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tv   News  RT  October 3, 2018 9:00am-9:23am EDT

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the un's highest court orders the u.s. to drop or wrong sanctions on humanitarian aid and support of iran as a victory for the rule. also this hour the british prime minister attempts to mounting pressure to resign my gets a letter of no confidence from our own party members just moments before giving a key speech. china's rising star eclipses the us people trust donald trump less than some school leaders that's according at least to new data from a washington based think tank. russian apparently light years ahead of trolls now blamed for critics not getting behind the new film the last.
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and i'll just go for pm here in moscow was pressure on the wrong on different. approach by the american administration is illegitimate. leverage to put pressure on the. behavior that is desirable to the united states that's why you. we have got some reaction from united states the first official response to that court ruling regarding iran peter hoekstra the u.s. ambassador to the netherlands stating that the case is meritless and holds no
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jurisdiction in a court which the rather the court has no jurisdiction over the united states they are dismissing the power of this struggle to force the u.s. to lift these things and that's the first response we have not if they are on this court. of china is playing a more important role in the world today the united states that's what's come from a recent poll conducted by the washington based think tank the pew research center that also shows that the chinese leaders is more trusted globally than his american counterpart. what gets in donald trump obsessive his image sure but what else. has been attempting to interfere in our upcoming twenty eight. election i've done a lot of this is where china china's market distortions china china china sea route china talking about china from and he has good reason to be fixated the rise of
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china is showing no signs of stopping with a nation poised to overtake america as the next world superpower polls conducted across twenty five countries show why the spread recognition that china is the emerging power with the might to more than rival uncle sam to china overtake us some of them will be the learn when i think china will overtake. china's got a good chance of doing their way above everybody else people underestimate him and actually the most powerful country now is certainly the united states but i think china will definitely surpass it in the future but here's the thing china may well become the most powerful in economic terms but people are not so keen on beijing taking the reigns as the globe's moral compass and think the u.s. is still the best option is the world voice of reason trying to do what it's us would be in the heart of those scary. i lean more towards the usa for
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their democratic system and human rights so i don't think it would be better if china became more powerful however ranking leaders on doing the right thing and trump is well down the list lower. and china is she didn't pay. well you know sure they. lose. but that's not to say that trump and doesn't have those who hang on his every word tase huge in the philippines it seems most people there love nothing more than an outspoken well to mention provocative man in control and you don't even have to be able to hold a chew. the. you .
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lose the minute you leave and in israel forget about it trump is that the man pulling out of the iran nuclear deal and moving the us embassy to jerusalem has earned him serious brownie points and alienated a whole bunch of people to we have i would say probably the best relationships right now with israel that we have or had the who is close now is maybe ever before that. with the term say on netanyahu on his side trunk passes the ports but it's with china's renee songs coupled with america's decline does trump really have what it
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takes to remain at the top of the world pedestal how likely to think you he's to succeed so i want to. work. i don't think it's possible to be three zero the scale be made between one and five you know his. influence around three come on let's be honest donald trump is trump. ukase conservative party conference has wraps up in the city of them despite speeches of unity from ministers position is on the further scrutiny from her own party. just moments before the reason was you to give a closing speech she was dealt yet another blow with the lesser of confidence apparently dampened spirits let's go live now to our tease on the situation in london thanks for joining us on to see what was the mood like during
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a speech the party conference in general what do you think it was like perhaps behind the scenes. well it down it's certainly a curious political times here in the u.k. as we speak and this annual conservative party conference has wrapped up to quite a bit of drama despite british prime minister theresa may putting up a show of keeping up appearances including with that quirky dance to dancing queen despite a speech that was really seen as make or break for her because of course much of this speech was dedicated to teresa me trying to show that she has things under control especially when it comes to bracks it having essentially now standing at a point of a potential no deal brags that having so no lots of division inside the u.k. and of course essentially having created basically a civil war inside her own country may was trying to show that she can still fix things however before her speech she was dealt quite a shock blow when
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a letter of no confidence had been sent by a tory m.p. going public with him essentially calling for her to go let's see what that letter said we don't. there comes a point the wind world is not the right way forward we need a strong leader someone who believes and breaks it and someone to deliver what the electorate voted for the prime minister seems incapable of doing this. well fifteen percent of tory m.p.'s or forty people would have to send in similar letters for any such thing to be considered however this still of course added fuel to the fire especially given that earlier we saw two reserve mase our former defiant foreign secretary boris johnson take to the stage as well and essentially trashing her approach to bracks it's amidst standing ovations so well with all of this discontent going on inside her own party at these quite uncertain times about how
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things will move forward there's a big question of whether or not it's really the time for humorous dances to be taking place. thanks for that under suspicion with the latest updates on that tory party conference thanks for that well of course a lot now to discuss this with a member of the european parliament for the u.k. independence party that's for joining us on the program today there's been growing disapproval among british employees over to reason may's handling of bricks it has been there for quite a while do you think this letter of no confidence though will change anything will change the course of the direction. very much i mean this is my i listen to the speech today. and it's what she does best really which is a lot of rhetoric find words which don't really amount to anything certainly don't translate into actions now she's upset many of her genuine remain leavers in the conservative party but i'm not sure that they're strong enough to actually force
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you know a leadership contest and get rid of it which would probably result in a general election which not confident i would win anyway so i think she's going to carry on on the same course which is to in complete effect. leigh ineffectually negotiate with the. until they come to in my opinion what's going to happen is that we'll end up with a leaving a withdrawal agreement whereby we don't really in reality we just believe in one which is precisely what she said she isn't going to do why can how can we trust that she was a reminder up until the day of the referendum and then after the referendum she gets intrusted with the most important job in british politics for the last two generations which is to get us out of the e.u. so why would you believe anything she says you can only judge your own results and so far they haven't been any results one of the key things she said about was this two key things a lot of pick up on one was talking about offering the terri free trade well yeah
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well why doesn't she do that she could say to them let's have continued tariff free trade you have last time i counted it was about fifty different free trade agreements with countries around the world none of them include the free movement of people and she could have said well you got plenty of these on the shelf you know we can we can customize one pretty quickly you can make your mind up on the list give them a month to think about it you can we can have one of those or you can have. this world trade organization and what does she do that she talks about seeking respect from the e.u. the other thing well why would they respect you if you're not actually telling them what it is that you intend to do and you keep on asking how do we leave can we have this can we have a little bit respect somebody like that i don't want to leave anyway they've got no incentive whatsoever to offer us a good deal so i wouldn't respect her either if i was in that position of course the other big bit of news coming out the. conference was sort of course is speech
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described as inspirational by some m.p.'s do you think the former foreign ministers got a chance. well having a shot at the leadership on negotiating a bricks that perhaps many many pieces. well as yourself in his own party would like to see. well i think it's always pretty much about boris it's about his career prosper i mean he was a reminder for a very long time himself i think he's already seen which way the national wind is blowing on this i think you know obviously there was a lever i think the national mood actually if you know if there was a second referendum which i don't want because we don't need one but if there was i think it would get bigger majority that would be my feeling he understands that he's got enough political mouse to understand that and his position is more about becoming the leader of the conservative party and prime minister than is a genuine concern about achieving a proper exit from the so if he were able to force
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a leadership contest if he were able to win again we'd have to judge him on the results not on the rhetoric and time is very short now i mean the constitutional committee of the european parliament here wrote a report over a year ago which said that all of this had to be agreed by october where we are now because they have to start planning for the next european elections and yet we're nowhere near agreeing the withdrawal agreement should all be cut and dried now and down and nothing has happened and that hasn't happened because of the complete inability and ineffectiveness and this is most probably mr to. get an agreement out of them i mean personally i don't think we should have an agreement that we should just leave and then tell them how it's going to work that's the only way it's ever going to happen and that's the last thing that mrs my actually wants to do and it looks like it was going to be crucial months for those negotiations and for the results of those talks to member of the european parliament for u.k. but it's party thanks for joining us that on r.t. you could have your. running battles in the old students fighting back against
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the controversial new law will have the details on that story and plenty more still to come after a short break. through. it but what the top line describes is consistent with my experience online well some vendors got even more disgruntled when they said they found their own tweets in the research it was a bad movie highly unlikely that it was a dry run for bots to practice we hated this film too loved rogue one but were totally underwhelmed by the last. so much so that my oldest questioned if it is worth going to the cinema to see any more disney star was solid did nothing to make me change my mind. it wasn't disney not even the director it was the damn skis.
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fighting fake news that's what we've heard from web search giant google right from the moment the first false reports sneak their thinking is probably very very seriously we have to think about what we can do there we have very clear policies in place we've adjusted some of our policies we're moving really really fast with what we can control or spotlight is now on the internet giants allegedly over a blunder of its own making and was the geisha and by the u.k.'s times newspaper has done a couple to search giant allowed fake websites to buy advertising space on the terms like fake credit card that works now google offered the service for approximately one pound per click reportedly they even came up with further suggestions offering to buy similar search terms to boost the views many see this as a breach of the company's core values. we value honesty and
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fairness so we don't allow the promotion of products or services that are designed to enable dishonest behavior google was quick to respond claiming over three billion so-called bad ads were blocked last year alone that i was a consultant bill news says the greatest effort is focused on the most profitable areas and fact checking isn't top of the list i think it's notable that when we're looking at areas where they generate the most money for their own services and that is in the targeting of ads they have put a lot of resources into making the algorithms far more sophisticated where they have lacked sophistication such as in the identification of insightful materials inappropriate materials and sort of some of the fraudulent activity that we're looking at today those are areas which aren't actually front and center in terms of the right business and therefore there's been less resource put into these areas in
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terms of making the algorithms more sophisticated what we need to see is google and facebook and others stepping up and actually improving those algorithms otherwise they're going to face some fairly draconian regulation. riot police have been deployed in sillies capitals until go to break up a student demonstration several arrests have been made and water cannon deployed against the protesters it. was. well the students were protesting a new so-called express expulsion lord gives all forward has the right to expel students who've been aggressive with police officers teachers and other students
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over damaged property critics say it's an attempt to stifle free speech and could mean choose to punish even peaceful protest is. a flimsy one myself for the solid join us again not. time for the latest global news headlines. don't accept the school just as strong as the right to be a little bit. it's. nice to.
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be. one of them somebody how can know it's a mask you never know what's happening and whether they're shooting like the birds . and this left out of the. love of. just thinking of that in the news but i'm addicted to sit. in the muslims all these to deal with. it's seemed wrong. to me to get to shape out just because get educated and engaged with equals betrayal.
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when so many find themselves worlds apart. just to look for common ground. times you're watching a special edition of going underground as nato defense ministers meet in the polish capital warsaw ahead of one of nature's largest ever military exercises with legendary journalist and filmmaker john pilger john thanks for going back on the welcome let's go straight to your latest piece you quote the late robert perry of consortium news claiming that there are approved opinions and brush just side
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unapproved evidence just go through this well i think you can categorize the news as approved or unapproved. basically we're allowed to see the approved news but not allowed to see the unapproved news so usually the unapproved version is the evidence. doesn't have to be proof but it is the evidence it's the piece in the puzzle that allows us to make sense of the news where tonight ok but then it makes it a bit complicated bit more complicated when it comes to iran because britain is and now after many years of opposing iran on the same side as iran and russia and china against the united states on the iran nuclear deal what do you make of a trump appearing to threaten their own again and again and britain being on the same side as russia and iran that was really hurt in a mainstream media news it's such a complicated place the world. sometimes sometimes the pieces go to the wrong end of the board when it's convenient and sometimes the enemy of my enemy is my friend
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and therefore the most alliances have to be forge and twitter was ever thus. so yes britain doesn't want and most of the you don't want to go ahead and sanction iran the hold down the iranian government because there are riches to be made in iran there are there is great trade to be done in iraq there is oil to be bored in iran there is a great deal of advantage to be gained. in the time honored rail politic way all dealing with the wrong. truth be told they never liked that is the u.k. in the you never lie the us obsession with the wrong the us obsession with iran goes back to the full of the shah or persia who was one of the main pillars of
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us so-called foreign policy in the middle east and when that came down to nine hundred seventy nine the us has never really recovered its sense its its equilibrium if you like its power in the middle east it wants iran back if not back it points to deny iran the independence of the arabian state now why trump in particular is obsessed with this i don't know but why shouldn't he be he's an american president he's doing what american presidents always do the fact that he's trump.


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