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tv   Going Underground  RT  September 24, 2018 2:30am-2:53am EDT

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well happened before. then tory prime minister john major called the executions judicial murder and supported nigeria's expulsion from the commonwealth but today shell in nigeria are all good again we already have very good cooperation between. defense security. and we have. to get it to step. well joining me now is someone who could be nigeria's next president king's name of all he's a former under secretary general of the u.n. and deputy governor of the central bank of nigeria kings the thanks for coming on the show to raise a mate in nigeria just in the past few weeks most populous country in africa she said britain is going to be a strategic or key partner of the brics it will be under your presidency why not so
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long as you know. nigeria as national interest is also in the back national there is no reason why not i mean we have very important relations with britain they were from a colonial power and nigeria is a very important markets and the wall down in the imagine markets because she visited shell oil in nigeria shell very links to there when she was home secretary u.k. augie we had very good relations we are still exporting almost to the government and some would believe to go to the for alleged theft and money laundering it is the british government's relationship to your country well i really wouldn't know about the specific case you mention but the british government has important relationships with niger those relationships i can all make their political military and possibly intelligence is under john major britain supported the jury being thrown out of the commonwealth when that was because executions exactly built exactly. absolutely but but that's long gone the relationship has gotten i believe
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ari has sorted things out there as regards the niger delta not necessarily the niger delta still has a lot of issues the parts of nigeria remains very poor there's a lot of environmental degradation government has promised to clean up you know going in line but that hasn't happened yet it's not a promise that has been kept unfortunately so the whole question of crude oil be in the you know kind of the the golden goose that lays the golden egg in nigeria and yet the people who lay the goods is not benefiting anything so nigeria nigeria is political play and elite has benefited from oil but the poor masses of nigeria citizens have only gotten poorer and that includes many people from the niger delta where the oil comes from tourism a particularly talked about corporations regarding the war on terror while as to whether tom polo case because vince cable the head of the liberal democrats was
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business secretary then philip hammond was. any connection they will deny any wrongdoing what is the relationship between bihari and so-called warlords in nigeria and book heroes which is what your resume was referring to with the strategic defense partnership with nigeria well i mean hari is the president of nigeria so he has a responsibility to secure the country against terrorists and he says he's been very successful that he has tried but whether his best has been good enough is another question because boko haram continuance so i talk nigerians and we continue to have terrorism for nigeria is that these politicians are very corrupt and they are only out for their own interests you know the interests of the multinationals on various countries is legitimate but the interest of nigeria and my jury and also legitimacy and we can work out a win win scenario it's not why hasn't it work so for the i.m.f. has been down there will. bank of being down that doesn't work because of the
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incompetence of nigeria's political leaders they don't understand economics they don't understand international relations it's all nigeria's fault. it's not the if you allow it i mean if you're lucky if you allow if you allow for a negotiating partners to screw you whose fault is this is the way to get on to the i'm sorry does it suit as in nato nations to keep. doing so well so it doesn't become too competitive now it's not about that it is the nigerians well many it is because international relations countries up us in their own interest and that's normal president rouhani may say here look i'm just a bunch of the wall that yours was in your civil servant. but. you defended him he only let you off or resignation it was a money event president bush has shown a complete lack of will to fight corruption inside his own government i don't think the government is fighting corruption in the way it should impartially in terms of accountability or even proactively in terms of putting in place transparency is
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that can prevent corruption like someone said allegations of corruption in the government treated with deodorants allegations of corruption against the opposition are treated with insecticide well libya i have to say some people who are running from nigeria to libya was a libya war a good idea the war the tourism way as you still would would have supported with britain well you know i mean the issues in libya a very complex what nigerians it's affects nigeria in a number of ways number one a lot of nigeria migrants moving away across the child they'll go into libya trying to stage use in libya as a staging port for cross into europe so that's a big big problem the libyan war in itself you know interventions like the intervention in iraq and the intervention in libya we have seen how often. they
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have led to state failure would you have supported the iraq war the libya war i probably would not go because when you you know not nations that define their national interests in the context of the talk in such a nations well that's a defense of their own national interest not libya was an african country i mean for several years libya has now been in chaos so who is benefit from that i was never fun of gaddafi never was i a final for this but the fact is that there's a lot of gales in that country today so what has really been achieved just as what up on that iraq and just finally and briefly well that we could have had the whole interview on this subject you were the un legal adviser of the international tribunal in rwanda there's a show on t.v. here of britain called black earth rising i got to ask you so many years old since hundreds of thousands were killed was that was the west implicated in any of that mass killing in rwanda well the west was implicated in the sense that they did not intervene when they should have i mean i think that's obvious in one thousand nine hundred four this they stopped the un from
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a muscular intervention that could have stopped the genocide i remember how traumatized it was to listen to some of the testimony in the war crimes tribunal for rwanda in the courtrooms and i was the legal advice and i was spokesman for the international tribunal and but it was also something very gratifying that we were able to bring the architects of that genocide to justice so that was a big success story for the most of the nation of the end not all shows national security adviser saying the i.c.c. the international tribunal the i.c.c. is dying at it and we had one of the problems of the international criminal court is the practically all it's defendants in african countries african countries the only ones offer cunts the only ones who commit war crimes apparently according to the hague well that tells you there's a problem i disagree with the concept of a veneer of global justice that is simply a cover for bringing in the weak. so whereas the strong escape the justice of international law thank you very welcome after the break thinking of doing an
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m.b.a. at one of britain's top business schools professor ones you just think again and we have wall street stocks and facebook stocks and google stocks are wonderful and you can make money but how about the underbelly which is most people who are living in third world status within the greatest nation or a. film director. going out to grab. you know world big partisan movie lot and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door. and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for
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the truth the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks. i've been saying the numbers mean something they matter the u.s. has over one trillion dollars in debt more than ten white collar crimes happen each day. eighty five percent of global wealth you longs to be rich eight point six percent market saw a thirty percent rise last year some with four hundred to five hundred trade per second per second and bitcoin rose to twenty thousand dollars. china is building a two point one billion dollar a i industrial park but don't let the numbers overwhelm. the only number you need to remember is one in one business showed forty two minutes. the one and only.
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capitalism because that's what they do as if there were no other ways of thinking about business organization and i think they clearly are a new surprise as to who funds the little group it gives them grow. a business school got some money from the broker the forty three billion pounds saudi arms deal the deal very controversial in this country money is coming from these forces within corporate capitalism to then teach another generation to be like them that's right i mean if you go to many of the major business schools you know that they're in down. sponsored lectures theatres and sometimes the seats in the lecture theatres have been donated by various corporate benefactors because of course those corporate benefactors benefit very materially from the kinds of knowledge that's produced in those places so it's a bit like a kind of narcissistic game in a way you know the the corporation goes the university asked the university to accept a big cash in return for producing
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a kind of knowledge that presents the corporations a splendid place to be and to be clear you know attacking the idea of management in this book and although you also say it's not necessarily political you know that more clearly in mo and che guevara would've never attacked manager would say it's. got a slightly different way of thinking about it which is essentially that the concept the key concept i think we should be talking about is organizing so this is how human beings and things come together to do stuff you know how to make things how to produce stuff how to share things and so on and i think there's lots of different ways in which human beings can organize themselves effectively what's happening with their business skills is that a particular kind of corporate managerialism is becoming a default model so as if there were no of other available kinds of organizing and that seems to me a really dumb thing to say the metaphor i use in the book is this idea well if you were. studying history you wouldn't just study the fifteenth and seven centuries or if you were studying biology you wouldn't just study human legs and human heads of
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something but effectively that's what the business school is doing it's claiming to represent organizing but yet only focusing on one very small aspect of it and i think that's dishonest and dangerous as a modern bog of thank you. well from the university halls of capitalism to the corridors of power now joining me is actor and host of r.t. is watching the hawks and director of the new film a century of war sean stone joined welcome to going underground i've got to say before we get on to the documentary. is that there's a lot of western destabilization in the western hemisphere being talked about in british mainstream media venezuela one of the worst amazing films about destabilization in your head with fears salvador. made the film but you were the baby cradled by james woods in self i was acting without knowing that i was acting
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you think it still has relevance today of itself it was an incredible movie i would recommend everyone watch it because like you said it's about. really that whole time period of creating death squads and it was it was salvador it was the contras was quite a model by the way these these operations still exist in different countries around the world they're just not really talked about until after the fact let's go to a century of war a very apolitical film comparing the decline of the usa to the decline of the british you know obviously speaking in britain lots of people in britain don't refuse to believe the british in brothers go why that comparison i don't know that it would necessarily say it's straight comparison i do think i agree actually the british empire does exist the commonwealth exists the queen is the head of this massive empire still whether or not they have taxation some of the most taxes actually have tax havens and you have an ideology and empire of the mind as churchill called it right the americans bought into it new world order was a book that i published about that relationship to the british empire and how they incorporated america into it so essentially we have become
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a military garrison state for what used to be the british empire and the financial issues ship to wall street and in the city of london goes back to the origins of wall street but why the collapse of america is because while we don't necessarily see it on the front page if you go through the middle of the country and travel through the towns like when i was in princeton princeton studying a college and i was travelling by train to new york i would see trying to do prawns wakin of the towns of america fall apart exactly they'd fall in the rust belt the cold and so that's that a case not about the fact of yeah we have all street stocks and facebook stocks and google stocks are wonderful and you can make money but how about the the underbelly which is most people who are living in third world status within the greatest nation in the world and you seem to suggest that the. government itself is being privatized away in the united states we followed the factors lead right that was
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the whole point was from the seventy's late seventy's carter actually start of the lot of that privatization process of the banking sector. and you know obviously through the eighty's but that she was doing in london was very much mirrored by reagan throughout the eighty's and. that privatization that ultimately you know kind of that you could say that moment really was the renunciation of glass steagall when we took that down by clinton actually did it right in about two thousand the separation of banks investment bank exactly last eagle have protected since the no one's talking about trump isn't even talking about separate going back on the clinton precisely no one's talking about putting the facts because many sons as well it would make sense i mean look to me it makes sense to go back to classical exactly i think brought it up during the election with war in some points i think was an advocate for it it makes sense to protect your basically not to not to play with your deposit money which is what creates the scam speculation but the
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problems are so much money at stake when you have this massive amounts of collusion that goes on at the very top right with the with the various private banks in bed with the insurance companies and all of these you know this conglomerate of financial power it's just there's too much money in a sense to say no to that if you mention collusion if you turn on television stations in the united states today the talking about this very definitely the threat to the united states posed by most if not all of the threats and that's the whole point of what empires do they always it direct the enemy the enemy abroad the enemy is out there that's the whole point you basically consolidate through endless war and i think j.f.k. the film there was a great line where it's war is the sort of misquoting a bit like war is the operating principle of any state if you really want to effect change if you really want to have control of your society you have to be in a war. mentality economy because it goes top down executive orders and so really
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since the second world war we've been a petrol war first with really since the first world war but there was a ten year break right the second world war starts. we go into the cold war after that the cold war goes until the ninety's with reprieve although we have bosnia or kosovo. iraq won and then what happens nine eleven ever since then perpetual terror terror starts to wane oh now we have russia again so it's just it's a constant war economy but some would say that everything he could have been tweeted by donald trump before he became president and he said he was against the war as it was some flip flopping your film and one that centers on detroit the car industry the two million workers he's always dogging about the death of manufacturing industry and he won michigan yeah so. trump isn't the answer to a lot of people's prayers although i have necessarily been able to effectuate everything i think it's unrealistic to expect the president to come into
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a we're talking about again oligarchies here the princeton university i think it was a put out a study of couple years ago about how america is not a public or democracy it's an oligarchy so you're talking about major financial vested interests and some are more internationalist in their in their agenda and others are more nationalist i think represents the oligarchies the ruling money wealth that's more nationalistic that's why he you know basically jettison the t p p right away he's not a proponent of nafta he does want to i think improve the american core industries you know i think his corporate tax cuts are problematic as they may be do make it more of an incident they do incentivize corporations to repatriate and come back and employ merican workers so look he's not a perfect figure by any means i'd rather see someone between trump and bernie sanders but there is there is thing there are things that he's doing and standing for that is symbolically what the american people want and that's why he was had the you know basically he was voted in for that reason. thank you and before we go
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we should also say regarding allegations by amnesty international against shell and paul one that the oil company's response. saying that missy international's allegations relating to its current operations a false without merits and fail to recognize the complex environment in which it operates shall also refutes the allegations that its support of the nigerian military crackdown in the gony land in the one thousand nine hundred shells of states it did not collude with the military authorities to suppress community unrest and in no way encourage or advocated any act of violence in nigeria we'll be back on wednesday the day after we called in the speech of the british labor party keep in touch via social media with your wins eighteen years to the day twelve thousand and he capitalists arm around the world protested against globalization join the i.m.f. and world bank summit and. join me every thursday on the alex simon show and i'll be speaking to guest of the world
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of politics sports business i'm showbusiness i'll see you then. one else seemed wrong. wrong just don't call. me. yet to seep out these days become educated and in detroit because betrayal. when something you find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground . medical use downs to. leave guard.
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when you. look at that is there was more than a book about. just it's still it's. just show that. it's hard to imagine decades after the war a nazi doctor was still active and rich in the nineteen seventies great intel had
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as the chair of its board a man convicted of mass murder and slavery at auschwitz a german company gruntal develops a little mind a drug that was promoted as completely safe even during pregnancy and it turned out to have terrible side effects what has happened to my baby is anything ball you know she said is just cut short arms many so they don't mind victims i have to this day received no compensation they never apologized for the suffering that not only want the money i want the revenge. please.
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the. president will preside over the security council i'm sure that's going to be the most watched security council meeting ever a lot of good things can happen anticipation around bottle trump speech at the u.n. general assembly grows with some hoping the president will use it as a chance to rebuild shock to the international relations. a sexual assault right in south africa.


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