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tv   News  RT  October 3, 2018 4:00am-4:17am EDT

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there's with the might to more than rival uncle sam to china overtake the u.s. as the leadership in the learn when i think china will overtake the us china's got a good chance of doing that they were above everybody else people underestimate him and he actually may well be the most powerful country now is certainly the united states but i think china will definitely surpass it in the future but here's the thing china may well become the most powerful in economic terms the people are not so keen on beijing taking the reigns as the globe's moral compass and think the us is still the best option as the world voice of reason trying to place the rest would be copied in the hope of those scary. i lean more towards the usa for their democratic system and human rights so i don't think it would be better if china became more powerful however ranking leaders on doing the right thing and trump is well down the list lower than china's xi jinping. ojo
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sure. shake loose. but that's not to say that trump and doesn't have those who hang on his every word taze huge in the philippines it seems most people there love nothing more than an outspoken well to mention provocative man in control and you don't even have to be able to hold a chew. the. food you can. use the minute you leave and in israel forget about it trump is the man pulling out of the iran nuclear deal and moving the us embassy to do. roussillon has earned him
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serious brownie points and alienated a whole bunch of people to we have i would say probably the best relationships right now with israel that we have or had the who's close you know is maybe ever before. with the term say and netanyahu on his side chant passes the pause but it's with china's when a son's coupled with america's decline does trump really have what it takes to remain at the top of the world pedestal how likely to think you he's to succeed so i want. one. i don't think it's possible the three zero scare be made between one and five you know his influence around three come on let's be honest donald trump is trump. ok to another story generating
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a lot of interest today and in germany where the daughter of a right wing politician has been disqualified from a portrait contest after reading out an anti migrant poem you're stuck for years. even. though. what you just heard was part of a poetry competition that was organized in southwest germany by a council as part of an anti racism initiative the entry you heard was. the fourteen year old daughter of a right wing german politician her controversial entry provoked this reaction in the whole. yeah hi. well despite
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that reaction she was disqualified from the competition in fact there were boos when a different winner was announced there has been backlash though her mother the alternative germany m.p. nicole who has said that their house had been dogged and spray painted with nazi slurs this type of reaction to a teenager's poetry isn't surprising in germany right now the political divide in the country hasn't been this prominent in recent times in fact we've seen a number of right wing demonstrations across the country that were really sparked into existence following the stabbing to death of a thirty five year old german man in the city of kemet it's the two main suspects in custody a two asylum applicants one from iraq and one from syria. going against all the tropes so dearly cherished by the fandom remember how the star wars lovers army even campaign to fund a remake well now you know who did it sifts sorry the russians
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had a great disturbance in the force this is millions of voices suddenly cried out and . suddenly his son just to prove it the guy behind the research analyzed almost a thousand online messages for the director and his result was more than half of the hate tweets came from trolls some of them were russian. the director didn't just pay attention he shared the link to the study with his twitter followers. mark. it wasn't disney not even the director it was the damn room ski's. by saying fake news that's what we've heard from web search giant google right from the moment the first false reports sneaked in. we have to take the problem very
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very seriously we have to think about what we can do there we have very clear policies in place we've adjusted some of our policies we're moving really really fast with what we can control. the crusader itself is in the spotlight over all things fake an investigation by the u.k.'s times newspaper has uncovered the search giant allowed fake websites to buy advertising space under terms like fake credit card that works google offered the service for round upon and a click and even allegedly came up with its own suggestions offering to buy similar search terms to boost the use of many see it as a breach of the company's core values we value honesty and fairness so we don't allow the promotion of products or services that are designed to enable dishonest behavior. well google was quick to respond claiming over three billion so-called bad. america is
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a house deeply divided and that division only continues the entire brett kavanaugh saga has turned into blood sport demanding each and every one of us pick a side we're in new territory and that place is called winner takes all. in a world of big part of the lot and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smart we need to stop slamming the door. and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks. join me every first day on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics small business i'm show business i'll see you then.
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all right let's go through what we know about this the students were protesting the new so-called express expulsion of all it gives authorities the right to expel students who have been aggressive with police officers teachers and other students or who have damaged property critics say it's an attempt to limit free speech and could be misused to punish even peaceful protesters. america is to nato is something of a true damage control mission after pledging to quote take its russian missiles that relevant of which the u.s.
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believes violates a cold war era treaty. the kielder me as yours would be to take out the missiles that are in development by russia in violation of the treaty so that would be the counter measure eventually russia's foreign ministry fired by saying public officials should be very careful when it comes to aggressive rhetoric international affairs commentator jonathan steele believes the u.s. ambassador was actually trying to convince nato to boost the fence spend. well as it says something about the need to keep nature of activism spending more and more money on defense it's just issued her comments in advance of a nature to their meeting in brussels a british us secretary of defense john mattress will be there and i think she's trying to raise interest and to raise a little bit of alarm as well same time these are very are carrying issues to do with the range of this different besides and bridges still being developed say has
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not been flown yet and served this is almost a theological argument because we're talking about things to discern abstract and unknowable and invisible to ordinary people into most of the intelligence agencies nature itself except the american ones so you just have to take them all trust. and moving on now russia's military house released a video of an earth defense system being delivered to syria it's being deployed there to protect personnel after the dunning of a russian military aircraft three weeks ago off the syrian coast here are some of the forty nine elements in total being handed over to damascus including four launchers.
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well the u.s. state department reacted to the s. three hundred deployment saying it could escalate the situation in the region. just to remind you syria accidentally shot down a russian il twenty reconnaissance aircraft during an attack by israeli fighter jets the kremlin accused israel of using the larger russian plane must cover israel confirm conducting the earth strikes but say's its jets were outside syrian airspace when the plane was. live from moscow every hour of the day this is r t international we've got some great programs right ahead it's all made available for you later as well on our dot com up in the midst.
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of the soon. to be. lucy. meet. somebody that does know that some. you never know what's happening in.
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libya just think of that in the. it's seems wrong. to me to get to shape out just to come get educated and engage with equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart. just to look for common ground. it's just a. simple
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yes swim if you. look at the sky. he think it will show. you the same thirty. some of shipping. the book via the bus and you will still. i don't know what the whole. reason the bus. boys are right there yet but. it does.
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time soon you're watching a special edition of going on the ground as nato defense ministers meet in the polish capital warsaw ahead of one of nature's largest military exercises i would legendary journalist and filmmaker. joel thanks for going back on the welcome let's go straight to your latest piece you quote the late robert parry of consortium news claiming that there are approved opinions and brush just side on the approved evidence go through this well i think you can categorize the news as approved or unapproved. basically were. are allowed to see the approved news but not allowed to see the unapproved news so usually the unapproved version is the evidence.
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doesn't have to be proof but it is the evidence it's the piece in the puzzle that allows us to make sense of the news way tonight that ok but then it makes it a bit complicated but more complicated when it comes to iran because britain isn't now after many years of opposing iran on the same side as iran and russia and china against the united states on the iran nuclear deal what do you make of a jump appearing to threaten their own again and again in britain being on the same say it is russia and iran that was really hurt in a mainstream media news in such a complicated place the world really does sometimes sometimes the pieces go to the wrong end of the board when it's convenient and sometimes the enemy of my enemy is my friend and therefore the most wicked alliances have to be forge and towards. us . so yes britain doesn't want and most of the you don't want to go ahead and sanction iran the hold down the iranian government
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because there are riches to be made in iran there are there is great trade to be done in iraq there is oil to be borton iran there is a great deal of advantage to be gained. in the time honored rail politic way all dealing with the wrong. truth be told they never liked that is the u.k. and the you never lie the u.s. obsession with the wrong the u.s. obsession with iran goes back to the full of the shah or persia who was one of the main pillars of u.s. so-called foreign policy in the middle east and when that came down to nine hundred seventy nine the u.s. has never really recovered.


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