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tv   News  RT  October 2, 2018 4:00pm-4:21pm EDT

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civil war in africa's newest country close to four hundred thousand lives according to a u.s. funded report prompting the question where has the initial support for south sudan gone also ahead. america's nato ambassador threatens a preemptive strike on russia to take out a missile accusing moscow of violating a major cold war era treaty. struggle between empathy and law unfolds in italy a program placed under house arrest for allegedly helping illegal immigrants. the people's republic of jam job a prominent conservative party politician in the u.k. is on the fire after making. about libya.
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i want to collaborate with you will use this hour welcome to the program the number of deaths in the civil war in the central african nation of south sudan has reached almost four hundred thousand that was revealed in a damning new report that says the figures almost eight times higher than previously thought it's also a long way from the hope that surrounded the country's declaration of independence in twenty eleven the u.s. is quick to support africa's newest nation then how long did that help continue reports south sudan is the youngest country in the world and according to a new report from the u.s. state department it's off to a pretty bleak start almost four hundred thousand people kill half of them killed in the conflict the other half dying of hunger and disease now previously prior to this report the estimates had only been in the tens of thousands but now it looks like the numbers of. yes in south sudan are approaching the number that have died
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in the conflict in syria pretty bleak but it wasn't always like this now in the one nine hundred ninety s. there was no south sudan sudan was one country and it was embroiled in the longest running civil war in the continent. however there were some perks at that point sadam had lots of oil to sell and china was pouring in investments and that is when the sanctions rolled in sudan was declared to be a state sponsor of terror bill clinton bombed a factory in one thousand nine hundred eight that he said was making chemical weapons our forces also attacked a factory in sudan associated with bin laden the work the factory was involved in the production of materials for chemical weapons but actually the factory was just making medicine no evidence of chemical weapons has ever been produced now the usa pushed for south sudan's independence in two thousand and eleven the usa hailed
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south sudan for breaking away and becoming a new country we may only one way or the republic of south sudan in two think you have sovereign nations but the euphoria did not last long it breaks my heart to see what south sudan has become today country fell into a civil war between rival clans the president turned against the vice president and mass killings and hunger ensued and all this killing was a headache for the united nations so with the new administration now in the white house the u.s. role in south sudan is being reassessed the united states government will not continue in a partnership with leaders who are only interested in perpetuating and list war characterized by ethnically motivated atrocities the government of south sudan has lost credibility and the united states is losing pay. yes south sudan is yet
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another example of the u.s. state department telling us that they're going to go rescue some four zero press people on the other side of the planet and then they're left spending money to analyze results showing that the conditions overall are getting a lot worse to an extent the world seem to have forgotten about south sudan not too long ago it was the world that was running together to form this new nation then at the expense of northern sudan which was run by bashir and he would close to hunting out routes and contracts for garbage disposal now italy stance when it comes to refugees and migrants has changed in recent times they've moved away from the policies of the said to right government that was operated under metiria renzi and the new coalition government certainly has picked up a populist and more well m t my grid view this coalition between the five star movement on the league headed up by the prime minister take they've really changed
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tack in put forward a far more well stronger view and stronger politics when it comes to refugees and migrants from italy that we've seen in the past. a prominent m.p. for britain's ruling conservative party is under fire after he made a joking reference to libya jacob riis more called the african state the people's republic of germany javal something that his party's annual conference. growth were. so. this is quite a bizarre comment to be heard from a well known politician referencing another nation this was indeed hard line breaks a tear in tory m.p. jacob riis more speaking on the sidelines of the annual a conservative party conference and what he was actually referencing was the great socialist people's
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libyan arab jemma here which is roughly translated as state of masses and that's what the north african nation of libby used to be called under more market duffy yet he chose those words instead and reaction was very swift to follow deary me jacob reese more your first attempt at global diplomacy has failed in a bit of casual racism did you and boris johnson have the same job if you teach at eton college maybe now is the time to learn some respect for other countries little england jacob riis malk shows his disdain for the rest of the world this tawdry tory government has had its time bush it deserves better than this inward looking bunch of unworldly has been and never were this sort of remark is becoming too common from the bracks it is coming as it does in the wake of boris's recent. insulting other people is not the way i want my country represented and the public see it for what it is petty politics the reason those boris johnson burka jibes and
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boris johnson in general get mentioned in a few of those reactions is because a former u.k. foreign secretary has himself come under fire on many of. asians for quite controversial comments for the burkas he had just recently compared women wearing them to letterbox is causing quite a bit of controversy here in the u.k. but with these latest comments on libya they do seem quiet strange indeed especially given the role that britain had played and the destiny of libya as a nation well arab affairs writer abdel bari atwan believes this kind of language can be heard all through british politics and society. oil prices are on the verge of a four year high as worries about over global supply is due to washington sanctions on iran the us dollar unexpectedly when the other way drop about twenty percent against iran's rail and one day washington plans to renew sanctions against tehran in early november following its withdrawal from the iran nuclear deal a move strongly opposed by other signatories in europe we heard exclusively from
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the iraqi foreign minister on how the crisis between iraq's neighbor iran and the united states can be resolved and recall your own speaking of iraq's relations with washington and iran bear in mind that iran is a close neighbor that we have a long border with we also have common history and a lot of similarities in social and cultural sphere is on the other hand we are grateful that the u.s. supported us in the past when it comes to tensions between the two iraq doesn't turn into a bullhorn against these countries we control our own will we do not participate in blockades either directly or indirectly such blockades only strike the most vulnerable groups of people the ill elderly and children if there's a warming in relations between the u.s. and north korea why can't there be one between washington and iran and north korea in the u.s. where a great erodes the agreement reached on the about ministration overcame the divisions using common sense it can still be enacted we have always been ready to
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take part in fixing problems but we're not going to be an integra part of that we weren't supports any state striving to spark a war in our region. liston in university students have clashed with israeli forces in the west bank city of ramallah the soldiers used tear gas and rubber bullets to disperse the protesters. demonstrators threw stones and tires on fire the rally was staged in protest against the demolition of a village in the west bank which is home to one hundred eighty palestinians protesters there are also continuing to make a stand against the israeli nation state for a general strike was held on monday as claimed the law makes israeli arabs as second class citizens. police in northern france have made a dawn raid on
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a muslim club suspected of extremist activity the country still on high alert with islamist inspired groups responsible for killing more than two hundred people in recent years with more on the raid from paris to do but. these raids took place near the northern port city in france of done kirkley took place on what's deemed to be a cultural association called center near dung kirk now we understand that the homes of twelve of the leaders of that so-called cultural center were targeted in these raids which started under the cover of darkness at six am local time here in france a huge operation with two hundred police officers involved and we understand that eleven individuals have been detained feuding three have been placed in custody for the possession of illegal firearms well so far the prefecture in france has given this statement about that operation. the activities of sans result of france under
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close watch given its leaders clear support for several jurors organizations and movements disposing ideas contrary to french republican values well what do we know about this center we understand that the assets of the center have been frozen for six months as a result of that operation we understand that it was established back in two thousand and five and that its aim was to spread islam there's also suggestions that it's a suspected of having links to pro is in the midst of militant groups and we understand that the site's prayer room has been closed down as a result of that operation on tuesday now france as we know has been in the high alert of a terror threat since two thousand and fifteen when there were a series of attacks in the country killing two hundred and forty six individuals and over the last few years there have been many terrorists including in november last year when knowing individuals were arrested in the september of two thousand
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and seventeen two individuals were arrested near the usual near paris and also back in july two thousand and seventeen there were five arrests after raids in northern france and in belgium. donald trump has fulfilled one of his campaign promises a new trade deal between the united states canada and mexico but the announcement of the landmark agreement was overshadowed by a sexual misconduct allegations against trump's supremes court nominee brett kavanaugh and it also added fuel to the president standoff with the press pack. truly historic good news this will be a new dawn this landmark agreement that incredible new this new deal will be the most modern up to date and balanced trade agreement in the history of our country brett kavanaugh foods is there a plan b. i have two questions about this weekend mr president you said that it's incorrect to say you know the f.b.i.
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investigation what does that have to do is right i don't mind answering the question but you know like i'd like to do the trade has to do with the other headline in the news which is the kind of i know but how about talking about trade and then we'll get to that you have a question dr will you want to get more questions later and several questions here just to that that's not to spread the charge if somebody is before you excuse me don't do that you have a question address you entered several but you have a question andrea she's shocked that a picture. in a state of. i'm not thinking about something and you think you never do it was trump's big day as he unveiled a new deal with canada and mexico that's supposed to replace nafta and if you remember he once called nafta the worst deal ever but trump's replacement deal is apparently a historic transaction the deal which took over a year to negotiate is called the united states mexico canada agreement and it will apparently solve all of the problems with nafta has and it will open markets to farmers and manufacturers and reduce trade barriers but during his campaign trump had promised to either renegotiate nafta or break it so this new deal fulfills that
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promise but at the press conference journalist weren't concerned about the deal they were really interested in the capital case and to remind the viewers cavanagh's a supreme court nominee who was accused of sexual harassment some have even said that trump's moment was stolen from him so an important development in economic policy was once again overshadowed by the latest liberal scandal of the moment and it doesn't look like it will stop any time soon. unprecedented cold case in britain could see historic changes to the rights of transgender parents and if successfully would mean a biological. may no longer need to be stipulated on british birth certificates the center of the legal battle is a single parent who became pregnant but who legally became a man when the child was born he wants to be identified as the father or parent and says that not being allowed to do so violates his human right to privacy and family life english law right now states that he must appear as the biological mother on the birth certificate and all this is preventing him from receiving welfare and
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state benefits among other things. while this is a unique case in england since twenty sixteen the u.s. state of california has given parents the choice to pick between mother father or simply parent according to personal preference we call the views of political commentator david vance and campaigner peter tatchell. the question this case raises is who should be on the birth certificate shouldn't necessarily be mother or father or could it just be parent i would think that it's not really important for legal reasons or any other practical reason why has to be a mother peter just said this let's remove mother from the birth certificate and replace it with something more more nonspecific such as parent but mothers give birth the kids sorry spoiler alert that's how it's been that's how it's always going to be and no one minds of debate are going to change that biological fact why
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why not just be make a reasonable accommodation in the small number of cases to acknowledge this person of the parents of the child will know that this person is their parent legally as well as in reality this child would become the first child in the history of this country and i believe anywhere else on their birth certificate the word mother is missing so just consider this for a moment can you imagine the cycle arm psychological damage that this would impact that child you know the child will probably find it different and unusual but as we have seen with same sex parents children get a handle on things pretty quickly love is about you know a parent's commitment and care for a child. what's on the birth certificate really doesn't affect that love and commitment in those instance that you that you've mentioned same sex couples
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regardless of the configuration the child was always born to a woman simple biological fact you know what i mean that's not being judgmental it's being it's being it's a fine dish in the fact that we must not be we must not run away from just because it might hurt some people's feelings there have been transmit some. in a similar situation have given birth and they have accepted that they should be named as the mother so this case is unique and it's different but i think the number of instances that will be involved in a similar circumstance is so so tiny we should not get our heads up about us and we should just make the accommodation but i think. you're peter peter the law is not best on on the exceptions the law must apply to all you just can't operate at the way that you'd like to so the fact of the matter is that this child was born to a woman and there for the birth certificate should reasonably reflect that reality
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. and that's the way it looks from here so far this hour javi next world news from r.t. off we've learned about the palestinians documented that tough lives not through protest of through off. with more make this manufacture consent instant of public wealth. when the running closest to protect themselves. when the financial merry go round lifts only the one percent. we can all middle of the room see. the real news room. join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of
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politics small business i'm show business i'll see you then. the way to the united states is dangerous for most of the illegal immigrants. crossing the most just as they would a simple i want to take on most of enter and i want to ask some just about what if many of them look for refuge in the so-called sentry sides of the drift used to share information about undocumented migrants with federal authorities only the last person asked bank of mom. policy to morrow i'll tell her that person i get i'm in a lot of class and i want that. they have water they all choose to stay in the country with donald trump in the white house all over for the gravels the both of you what is the you tube you got to do with the old sit sit struggles of many couples won't
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. kill the chance of putting. a beautiful. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy. let it be an arms race. spearing dramatic development the only really exists i don't see how that strategy will be successful very. time to sit down and talk. only this road that fifty meters is the thing between us and between the. motor skills that's a gas canister and gas canister here in the graveyard if. we do it isn't for coal to fifteen tons as. well as my post he
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says we. do our studio people are going to want. to do that to. me. like you are seeing.


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