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tv   News  RT  September 17, 2018 10:00am-10:27am EDT

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i i. i i i. i i. the russian defense ministry tracks the serial number. by the official investigation for the downing of the mh seventeen both these top secret documents unclassified of course for the sake of the proof the rocket to ukraine's forces. also want to see the russian president's meeting the resort city of sochi for peace
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talks over syria's province as the battle for this last rebel and terrorist stronghold in the country looks. to the protests erupted in the libyan capital on sunday over living conditions that seven years of war following foreign intervention in the country. and a top u.s. universities sparks outrage after creating a safe space for white students to discuss race issues we hear both sides of the debate. joining us live from moscow not internationally. you are welcome to the program. russia's defense ministry identified the missile which brought down malaysia airlines flight m h seventy four years ago comparisons of registration numbers
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coupled with all due intercepts point to ukraine's direct involvement both say of this investigation that they should be included in it and were excluded so it just came down to the dutch ukrainians the australians the malaysians we have a situation where the evidence as presented by the russians today actually seems to back up some already publicly disclosed some very important information released by the joint investigation team and that includes an intelligence report from the military intelligence agency in the netherlands called the and i v t which was produced in october twenty sixth and in this case basically they said that they had information that it was and ukrainian team that was infiltrating east ukraine and they had books with them be case with them and also the j.i.t. as well after this information fed in by the dutch intelligence agencies said that they were aware that there were several units that might have books with them operating in east ukraine at that time when the flight was brought down so what is
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being presented in terms of the serial numbers the fact that this alleged that missile might well have been manufactured in moscow but way back in one thousand nine hundred eighty six when the soviet union was still operating and when the ukraine was still part of the soviet union and then was transported to crane and was kept in ukraine and would still be in the hands of the now ukrainian government forces that would rather back up the joint investigation team has already said publicly throughout this investigation speaking of the. diversification see they've responded already they've said they're going to study the documents once they're received during that briefing though the u.k. ukraine briefing but evidence of the scribe does another example of russian descent formation does that mean the evidence won't result in serious. we were many. i'm sure the ukrainians would like it to be that that if that were the case we have a situation where crane and certainly their intelligence agency the s.b.u.
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has been allowed untrammeled access to this investigation which is being held in the netherlands where uniquely they as a country have been given a veto about what information can actually believe be released by this investigation and i say this with great confidence because i form an associate of the late great investigative journalist robert perry he made his name by breaking the u.s. led iran contra scandal way back in the one nine hundred eighty s. and then set up a wonderful website called consorting news and i have been meeting up with him in europe while he was over here in twenty sixteen attending the joint investigations team hearings and he was absolutely astonished at what he was hearing during the actual events and then what was not being reported in the mainstream news so you write up a lot about this on consortium news as well a lot of the evidence which has not been publicized in the mainstream in the west so you know for the ukrainians immediately say this is fake news when they could actually look at the evidence which was put in place in the public by the joint
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investigation team i think is disingenuous at best. just speaking of details of the russian defense ministry they've said there was also a video manipulation in the evidence that was previously presented by the joy to. make of that claim how do you think a bunch of us that it was will respond to that. well again i hope they will take it seriously and take what evidence the russians can provide to mean the they've refused to take a lot of evidence over the last few years seemingly more content to just immediately point the finger to russia within the first few days after the incident and of course there have been other alleged news web sites most notably the conspiracy website belling cat which has produced what has apparently been proven to be doctored video showing russian books being excell traded out. ukraine after the attack so you know doctor videos can be fed in from both sides i think the joint investigation team needs to be very alive to that fact and bring in some real experts to unpick and really establish which videos are real and which are not yet
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certainly new turn a new twist in what's been a very long back and forth of accusations going out of contract positions as an adding machine and former m i five intelligence officer that's for you today on that latest news. of the russian and turkish presidents are meeting in sochi to discuss the situation in a province they're expected to talk about ways to achieve a peace deal in the area which is of course the last rebel and terrorist stronghold in syria before the talks a lot of putin said that they hope to resolve the issue. they've got to find a consensus on agreements ship tell you a better word for his part also expressed some optimism he also stressed earlier the importance of taking action against terror groups among rebel factions in the turkish leader called alternatives to bombing the area under what you dubbed the pushouts of fighting terrorism. ortiz medina caution of more now on the two
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presidents starts on the syrian conflict. where do russia and turkey stand while turkey fears that out large scale a fountain of against it will cause a new influx of refugees into its territory already is hosting over three and a half a million syrians so turkish officials are saying that they are ready to cooperate with anyone in fighting terrorism you know the war with iran the war with the united states and. all our partners. in syria so the positions of all players are so very different and that is what makes the situation so complicated the u.s. say that they're not going anywhere until there is peace in the region they're also not at all happy about iran's participation and now a western politicians and mainstream media call the possible offensive
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a disaster and a big humanitarian tragedy without offering any solution on how to fight terrorism apart from just simply bombing the army so while turkey has been massing troops in the province of idlib russia has been carrying out its own military exercises so this meeting is and another at tam for all parties to work out a joint position on the future cause of action. the united nations estimates up to ten thousand dollars. for terrorists to remain in italy a province a pose a threat not only to those living there but also to people in boardroom regions as well. we spoke earlier to. who's recently retired from syria she told us about the situation in the rest of the country as well as what's a mainstream media. there i talked to the civil sorry the national defense forces and they spoke at length
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about how the village has been pummeled by missiles from terrorists and it's been on a daily basis over the past many years and they said you know they've been suffering nobody is talking about it and they're looking forward to the liberation of it because it will ease their suffering it will it will mean the sation of these terrorists approximate the so these are the kind of things that the media which is busy talking about corporate media which is busy talking about it live are completely negating happening on a daily basis in. what syrians have spoken with around the country on previous visits and currently say they want a restoration of all of syria to peace and they want an end to the terrorism that's been plaguing them whether it lives or as we saw formerly in eastern before that in aleppo and it's their right to live in peace and it's also their right and the syrian government of syria's right to fight such terrorism because we're not
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talking about the mythical moderate rebels we're talking about al qaeda we're talking about. and these are terrorists that have been torturing civilians and executing civilians wherever they happen to occupy. while the syrian and russian governments have been using tools of diplomacy if you'll recall they've opened humanitarian corridors they've offered amnesty and reconciliation to terrorist who lay down their weapons but on the contrary it's these factions within the lives that are saying we will kill any terrorist militants rebels that take whatever they want to call them we will kill them if they participate in amnesty and we can sell the. so clearly yes there is a desire for a peaceful resolution to this and the syrian russian government have been offering tools for such a peaceful resolution. crowds gathered in the libyan capital on sunday calling for the president other top politicians to quit protesting over the disastrous
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situation in the country which remains in deep political crisis since our struggle broke out seven years ago libya remains divided by rival governments and armed groups. or one is based in tripoli it's backed by the united nations the government is in tal broke it controls a large part of the east of the country money zones are also controlled by militias and even islamic state years after they helped ignite the violence some european countries are now starting to express regrets their involvement in the nato led intervention in libya so looks closer in march of two thousand and eleven norway committed to the military intervention in libya leading to the ousting of gadhafi and the ruin country we see today but a shock norwegian state commission report now admits the country knew next to nothing about what they were doing and actually went to war relying on media reports. norway had very limited knowledge of libya when the uprising
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started in february twenty eleven in such situations decision makers often rely on information from media and other countries colonel gadhafi continues to slaughter his own civilians and he viciously targeted americans the international community offered khadafi the final chance to stop his campaign of killing or face the consequences for attacks by regime forces on the libyan citizens when they turned to us and asked us for help stopping a massacre how do you say no so also jumped on the bandwagon playing an alarmingly significant role and why shouldn't they it was by the book there was even a un security council resolution on the situation to cover them if you ignore all the commentators warning the resolution did not green flag the mass bombing of libya norway's report also reveals there was practically no one else this before jumped in and there are no written sources indicating that before deciding
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to send warplanes to libya the government assist the type of conflict norway was taking part in now that failure could hardly have had more serious consequences the country now lies in ruins seven years on libya is still being ripped apart by rival governments militias armed to the teeth and islamist militants just last week i saw play under sponsibility for a shooting that killed two and wounded ten more at the headquarters of the state oil company and the top of the slaughter there were infighting among the oil for the government by the way oh oh. oh oh perhaps unsurprisingly some politicians in norway are now distancing themselves from the decision given what we know today this was a war for a regime change norway should not have participated in the libyan war. when
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you look at what happened next with libya becoming a terrorism hotspot this is not a decision to be proud of of course they're not the first to come to that sorry conclusion the u.k. parliament got there two years ago this report determines the u.k. policy in libya before and since the intervention of march two thousand and eleven was founded on a road use assumptions and an incomplete understanding of the country and the situation and barack obama infamously admitted the aftermath was the biggest mistake of his presidency but that's likely to bring little comfort to the civilians still reeling in a shattered nation. a searing researcher at the norwegian foreign policy institute told us politicians didn't understand the consequences of the intervention arc this is. the coalition government i am they but them that this is what has happened that all of these hard pain but they are expressing some of the bigots are
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. also there saying that they did that they didn't understand but this was. without that with. what may have. if all they were mainly doing these were the really theory and leads to this and the old order of the standing that. they had as the american military and it may not be in. force argued by some of all the key. players in this. obviously some of them saw the humanitarian reasoning in. basically in just the. regime change getting rid of gaddafi i don't think that's necessarily all many people dismiss the. charges for more news updates just after this very short break .
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you know world big partisan movie lot and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smart we need to stop slamming the door on the bad and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks. with lawmakers manufacture consent to public wealth. when the ruling classes protect themselves. with the famous merry go round be the one percent. making
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all middle of the room sick. the real news is. welcome back to the program the university of maryland in the united states has issued leaflets inviting white students to join a group called whites awake to discuss race issues. do you want to improve your ability to relate to and connect with people different from yourself. do you sometimes feel uncomfortable and confused before during the interactions with racial and ethnic minorities do you want to become a better ally in this group over the safe space for white students to explore their experiences questions reactions and feelings. the campus counseling center has not
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removed the flies they insist they were misunderstood it's also to change the group's name to anti-racism an ally building group people are pretty divided on the issue it's giving people a place to express their opinions on race and discuss important topics in a safer environment in general when people who are white discuss the topic it's seen as inherently racist why not to do it every identity group have their space and should not have a positive had to end goal to be approved the way i interpret it is that white people are being victimized by interacting with us for a minder standing it's simply a space for white students to get woke and learn to dismantle dangerous social preconceptions they might have these uncomfortable conversations but necessary for social progress the only harm i see is that becoming a white affinity group put the issue up for debate with political activist anthony
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rogers right and social commentator anthony brown loafer. i think that i'm not sure why white people would need to feel safe on a college campus person formalised i don't think that they are in any imminent danger and they certainly aren't in any more danger than say muslim students certainly students of color i think that as we heard from some of the students the poor execution you know the name of the group having to change from white to weight is an indication that they pretty much aren't very educated on the issues of racism in the first place personally i don't see anything wrong with have been a group that is one particular race or they has one particular race and it's i do you can so shape with whatever you want to associate with you can have a white group black group asian group and all these other groups exist there's never any kind of problem nobody says anything about and i see no organization on campus the black organization on campus and age an organization on campus but we
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have a white organization all of that is a problem either we have many groups there are no specific groups or we allow all of them yeah so so two things i mean i think we have to be clear and stating that first of all people of color especially black people can and cannot be racist ok because racism only if we change it it's an racial prejudice there is no there's no database race racism is not something that you can just turn on the taunts on off color anybody could be racist that that's not true you have to have power to be racist you have to have power black people don't have power most latin next people don't have power native american people don't have power now i would deny that black and brown people can be bigoted but that is different from racism racism is racial prejudice i mean our issue is that according to ses day you have to have power to be racist i mean when did i definition become the standard like i never seen it before is it exactly legalese i mean i mean i don't think that like we can
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go by a dictionary that was written mainly by white people. to force standard definition on an issue like racism as we saw in the scene not a max of spike lee's movie when you look at that dictionary and just look at the definitions of white and black you can already see implicit bias and racial prejudice right right just in those two words that were in this particular group i think they they were more on the extreme liberal side they're trying to actually come together and help their so-called people of color people which is sort of flier and automatically get offended without taken a time to really understand what's going on that's why he changed his name because i didn't want anybody to just think automatically oh we're some kind of racist hateful group and they're really on the side of the left i think this right here eggs an example of the left eating their own. well etc for now join us again in thirty minutes for the latest global news updates.
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so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy confrontation let it be an arms race based on off and spearing dramatic development only really going to exist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time to sit down and talk. ministries police forces and city administrations of many countries depend on one corporation and that's what mike was hoping on the board doesn't come from the eyes of god i'm just going to guns. woods as the fee that he got into the city at the last possible bribe and proprietary software you don't know the source code isn't that a such a security risk when you have a black box operating the public eye to microsoft dependency puts governments under a cyber threat and not only that i think softness can put us in more. self is
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simply a sense of this is selling this is also one of the local all the more for the almost the whole these two all do this. with. the rules this is the arsenal. done with the old vision starting there was some steel mills in front is up and these cards on the phone. the machinery tanzania what you're going on the ground today only other verse three of u.k. prime minister gordon brown's also lomas deal agreeing the sale of seventy. typhoon aircraft to saudi arabia of the type now bombing yemen the poorest country in the
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middle east coming up in the show a nuclear standoff in the commonwealth the former president of britain's parliamentary group on kashmir lord ahmed accuses the british government of silence on the meds human rights abuses and extrajudicial killings and is it just to raise them a responsible for a hostile environment british black panther photographer neil can log reveals a legacy of racial violence under both labor and tory governments in post when brushed britain well the civil coming up in today's going underground but first what now for so-called international law and the i.c.c. or international criminal court when it comes to the prosecution of the united states for the worst crimes against humanity we will let the i.c.c. die. after all for all intents and purposes the i.c.c. is already dead there you have it the successor to mike flynn donald trump's first national security advisor who was interviewed on going underground says the usa will not abide by the international criminal court those who suspect defacto
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support for al qaida are in syria from the usa along with u.k. may think there is reason for washington to fear international law but the usa is not alone in opposing the international criminal court six other countries oppose the very creation of the i.c.c. saddam hussein's iraq u.s. u.k. backed israel then saudi backed yemen get off its libya. as well as china the fact that obama's usa would not join is perhaps no surprise given his use of drone assassination but what about india going to be something to do with the nuclear armed line of control and disputed kashmir. the sounds of pellet gun shots yelling and smoke from tear gas canisters filled the air in several towns in indian administered kashmir this week muslims are celebrating the eat or festival of sacrifice leaving many streets quiet. not here in sri lanka joining me now is the fall. the president of britain's parliamentary group on gas we're lord ahmed boredom and thank you the coming on before we get to the events in kashmir
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and things are moving fast there. your comment about prime minister trays i'm a saying that just appearing on this program risks being a propaganda. to mourn loving me a putin's why does i have i don't think that that's a very good representation of british values which is freedom of press is very important to have that different view i mean he reappeared on iranian press t.v. as as the leader of the opposition and she also called out that that's banned in this country so i think treason is actually trying to divert attention from briggs's and all the disputes within her own party and it's always easy to have a go at russia and also you know in the olden days it was russia now it's iran be china lots of other things let's go on to kashmir then john ball national security advisor saying the i.c.c.
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is dead to the united states it's been dead to india for a long time do you suspect that the reason india does want to cooperate with the international criminal court in the room sajid's has something to do with your area of interest kashmir i.c.c. is a very important. tool actually to deter some of these oppressively.


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