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tv   News  RT  September 24, 2018 5:00am-5:27am EDT

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developed so that to mind a drug that was promoted as completely safe even during pregnancy it turned out to have terrible side effects what has happened to my baby if anything. yeah she said she's just. many so they don't mind victims i have to this day received no compensation they never apologized for the suffering that i did not only want the money i want the revenge. this is the international and we do start this hour with a briefing from russia's defense minister over new measures being introduced to boost the security of the country's military in syria this is after russia blamed israel for the downing of one of its military planes last week just for a moment let's listen in. what i saw on september seventeenth the eruption reconnaissance aircraft. twenty one i was on
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a mission monitoring the ground situation in the province of it at the same time for is really f. sixteen jets to launch an air strike at targets in the province of logic here only one minute before the years representative of the israeli air force contacted the russian command in syria via the hotline. the warden it's the fighter jets were not reported. she only told us that. here force was on a mission in northern syria even though actually the airstrike targeted the west of the country because of that the aleutian aisle twenty did not going through to safety and it was in the line of fire hall for the syrian here defenses. these are really crew members who are perfectly aware of the. situation in the air
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in the use the russian aircraft as a shield as a result fifteen of our servicemen were killed. this forced us to take appropriate measures in response to increase the safety haul for russian servicemen fighting international terrorists in syria as instructed by the president of the russian federation the defense ministry will take the following steps to boost the syrian air defense systems first within the next two weeks russia will transfer the modern. s. three hundred surface to air missiles to the syrian armed forces this system is capable of hitting targets two hundred fifty kilometers away and attack several targets at the same time this new system will significantly boost the capabilities of the syrian air defenses. twenty thirteen we were ready to supply this system to syria and syrian servicemen have
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undergone appropriate training but israel asked us to. suspend this shipment and we did so yet the situation is different now and it's not our fold second the command and control centers of the syrian here defense forces will now be equipped with a russian automated control systems so for these equipment was only supplied to the russian army forces because of this new equipment the syrian air defense command will be able to implement a centralized command of all air defense forces monitoring the situation in the air and assign targets promptly that is most importantly the syrian air defense systems will now identify properly all russian aircraft in the area third. which is the
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limited iranian c.-e. near easy decent to syria we will use. jamming all satellite navigation and the readers and communication systems of aircraft to take in targets in syria this shoot down some odd hands keeping them from reckless behavior that poses a threat to our servicemen otherwise we will have to respond based on the current situation. so it was six days ago that a syrian battery shot down a russian military plane killing everyone on board a missiles were launched in response to an air strike by israeli f. sixteen fighter jets and accidentally struck the russian plane at the tragic incident happened around thirty five kilometers off the syrian coast just as the aircraft was returning to base.
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let's get to some other stories here on our to international now the world descending now on new york for the seventy third u.n. general assembly with the main session kicking off on tuesday the general debate as is known as not so much of a debate but rather an opportunity for representatives to make a speech on the most pressing topics and it seems donald trump is playing the headlining act and as anticipation around his performance builds. up what we should expect this year. in the global political circus trump has taken it upon himself to be the greatest showman or jest depending on what side of the fence you're on and on tuesday the curtains will rise and the spotlight fall on trump taking center stage at one of this year's main spectacles the u.n. general assembly he's got a couple major possibilities really to help the lumen aid for the american people what america's place in the world is president will preside over the security council and i am sure that's going to be the most watched security council meeting
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ever well trumps the trickle debut at the u.n. g.a. last year provided a taste of what the u.s. president is capable of it is a massive source of embarrassment to the united nations rogue regimes represented in this body the arabian government. caters nicolas maduro dictatorship and destabilising regime criminal regime of bashar al assad regime rocket man rocket rocket. is on a suicide mission for himself united states is ready willing and able to totally destroy north korea totally ready willing and able to. destroy north korea to get your portions of the world in conflict and some in fact are going to hell his escapades divided many left few were indifferent and in the buildup to
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this he is trump looks ready to outdo himself once again he will head the un security council meeting on iran next week that's while he's a lawyer shared this so i stated to the iranian government you must be truly afraid of being overthrown i don't know when we're going to overthrow them it could be in a few days months a couple of years but it's going to happen they're going to be overthrown juggling two. jobs it seems the president's the low end of freelance foreign policy adviser though at least he seems inspired by his boss's remarks threat posed by iran whose chief exports are violence bloodshed and chaos all nations of conscience must work together to isolate giuliani's stun triggered some emergency damage control protocols in washington how seriously should it take the iranians when they hear the president's close advisor rudy giuliani saying there's going to be regime change and it looked the united states is not looking to do
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a regime change in iran at all that as the u.s. continued to bully tehran over the nuclear issue but trump insists he's playing the good guy and means well i look forward to being at the united nations next week we're going to make a speech we're going to have many meetings a lot of good things can happen the u.n. though could take that with a pinch of salt for the international body good things meant the u.s. ditching unesco attempting to discredit the international criminal court and learning they're not so close when it comes to freedoms the united nations is not a friend democracy is not a friend to freedom it's not a friend even to the united states of america where as you know it has its home and it surely is not a threat to israel. and it's not just the u.n. that wants to get on the same page as trump it's also russia china north korea
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about the rest of the world really and on tuesday the u.s. president will have he's best chance to explain that he's not just a gung ho diplomat. he's going to do good things before it is so catastrophic. i think use. the have worked in a few cases you know maybe in north korea. north korea to. soften up its. its nuclear testing and its. development. because it's so outrageous but if you do that too many times and you threaten you know to to break all the china in the shop and then you don't do it. after a while it starts to be seen as a bluff and he is probably getting to that point where most people see it as
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a bluff and respond to it accordingly instead of panicking. and while the world awaits what trump will have to say how the general assembly china and the u.s. continue locking horns over trade tariffs and you mutual restrictions have come into effect meaning goods worth two hundred sixty billion dollars are now subject to extra levies china has already lashed out against the us accusing it of protectionism and economic germany. has more on the growing trade on the back and forth between the us and china is quickly escalating into an all out trade war between two of the world's biggest economies and this latest round d.c. has imposed penalties on two hundred billion dollars worth of chinese goods and that's set to increase further at the beginning of next year trump clearly means business we're also cracking down on the unfair trade practices from china we are far more bullets we're going to go two hundred billion to twenty five percent.
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chinese made goods. and we will come back with more if they retaliate we have a lot more to come back with but china isn't taking any of this lightly they've hit back and added more tariffs on american products were that to one hundred ten billion dollars and it might not stop their term has already threatened to impose tariffs on effectively all u.s. imports from china but what does this all mean for the average american. consumer according to wal-mart the country's biggest retailer price hikes we are very concerned about the impact these terrorists who have on our business our customers our suppliers in the u.s. economy as a whole the company a list of the goods that will be hit ranging from food products to vehicles to toilet paper and wal-mart is not the only company quaking at the thought of an economic battle alibaba chairman jack ma is saying he can no longer deliver on bringing a million jobs to the u.s. market this promise was on the basis of friendly china u.s.
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cooperation and reasonably bilateral trade relations but the current situation has already destroyed that basis this promise can't be completed and that's got to hurt given how much trump loves to talk up how he's creating more jobs for americans nevertheless the u.s. president seems confident employment figures will continue to rise so it's full steam ahead cherubs to put the u.s. in a very strong bargaining position with billions of dollars in jobs flowing into our country and yet cost increases of thus far been almost a noticeable if countries will not make deals with us they will be terrorist but china looks to be digging in their heels scrapping plan trade talks and tariffs are the only friction between washington and beijing the u.s. also slapped sanctions on china over the purchase of russian military equipment claiming the deal is a violation of a lot meant to punish moscow for alleged meddling in the two thousand and sixteen
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presidential election again china isn't backing down they said they're going to continue cooperation with russia and will take it to a new level beijing summoned the u.s. ambassador and recalled their navy commander from a trip to america calling the measures a mistake. well in china you will move on we strongly call on the us to remedy the mistake and cancel the sanctions otherwise the u.s. has to bear the consequences. so as the stalemates pile up so does uncertainty for chinese and americans alike. a month long battle raging between armed groups in the libyan capital has now resulted in one hundred fifteen deaths according to local health officials the most recent fighting began in late august with two major groups facing off against each other both of them are aligned to the government in tripoli which is recognized by most western powers libya also has a separate rival administration based in the east of the country and over the past few weeks houses have been shelled and vehicles torched throughout
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a large area in the south west of tripoli power supplies have also been shut down now a former deputy prime minister over libya told r.t. the conflicts being driven from both inside and outside the country mostafa who was a guest on our program had many interesting comments to say you can watch the full program later this hour for now a preview. it is a very challenging situation because of the militias who they took over parts of the country i mean i mean they're out of the east of the west the south they're everywhere and this is going to show they're getting support from internally and also from the outside clearly they for if the foreign intervention have to stop to stop supporting these militias they should be insisting on on the start of the country because it is in the best interests of everybody so the government itself does not have much power one part of the turn which is the power
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of money and wealth and these are the ones which are really kind of used over the last three years almost almost three years now to protect itself because unfortunately the government submitted its well to the militias and that's where the problem as. hard right now quarter past the hour here in the russian capital and still to come on the program here on r.t. and the latest estimates show that sexual violence in south africa is hurting the recalled the global highs will give you details and talk to some victims after the break.
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what politicians do you should. put themselves on the line. they get accepted or rejected. so when you want to express an injury. or some want to be rich. it's you going to be this is what the full story of the people that i'm interested
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always in the why. aren't you. glad you can join us for this monday program what happens if you are a major media personality and make a wrong cold on well look it seems. explains. that in two thousand and three when the usa invaded iraq mainstream media dropped the ball there were no weapons of mass destruction and the us troops weren't greeted as glorious liberators either now fifteen years later the same journalist that had us believing back then are at the same thing now take bill kristol editor of the weekly standard back in two thousand and three he had us convinced that saddam hussein was on the verge of using his w m d's against the world no one questions furthermore the basic facts about saddam hussein's weapons. now he was very wrong but that did not stop
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his career not by a long shot in fact he's still the editor of the weekly standard which ironically has been named a fact checker by facebook he comes on television all the time promoting u.s. military interventions just like the old days when you do what a google dictator worth the fight to do what you do is he's in his he's in his departure and i think we could do much more to do that if we don't just do a pinprick attack and i think the sponsor of the case concerning the concern of all of us hawks but a serious attack now another voice in the media chorus backing u.s. military intervention against saddam hussein was judith miller judith miller writing for the new york this is don't even make it into the spotlight. the men in this country seem to think that because there's a patriarchy that means that they have the power of a woman and i think that's how they're great cultural stuff.
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and he was that he to national tennis player. and i was with him for about eighteen months. before he may be. in his column one day next to the tennis courts about two weeks off to the incident i try to tell my mother and dismissed me as a speaking rubbish. to the creation actually trying. to be. starting to say that they. didn't destroy. those things with i mean maybe still to this day.
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a couple of friends and i took a trip to cape town dance floor. i remember took shots with some of my friends and . that's what i remember until i woke up the next morning and there was a. liquid that was not. mining that was on my body. and people have the right to say to me that i asked for it like who asked for something that is so painful and i think he also sees it like that where he said it nothing happened it was fine we had fun we did nothing. bad and give you permission to touch me. maybe i shouldn't have been so. open and friendly and nice i
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should've gone to the authorities and spoken about this happened so many years ago . let's get it. to listing. they are in a sort of a class of the and the people from little class another class that i actually really suffering these rapes and the sexual abuse maybe on to a scene we also have a problem with but they say p.s. sometimes losing falls' leasing evidence we've got that happening in the hospitals as well and we have a lot of people leave london and our foundation in say the least. have been since last.
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i think we have. because the ultimate. quick recap of our breaking news story for you this hour russia's defense minister has announced new measures to bolster the security of russia's military personnel in syria a soft moscow put the blame on israel for syria's donning a russian military plane a week ago. and will get the new s. three hundred ad defense system which can identify and destroy multiple targets and a large areas of space a syrian command posts will also be equipped with automatic control systems to easily identify any russian planes in the area there are also will be additional radar jamming it measures targeting anyone attacking syria so it was six days ago
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a syrian battery shot down a russian military plane killing everyone on board the missiles were launched in response to an airstrike by israeli f. sixteen fighter jets and those missiles accidentally struck the russian plane a tragic incident happened around thirty five kilometers off the coast of syria as the aircraft was making its landing approach. thanks for sharing your time with us here at r.t. international plenty more of your monday top stories in about half an hour. join me every thursday. yes. i'm show business i'll see you then. seemed wrong. i mean you get to shape
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out just to come out to it and engagement equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. you know world big booty lot and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door. and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the troops the time is now we're watching closely watching the hawks.
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of the shower not say it's been seventy years since western powers toppled maybe a strongman moammar gadhafi live in the country and in tatters and unity in libya ever be reached again well i ask you stuff i wish i were the former deputy prime minister of libya. seventy years after the overthrow of moammar gadhafi libya still has no unified. militias of mud and petty squabbles civilians flee in droves and several rival governments
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a pilot has to stop the wave of chaos how can the prose as it putting the country back together again even begin what must happen for dozens of rival actors to come together and will libya even survive as one nation. or the former deputy prime minister of libya welcome to the show great to have you with us lots going on in the country to libya's ride. leaders prime minister fayyad iraj and general haile for have to have agreed to hold elections in december this is arrives now says that the situation is too unstable to hold france's and my own mccall who meditate that the talk says elections should still be held as planned as they would help to stabilize and unify the country which side are you on. the side of the libyan people i mean clearly it is there is a plan to have an election but of course the situation in the country today is not really favorable to that i mean there is really war going on in the east there is
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a lot of clashes around tripoli.


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