minister after the break plus music from you too. go on i'm doing investigator raise i'm a de facto declaring war in a country which the american federation of scientists says has foreign oil off hours and strategically operational nuclear warheads. two of going on the ground. prosecution only. just fine. do i mean.
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business models used by american corporations. to maintain an investigative documentary. ghost war. you know world big partisan law and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door. and shouting past
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each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks. welcome back i'm still with israeli's former foreign minister franco frattini certainly to resume here is on the record and we're now getting images of this final. so-called against the going to moscow is the mists in it live and according to the west kind of catastrophe caused by moscow and temper and ankara tourism is on the record for saying the future of syria is one or was one without assad what did you make of these nato leaders saying things like that. well i think i was not in agreement when president obama used to say assad has to leave tomorrow
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because i used to respond it is realistic years later president trump chen just position he very much more pragmatically he recognizes that assad cannot leave to morrow oh no leave or they were not nations are bold woodward's book say that of course dropped his eyes them that he got to do assassinated praktica impractical terms i think the going out the exit of assad regime should be one of the components of a political process in that political process russia and. united states the main players we like or not those players are absolutely there they contribute russia's been contributing even more to fight die a show on the ground d three your. tehran moscow
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is reason of concern for the west for some in the west not for italy in my case but of course we have to take into consideration that turkey is one of them and most will need to so if turkey is playing a role to gather with russia it was iran and they decided to buy me sides from moscow s. four hundred important myside is not compatible with nato technology that means something you think as someone who's played a part in recent geopolitics and and now playing a part from the sidelines arguably now. that any of these wars libya iraq syria is ever really about the w m d the stuff that we hear about at the news or it really is about something else geopolitical power playing i think in many cases in
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many cases geo political reasons behind the root cause is. easiest blowing to buy gear at least by inflaming the poor or by inflaming the volga. to say whole it is the reach us they want to invade to impose but of course behind there is much more there are geo political ambitions the reason the disengagement of us from mediterranean is was very detrimental for europe and for the west as a whole and this was the second term of obama president. where we saw with our eyes transforming leading from behind from we drawing a tall and now russia as i used to say in physics lives in foreign affairs empty space immediately replay
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and russia is replacing n t space left from united states in northern africa he needed in syria and of course in the relationship with turkey it is very important what will happen is the turkish regina if there west will continue to push on curragh two wars iran and moscow instead of trying to restore normal relations with a. you know the one of the foundations of all the events in the political arena of philips the twenty eight economic crisis that is seen as introducing all of these these events what do you think about the fact that people are suffering right across europe here jeremy corbyn is of course on and program leading in the polls here. did you believe me when he said that the general bridge collapse
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in the naples disaster these infrastructure does is because of money. lacking because of the twenty eight crisis and austerity policies not necessarily because there is an ongoing investing made investigation on the collaborators denies it gave the growth there is an ongoing investigation about collapse of the bridge but one thing is clear and salvini is right all de stary t. or ri entity european policies have been deteriorating many of the feelings of the population in many member states of europe and the money in people's pocket italy used to be did most pro european country in the union a recent opinion polls has shown more than a half of italians at da what's about to belonging to a bitterly to euro zone this is some president the result feelings are changing
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frustration is spreading across the country and this is a result is the victory on the general election all five stars and a leak and do you think it's really will leave the european union followed riddle's example no to toll no to toll this government will i'm sure. get closer and closer to the limits of three percent and the rules of brussels there will never overcome them i'm sure and i can predict usually italy is in the news here apart from tragedies is the refugee crisis what do you make of the fact that a country like france which of course supported the bombing of libya has closed its ports to refugees from the wars in which it was involved well it is it is not a secret that in recent times the government took literally haad not so bitterly
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haad not so friendly relationship with president mccraw is not a secret i can say having been vice president of european commission in charge of immigration and security that d's example of france closing the poor its is no de example of european solidarity that would would meet on the contrary is the example of making the big clear ration and then in practical terms closing any possibility to slowly darity and this is why i think it was right from the government to be truly to say ok italy cannot and should be not the only country to take all those that are rescued in high seas it was shocking to see asian but the ride this season to find out it hurts if not
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in pulls to the other partners to do something but it's come under a lot of criticism but but overall better not to have the wars from which the refugees are fleeing in the first place this is much better think about the decision of europe three years ago to establish an european fund for africa exactly to address the root causes so migration. and funding debt with one billion of euros so far only half of that money has been these birds why for example only turkey is getting five billion so you are for the whole of africa only five hundred thousand million of europe this is frankly speaking ridiculous amount of money if we compare the global scenario re presented by more than one billion people living in africa which
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is the time bomb if the situation deteriorates for the foreign minister to which thank you thank you very much well here in britain before u.k. prime minister tourism a appeared to contradict the police about the identity of suspects accused of the attempted assassination of british spies it was pm queues at the first in summer vacation one of britain's most accurate polling organizations showed a doubling of the lead of jeremy corbin's labor party against her tories that's despite many in the media hammering corbin over allegedly hating jews when the leader of the labor party stands up he should apologize for saying that jewish people who have lived in this country their whole lives do not understand english irony not sure where the mayor understands irony there is corbin has repeatedly denied this allegation he gave no apology and instead implied a divided cabinet spelled catastrophe for britain the international trade secretary says he's unfazed by no deal the new foreign secretary was here this morning says
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that over the summer that in no deal breaks it would be a huge jew strategic mistake and the chancellor sitting next to a has written to the treasury select committee stating that a no do you'll break would slash g.d.p. by almost eight percent comparable with the global financial crash which assessment ashi agree with may gave her perspective on any imminent. crashing out of the european union the directors the world trade organization said no deal would not be a walk in the park but it wouldn't be the end of the world the government is right to make the necessary preparations for no deal while at the same time we are working for a good deal to ensure that we deliver on the photo of the british people and that we come out of the european union on the twenty ninth of march two thousand and nineteen but we do so in a way that protects jobs and livelihoods ensures no hard border between northern ireland an ardent and maintains the precious union of our united kingdom that
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arguable banjo has played out over and over again in britain but it was a later statement accusing russian military intelligence for murder that made headlines around the world i can't state how the house that based on the body of intelligence the government has concluded that the two individuals named by the police and c.p.s. are officers from the russian military intelligence service. also known as the g.r.u. hang on just minutes before tourism a spoke assistant police commissioner neil buss who was asked directly if there was evidence that russian intelligence agencies were involved in this cripple attack in britain after saying there wasn't another journalist tried to get her so you can't . go and you know just whether they are actually serving officers in russian intelligence agencies this was the answer we have significant lines of inquiry about who they may think. possibly because we're issued his women's apparel that we
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want people to come forward and give us the evidence they you have educate police want evidence from the public to show that the attacks on say again the rally detective sergeant nick bailey and the murder of dawn sturgis are linked to the russian state that's just by theresa may saying she already has it well earlier we heard from italy's former foreign minister judge franco frattini cause doubt on official reasons for conflict in a moment we'll hear the track colors from one of his countrymen the rapper ego and also a warning there will be flashing images here on stage you can hear more of the guns work on his you tube channel common good t.v. will be back on monday just ahead of the nine eleven anniversary just read a former green party vice presidential candidate. about september the eleventh one thousand nine hundred seventy three till then keep in touch via social media we'll see you on monday forty two years in the day of the death of blacklisted communist screenwriter and author of award winning antiwar novel johnny got his gun dalton trumbo bryan cranston's performance in an opponent's film would win him an academy award nomination his ego on with colors.
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