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tv   Sophie Co  RT  September 24, 2018 5:30am-5:50am EDT

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minister of libya welcome to the show great to have you with us lots going on in the country to libya's rival leaders prime minister fayyad iraj and general haile for have to have agreed to hold elections in december this is arrives now says that the situation is too unstable to hold france's and my own mccall who meditate that the talk says elections should still be held as planned as they would help to stabilize and unify the country which side are you on i am on the side of the libyan people i mean clearly there is a plan to have an election but of course the situation in the country today is not really favorable to that i mean there is really war going on in the east there is a lot of clashes around tripoli blame iran but of course the bins of this discourse lucian of the forces that mr soros has has issued an order to to form if they will really become very serious in doing their job and if they have the power and
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that's the thing it is. and also i think the important thing right now the united nations mission is a think being of much better role than they have done over the last four or five years at least now they are calling things by their names they are talking about the issues of the problems that are facing the country and also showing there is far more support from the international community to overcome this challenge that we are facing at this time said the libyan officials are reported to be anticipating american airstrikes in the country against isis targets ship the u.s. military come back again to libya is it a good idea do you think that at some point there will have to be another intervention to bring this endless fighting to an end. yeah i mean clearly there are some strikes against some. harsh presence in different parts of the country which is has been going on i mean it has been done to me regardless if you want to or not no clearly i don't want to see if serious military intervention in
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the country but i want to see a serious political and economic intervention from the powers to be because all those militias clearly they have over the years they were able to make a lot of money and so their accounts they are not a libya they are overseas so they can be used clearly against them there and those people even if they see a serious commitment from for example the united states since you mentioned that then i think there would those people would be able to work here to this pressure and they would be rightly willing to compromise and for coming to the solution where they will be able to get out from from the political arena getting out from the life of the people and just stay in their products until when the moment where they can be dismantled and been integrated in the in the in the middle society so the twenty eleven revolutionaries as well as khadafi were politicians people loyal
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to general huffed aren't tribal leaders have recently launched a libyan peace group initiative in tunisia how do you estimate the chances to and believe in crisis. i mean there is there is a lot of factions libyan army clearly i mean mr have to raise this to me is is one of those people who are causing this this problem and he had this problem by his campaign that started in two thousand and fourteen when he attacked bin ghazi and and and of course the time there is a group small group of people who are really they are a terrorist group but of course this campaign has gone on for four years and it did not do any good for the country itself i'm in the city mostly dismantled and also at the same time there is there is all these groups where they are clearly bear that to be able to overcome the problem that has today only peons have to join hands together let's join hundred slant to revenge what taking place in two
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thousand and eleven or two thousand and fourteen will ever that has but to join hands so they can work together to have a better future for themselves for their children for their grandchildren it's a general haftar who is libyan national army controls to east of the country and doesn't recognize the government in tripoli says that tripoli must be liberated he threatens to move on tripoli on the time is right if that is the case what is the point of all this peace talks groups foreign mediations. i mean of course i mean i mean to have to conclude whatever he wanted but there's no such thing as general national army i mean this is his creation we have a libya if you go to defer to the how many people are really enlisted in the are with one hundred thirty thousand of them have to doesn't have even a thousand of those people there so so he can claim whatever he want and everybody else force their claim of course you can see the spread good suppose attacking the tripoli also saying that they are another army there so so so all of this military
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there is no military solution to the country there is no way after all of the able to go into tripoli they be able in those brigades to be rolled into the side tripoli they are not going to be able to go to the east and of course live along the south which is right now there is a war raging between many different factions and there are also people from outside the country who they are there can you see a situation in which the government of national accord general haftar could reach a working consensus what shit they promised a half hour or so that he would agree to bring his army under control of the government in tripoli. first of all i don't think that the government in tripoli can do because they don't control much i mean clearly the only thing they have they have the international legitimacy which they have but the limb but the government in tripoli does not even have power of control on tripoli as a city alone for that alone about the whole east and the south part of the country
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so it is so to say that really the problem in libya is between mr soraya and have to if they agreed and they resolve the problem i wish it was that simple but it is not and of course we know that have to reduce very clearly i mean in the last week they came out and he mentioned that he does not believe in elections only believe that the the military is the one who should rule the country and that's an acceptable to all of the libyan people. and so so there is no so there is no even a starter starting point. and so so if there is no agreement on a political way to solve this problem. nobody can sort of this proto because there is no power in libya that is powerful enough to take over the country all of them down small powers they can fight for ever and they did it really over the last four five years that's what they did they just kept fighting and fighting and fighting and nobody was able to win then i think the only thing we have from one of this is
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destruction of the country is the killing of the young people and their innocent and the life of they became so miserable in the come to because of all of that we're going to take a short break right now when we're back we'll continue talking to. george the former deputy prime minister of libya discussing the situation in the country seven years after the revolution. what politicians to. put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected.
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so if you want to be president. or somehow want to be. that you going to be this is what will. be the. interest of all those in the water. manufacture consent to public wealth. when the ruling class isn't protect themselves. it's hard to imagine decades after the war
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a nazi doctor was still active rich in the nineteen seventies crittle had as the chair of its board a man convicted of mass murder and slavery. a german company developed. drug that was promoted as completely safe even during pregnancy. terrible side effects what has happened to my baby anything. just. mimics a little mind victims have to receive compensation never apologized for the suffering . not only want the money i want the revenge. we're back with. the former deputy prime minister of libya discussing whether
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libya's division can we overcome anytime soon so this son of moammar gadhafi saif al islam was willing to take part in libya's presidential election diplomats working on libyan peace talks a saif al islam is a symbol of a consolation for many libyans what's your take i mean does he have a role to play in the future of libya i mean i mean any any libyan has the right if they are not convicted in a court to flow if they do not commit crimes against the country in the libyan have the right to participate in the political system in libya because one former president should be. so. for mr safely islam which i don't know exactly what he is i mean the last time you know that he is imprisoned and sometimes i hear that maybe he was left but again i don't know what he has i mean he should come out and tell us where he is a fee is interested in doing that so so in principle anybody who did not was not
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convicted for a crime in libya i don't think that mr safely slam can do that unfortunately because when he has all the power unit his lifestyle he cannot do much as my first became out and he threatened the libyan people when the revolution started so i don't think that he is really cool to be a figure because again because of his history the history of his father and when he has all the power when his father was in power he has all the power to do with what he want and we haven't seen much been done by him or his father in favor of the of the libyan people i says where expelled from their libyan stronghold a year ago but just recently they've claimed the attack on the oil facility near tripoli the terminus such as for international and security affairs us that the group is now more active and organized than a year ago should we be worried that the group will use libya's disarray to reemerge and re stablish itself. of course the it's very unfortunate yes i mean
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the the instant that you mentioned on the. seed oil national company last ten days or so of course there was always these individuals who they probably did belong to the irish or belonged to somebody else who can attack the country because clearly the country is unstable unstable and there is there is a lot of people who they can commit a lot of crimes and among them is people who they say that they are part of the russian let's say there is no presence i'm sure there is but it is they are not as a year ago or a year and a half ago when they have a whole city and a territory libya which is under control in sirte and that was fought by the libyan be able themselves attacked with russia does a moscow can play a role in bringing the parties to the negotiating table the same way it's seeing in syria for example. i mean differently i mean russia the united states and england and so on who they have really when they talk to those people of the again showed
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that they are very interested in two things in a new unified libya and a stable libya and they will be willing to support us but they cannot support it to supply them with weapons they should to stop doing that and also i think russia can play a positive role in helping to stabilize the country but again this requires a lot of nations they're willing to do that and they are interested to see it so i remember barack obama won sat that biggest mistake of his presidency was a lack of planning for the aftermath of could aphis ouster. norway has just admitted it had no idea what it was doing when it sent planes to bomb lilia what about now i mean do you think the west has a clear cut strategy a libya today. i don't i don't think that libya right now is a priority to most of these countries don't think libya is a priority to night states or to russia or china or to the powers to be
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unfortunately libya slipped down into deprived of those those countries so they don't have no strategy for it and that's why clearly the smaller countries in the world they're playing a bigger role in libya to destabilize it instead of the the the measure countries admission powers of the world who they can play a different role being disengaged from it so so probably i mean you know over the last month or so there is some indication maybe the u.s. is trying to engage but that's not clear to me that they have not do anything to serve the people of libya itself so so i think it is it is a struggle that we are going through as libyans i know it's a very painful yes to all of us and it is very painful to our people but clearly we still there is a hope that we will overcome all those challenges especially if our international community help us on. i was going to say thank you very much for
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sharing your thoughts on libyan reality and reality on the ground it was being great talking to you good luck with everything we were talking to. the former deputy prime minister of libya in the country trouble transition seven years after the overthrow of. that's it for this edition of so if you can call see next.
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breaking news this hour international advanced missile defenses upgraded control systems and or a dog or all part of the measures russia is rolling out in syria in response to the downing of a military plane that last week moscow blames israel for the tragedy which refutes the claim. will preside over the security council i'm sure that's going to be the.


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