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joyed by friends of judge brad. the entry was later removed and thanks to a now he didn't remove tweet from congress edits we know that this work of p.t. opposed was added by someone using the house of representatives ip address. so with the manipulation of information being used on everything from the serious to the ludicrous the only way to cut through the official fog is by watching the hogs. but if you treat the bank like. it's one. of the products if you. like you know that i got. this. it's because i. welcome everybody to watch the science i robot and i'm
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talking wallace and no one has edited my wikipedia page from congress as i don't know what we can expect me i had when they took it down there so that i just wasn't relevant. apparently not how does it make you feel warm and cozy inside when someone says that your life has no relevance. but this is a major problem because we've seen a massive history in recent years of you know people jumping on whether people like a p.t.o. or comments on line are submitting comments for regulatory processes just to kind of manipulate what the perception of public interest is meddling meddling in the setting we do call the us wonder we're going to laws we have in place like it would be interesting you know damn want to really talk about what kind of laws are in place. to punish someone for going in and misleading the public about information or in their. misleading congress or misleading the government am the public
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about how the public feels about a certain issue well listen to this is true when according the intercept the incidences of delivered to the government to boost support for regulatory positions have become. like everybody going to work once now everyone's just pile it on it all we've got this work save we can fake anything like that it's funny to me that they think it worked when they got caught and were mocked about it makes you wonder how many times we're caught. i mean great point of things getting caught was new york attorney generals now currently investigating comments submitted to the f.c.c. during the push to repeal that neutrality that saw i think it was like what two million identities stolen wall street journal not even alive so with a name that was really famous old actresses to yeah they were like why is my mom friend no one would take that my mother was like first of all it was they just took a bunch of names and they pop up and make all the meat puppets in the advertising
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industry and it's a fake per cent online it's a fake personae used to push some sort of which is what some of us said yeah and then the wall street journal discovered big comics in the consumer financial protection bureau is proposed rule on payday lending now you're seeing it in bank mergers. there's no word of the public is actually is a payday lender or whatever to go out and put a positive or a video on let me just clear that up that's pretty rare that you know what is going now it and saying like my my experience with a payday lender was so great it's not happened it's not happening and then when you flip it over to like the wiki leaks side of things with where he is side of yeah so sorry julian didn't get very different censorious out of the wake of the. which as everybody knows this sort of community at it at a moderate and while there's a website or a twitter account twitter bought called. what is it called congress at it so congress will automatically to. whenever anything is whenever
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a wikipedia entry is edited from an ip address at capitol hill and so what happened here was republican senators lindsey graham mike lee and orrin hatch all had their phone numbers on the home addresses put on wikipedia which we called out then and it's not ok ok like i don't like any of those people anymore i find most of their republican you know most of their politics fairly repugnant and i'm sick of hearing the name orrin hatch i've heard his name my whole life and it's always attached to horrible things so i don't want to hear them but you don't put out people you don't do x. people this is things that were done to attack women online they've been done to rape victims and assault victims these are things that are not ok so i'm glad i got caught before anyone got hurt because people do get hurt like let's try to be you know fight violence or fight ignorance with more ignorance and violence so whoever did that i hope it's just one of those like i'm an intern and i made. the tragedy
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other i will but about to is the congress of so they do take it off twitter because it just read it you know. they just in general let it appears there's a new master and yes united states president donald trump has worked out a brand new potentially bad trade agreement with mexico and canada darn and in the effort to replace the nine hundred ninety s. bill clinton era bad trade to imaginatively titled the united states mexico canada agreement or us ca which is not to be confused with the us embassy or united states marine corps the deal appears to be quite beneficial for the already immaculately successful corporate giants inhabiting silicon valley here to give us the details on just how these tech giants will benefit from the us and ca is r.t. america correspondent. welcome thank you sir always a pleasure so what are the details of. the two point zero you. see.
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these big charge what are we talking about so these big tech firms have already been protected by section two thirty of the u.s. communications decency act that was placed in play taken place twenty years ago now facebook founder and c.e.o. mark zuckerberg has been very vocal about it saying that it really has helped him in facebook's success but admits that times have now changed the new provisions allow for them to avoid legal risks what this basically means is that google facebook and amazon are not legally held responsible for what's posted on their websites by users so this now extends what the new u.s. m.c.a. will extend to canada and mexico as well but this is especially an interesting time given the recent allegations and accusations that facebook has been facing regarding the russian meddling during the twenty sixteen election but there are some exemptions to the law and these include tech giants can still be sued for
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incitement of violence protection against online sex trafficking sexual exploitation of children and prostitution so there are some limitations. so yeah it's very interesting considering there's been this major i mean we had you know people going in front of congress and zuckerberg and all of them talking about how to protect them how to make these things what's interesting to me we keep saying a pattern here and that's you know you're facebook's you're amazon's you're google's our u.s. space do you think this is the reason that these provisions were put into this. very well could be different countries have different laws protecting its citizens and their privacy the e.u. for example took a law into a place to lie into effect just earlier this year the general data protection regulation and it restricts how personal data from its citizens is being collected and handled what they need to do is be clear and concise about how they treat this information and even if it's in small print it's still not enough so people need to
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really be told specifically and it needs to be cleared of them and seeing what we're doing with your information now. like i said the the small print of the matter of value it has to be straightforward and that's kind of the tragedy as most people always click past that oh yeah i agree oh yeah i agree and you don't even know no one ever reads it and that's and that's really there's no other countries as you're saying that even things like that have stricter policies protecting the privacy of citizens now facebook which is legally protected from a lot of liability here in the united states but they're essentially internet they're an international company at this point i mean they have a population of facebook that rivals most first work for world countries. how is how is that how is this being used internationally how might these laws affect users of the platform outside of the u.s. where there are already affecting users like facebook where a lot of european. the way to the united
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states is dangerous for most of the illegal immigrants. there's a lot of sympathy i want to become and i want the last one just about what many of them look for refuge in the so-called sentries on the dresser used to share information about undocumented migrants with federal authorities. began. to see that we don't have an end up back on i guess i'm in a lot of class and i want to. what are the options to stay in the country with donald trump and the. other political rivals. to be. able to. do what chuck put those. of you out to the.
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ah i'm going to pull a colony on your folks and not the way you think let me tell you something congress doesn't care about women congress also doesn't care about victims of sexual violence if they did care about victims of sexual violence female or male they wouldn't have let the violence against women act expire which serves both genders in regard to sexual assault because dead let it expire and with expiration we lose support for the federal rape shield law that limits the ability to introduce evidence or cross-examined rape complaints about their complaints about their past sexual behavior it protects victims from eviction due to the acts of abuse or stalking on the property funding for rape crisis centers elder abuse prevention programs and legal aid funding for victims of sexual or domestic violence and while some eighty percent of reported rape victims are we. native american women are much
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more likely to be a victim of sexual violence than any other race or ethnic group in the us and they are much much less likely to see any kind of justice according to the government accountability office federal courts refused to prosecute up to sixty seven percent of sexual assault cases on reservations against native american women and it's when a sixteen study by the u.s. department of justice it was found that more than four in five american indian and alaskan native alaskan native women eighty four point three percent have experienced violence in their lifetime this includes fifty six point one percent who have experienced sexual violence and forty eight point eight percent who have experienced stalking however the most disturbing thing is that according to the same study ninety percent of native american women have experienced violence at the hands of a non tribal member and the only thing that has allowed victims of violence on reservations to get justice is the violence against women's act joining us today from portland oregon to discuss this topic is native writer and award winning
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journalist jacqueline keeler thank you so much for joining us today jacqueline. thank you for having me thank you so the violence against women act was passed in one nine hundred ninety two which i want to make i want to add was coined the year of the woman because of the impact of anita hill's one thousand nine hundred one testimony and the record number of women that one congressional seats and that momentum helped to get the act passed now we're in the year of blaming women for everything and it's gone from words to actions and they're now now it's just blatantly putting lives at less risk when you see this jacqueline what does the violence against women act do specifically to help native victims of sexual violence and why is that so necessary. yeah there are large swaths united states in which native women are completely vulnerable there are gaps in the justice system which were really evolved in the nineteenth century and were made worse with
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rulings that happened in the twentieth century basically tribes do not have jurisdiction over non-natives so if you are not rolled in a federally recognized tribes the tribe any tribe does not have jurisdiction over you so you have reservations where as you noted the f.b.i. is often the the party that would investigate and they decline to investigate over seventy percent of these cases that are reported in the confusion about jurisdiction means that there is inaction in follow up you know sheriffs may not know if they have jurisdiction over a certain area or not some reservations like for berthold which is in the middle of the bokken which has a great deal of issues because of the man camps for building the pipelines is you know has five or six i think counties that intersect on the reservation so you're talking about six different sheriffs and so yeah there are huge and you know people
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know this they know that they can go to the reservation and commit murder and rape and not be prosecuted so leaves native who. men in their own homelands incredibly vulnerable to violence. it's interesting because between two thousand and five and two thousand and nine u.s. attorneys declined to prosecute sixty seven percent of matters referred to them involving sexual abuse of native americans with this and other statistics so grim in recent years and getting worse is the united states by the government in violation of the united nations declaration on the rights of indigenous people that's the most important question of the detail. well you know. i don't know that the i think the u.s. is kind even i think you can find it but they you know it's i think the issue is that. indigenous communities are very are at risk this certainly you know falls under the. geneva conventions on genocide you know making
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a population so at rest even in our in our home particularly in our home communities i mean i'm safer living in off the reservation i am on the reservation because violence against me can actually be prosecuted under the violence against women's act when it was amended the two thousand and thirteen version which passed in two thousand and fifteen and was held up for two years by republicans that did not want to extend tribal jurisdiction over non-natives and so what vowel out the. two thousand and thirteen was to allow tribes to assume jurisdiction over domestic violence cases on the reservation and so over anybody not just federally enrolled people and so so this actually this is what is at stake several tribes have gone through the process of being able to get the training and everything to be able to implement. on their reservations but this is definitely at
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risk with the with the lapse in the author's reauthorization there's been a temporary reactors a. december first and definitely it's something that is. respectful of the funding for actually funding these different justice initiatives right and as i said it's what it's interesting because the violence against women act actually covers as i said both genders lots of programs everything from elder abuse to you know education in youth programs well one of the things we've noticed we've noticed is that you know during you know when black lives matter came up we looked at the statistics for native american men they were much more at risk of being shot and killed by a on armed by a police officer than even african-american men were and we keep seeing this ignorance like just sort of ignoring violence against native american populations in general and. what i wanted to ask you was near the end of twenty
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seventeen the f.b.i.'s national crime information center had said their database had six hundred thirty three open missing person cases for native american women and i keep seeing it over and over women are missing more native american women western and nothing is happening there doesn't seem to be an alarm bell let me ask you is this another is this a matter of jurisdictions not being clear or is it a lack of communication between non-tribal law enforcement and the tribes or is it something else entirely. yeah i covered the case of the search for a living alone bear i wrote about that. in may and her body was recently found at the bottom of the was from fort berthold reservation north dakota in the bokken and her body was found. there on her reservation and but yeah i talked to the family i interviewed you know tribal police and the police and f.b.i.
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and there are a number of issues one is definitely nation. and also the lack of data too and i know that that is something that is being addressed by different legislative fixes and funding and initiatives that are being pursued right now. but yeah we don't have a lot of data on it there is not the level you know i talked to travel police they said they had a lot more coordination with state and federal law enforcement regarding the the prevention of meth use on the reservation they did with with sexual violence and they would like to see comparable levels of sort of interagency support so that they could address this more at a and more equitable level yeah it's interesting in august of this year of business women's rights advocate susan boyle was told the seattle times that it's the legacies the ongoing legacies of color as
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a shield and policies that have affected tribal communities intentional policies that have hurt and damaged native communities what can we do aside from pressure and pressure in congress to help native indigenous victims of sexual violence and the reverse some of these destructive effects of colonisation that we've seen you know devastating communities across this country. well you know i definitely feel if this is a continuation of the war the indian wars i mean they have not ended you know we are still you know the this is history it's clearly show that native people are incredibly vulnerable to violence we are by far the most vulnerable population in this country and you know whether whether you're looking at rape suicide of death by police you know i think of your earlier when i go to day number one in this world we are not told the love the love so i tell you all i love i am tired rover on top of the wall and keep on watching those hawks and have
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a great mother. by . the church secret indeed catholic priests accused of sexually abusing children can get away with it quite literally i like to call this the do graphic solution so what the bishop needs to do then he finds out that the priest is is a perpetrator is simply moves him to
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a different spot where the previous standard is not the highest ranks of the catholic church conceal the accused priests from the police and justice system to that it does no good as the i conclude that it just is out in. this. case felt. backs geysers financial survival bill they say money the bell i. couldn't take it easy this is a central plank so for die a gun is kind of problem right now so stop the. cooked additional note of what was an etc to look at some of these it's just a. simple yes so when i'm with you to. look for the showing of the where.
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he think i should. you know you have the same study. which of shipping. the book via the work of the post in your book which still loosely notes i don't know what that. was the latest news in the for us. boys and he writes so you have put. through some really strong.
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west lashes out against the alleged activities of the russian intelligence service the united states the u.k. and the netherlands accused the g.r.u. of cybertron. as america holds its breath awaiting the outcome in deep red cavaney case the supremes court nominee accused of sexual misconduct we look at an unexpected effects of the scandal could have on the looming midterm elections. faceless full size claims hypocritical bodies and used to show i'm just prosecution damages the cause of human rights. the latest in a series of us with drawls from international justice committee.


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