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protests erupt in the libyan capital tripoli over the state of living conditions thousand mid seven years of war following the foreign intervention in the country. as the battle for it live looms we speak to a syria based journalist about lives just kilometers away from the front line of the village has been pummeled by missiles from terrorists in the outskirts of the heart a just a few kilometers away and it's been on a daily basis over the past many years. top u.s.
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universities sparks outrage after creating a safe space for white students to discuss race issues we hear both sides of the debate. and in germany the rift in society over migration shows no sign of healing as yet more anti migrants and progress future rallies are held in cities the issues that are threatening to bring down angela merkel's coalition government . a warm welcome and a very good morning to you wherever you are you're watching r.t. international with me nick. crowds have gathered in the libyan capital tripoli calling for the president and other leading politicians to quit their protesting over courage disaster a situation in the country which still remains in a deep political crisis since protests sparked an armed struggle there seven years
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ago moreover libya is still divided by two rival governments as armed groups forming a government is located in tobruk the other in tripoli years down the line some european countries now express regret at their involvement in the nato led intervention in libya jacqueline zuko reports. in march of two thousand and eleven norway committed to the military intervention in libya leading to the ousting of gaddafi and the ruine country we see today but a shock norwegian state commission report now admits the country knew next to nothing about what they were doing and actually went to war relying on media reports. norway had very limited knowledge of libya when the uprising started in february twenty eleven in such situations decision makers or information from media and other countries colonel gadhafi continues to slaughter his own civilians and he viciously targeted americans the international community offered
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the final chance to stop his campaign of killing or face the consequences for attacks by regime forces on the libyan citizens when they turned to us and asked us for help stopping a massacre how do you say no so awful jumped on the bandwagon playing an alarmingly significant role and why shouldn't they it was by the book there was even a un security council resolution on the situation to cover them if you ignore all the commentators warning the resolution did not green flag the mass bombing of libya norway's report also reveals there was practically no one else this before jumped it and there are no written sources indicating that before deciding to send warplanes to libya the government assist the type of conflict norway was taking part in. now that failure could hardly have had more serious consequences the country now lies in ruins seven years on libya is still being ripped apart by
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rival governments well wishers armed to the teeth and islamist militants just last week i saw plain responsibility for a shooting that killed two and wounded ten more at the headquarters of the state oil company and the top off the water there were invited to come over for oil to the government by the un no no. perhaps unsurprisingly some politicians in norway are now distancing themselves from the decision given what we know today this was a war for a regime change norway should not have participated in the libyan war when you look at what happened next with libya becoming a terrorism hotspot this is not a decision to be proud of of course they're not the first to come to that sorry conclusion the u.k. parliament got there two years ago this report determines the u.k.
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policy in libya before and since the intervention of march two thousand and eleven was founded on a road use assumptions and an incomplete understanding of the country and the situation. and barack obama infamously admitted the aftermath was the biggest mistake of his presidency but that's likely to bring little comfort to the civilians still reeling in a shattered nation we spoke to a senior research at the norwegian foreign policy institute who believes politicians didn't understand the consequences of the intervention. orchestrated. in the coalition government are and they were damaged. but that all of the support they need and that they are expressing for. it. also they are saying that they didn't understand but if you. would start with what may have. if. they were mainly viewing these were the military and these troops and the old
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order of the. force all reviewed by. all the key. players in this. obviously some of them saw the humanitarian restringing. basically just. regime change getting rid of gaddafi i don't think that's necessarily all many people just. let's turn to another war ridden country now syria and the region of adlib the fate of the last major terrorist there was to be discussed by the presidents of russia and turkey later on monday and the russian city of sochi with more details has medina caution of is there a second to meeting and the last ten days the last time at a summit in tehran their leaders couldn't agree on the future cause of action so to date is a very important and the fate of the last
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a major terrorist stronghold and we're talking about the province of is going to be discussed at this meeting we also believe that the two parties will discuss the syrian peace settlement as the turkish president has. in calling quite unsuccessfully for a cease fire declaration in the province of lip so where do russia and turkey stand well turkey fears that out large scale a fountain of against it will cause a new influx of refugees into its territory already is hosting over three and a half a million syrians so turkish officials are saying that they're ready to cooperate with anyone in fighting terrorism you know the war with russia over. the war with united states and. all our partners and. so the positions of all players are so very different and that is what makes the situation so complicated the us say that they're not going anywhere until there is
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peace in the region they're also not at all happy about iran's participation and now a western politicians and mainstream media call the possible offensive a disaster and a big humanitarian tragedy without offering any solution on how to fight terrorism apart from just simply bombing the army so while turkey has been massing troops in the province of idlib russia has been carrying out its own military exercises so this meeting is and other at tam for all parties to work out a joint position on the future cause of action with the likelihood of the last syria looming media attention has been on it what's out of the spotlight all that christi and towns that live under constant terrorist shelling independent journalists and reisa even bartlett's talks to a man who lost his entire family including three children in their village which borders a province. what was that you. know he
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. came. out. earlier we spoke with eva bartlett who's now based in damascus about syria it led and what western t.v. screens failed to show amid the upcoming battle. there i talked to the civil that started the national defense forces and they spoke at length about how the village has been pummeled by missiles from terrorists and it's been on a daily basis over the past many years and they said you know they've been
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suffering nobody is talking about it and they're looking forward to the liberation of it because it will ease their suffering it will it will mean the sation of these terrorist attacks on the so these are the kind of things that the media which is busy talking about corporate media which is busy talking about it are completely negating happening on a daily basis in one day. what syrians have spoken with around the country on previous visits and currently say they want a restoration of all of syria to peace and they want an end to the terrorism that's been plaguing them whether it lives or as we saw formerly in eastern hour before that in aleppo and it's their right to live in peace and it's also their right and the syrian government of syria's right to fight such terrorism because we're not talking about the mythical moderate rebels we're talking about al qaeda we're talking about. and these are terrorists that have been torturing civilians and executing civilians wherever they happen to occupy. while the syrian and
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russian governments have been using tools of diplomacy if you'll recall they've opened humanitarian corridors they've offered amnesty and reconciliation to terrorist who always lay down their weapons but on the contrary it's these factions within the lives that are saying we will kill any terrorist militants rebels that take whatever they want to call them we will kill them if they participate in amnesty and reconciliation so clearly yes there is a desire for a peaceful resolution to this and the syrian russian government has been offering tools for such a peaceful resolution. the american university of maryland has issued leaflets inviting white students only to join a group called white awake to discuss race issues. do you want to improve your ability to relate to include people different from your. do you sometimes feel uncomfortable and confused before during more of the interactions with racial and
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ethnic minorities do you want to become a better ally this group of was a safe space for white students to explore their experiences questions reactions and feelings. well the campus counseling center has now removed the flyers insisting they were misunderstood it's also changed the group's name to anti racism and ally building people are divided on the issue it's giving people a place to express their opinions on race and discuss important topics in a safer environment in general when people who are white discuss the topic it's seen as inherently racist why not to do it every identity group have their space and should not have a positive had gender and goal to be approved the way i interpret it is that white people are being victimized by interacting with us from my understanding it's simply a space for white students to get woke and learn to dismantle dangerous social
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preconceptions they might have these uncomfortable conversations but necessary for social progress the only harm i see is that becoming a white affinity group. when i haave was joined by fanatical activist anthony watches right on social commentator anthony bryan logan to discuss the controversial initiative i think that i'm not sure why white people would need to feel safe on a college campus person formalised i don't think that there are in any imminent danger and they certainly are in any more danger than say muslim students certainly students of color i think that as we heard from some of the students the poor execution you know the name of the group having to change from white to weight is an indication that they pretty much aren't very educated on the issues of racism in the first place people just saw a flyer and automatically got offended without taken a time to really understand what's going on that's why he changed his name because
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he didn't want anybody to just think automatically oh we're some kind of racist hateful group and they're really on the side of the left i think this right here igs an example of the left eating their own people who are experiencing the oppression the most need to lead their way out of the oppression it's about the liberation of all people who are seeking to liberate themselves from oppression whether that be white poor folk that the late share or the south personally i don't see anything wrong with have been a group that is one particular race or they has one particular race and it's i do you can so shape with everyone associate with you can have a white group black group asian group and all these other groups exist there's never any kind of problem nobody says anything about and i see no organization on campus the black organization on campus they organization on campus but we have a white organization all of that is a problem either we have many groups there are no specific groups or we allow all of them yeah so so two things i mean i think we have to be clear and stating that
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first of all people of color especially black people can and cannot be racist ok because racism only if we change it is an racial prejudice there is no it isn't. but as race bases are is not something that you can just turn on the tone or it's an off color anybody can be racist that that's not your you have to have power to be racist you have to have power black people don't have power next people don't have power native american people don't have power now i would deny that black and brown people can be bigoted but that is different from racism racism is racial prejudice i mean it's power that according to say today you have to have power to be racist i mean when did i definition become the standard like i never seen it before is it exactly legalese i mean i mean i don't think that like we can go by a dictionary that was written mainly by white people to force standard definition on an issue like racism as we saw in the scene a mix of spike lee's movie when you look at that dictionary and just look at the
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definitions of white and black you can already see implicit bias and racial prejudice right right just in those two words alone still to come this hour a woman in new york is charged with making up a story that she was the victim of a hate crime by trump loyalists who got details for you off the play. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy confrontation let it be an arms race in this on off and spearing dramatic development that only i'm going to resist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time to sit down and talk.
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you know world of big partners do things a lot and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smart we need to stop slamming the door on the bad and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the troops the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks. welcome back the nearly fifteen hundred antti migrant protesters took to the streets of the german city of cotton over the weekend but demonstration comes a week after a twenty two year old local man died of
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a heart attack is understood his death occurred shortly after a street brawl with afghan migrants well sunday's rally was called by the anti migrants alternative for germany party as well as the anti islam piggy to movements well among a slogan seen at the protests was a call to draw all ball. as the demonstrators also stressed that the main point of their rally was to pay respects to the slain victim there was also a reference to the events in the german city in the other german city chemists which is seen violent clashes in recent weeks. and the latest events in kenya it's have seen politicians on some micro and talk of
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eyes they shouldn't hit out of the country's head of intelligence when i was off that he called into question the way the media has covered the violence in the city . i share the skepticism about media reports of right wing extremist foreigners in kemet is based on my cautious assessment there are good reasons to believe that this was intentional false information possibly to detract attention from the murder inc and that muslims comments could potentially see the current german coalition government collapse as the social democrats are calling on the anglo merkel to sack him all the chancellor appears reluctant to go this far meanwhile apart from anti migrant rallies there have been plenty of progress few g. demonstrations across germany two one of the latest took place in cologne on sunday and many in germany say they're worried by the apparent rice of the rice.
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i. wouldn't be objects to go to the restaurant myself some get the windowpanes others to be in from sign they will also things flying along the terrace one story hit me right shoulder i was really terrified with my adrenalin crying i was half stormed the more he's able to understand but still i managed to make out the words jewish pig and that i should get out just. like in the back of my mind i realized that i should take a few words of that i would like myself later on how many people there were because at the time it seemed like you could have been three or a hundred people there i didn't want to exaggerate it looked like a mass of people are going to take two photos and went back into the rest of the
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talk because to me they should stay inside that it was no fun outside police i j political analyst reign of office believes german politicians aren't doing themselves any favors by indiscriminately branding concerned citizens as neo nazis . we have definitely just a problem in germany which grew quite considerably since twenty years and that german authorities should react and not start cleaning whole populations for their own activity in handling the refugee crisis and its impact on the security situation the population is really divided and so it would be very very important to keep differentiating between very few right wing extremists above all ye eastern parts of germany and a large part of the population which is just worried about the situation and the
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further development and the lack of adequate response is by our political decision makers. authorities have arrested and charged a black woman in long island new york for making up a story about a trump related hate crime i do a louis took detective told detectives that four teenagers confronted her and she was driving home yelling trump twenty sixteen before stating that she did not belong here lou is also claimed after parking in front of her house that she awoke the next morning to find her cause tires slashed and a note with the words go home however police found lois had fabricated the tale and even wrote the note herself lu is now awaits trial for making a false punishable written statement and this is not the first such case in nov twenty sixth in an eighteen year old muslim woman in louisiana told police she lied when she claims trump supporters removed her head out and called her names
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political commentator steve malzberg believes the media is giving people a reason to lie by pushing an image of trump as a racist. i think the woman is influenced by what she hears and sees in the media the media portrays donald trump is a racist homophobe is enough of a bigot not to see and i think that when you crave attention and you hear all these things naturally you're going to get attention and sympathy if you say oh oh you know this is true look what happened to me and by saying that for her trump supporters surrounded her told her to get out and then slashed her tires the next morning she had her ten seconds or fifteen minutes however you want to look at it you have attention it's a narrative driven by the media that this is going to happen to you if you're black and if you're a minority and if you're mexican if you're an immigrant or if you're gay this is you're going to be attacked that's what the media and the left is telling you and
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she just went with the flow. the largest military age males in russia for more than three decades came to an end today the most dramatic action at vostok twenty eight team took place on the firing range where a dozen war machines including t. seventy two tanks and armored personnel carriers were put through that paces a number of videos have been officially released allowing people to get a real sense of the action including first person first hit from one of the tanks taking parts three hundred thousand soldiers on thirty six thousand military vehicles which took part in the games all now heading home and i think. they would as he would have take your thoughts on all stories so do get in touch by following us on social media and join us again at the top of the out for the latest .
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in twenty forty you know bloody revolution of two to create the demonstrations going from being relatively peaceful political protests to be increasingly violent revolution is always spontaneous or is it just no lawyer here i mean you are liz put video through to me in the. split needle of the former ukrainian president recalls the events of twenty fourteen. of those who took coach invested over five billion dollars to assist ukraine in these and other goals that will ensure a secure and prosperous and democratic.
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politicians to do something to. put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president i'm sure. somehow i want to press. you to go right to be precise this is what will befall three in the morning can't be good. i'm interested always in the waters in the house. first sitting. on. the list and. i'm just not up to said i just wanted to go. in. there a little build a little. tiny m. and then him about mission but then i. look
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a little bit of the look i. don't want out of the modern i don't want to. thank you very much. mr need. more. than a little warmth and you know. this i will do. thank. you for. first.
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for. thank. you. welcome to cross talk or all things we considered i'm peter lavelle grim memories ten years ago the start of the great recession began a political reassessment and fueled by.


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