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tv   Watching the Hawks  RT  September 17, 2018 10:30pm-10:59pm EDT

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but it isn't only capitol hill who likes to make the age of seventeen a talking point only when it suits their ideology actress and weinstein rape victim ozzie argento went cold trump and tweeted a threat of legal action against activists rose mcgowan if she didn't were tracked in apologize for the horrendous lies made against her in a statement of aug twenty seventh let's keep in mind that that statement that our zero zero argento first claimed she was reflects something that she had that i never had a sexual relationship with the alleged victim bennett two days later in the midst of a criminal investigation into her actions tweets revealed she had told a friend i had sex with them is felt weird i didn't know he was a minor until the shakedown letter it's strange to imagine that in a country filled with some of the brightest minds in the world with all the information available to us we still think it's perfectly normal to use the very concept of childhood innocence to advance partisan hackery argento didn't know he was seventeen kavanaugh was only seventeen trayvon martin didn't look seventeen so
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this week watchers maybe we can stop with the excuses get our heads on straight and start watching the hawks. what would you rate the first real that this would be a liar to pull out of. what is it like you are going to. simply. welcome everybody to watch in my heart i am top of the wallet and joining me today to talk about everything has a nonsense and beyond it is our director do you think or scott you know he is thank you so much i love that cavanaugh president has a word that i think we need to definitely call. right right we've got to get that
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in there scotty so the age of seventeen as a woman we know the ages that one team is very precarious one. on the other hand in the instances of things like an athlete it's seems seventeen is is only at the time of innocence the time that people make mistakes they can't be held to an adult set of standards but when you look at something like the instance of. who is probably you know considered sort of on the liberal spectrum of things here she is saying that her victim was more mature than seventeen so look i just wonder is it a problem that neither the right or the left in this town or in hollywood or anywhere seems to be able to be consistent with their objections about age well let me say this as a seventeen there is a lot of wishy washy you consider this way or or move this but when it comes to the age it is actually very black and white it's in the ball it's a team there is somebody that's it there's a reason why it's a team and i don't care if you say well he seems like
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a very mature or that they were very into it doesn't matter eighteen anything underneath you read requires that there is an adult that is responsible and should be held absolutely accountable if they did any actually took advantage of someone under the age of eighteen i don't care what it is and so we can we can debate it back and forth we can talk about the emotion and there is so much emotion in these types of issues but and this is one of those hard lines that we can rely on that's what the law relies on eighteen is eighteen it's so now doesn't it gets like moved around so we have a list of cabinet a lot of things came out first i want to say what how is the white house responded to this because we've kind of been waiting on something to be said usually we've got something you know there's there's a statement but the white house have a clearer doesn't nation of what's going on so how are they responding in typical presidential fashion the white house is responding exactly like they should they put out a statement they said very little they've had people out there like conway talking and saying that. obviously this is not true they're going to stand behind the
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nominee that would be for any other president so for donald trump for we are used to him taking a stand by a series of tweets we have not seen a series of tweets since this is come out president trump himself has been absent of doing any public accessability by reporters except for today there was a couple of he had a couple shout out and didn't really respond so he himself is staying reserved removed out of this issue some speculate it's because of his own past his own background that might have happened within the me too movement others just say he wants actually the senate to take leadership and actually push this through and his getting involved only complicates it more which is actually probably was the agri averaging residential you actually want to have one that's like a president should it's. sort of don't know what to do however there was somebody who did some sudden judiciary committee chairman chuck grassley released a statement today and he said he pointed out that there is a process for vetting a very specific process and what bothered him was that senator feinstein on the
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other hand has had this information for many weeks deprived her colleagues of the information necessary to do her job the minority whip held even the anonymous allegations for six weeks only to later decide that they were serious enough to investigate on the eve of the committee vote after the vetting process has been completed let me ask you how does feinstein's withholding of the accusation for two months how does that hurt democrats who've been trying to claim the high ground with you know al franken or whatever it was trying to claim that you know it's we've got the high ground on this issue how does that hurt well here's the thing and we don't say the n. word here at r.t. because it's just it's all over the place but we do have to talk about the timing of it and we are right close to the november elections and that's what this is all about this is delaying this just giving another hurdle to jump for senate where the senate should confirm their nominee just in case the democrats are able to take control of the house for the senate this reminds me actually a lot of the billy bush. before it's going to ask no action where that might have
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been a very legitimate claim that needed to be talked about and looked into because it was six weeks before an election people discounted it and those that were supporting trump said this was all politically motivated that's the problem with this if there truly was this issue and cabin else past why is it just coming out on a week that they were expected to take the vote and now this is kind of like a hail mary it feels like it's not about actually saving victims just like with everything else it's not about actually treating the cause and actually making sure it didn't happen again to another young girl it's more about a political move so that they can delay a vote for a supreme court candidate because you're expected to as a woman it's like if you were a victim you should put that aside for the good of the country to go to the party that's what seems to pull out seems to keep coming out is this idea that i mean look this morning for no good reason i see tweets about al franken resignation and all these trashing senator gillibrand and everybody all the white female senators who stood up and said look if he did this he should step down if you gauge this kind of behavior and he's making excuses for you to step down now they're the enemy
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because now we don't have al franken vote. why does anyone even ask why we don't report things why does anyone even ask anymore when you clearly this shows it should show democrats and republicans alike. you don't ever ask me again why women don't want to give you a laundry list of why women don't report and i think what the worst part of all of this is where we've made some several good advances of the last two years and with the me to move it this now probably is the biggest dagger in the politicization of the me too movement and i think the question is right now you have cavanaugh who has been confirmed several times he's had to appear why is the story just now coming out when he's coming out for the highest office you always have to look at motivation as well as the timing of issues and that right there is what makes this almost a step back for all of the advances we've been able to make of the two years in calling out sexual harassment in the workplace and that's a thing when it isn't even taken care of at the top when you're when you have people in very high. offices you know trying to say you know we're they will stand
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there and they'll march with and they say we're going to do what we can for you but at the end of the day honestly i haven't seen the women in congress and the women in the house really standing up for us when it mattered the party comes first you think they'll be a point where you know women are not held to the standards of their political parties but just by good common sense and. you're talking about politicians yeah that's going to there's a no i mean it's not only just the women the problem is the women yes have been they're the ones are doing a lot of damage but i think it's the men you've got to have the good men in congress be able to start standing up and saying it's ok at the same time when this comes up on issues like this on a national site it only makes this step back because it makes it look like it's more politicized it makes it look like it's more to be used as a political weapon than actually trying to get to the root of the problem for future generations and that's where i think a lot of people are questioning and having a problem with it if you really is if this really happened yes it needs investigation but the question is why is it now supposedly the week of the vote
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that was supposed to happen that has so charged right now the biggest issue in our country today is getting this next nominee well hopefully we can actually have a discussion about you know the way that women are treated the inequality and how to deal with these things without it being about who is going to get elected and who has who has an election coming up and that is where we were that's where we were in everything that's why we can't move forward and that's why we continue to have this divide to make it a call on thank you so much thank you so much thank you for joining me. cavanagh to have a nonsense have a nonsense. usually when polled americans are terrified of the idea of robots taking over their jobs but new research is actually showing the robots could create jobs in the long run but are people ready for it for himself check out driverless cars the age of automation is barreling down upon us artie's america america is rachel blood and has more as the u.s. looks to become a nation of automation. we hear about new advances in technology all of the time
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from driverless cars to artificial intelligence but research shows that americans are starting to hear robots taking over the workplace and eventually taking their jobs twenty seventeen told from the pew research center found that more than seventy percent of americans are concerned about a future where robots are capable of doing human jobs and sixty seven percent are worried about the introduction of algorithms that determine which candidates are hired for jobs in fact seventy six percent of americans said they would not apply to a job or thing you were a computer was deciding their fate and more than half said they would not ride in a driverless car or use a robot caregiver yet even with their growing concerns a poll of twenty seven hundred people from both the u.s. and u.k. found that most employees believe artificial intelligence will kill off forty percent of jobs within the next decade while mcdonald's has made headlines for
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plans to increase self ordering machines there are other companies that have faced backlash for implementing new technology amazon was recently called out after images were weak that showed the company's plans for a new system that would transform humans locked in cages on top of a robot trawling for work in areas full of other automated robots in response to backlash over blueprints of the cages a spokesperson for amazon and claim that the devices are not currently in use amazon senior vice president of operations responded on twitter adding quote sometimes even bad ideas get submitted for patents this was never used and we have no plans for usage it is no secret that technology will continue to advance and that artificial intelligence could one day run the workplace in numerous industries . the question remains will americans embrace the new technology or will they
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embrace companies that refuse to use it even if it means paying a higher price in washington rachel love and art see. as they go to break we're going to let us know what you think of the topics we've covered on facebook and twitter see our full shows that are coming up johnstone talks with author matthew alford about his new book union jack and we find out how the roller coaster can help make your kidney stone stay true to watching knox. though this time. i'm going to set up
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matthew alford a teaching fellow at the university of bath us now and for examining the sensor in television and film scripts the united states even searching the archives for his book real power america hollywood cinema and american supremacy but in his latest book union jack while your media and professor is don't tell you about british foreign policy he examines what we don't learn in school alfred enter his teaching calls the author of britain secret wars about britain's role in the age of brecht's it and russia watching the hot zone johnstone sat down with matthew offered in london to learn more. is assumed quite rightly that british power british empire
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decreased markedly both due to the first world war certainly by the end of the second world war but it was a shadow of its former self by nine hundred fifty six the serious crisis showed that britain could no longer be a great power on the world stage and the united states to take in its place in that regard very very clearly but nevertheless if we look at the nature of british power now and its continued reach particularly through the work of my colleague tim coles who i'm kind of group representing really today britain's role is still really significant it's still a member of the g seven it's still a member of the un security. member of the un security council still as well in terms of the nefarious activity is still one of the world's largest arms dealers for example but then in addition to that part of what tim calls his work has discovered. is that british involvement as a military force in terms of training arming supplying and in other ways assisting
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dictatorships and rather unpleasant insurgencies around the world is much greater than anyone who previously has that much greater than people have put together and tim is mainly done this through looking at very very boring government documents that no one else can be bothered to read to find that british british military involvement exists in places like bangladesh and sri lanka and papua and oman and of course other more slightly more obvious places like saudi arabia but if you were to ask most people where is the where where is britain in the world where is britain involved militarily they would probably say afghanistan and they might say iraq and as i say in the book didn't we leave iraq anyway and of course you know there's still huge military bases there and a huge military presence in countries that are all part of the empire and certainly
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from my studies british base and it's one of the nineteenth century realize the extent militarily like vietnam for american relations we cannot force the empire troops around the world but we have to basically create a commonwealth economics and governmental linkages under the queen ultimately asked us if we. value systems things like this so what is it that the military is doing in countries mentioning and she lands on the national what is a british actually she sometimes sometimes it can be fairly benign live for a few weeks in billy's several years ago which is a british protectorate i mean billy's is a poor country but it's not i don't think that britain is doing anything kind of cruel or evil there as part of its relationship but sometimes it can be really dangerous so for example in nigeria where britain is involved. of basically with nigeria the largely to support shell oil and this is causing massive pollution it's
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called it's indirect well it had fairly direct impacts on human rights abuses as well in places like sri lanka where we've supported. the repressive government there against the tamil for example which has led to war arguably even genocide and that's this is not to say that britain is the sole has sole responsibility but there's partial responsibility there and it's often not known because it's kind of swept under the carpet by the british media was certainly no yes because british media and if you know these countries and that important obviously to you the focus is what they might be important though in terms of british investment so some of the material that we've been looking at in this book is for example quite. academic books that are basically rationalizing british foreign policy and saying for example. that capitalism and
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poverty that poverty might be an important phase in the development of of capitalism for example and that and some of these. books are kind of like ideological guides really created by some of the kind of oxbridge type academics and the and that work is funded by some major companies in britain i won't name the companies that we're knowing if you have to chop it out but they're well known high street because they're involved in the desire to. to create environments of investment in places like sri lanka they want stable countries basically which are on our side so that there is no. no kickback from the people and they're of course want to make very very low wages sweatshop labor these things don't happen by chance there they are. created by those systems and justified by those kind of academics precisely the policies that
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are implemented by governments which began originate really within the academics years yeah oftentimes with intelligence agencies and banking factions sort of. being the right intelligence and information to the politicians to get the agenda they want to cross and we saw with the rocks around the there was another british niger documents that really smoking yellowcake and exactly about the. nuclear capacity of iraq that was something that was facilitated by britain so consistently played a major role especially with american policy. when we come to this new cold war. you know it strikes me that britain is really the agent enemy of russia going back one hundred years of the great game how much are we looking at the british and in the new formulation of having getting b.c.b. russia going to the us what i mean i think as with everything the united states is leading although there are certain countries that britain is involved with for
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example the focalin the islands and gibraltar and. these kind of nations that britain is taking more of an active lead in but the united states of course leads in. on the issue of russia but i mean britain still got thousands of troops based in germany in the same way the united states has got many thousands still there and this is part of an apparent bowl against against russia which seems quite crazy. and it seems so strange to close to say on r t because it is also all for us it just seems crazy to see russia as such a. significant threat i just can't really understand why that would be thinking ok some steel documents that came out. think we know the england of frank thank you former intelligence operative whose recently you know feeding information sort of trying to sway. the opinion that the russians are in bed trouble yes you
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know you seem to be some more layers deeper than just the. presence of the british and russian media yeah i mean there's clearly a propaganda war going on here isn't there and it just i mean the the big concern is whether that blows up into something into something bigger and we hope to god that it doesn't. mean i don't really know i'm not quite sure what will what will happen there there obviously there seem to be legitimate reasons for tension between between britain and russia but i mean i'm not an expert in that particular area i think one of the things i was going to say is that the root of the way that this book came about which is. literally feel slightly shameless in my promotion and but the book that i've just done is called union jack but. i'm not the primary author of that basically i've found i came across quite a peculiar academic who asked me basically to represent him because he doesn't really like going out of the house or talking to the media and he's called ten
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calls and he is obsessive and brilliant at breaking down these tedious government documents and academic rationales for for often quite unpleasant british foreign policy and he asked me if i could be part of not just promoting the promoting that by actually making that making that but a kind of an accessible piece of work so really he's the expert there british foreign policy isn't my primary areas just something i'm very interested in because i'm british and i don't always want to be just bashing the americans all the time frankly because as tim says actually we've got responsibility for our our country america's got responsibility for their eyes and it's also easy for us this kind of liberal left wing brits to sell us all the americans for oh it's the israelis who are doing that well actually no a lot of the time it's britain that is doing bad things we are causing. however many deaths around the world and there are things that we could do about that
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through through exposing it through the media and just not tolerating. the lies and half truths and psychopathic justifications of policy plans so we meet in the major . regions of british interests which would still accomplish the entire world are we looking at you know you mentioned previously countries like nigeria. oil oriented sri lanka up well i'm not sure what natural resource even just for the british there would be peace we're talking about a global reach becomes the british empire was focused on certain countries in certain regions i mean i think it's important to say that the britain does have this global reach but this is often just a relatively small number of troops going in to train. so in the case of free lanka for example i mean you haven't got hundreds or thousands of british troops in there but you've got a fairly small numbers of people s.a.'s and so on which are going in to make some
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kind of decisive difference now tim has been criticised in his work before by people saying well that doesn't really matter then does it because the americans are doing it a thousand times worse while the other is true but actually if we're still contributing to that and we are citizens of our country we should do something about it just in the same way if russia's doing something wrong russian citizens should do something about that and australians to the israeli government and so on is just a basic principle and that's why we thought that it was important to do this. the id nobel prize has awarded each year for improbable research and what is that well the research is that research that makes people laugh and think and the twenty eight thousand word winners are no exception mark mitchell and david whiting are studies the effects of rollercoasters on kidney stones that's right and turns out that. sitting at the rear car of a roller coaster hope solution kidney stones and humans and
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a consistent riding of roller coaster could keep microscopic kidney stones from science and another research team found that humans alive a contained an enzyme that breaks down starches with maisha very effective cleaning solution especially when restoring old paintings but most importantly scientists james cole did the research in concluding that human flesh is actually a very low in nutritional value things we needed to know congratulations to all these special nobel prize winners for keeping us thinking a learning and laughing that's our show for you today remember everyone in this world we're not told that we're a lot and so we tell you all i love you on top of the wall and you keep on watching mahasen have a great day and night everyone thank you. thank. you we were
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so. thanks. thanks thanks thanks rick. in twenty four you know bloody revolution of. the demonstrations going to be relatively peaceful political protest to be creasing the violent revolution is always spontaneous or is it your goal or here i mean your list book video threw me in the neighborly as i knew pulling needle the former ukrainian president recalls the events of twenty fourteen. those who took part in it invested over five billion dollars to assist ukraine in these and other goals that will ensure a secure and prosperous and democratic.
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ministries police forces and city administrations of many countries depend on one corporation that does what mike was hoping on the board doesn't come from on the rise of god i'm stunned this is not the guns going through the. woods as that he got into the city at the library and proprietary software you don't know the source code isn't that a such a security risk when you have a black box operating the public eye to microsoft dependency puts governments under cyber threat and not only that to put more. simply a sense of this is selling this is also the one. thing. the soon all do. these. things and this is the. longest i've been done with the old vision stopping there was
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a sting of all the fun is up in his cards on the fly and. the russian military jets with fourteen people on board scares nothing off the syrian. coast during an israeli bombardment in the taqiyya province. russia and take a agree to create a demilitarized saying between syria and syrian government forces on militants as a counterterrorist operation is put on hold. president trump slots import tariffs on chinese goods with two hundred billion dollars ranging from electronics to food clothes.


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