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for. the russian defense ministry tracks the serial number of the missing link by the official investigation for the downing of the mh seventeen these are top secret documents unclassified of course for the sequel to prove the rocket to ukraine's forces. in other headlines here on sci the russian and turkish presidents meeting the resort city of sochi for peace talks over syria's province as the battle for this last rebel antero stronghold in the country looks imminent. also headlined
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protests erupt in the libyan capital on sunday over living conditions that some eighty seven years of war following foreign intervention in the country. as a top u.s. universities sparks outrage after creating a safe space for white students to discuss race issues we hear from both sides of the debate. from moscow just gone four pm here in the russian capital one day no walk ins wherever you are today you're very welcome with us on the program. russia's defense ministry says it's identified the missile which brought down malaysia airlines flight m h seventy four years ago comparisons of registration numbers coupled with audio intercepts point to ukraine is direct involvement that's according to the defense ministry lot of breaks down the findings. so what the russian defense
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ministry has done is they took the serial number of the missing child published earlier by the official investigation and the joint investigative team say that they took that serial number from a piece of the debris from the actual crash site so they blamed that very message directly for the downing of the mh seventeen passenger jet so the russian defense ministry they took that serial number and match them try to find mentions of it in its own archive documents and what they found was actually the passport of that very missile that which tracks the whole life cycle of that missile back from the moment when it was produced manufactured in u.s.s.r. to the point also showing which exact army unit was armed with that missile and here's what the russian defense ministry found out that those work at the manufacture date of the missile is the twenty fourth of december one thousand eight hundred six he was transported by train to the military base two zero one five two
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today this base which still uses missiles of this type is in the ukrainian district evolve and since then after the dissolution of the soviet union the missile never returned to the territory of russia. now that passport and some other relevant documents they used to be top secret and now they have been unclassified for the sake of the investigation in fact they would displayed in the room where the briefing was held so all journalists will mean colluded had a chance to have a look at them with their own eyes the second part of the briefing the russian defense ministry showed some video some amateur footage that was previously analyzed by the official investigation and the russian defense ministry showed how they believe that footage was tampered with and the third part the we were given a listen to an audio recording which was said to be a conversation between a ukrainian colonel and some other ukrainian officer and well a lot of bombs left in there on purpose by the russians. ministry to show that they
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did not alter or edit that well that recording in any way and here is the key bits from it was me i thought it was really true. but for me what you would have thought . we should do more if you were if you so would you. want that already but normally not that already now official ukraine has already branded this new information that the russian defense ministry has brought to light as fake but russian it stern is saying that they are open to scrutiny that they are ready indeed to pass on these new documents to the june investigative team to the official investigation and they can vary the authenticity of those documents all by themselves so definitely a new twist in the investigation over the downing of m h seventeen. well has been a response coming in from the j.i.t. as well after that press conference saying they will look into the evidence presented by the russian ministry of defense in accordance with the request for
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those documents confirming that they will take that into account of course to remind viewers might receive an average of seventeen boeing crashed in the desk reason just as the ukraine conflict was escalating everybody on board was killed that number occluded eight hundred children we spoke to experts they said this new evidence is important for the investigation process. while on the facts that this is very important new evidence has been presented by the russian defense ministry it's only just been released we're going to have to look at it in great detail and of course that's going to be the position that the joint investigation team will i'm sure take they will be came to look at it and also be keen to be seen to be looking at this evidence very closely it's a very it's a fairly obvious piece of evidence actually there and imagine the jade i've been expecting to receive or at least i wanted to see the fact that they were bitter identify the missile concerned through at least partial or full said. a numbers of
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course the next obvious step would be to trace and track what happened with that missile from the point of its manufacture to the point of its destruction or deployment or scrapping and that's what the russians seem to have done by filling in that missing picture i prefer that the russians say look we're going to bring all the evidence to hold onto. for you to have a look at and we demand that this is put into the overall investigation rather lie on an invitation from the other side need to be a bit more proactive i think they're on to something is important evidence which should go to any joint investigation tribunals. or the russian turkish presidents are meeting in tsotsi to discuss the situation in libya province that are expected to talk about ways to achieve a peace deal in the area which is the last rebel and terror stronghold in syria or for the talks about me or putin said that they hope to solve issues where they have
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yet to find an agreement recep tayyip erdogan for his part also expressed some optimism about a compromise could be reached artie's medina culture never has more now on the two countries starts on the syrian conflict. where do russia and turkey stand well turkey fear is that out large scale a fountain of against it will cause a new influx of refugees into its territory already is hosting over three and a half a million syrians so turkish officials are saying that they are ready to cooperate with anyone in fighting terrorism to war with iran the war with the united states and. all our partners. in syria so the positions of all players are so very different and that is what makes the situation so complicated the u.s. say that they're not going anywhere until there is peace in the region they're also not at all happy about iran's participation and now
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a western politicians and mainstream media called the possible offensive a disaster and a big humanitarian tragedy without offering any solution on how to fight terrorism apart from just simply bombing the army so while turkey has been massing troops in the province of idlib russia has been carrying out its own military exercises so this meeting is an other at tam for all parties to work out a position on the future cause of action. they were under stress the importance of taking action against terror groups among rebel factions he also called for alternatives to bombing the area under what pretext of fighting terrorism the united nations estimates up to ten thousand al qaida terrorists remain in the area posing a threat not only to those living but also to people in border regions as well last
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week we reported on a man who lost his entire money to terrorists training. for being christian we're continuing to follow the story. the other side of this is several days ago a rocket landed in front of my house my mom wife and three children died i remember how i called home and no one picked up then my friends came to me and said run home your family is injured and i came here and saw my mom terribly wounded i saw my children i took them to hospital straight away but it was too late all of them died . was that when they were martyred it was after they took a bath this one belongs to susi the youngest. this was freddy's and this was
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maria's. this is his bag. fatties bag. this is stephanie's bag and. this is maria's bag. and this is maria's bag. earlier we spoke to a journalist who's visited the christian village of moderate in syria if you told us about the situation in the rest of the country as well as the mainstream media. there i talked to the civil the sorry the national defense forces and they spoke at length about how the village has been pummeled by missiles from terrorists and it's been on a daily basis over the past many years and they said you know they've been suffering
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nobody is talking about it and they're looking forward to the liberation of it because it will ease their suffering it will it will mean the sation of these terrorists. so these are the kind of things that the media which is busy talking about corporate media which is busy talking about it live are completely negating happening on a daily basis in my day. and what syrians have spoken with around the country on previous visits and currently say they want a restoration of all of syria to peace and they want an end to the terrorism that's been plaguing them. or as we saw formerly in eastern hour before that in aleppo and it's their right to live in peace and it's also their right and the syrian government of syria's right to fight such terrorism because we're not talking about the mythical moderate rebels we're talking about al qaeda we're talking about. and these are terrorists that have been torturing civilians and executing civilians wherever they happen to occupy. while the syrian and russian governments have
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been using tools of diplomacy if you'll recall they've opened humanitarian corridors they've offered amnesty and reconciliation to terrorist who always lay down their weapons but on the contrary it's these factions within the lives that are saying we will kill any terrorist militants rebels that take whatever they want to call them we will kill them if they participate in amnesty and. conciliation so clearly yes there is a desire for a peaceful resolution to this and the syrian russian government has been offering tools for such a peaceful resolution. crowds gathered in the libyan capital on sunday calling for the president other top political figures to resign or protesting over the disastrous situation in the country remains in a deep political crisis since the struggle broke out seven years ago now libya remains divided by rival governments and groups let's take a closer look one government is based in tripoli and backed by the united nations
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there's a second one though in tobruk that controls large sections of the east of the country some zones are still controlled by militias and islamic state years after they helped ignite the violence some countries that are starting to express regret at their involvement in the nato led intervention in libya. as more in march of two thousand and eleven norway committed to the military intervention in libya leading to the ousting of gadhafi and the ruin country we see today but a shock norwegian state commission report now admits the country knew next to nothing about what they were doing and actually went to war relying on media reports. norway had very limited knowledge of libya when the uprising started in february twenty eleven in such situations decision makers off to malone information from media and other countries colonel gadhafi continues to slaughter
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his own civilians and he viciously targeted americans the international community offered khadafi a final chance to stop this campaign of killing or face the consequences for attacks by regime forces on the libyan citizens when they turned to us and asked us for help stopping a massacre how do you say no so also jumped on the bandwagon playing an alarmingly significant role and why shouldn't they it was by the book there was even a un security council resolution on the situation to cover them if you ignore all the commentators warning the resolution did not green flag the mass bombing of libya norway's report also reveals there was particularly no one else this before jumped in. the room oh written sources indicating that before deciding to send war planes to libya the government assist the type of conflict norway was taking part in now that failure could hardly have had more serious consequences the
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country now lies in ruins seven years on libya is still being ripped apart by rival governments militias armed to the teeth and islamist militants just last week i simply under sponsibility for a shooting that killed two and wounded ten more at the headquarters of the state oil company at the top of the slaughter there were invited to come over for oil from the government by the us oh you know. perhaps unsurprisingly some politicians in norway are now distancing themselves from the decision given what we know today this was a war for a regime change norway should not have participated in the libyan war. when you look at what happened next with libya becoming a terrorism hotspot this is not a decision to be proud of of course they're not the first to come to that sorry conclusion the u.k. parliament got there two years ago this report determines the u.k.
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pos judeans to explore their experiences questions reactions and feelings of a campus counseling center has now removed the flyers insisting they were misunderstood it's also changed the group's name to anti racism an ally building rip people are divided on the issue it's giving people a place to express their opinions on race and discuss important topics in a safer environment in general when people who are white discuss the topic it's seen as inherently racist why not to do it every identity group have their space and should not have a positive had gender and goal to be approved the way i interpret it is that white people are being victimized by interacting with us from my understanding it's simply a space for white students to get work and learn to dismantle dangerous social preconceptions they might have these uncomfortable conversations but necessary for social progress the only harm i see is that becoming
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a white affinity group. put michelle for the fights with political activist anthony religious rights and social commentator anthony bryan live. i think that i'm not sure why white people would need to feel safe on a college campus person formalised i don't think that they are in any imminent danger and they certainly aren't in any more danger than say muslim students certainly students of color i think that as we heard from some of the students the poor execution you know the name of the group having to change from white to weight is an indication that they pretty much aren't very educated on the issues of racism in the first place personally i don't see anything wrong with have been a group that is one particular race or they has one particular race and it's i do you can so shape with whatever you want to associate with you can have a white group black group asian group and all these other groups exist there's never any kind of problem nobody says anything about and i see no organization on
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campus the black organization on campus they organization on campus but we have a white organization all of that is a problem either we have many groups there are no specific groups or we allow all of them yeah so so two things i mean i think we have to be clear and stating that first of all people of color especially black people can and cannot be racist ok because racism only if we change it is an racial prejudice there is no there's no database race racism is not something that you can just turn on the tonans on off color anybody could be racist that that's not true you have to have power to be racist you have to have power black people don't have power most latin next people don't have power native american people don't have power now i would deny that black and brown people can be bigoted but that is different from racism racism is racial prejudice i mean it's power that according to you say today you have to have
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power to be racist i mean when did i definition become the standard like i never seen it before. is it exactly larry i mean i think i don't think that like we can go by dictionary that was written mainly by white people to for standard definition on an issue like racism as we saw in the scene a mix of spike lee's movie when you look at that dictionary and just look at the definitions of white and black you can already see implicit bias and racial prejudice right right just those two words that were in this particular group i think they were more on the extreme liberal side they're trying to actually come together and help those so called people of color people just sort of flyer in automatically get offended without taking the time to really understand what's going on that's why he changed his name because he didn't want anybody to just think automatically oh we're some kind of racist hateful group they're really on the side of the lift i think this right here eggs an example of the left eating their own. authorities have charged the black woman in long island new york for
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making up a story about a trump related to hate crime door nurse told detectives that four teenagers confronted her as she was driving home yelling trump twenty sixteen before stating that she did not belong there there was also claim that off the parking in front of a house she awoke the next morning to find a car tires slashed a note with the words go home police who have fabricated the whole story and even wrote the not herself there is now a white trial for making a punishable false written statement it's not the first such case a fake politically linked allegations and the end of twenty sixteen and eighteen year old muslim woman in louisiana admitted to police she lied when claiming trump supporters removed from his job and called her names but a commentator steve malzberg believes the us media are giving people a reason to live by pushing an image of trump as a racist. i think the woman is influenced by what she hears and sees in the media the media portrays donald trump is
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a racist homophobe is enough oh oh oh of bigot nazi and i think that when you crave attention and you hear all these things naturally you're going to get attention and sympathy if you say oh oh you know this is true look what happened to me and by saying that for her trunk supporters surrounded her told her to get out and then slashed her tires the next morning she had her ten seconds or fifteen minutes however you want to look at it you have attention it's a narrative driven by the media that this is going to happen to you if you're black and if you're minority and if you're mexican if you're an immigrant or if you're gay this is you're going to be attacked that's what the media and the left is telling you and she just went with the flow. for now and join us again the next hall file for the latest global news updates.
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remember reese ten years ago the start of the great recession began a political reassessment and field on a sense of anger and resentment across the western world then don't trump entered the picture this in much more uncrossed. though this time. i'm just not as. well. so there are a lot of bills still. in the him. but then i. look . for the good of. the modern i don't want to know about. something. mr need just.
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thrown. out of a shuffle stemming with. a little warmth and you know. this i will. join me everything on the alex salmond and i'll be speaking to us of the world of politics sport this list i'm showbusiness i'll see that.
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well welcome to sophie and co and sophie shevardnadze the current u.s. trade war against china is putting the global economy and the world order at the test so which side has more to lose i ask bonnie the former head of the u.n. security council here at the european house i was at the forum. the center of gravity for global politics is shifting again with america's economic engine
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beginning to split up the european juggling ordway don't buy into. the future is there for the taking for china and india how long before a shift to the east is accepted as reality can the west still adapt to the for control slips out of its hands and the world will a shift in economic world look like. you have learned really great to have you on our show today will go so lots to talk about we're going to start with your book you believe that western global domination is over your latest book that we have displayed here actually tell it has to west lost it a provocation so i have a couple of questions regarding the title right away why has the west lost it. to who hasn't lost it and what has that lost the the knowledge the understanding of the global processes or. the economic life and domination well the
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answer the question whether they're with this last is. no or not yet because i feel you know the west which has been in many ways the most successful civilization. ever in human history accumulating so much power or wealth and also ideas that have transformed the world is now sadly on the way of losing his place and that's a result of many strategic mistakes the west made especially the end of the cold war when after they defeated the soviet union without firing a shot is it with the end of history we have arrived we don't have to change we don't have to adapt and the mistake they made was that the west went to sleep at precisely the moment when china and india were waking up and the reason why
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significant that china and india are waking up is because from the year one the the year it hundred twenty four eighteen hundred of the last two thousand years the two largest economies of the world were always those of china and india but you have so .


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