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tv   News  RT  September 17, 2018 2:00pm-2:27pm EDT

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we have breaking news this hour in a diplomatic breakthrough russia and turkey have agreed to form a demilitarized zone between syrian government forces and militants adding syria's planned operation against terrorists will be put on hold. the russian defense ministry tracks the serial number of the missing link by the official investigation for the downing of the mh seventeen these top secret documents unclassified of course for the sake of the probe the rocket to ukraine's forces.
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in the news protests erupted in the libyan capital sunday over living conditions that summit seven years of war following foreign intervention in the country. and a top u.s. universities sparked outrage after creating a safe space for white students to discuss race issues we'll hear both sides of that debate. you're watching are to. go to our breaking news story the russian and turkish presidents have agreed to create a demilitarized zone in libya provinces the last remaining terrorist stronghold in syria. with decided to create along the battle line militarized zone by a fifteen it will be from fifteen to twenty kilometers wide it will move radicalize
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militants are though this including job. parties correspondent in a culture has the latest. very important decisions were indeed made during this our worries along tog's between a russia and turkey now the deescalation zone was hanging in the year during the negotiations but the two leaders seem to disagree all the way through with that's why this particular agreement which was self boys of the press conference came as a surprise to so many now of the both sides agreed to create a demilitarized zone between the militants and government troops of around fifteen to twenty kilometers by the fifteenth of october and also during the press conference of the turkish president said that to gather with russia they will radek a terrorism in the region. together with russia we will make maximum effort to get rid of radical groups from this territory turkey and russia will patrol this
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territory to ensure compliance right after the talks or russia's defense minister announced that there is going to be no military offensive on at length he also added that all the details of the agreement which was a reach today will be discussed with the syrian government of very soon during the upcoming talks the situation in the province of idlib has been a crucial topic of discussions for weeks on the international stage between syria russia turkey the us and iran so now this decision is surely important as it eases this threat of escalation on the ground. is the director of gnosis a pretty think tank and he joins me on the line now very good evening to you ahmad if you look back at previous comments from russian officials said that military action was needed to drive out the remaining militants in the country now we've got this the escalation does i mean this is a surprising decision. it has taken many of our surprise indeed it's the
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demilitarized zone in not only deescalation zones has this is not an extension to the previous situation of the deescalation it's also taking a further step by demilitarizing one zone it took me by surprise for us we've been monitoring this for the past hour we did notice that the turkish army reinforced its positions around them but it monitoring points on the. the front line so to speak over the separation line between the syrian army and the militants including the terrorists and we couldn't understand why because the this has been taking for the past taking place for the past three weeks we couldn't understand why because it seemed that there was an imminent military operation in everything was you know this the stage was set you know everything was was there for for a start of an operation and the turkish army kept reinforcing now it seems that it
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all makes sense there's going to be some patrolling by turkish and russian. units along this the demilitarized zone which tells you that this agreement has been you know taken place or being developed or leaked into shape for the past three four weeks at least how likely do you think it is that this will actually be effective. we think it's going to be effective we think we're still we're still to understand the all the reasoning behind it but there are certain you know possibilities here first of all probably turkey needs a bit more time still insists that it can separate militant groups from each other isolate the terrorists or to speak or the recognized internationally recognized terrorists so it needs a little bit more time the interesting bit is the demilitarized zone now from the
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turkish point of view. it probably gives the militants some perception that an attack isn't imminent by the syrian army so they could probably reshape themselves . to get the terrorists out of the way and so on and so forth but from the syrian government's point of view from the syrian state support if you'd get even more interesting it tells us that the syrian state would like to reduce the resources or redeploy the resources already allocated around in and around italy beriah and any poor area elsewhere and that elsewhere is yet to be known but it could be a signal that the syrian state is willing to redeploy some release the majority of the units of the syrian army east towards in order to put pressure on the kurdish militia to to negotiate or drop their separate claims or something which is
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something that turkey both turkey russia and indeed iran are interested in as well we need to remember that ten days ago in tehran there was a. summit between the leaders of russia iran and turkey and they specifically said that such separatist. aspirations that are backed by the united states under the guise or under the umbrella of fighting terrorism. threatens not only the integrity of the syrian state of the syrian land but also the geopolitical interests of neighboring countries mainly turkey so it could be that we are witnessing a shifting in focus from the area towards the eastern part of syria as well so it's very interesting we have to understand it fully is amazing to watch our relationships between the many countries involved in this conflict change over time
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russia and turkey was certainly on a very bad footing not that long ago does this mean things are much better now. much better they're thinking strategically now look at the today's focus was mainly on the on the did live plan but if you go back ten days ago to the terran summit. these three players who are not only thinking short term but are almost also thinking at least medium term in terms of you know fighting the american project in eastern syria has on and so forth so they are very much integrating and it tells you that the stand up process has really gone a long way in consolidating cooperation between these three countries and from behind the scenes as well one could easily argue the syrian government so we're thinking ahead you know the syrian government might now be more at ease with the future turkish. role and they're probably now more willing to give turkey the
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benefit of the doubt they were previously they were quite nervous the moment turkey entered into syria they declared this was an occupation now it seems that the syrian government first of all the syrian government is definitely more at ease because it's restored a lot of it has restored a lot of the syrian territory under its control and now is thinking differently but also step by step they seem to be working through the russian intermediary. who with the turks and with a leading role one could also easily argue from russia with the turks to words more strategic interests and more strategic objectives so yes this is the turning into a very valuable. for our cooperation council so to speak called us than. the u.s. is also active in syria without permission i should want to bring you a comment that's just come through in the last few minutes this is from the
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director of u.s. defense intelligence who said that the putin at one talks on syria are encouraging what do you think the u.s. opinion will be on what has transpired. well the u.s. invested. and we've seen it all around the west really western media there has been a lot of investment into the public mind. or the public sphere that you know there is a humanitarian catastrophe that is imminent and city russia should stop turkey should stop syria should stop and iran should stop and it would be easy for them to interpret what has just happened as these countries really buckling under such pressure so they would want to claim victory or so on but i would argue they they need to be i think the americans are worried again going back to the ten days ago to that iran summit. it was clear that those three countries agreed that the united
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states is bluffing when it says it's actually. combating terrorism in eastern syria whilst it's supporting separatists aspirations of the kurdish militia and that this is a threat to all countries involved i.e. russia well i would argue mainly turkey iran syria so i would see internally the united states might say well hang on a minute this means that there is not thing going to happen he need leave at the moment where the next focus is doing to be with a demilitarized zone it tells you that these things going to take at least six months before they materialize into a battle providing that turkey. would not be able to separate or convince the militants to separate each other or from themselves from the terrorists it would take a few months where would the syrian army head next is a major merican worry now the americans in the past few weeks and past few months
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have been heavily supporting in supplying the kurdish militia with weaponry there have been multiple incidents where. convoys over up and read were noticed heading to reduce the likes of. and so on and so forth. and other places where kurdish militias are deployed and this tells you that probably the united states is . calculating for the invent eventuality of a withdrawal from syria but still keeping some capability within kurdish militias hands to negotiate from if strong position with the syrian state they would want to trust the arm of the syrian state they know that their presence is neither welcomed nor is legal and that the arab population at least in the in in in eastern north and east in syria might have a an uprising of some sort at some point with the trigger or whatever so it's
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a risky situation they know they have to withdraw president trump of the united states already said that the he wants to draw to withdraw sorry. and but they still want the kurdish militia to have some sort of negotiating ability now if this demilitarized zone around it live and let's let's go back to the demilitarized zone the syrian state would be the main beneficiary because. if you think of the aleppo area the north how much area and the western how mad it libertaria area these are highly densely populated areas and they do require a lot of personnel to protect them and it's easy for you but most for to jump into one village slain everybody and you know destabilize the whole situation so the demilitarized zone allows the syrian government to withdraw at least a major part of its. deployment over there and that immediately begs the
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question where to there are many places left where the terrorists are there is a bit in eastern. desert area near there is or is on but not much really so the americans might not be thinking going back to your question yeah this looks quite the media or the public affairs. victory of our policy in our pressure against russia and syria and so on but actually we're now thinking you know could the decision of the the eastern syrian question so to speak it be imminent or not it's a very complicated situation i thought those of fascinating analysis many thanks for your time coming r.t. my guest is ahmad walk off director of can also switch the british think tank thank you. thank you. russ as defense ministry says it's identified the missile that brought down malaysia airlines flight m a seventeen in two thousand and fourteen comparisons of registration numbers coupled with audio
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intercepts point they say to ukraine's direct involvement is donna breaks down the findings. so what the russian defense ministry has done is they took the serial number of the missing published earlier by the official investigation and the joint investigative team say that they took that serial number from a piece of the debris from the actual crash site so they blamed that very message directly for the downing of the mh seventeen passenger jet so the russian defense ministry they took that serial number and matched them try to find mentions of it in its own archive documents and what they found was actually the passport of that very midst of that which tracks the whole life cycle of that missile back from the moment when it was produced manufactured in u.s.s.r. to the point also showing which exact army unit was armed with that missile and
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here's what the russian defense ministry found out that those work at the manufacture date of the missile is the twenty fourth of december one thousand eight hundred six it was transported by train to the military base two zero one five two today it is based which still uses missiles of this type is in the ukrainian district evolve and since then after the dissolution of the soviet union the missile never returned to the territory of russia. now that passport and some other relevant documents they used to be top secret and now they have been unclassified for the sake of the investigation in fact they were displayed in the room where the briefing was held so all journalists well mean colluded had a chance to have a look at them with their own eyes the second part of the briefing the russian defense ministry showed some video some amateur footage that was previously analyzed by the official investigate. and the russian defense ministry showed how they believe that footage was tampered with and the third part that we were given a listen to an audio recording which was said to be a conversation between
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a ukrainian colonel and some other ukrainian officer and well a lot of bombs left in there on purpose by the russian defense ministry to show that they did not alter or edit that well that recording in any way and here is the key bits from it was me about was relieved. but for me what you did what. we should do more if you were if you. want don't go already but the woman your mother who already now official ukraine has already branded this new information that the russian defense ministry has brought to light as fake but russian and stern is saying that they are open to scrutiny that they are ready indeed to pass on these new documents to the joint investigative team to the official investigation and they can very fire the authenticity of those documents all by themselves so definitely a new twist in the investigation of the downing of m h seventeen back in july of
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two thousand and fourteen the emmet seventeen boeing flying from amsterdam to the malaysian capital kuala lumpur crashed in the region just as the conflicts in east ukraine as collated eight hundred children were among the almost three hundred people on board who were killed. russia has just said that the new materials have been handed over to a representative of the side of the investigation meanwhile the joint investigation team earlier reacted to the newly released documents saying that they're ready to examine them as soon as they're provided by moscow experts told us this new evidence is important for the investigation. i hope they will take it seriously and take what evidence the russians can provide i mean they they refused to take a lot of evidence over the last few years seemingly more content to just immediately point the finger to russia within the first few days after the incident i think it should absolutely impact the overall investigation russia said right from the start of this investigation that they should be included in it and were excluded so it just came down to the dutch ukrainians the australians and
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malaysians we have a situation where the evidence as presented by the russians today actually seems to back up some already publicly disclose some very important information released by the joint investigation team while on the fact that this is very important new evidence that's been presented by the russian defense ministry it's only just been released we're going to have to look at it in great detail and of course that's going to be the position that the joint investigation team will i'm sure take they will be came to look at it and also be keen to be seen to be looking at this evidence very closely it's a very it's a fairly obvious piece of evidence actually the un imagine the jade have been expecting to receive or at least have wanted to receive the fact that they were bitter identify the missile concerned through at least partial or full serial numbers of course the next obvious step would be to trace and track work that happened with that missile from the point of its manufacture to the point of its destruction or deployment or scrapping and that's what the russians seem to have
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done by filling in that missing picture. crowds gathered in the libyan capital sunday calling for the president and other top politicians to quit their protested over the disastrous situation in the country which remains in a deep political crisis since arms struggle broke out seven years ago libya remains divided by rival governments and armed groups. on government spaced in tripoli and backed by the u.n. the other into brooke controls a huge part of the country. some zones are still controlled by militias and isis years after they helped ignite the violence some european countries are now starting to express regret their involvement in the nato led intervention. in march of two thousand and eleven norway committed to the military intervention in libya leading to the ousting of gaddafi and the ruine country we see today but a shock norwegian state commission report now admits the country knew next to
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nothing about what they were doing and actually went to war relying on media reports norway had very limited knowledge of libya when the uprising started in february twenty eleven in such situations decision makers often malone information from media and other countries colonel gadhafi continues to slaughter his own civilians and he viciously targeted americans the international community offered gaddafi the final chance to stop his campaign of killing or face the consequences for attacks by regime forces on the libyan citizens when they turned to us and asked us for help stopping a massacre how do you say no so awful jumped on the bandwagon playing an alarmingly significant role and why shouldn't they it was by the book there was even a un security council resolution on the situation to cover them if you ignore all the commentators warning the resolution did not green flag the mass bombing of
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libya norway's report also reveals there was practically no one else this before jumped in. the room. indicating that before deciding to send warplanes to libya the government assist the type of conflict norway was taking part in. now that failure could hardly have had more serious consequences the country now lies in ruins seven years on libya is still being ripped apart by rival governments well wishers armed to the teeth and islamist militants just last week by supplying response ability for a shooting that killed two and wounded ten more at the headquarters of the state oil company and the top off the water there were invited to come over for oil for government backed by the u.s. no mo. perhaps unsurprisingly some politicians in norway are now distancing themselves from the decision given what we know today this was a war for
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a regime change norway should not have participated in the libyan war when you look at what happened next with libya becoming a terrorism hotspot this is not a decision to be proud of of course they're not the first to come to that sorry conclusion the u.k. parliament got there two years ago this report determines the u.k. policy in libya before and since the intervention of march two thousand and eleven was founded on a road use assumptions and an incomplete understanding of the country and the situation. and barack obama infamously admitted the aftermath was the biggest mistake of his presidency but that's likely to bring little comfort to the civilian still reeling in a shattered nation a senior researcher at the norwegian foreign policy institute told us politicians didn't understand the consequences of the intervention. arc this is. a
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coalition government aren't they but them that this is what has happened that all of that is part of it but they are expressing some cigarettes are. also they're saying that they just didn't understand but. without that with. what may have. if. they were mainly doing this for the military and the statistics and the old order the the stuff that. they had as the american military and the. force argued by almost all the key. players in this. obviously some of them saw the humanitarian reasoning you know. basically in just the. regime change getting rid of gadhafi i don't think that's necessarily all many people dismiss the. ok you can take a short break more news coming up. i've
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been saying the numbers mean something they matter the u.s. has over one trillion dollars in debt more than ten by color blind happy. eighty five percent of global wealth you long to be ultra rich eight point six percent market saw thirty percent just last year some with four hundred to five hundred trade per second per second and point rose to twenty thousand dollars. china's building two point one billion dollars ai industrial park but don't let the numbers over. the only numbers you need remember one to tell you not only the people about. after fifty an awful lot of president putin said more probably does area will be hard to make clean up from most radical the groups that i
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think the meeting q.b. to be in the presidency indicated once again how these two countries will continue in the future or froggie restructuring call underage young together. the university of maryland has issued leaflets inviting white students to join a group called white awake to discuss race issues do you want to improve your ability to relate to and connect with people different from yourself do you sometimes feel uncomfortable and confused before during the interactions with racial and ethnic minorities do you want to become a better ally this group of has a safe space for white students to explore their experiences questions reactions and feelings. the campus counseling centers now removed the flyers insisting they
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were mis understood it also changed the group's name to anti racism and ally building group people are divided on the issue. it's giving people a place to express their opinions on race and discuss important topics in.


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