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ukraine is a border land. a place where east meets west. this is the flag of ukraine the blue represents the sky the gold its seemingly endless fields of wheat. ukraine is a prize many have sought. and much blood spilled in the quest to possess it. ukraine has been the pathway for western powers as they attempted to conquer the east. in world war one. and world war two. and every time the ukrainian people ended up paying the highest price for these grand games of power. history doesn't repeat but it surely rhymes said mark twain. if one looks closely
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at the history of ukraine one will notice many rhymes. being surrounded by stronger powers ukraine has needed a lot of cunning to survive and the art they truly mastered with time is the art of changing sides. in the middle of the seventeenth century ukrainian leader dunhill netsky broke a truce agreement made with poland siding more powerful russia. just over fifty years later as the russian swedish war was raging another ukrainian leader ivan mazeppa broke the union with russia when he switched sides joining forces with the swedish invaders many times ukrainian history was written by third parties seeking to keep the gains of a revolution at any cost russia agreed to the humiliating conditions of the breast with trees. he of one thousand nine hundred eighteen which turned ukraine into
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a german protectorate another historical document to change the fate of ukraine was the molotov ribbentrop pact of one thousand nine hundred thirty nine one of many such agreements being signed between european countries and rising germany. attempting to protect his nation from the approaching nazi threat. joseph stalin negotiated a treaty of nonaggression with adolf hitler while promising each other piece of the soviet in german foreign ministers molotov and ribbentrop realign the map of eastern europe splitting it into german and soviet spheres of influence. no sooner had the molotov ribbentrop pact been signed then poland was split and in september of one nine hundred thirty nine eastern poland awoke to be western ukraine and a part of it by eight o'clock in the morning. bring documents money and valuables
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and also warm clothing linen cetera. they need not follow this order and are found elsewhere will be shot. thirty three thousand seven hundred seventy one jews were killed in this two day operation of the nazis and ukrainian militia. another outrageous massacre was carried out by the ukrainian insurgent army and the bond faction of the organization of ukrainian nationalists in german occupied polish. and eastern between one nine hundred forty three and one nine hundred forty four this genocide of poles was led by. thirty five thousand to sixty thousand people in vali nya and twenty five to forty thousand eastern. fell victim to this massive ethnic cleansing operation. sensing the inevitable loss of the german troops the organization of ukrainian. nationalists gave up on their former ally and began
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fighting equally against the germans and the soviet forces. in january nine hundred forty three u.s.s.r. troops started pushing the nazis back liberating one part of ukraine after another . western ukraine was the last ukrainian region held by the germans finally being liberated in october of one nine hundred forty four. bands continue to wage their guerrilla war against the soviet regime carrying out bloody raids on ukrainian villages and towns and leaving behind chaos and casualties. this war went on until the middle of the one nine hundred fifty s. when the last collaborators were either detained or fled the country. on may seventh one thousand nine hundred forty five germany unconditionally surrendered to the allies ukraine remained a part of the soviet union. the peace after the
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second world war was short lived. the united states and the soviet union nations who allied together along with england to defeat the nazis tragically became foes as the cold war began. i've been saying the numbers mean something they matter the u.s. has over one trillion dollars in debt more than ten white collar crimes happen each day. eighty five percent of global wealth he longs to the ultra rich eight point six percent market saw thirty percent rise last year some with. under the five
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hundred three per circuit first shot and bitcoin rose to twenty thousand dollars. china is building a two point one billion dollar a i industrial park but don't let the numbers overwhelm. the only numbers you need to remember in one one doesn't show you can't afford to miss the one and only boombox. leaks last only god could heal. her. when you.
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look at the distance was more than a book called a bad. chest in school stuff still it's about seeing new yorkers. just for the. fun. the era of political and military tensions between the us and the u.s.s.r.
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lasted for nearly forty five years keeping humanity under the constant threat of nuclear war. in this battle the united states never lost sight of ukraine's importance. u.s. intelligence kept a close eye on ukrainian nationalist organizations as a possible source of counter intelligence against the soviet union. cia documents that just recently have been declassified shows strong ties between u.s. intelligence and ukrainian nationalists since one thousand nine hundred forty six from the cia agency report it is clear that they were not mistaken about the nature of ukrainian nationalists organizations or their leaders step on bond dare i himself according to an o.s.'s report of september one thousand nine hundred forty five bunn dare i had earned a fierce reputation for conducting
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a reign of terror during world war two after the second world war under another ukrainian nazi leaders fled to europe where the cia helped them hide. the cia later inform the immigration and naturalization service that it had concealed steffen bond darragh and other ukrainians from the soviets. they advocated for independence of ukraine from the u.s.s.r. and became an incubator for leaders of ukraine. in one thousand nine hundred one one of them japanee book founded svoboda an openly radical nationalist party preaching the good old principles of bondage era do you. see the climate of the booklet. if you. just to. please. her jew crane from the jews in russia ukraine for ukrainians and so on
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his statements got him fifth place in the simon visa and all center top ten anti semitic world leader rankings of two thousand and twelve. but also sadly attracted numerous phone. dimitri are founded another extreme right organization treason or trident in one nine hundred ninety four. in april two thousand and thirteen became an assistant to a member of parliament from the opposition party who died. later that same year he would become the leader of the most radical ukrainian nazi group the right sector. andriy paro be would soon appear leading a whole army of ultra nationalist warriors. in the torch marches would once again light up the streets of ukrainian cities.
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with. the world drastically changed in august one thousand nine hundred ninety one when the u.s.s.r. de facto ceased to exist and the global political map welcomed many newcomers ukraine one of them in modern history it was the first time ukraine was truly independent and all on its own. the red flag came down over the kremlin tonight as president gorbachev resigned and or to an end seven decades of communist rule in the soviet union. the years after the disintegration of the u.s.s.r. became known as the crazy ninety's in all the posts. via territories. he's leaving behind fifteen independent states which share only a disastrous economy and an uncertain future after having been under
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a government controlled economy the free market dramatically changed the rules of the game new businesses emerged instantly in the first all the guards were born overnight. the former country with no class division suddenly became stratified the chosen few became rich while the rest had to fight to survive. so as it was the palestinians they saw mr herschel as. they what does that say. though of us letting us folks listed and using your reason they would only sit in your cell as of course it was in usa. a list in union into the reason you know it is the oldest day in and in as many of you know bumpus i will. post the system i think. this is and i've been going to michel therrien is going to eventually you will still at the appraisal of a social in the slush
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a chicago the people's growing discontent made ukraine more vulnerable to outside forces and a new kind of warfare was launched one not known before the color revolutions. illustrators clashed with police hundreds of thousands protesting the results of the election and calling for a new vote. ukraine has had two color revolutions in its twenty four years of independence in two thousand and four crowds of people descended upon kiev marking the start of the orange revolution. at that time ukraine became once again a battlefield of two forces the russian and western governments the culmination of this conflict took place during the president. elections in november of two thousand and four. the two major candidates western backed victoria yuschenko and
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russian leaning victoria almost equally shared the votes of ukrainians by the way calling viktor yuschenko western backed is not an exaggeration. his wife catherine yuschenko is a former u.s. state department official and worked in the white house during the reagan administration the division was along geographic lines traditionally russian eastern ukraine voted for young age while western ukraine chose use janko by the announced result viktor yuschenko lost to victory on a co-feature but thousands of people didn't agree with it and they came to the central square of kiev on the twenty second of november. the situation received wide news coverage the country's election commission ignored reports of fraud declaring kremlin back. the winner international politicians such as former general secretary of nato. became frequent guests in kiev initiating negotiations
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between parties in a faltering will they. be able to get. the results of the negotiations however were often reached only on paper thus you shan't go never told the supporters to stop blocking government buildings in central kiev. therefore these nonviolent and very orange protests lasted for a month during which time the previous election results were no marred by massive corruption and new elections were announced an important nuance just three months before viktor yuschenko became a victim to a mysterious and still unsolved poisoning but it didn't prevent him from winning in the new election. though as we shall soon see there was much more than just the people's will that led to this victory this peaceful. pollution and its leader were warmly welcomed by the international community but the euphoria didn't last long
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yuschenko government completely failed with reforms and lost its chance to establish democracy instead descending into infighting viktor yuschenko was not reelected for a second term but at the end of his presidency he had the time to make one last gift to his supporters from western ukraine. it's become an international norm to say women's rights are human rights but in a world where women make up the majority of university graduates this may not be true how much more women's empowerment needs to happen in the fortune to face policies become redundant.
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and. not just that. money in. their lives. and in the nation but in. the. lead up. to the modern i don't want. something more.


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