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tv   News  RT  September 30, 2018 10:00am-10:27am EDT

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the tibetans are. going to. give me a multiple i'll be just thinking of the new but i'm a dick to the physio middle class and in the muslims well he's going to win the. it's of the story. international donald trump took center stage at the united nations general assembly in new york making one bold claim after another. court. after an emotionally charged committee hearing donald trump orders an f.b.i.
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investigation into claims of sexual assault leveled at his supreme court nominee. two in paris locals say their daily lives have been turned into a nightmare after a special safe drug. use is. this if you. just hear this sunday starting of the weekend live from moscow welcome to the weekly with me in a round up of the big stories of the last seven days in the news feed among the stories was this that world leaders and top diplomats met in new york this last week for the seventy third united nations general assembly while they got to grips with global issues like nuclear disarmament for instance there was one person who
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certainly stole the show. donald trump president of the united states of america. china's market distortions. and the way they deal. cannot be tolerated. nations are as usual ripping off the rest of the world i don't like it nobody should like to. hear many will become totally dependent on russian energy if it does not immediately change course. all nations of the world should resist socialism. and the misery. that is bringing
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the. u.n. human rights council. had become a grave embarrassment and no support and recognition to the international criminal court the i.c.c. has no jurisdiction no legitimacy and no authority. god bless the nations of the world thank you very much lou some highlights the u.s. leader also gave plenty of attention to the north korea issue taking the opportunity to praise washington's progress with pyongyang but seems the north korean foreign minister didn't quote much enthusiasm. we are doing great that was a big big problem and you know the interesting when i did it and i was really being tough and so we're seeing
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a lot back and forth and then we fell in love ok no really he wrote me beautiful letters and they're great letters so i mean. the continuing sanctions deepen our mistrust of the u.s. the u.s. heavily relies on coercive measures that are lethal to trust building without any trust in the u.s. we have no confidence in our national security and under such circumstances there is no way we will unilaterally disarm ourselves not. so long ago was it that washington and pyongyang appeared to be on the brink of war now the u.s. secretary of state claims both countries are don't want any day trying to recapture the pasta full twelve months it's only been a year and then boom donald trump's second u.n. general assembly just listen to it i would like to thank chairman kim for his courage and for the steps he has taken a lot of very positive things are happening with chairman kim he likes me i like
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him we get along but most importantly i believe that chairman kim jong un wants peace and prosperity for north korea twelve months ago same building same holds same mr trump no one has shown more contempt for other nations and for the wellbeing of their own people then the depraved regime in north korea no north korea hasn't undergone any regime change surgery chairman kim is still in his chair but miraculously little rocket man is now an awesome guy rocket man shooting rockets all over the place and with me he's not get nowhere with it he will truly regret it five years. the likes of which nobody has seen before totally destroy north korea rocket man mad men is on a suicide mission for himself that he did it to state that while today kim jong un is the president's most admired pen pal i'm sure you've heard about the beautiful
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letter so i've received two letters from jim and kim much personal correspondence magnificent very strong letter form incredible letters the letters page one i showed one of the letters just. to prime minister and he said this is actually a groundbreaking letter like any other president donald trump would love. to be remembered as a group global peace maker it took him a year and a half from his inauguration to zero in on his desired legacy a true breakthrough in the korean crisis barak obama was having a harder time segmenting his place in history books but then the year when nuclear deal came to the rescue and the mission find your perfect legacy was complete after nearly two years of intensive negotiations backed by strong sanctions become trees
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represented in this room achieved what decades of animosity and rhetoric did not and thanks to this deal we have seen real progress shortly after mr obama was gone the deal was left in tatters no matter how monumental it had been in the first place the worst sales i've ever seen in the disastrous deal one of the dumbest e-mails one of the worst deals ever it was the iran deal i'm all for agreements but that was a bad one donald trump waved goodbye to the green minutes he quit unilaterally without paying attention to pretty much what the rest of the world has to say about it today's action sends a critical message the united states no longer makes empty threats when i make promises i keep that donald trump may indeed keep all his promises as president but it does happen that rivals sometimes take over the white house after
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term one what if and a couple of years someone else will be representing the u.s. behind these new one general assembly walls in new york a million to train from the. russian foreign minister sergey lavrov says sanctions against north korea are dated adding it would be better to support korean efforts rather than impose further restrictions on the country and kids from the lawyers for the militarization of peace in korea he believes despite the obvious progress unless there is compromise soon relations might well store. it's time to step back a little bit and not assume that the north koreans are just going to lay down their weapons out of trust for the united states because the u.s. has broken promises on numerous occasions so it's as the north koreans that trust has to be built up one step at a time and so this is
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a situation in which for the first time we have the two sides really dialogue going and it will be a chance to build trust through exchange of said but there needs to be a give and take a major side of. another huge story in the week in that emotionally charged hearing donald trump supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh and the woman who accuses him of attempted rape thirty six years ago testified before the u.s. senate judiciary committee on thursday twenty million people tuned in on t.v. and online for it that's almost twice as many of those who watched the game of thrones season finale. i recall saying that the bully who assaulted me could someday be on the u.s. supreme court i denied the allegation immediately categorically and unequivocal i am here today not because they want to be and terrified my family and my name have been totally and permanently destroyed my family and i have been the target of
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constant harassment and threats i intend no wheel well to dr ford and her family the other night actually and my daughter lies or said their prayers and little lies are all of ten years old. so do i actually we should pray for the woman. it's a lot of wisdom from a ten year olds. we mean we know we're well. i believe that if i came forward my single voice would be drowned out by have a chorus of powerful supporters this is a circus following another round of hearings in the senate judiciary committee the u.s. president ordered an f.b.i. investigation into the supreme court nominee that insisting the nonetheless that
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his pick remains the best choice for the job after a republican senator called to postpone the full senate confirmation a launch a week long investigation however divide was evident among the committee members during what was a heated hearing. filter gallus from wonderland around here rather than working with us my democratic colleagues chose not to participate in this process and yet again and again their refrain has been the same delay delay delay i'm very disappointed that we are here today voting on this nomination this supposed to be an independent equal branch of government we're no longer that we are an arm in a very weak arm of the trump white house is the beginning. of a process. that will tear this country apart the u.s. senate judiciary committee has been conducting confirmation hearings for brett
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kavanaugh nominated to be a supreme court justice by donald trump they took a vote to take the nomination of brett kavanaugh to the floor of the u.s. senate now as the vote was preparing we saw kind of a last minute proposal from republican senator jeff flake he proposed essentially that a final vote on the floor of the senate wouldn't take place until the f.b.i. had been able to do an investigation i do think we can. have a short pause and make sure that the f.b.i. can investigate and i understand it is that some of us would have to and i'm prepared to do it make a request to the white house to ask the f.b.i. to do that investigation it would be short. and limited in scope to the current allegations that have been made i would like to support the motion for that investigation i've explained many times the mother if the investigation is not
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necessary the nomination of brett kavanaugh has certainly divided the united states of america both sides very fired up about it and it appears that next week we will have a final vote in the u.s. senate regarding his confirmation as a supreme court justice in the united states the highest court in the land but it has been quite contentious protests all around capitol hill lots of accusations on both sides lots of anger. there's been a huge surge to report in the official death toll of friday seven point four quake and tsunami that followed in indonesia more than eight hundred thirty people are now confirmed dead that officials say that it was expected to rise in the thousands to the disease in disaster management agency says one. and four million people have been affected by what happened there rescuers are searching the rubble still for survivors of what happened on the island of sort of way see they're also trying to reach a place called where the epicenter of the earthquake was located meantime the city
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of palo that was hit by the deadly tsunami has been left in ruins seventeen thousand locals have been left homeless there is little drinking water there's reports of mass looting coming in now the full extent of the disaster is still not known either because roads have been blocked by landslides and communications cut because of the ongoing widespread power shortage the disease in government said to allocate more than thirty seven million dollars for the ongoing rescue operation. story improve from soon the week in a bid to try and stop the spread of disease authorities in paris are increasing the number of special safe houses for drug addicts but residents who live nearby are not happy they say that's turned their lives into a nightmare shot to do belsky investigate. behind these a gates stands the sour district the fixture in france's first illegal venue especially for addicts the idea was to give addicts
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a safe space to get coffee needles to prevent the spread of disease as well as to be able to seek help but since it opened almost two years ago people living and working on this street say it's turned their lives into a nightmare and despite gangs diety about sal to shoot many locals were too afraid to speak directly on camera if you see if you see the boy beating c three we. set up the law. office in the way you have been. very difficult. this is the answer we see the obvious but what. if you. see. the locals claim that the shooting gallery as it's been dubbed by the media makes the area for more dangerous and even though hundreds of addicts have made use
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of the facility many also is still choosing to shoot up right here on the street videos taken in recent weeks show drug deals. taking place in broad daylight the last time marty visited this street who was a week to witnessed an addict getting their fix. liver this is the spot where that video was shot and if you come with me now. i want you to just get a sense of how close that addict was to the drugs room that is being set up by the authorities here it's just over here it's a stone's throw away and instead of using up the solidity that was available they decided to get high on their own terms violent and aggressive behavior is now being witnessed he almost daily. police statistics show that since the drugs room was
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opened more than one thousand eight hundred offenses have been reported for the possession of narcotics their consumption and theft despite the outcry from locals earned significant evidence showing that it isn't toughing the desired effect and now looking up to open up for drug crimes along with a move. i think it would be necessary to have four rooms in paris suburbs including one to do with smoking crack on our balance treatment that meets health needs but if this pilot project is anything to go by these new versions just won't solve the problem in fact they could create even more show that you can ski arty paris broadhead sports action in russia as well out of this weekend just this last hour in fact the sixteenth hour of the sixteenth stage rather of the formula one of russia's saatchi and then a victory for british driver lewis hamilton all the details on. and some more the
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week's news of his very. unfortunate ukrainian government destroyed their country i don't know maybe they don't understand this but they destroyed the country they lost not only crimea but they lost their own people into. regions craniums and russia they really have is total very deep roots and to cut this road and to try just to show yourself that you are absolutely separate and different. from russians this is absolutely stupid the way this is a way to nowhere. that opposition have played
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a crucial role in this if guarding the life of the instant civilians and by all means we can't be you know part of think even you know at all and you know. committing a crime was this it is the national mall this is a lot of this it is. you months and again also our principles and values. i guess this is the way clear not international news in from ghana stand than in the last seven days hundreds of locals previously worked in the country for the german army blocks the entrance to a military base demanding help from berlin they say their work has put their lives in danger but it seems the requests for asylum are falling on deaf ears nonetheless .
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just not. just. on the you know. just. i was working at the front line with them i was working on a son. together german senior mentors with the german generals when i started my duty they told me. we would help you if you felt some problems. you know. this in the. knowledge we have this german war in afghanistan in our forehead so
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from german officers. to really look at us to the safe place. the we received direct and direct threats. sixty days ago by the militants case tortured and. his face smashed on. the other hand on family. should show them that we are really in danger we are not here for picnic we are not here for our time we are here to show them that you are really in danger we have really a big problem. with your fans. if you sit down and talk.
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kind that into this guy like he. had to get that. dead. and that to the money at that one the money we could. get it. didn't get the money yeah and that is out there who it is i'm up to a model of that and i think i've got a long time that a lot of us have the now rolling starting from it but i don't get to.
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see them out of them out so out of a lot of i'm not the model of people who got. it out of my depth and i could see that as i asked by the way to really. get that they did. it was about the truth so yeah i'm not it's. all if you look them in the look. at you you .
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one welcome to worlds apart the phrase geography is destiny is usually attributed to napoleon just before he took on russia the decision that ultimately cost him everything to centuries later daft maxim is reviled by many in georgia in ukraine who feel that russia's overbearing security posts are prevents them from following their own path everybody's geography and destiny be reconciled in the post office space well to discuss that i'm now joined by you know a georgian politician and twice the country's former acting president and speaker of parliament it's good to talk to your thank you very much for your time now some of your enemies call you the most pro russian politician in georgia something that i'm sure a town or even five years ago was a major of fans is that still in the fans you know and yes some people are calling
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me as a prussian politician because think this is not the right to free mission i am not pro russian and i'm not pro western let's say so called joy georgia politician because i think that everybody in the country of the political and should try to do what is the right for the country if was a country think east to have good relations with russia you should do that. but you don't mean that's good relations exclusively with russia i just don't want to see him of course not of course to have good relations with russia doesn't mean not to have relations and good relations with as the neighbors always do united states always european countries. russia is country always. very serious strengths in the region and we have lots of problems with the russian federation so but this is a very important from my. point of view we have to discuss these issues and
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problems with the russia when you have problems you have to discuss and only the people are calling me a suppression politician but was here on your show russia as much as you're willing to talk to russia i want to speak with russia i want to find solution was a russian and georgian no problems i want to go establish friendly relations with russia because i'm sure that this is important for my country let me ask you specifically about friendly relations because the political relationship between the two countries is still very tenuous but this year we have witnessed a significant increase in bilateral trade and in tourism the number of russians visiting your country so far this year has exceeded a million and from what i understand. a quarter more than last year so it seems that when it comes to the people they're actually ahead of the politicians in terms of normalizing the ties between our country fortunately yes and of course.
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everybody all to restrung russia does the countries are very welcome in georgia and i think it's very positive that we have a good trade relations and lots of people arriving in georgia but it's not enough if this is good but this is. from my point of view it's very employed.


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