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india defies the threat of u.s. sanctions by signing a deal with russia to buy its advanced that's four hundred air defense system. i do you know here's how informants to britain's m i five secret service are allowed to break the law if it prevents a big across. the west hips out of russia's g.r.u. military intelligence service exposing an alleged campaign of cyber attacks around the world clearing on the international chemical weapons watchdog. good evening and welcome this is r.t. international. a vast contract to deliver russian s four hundred defense systems to
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india has been signed by vladimir putin and around ramadi the leaders penned the deal despite washington's attempts to stop indifferent signing. of his in new delhi force the whole scale of today's meeting while it was staggering if i was to list everything that the two leaders will discuss from nuclear corporation to agriculture to space and so on and so forth could easily take the rest of the day and also a very warm very cordial atmosphere between the leaders part of. india very special attention to its relationship with russia in this fast changing world the relationship is becoming even more important now nine hundred meeting gives a fresh impetus to a privilege to. have given new meaning to our mutual cooperation. zimmer used to be with me is our military cooperation goes beyond supplies of russian weapons our countries jointly make can develop military products we maintain regular contacts
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between the defense ministries and general staffs of our countries when discussing the international agenda we confirm that russia and india is here to similar positions on key global issues so we've decided to step up our cooperation so among all these deals one that particularly stands out is the one that finalized india's acquisition of russia's as four hundred anti-missile defense systems and it's not just about india expanding its defensive capabilities against its regional rivals like pakistan or china for example it's also new delhi sending a strong pure political message because you see every time someone shows interest or indeed by a russian advanced russian weapon washington falls flat with washington for example when china bought the very same and a missile defense system which india has now ports and some fighter jets to go with it off russia it was slapped with sanctions and now india is defying this potential
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threat even though washington for example one pentagon general has said that while indeed sanctions are on the table it is ultimately up to donald trump eventually it will be donald trump's call whether or not to punish india for what it's doing so really it's interesting while russia and india are doing business it's fair to say that the ball is in washington's court. swearing charlier of the school of international affairs india told us washington's behavior towards asian countries could backfire. what we're seeing telling the us is we're independent but we want to partner with you. on the basis of mutual benefit it should not be a one sided thing we demand and we simply comply and trump should sooner or later realize that because there is going to be a boomerang effect the. kind of strategic close in us we had with you will see is not just us today i mean it has a lot of clouds gathering or would be us in your relationship or people questioning
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whether it has a long term future if trump keeps on doing this unilateral ultimatum kind of business so i think they should realize that for you for trump keeps on eliminating more and more allies and partners then they will be left with no allies and partners and they will be isolated and i think that's the real being the u.s. faces with this kind of behavior. for thirty years informants to britain's homeland security service and my five have been allowed to commit crimes on party so without fear of prosecution if it prevented more serious offenses that's what the tribunals in the country has been told auntie's and the serious churkin has the story this is indeed a case that was brought forward by for human rights groups including privacy international and reprieve who are arguing that it's important to know the extent of the seriousness of the crimes that m i five could have potentially been getting away with. it appears that the security service believes that good if it thinks it
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would be in the public interest authorized but disciplined torture sexual assault to the grave criminality in the u.k. well the tribunal heard from these groups bringing forward the allegations and demanding answers to a secret policy and what was referred to as british domestic security services the m i five working under secret policy that has been dubbed the third direction it was said that this is a policy that has been in place for decades under different versions and is still in place today and according to these groups bringing this case forward they are saying it is crucial to find out whether or not any of those actions could have been violations of human rights of basic human rights so that's what they want to know and in terms of the documents that were presented at these hearings there was one very largely redacted government policy document that essentially
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talks about the occasional necessity of criminality when it comes to such issues as well as a letter dating back to twenty twelve written by then prime minister david cameron to a judge who is overseeing such issues at the at the time essentially calling for him to not pay too much attention to the legality of such operations. this acuity service has a longstanding policy for the agent handlers to agree to agents participating in crime for the avoidance of doubt i should be clear that such oversight would not provide endorsement of the legality of the policy you would not be asked to provide a view on whether any particular case should be referred to the prosecuting authorities well in this letter david cameron does bring up the question of up to actually making this information public and then goes on to say he kind of decides against it citing as has become so traditional national security so given really the thick veil of secrecy surrounding this issue as well as the apparent
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longstanding existence of such conduct of operation it really seems like this is a case that is going to be dragging out for quite some time. russia found itself confronted on thursday over the alleged activities of its military intelligence service the g.r.u. a number of western countries and international organizations called out moscow for dirty cyber tricks targeting groups from the international chemical weapons watchdog through to even the russian news agency or at least on hawkins breaks down the details. election interference troll factories this information man hacking we've heard most of it before but the latest charge sheet against russia is all encompassing and endless there were hundreds of victims targeted by these russian criminals if they flowers international law in this way russia's indiscriminate campaign of cyber attacks the violations of several u.s. criminal laws they will be exposed russia must stop reckless and irresponsible
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behavior of. this directors of behavior the russian government needs to know they want to fully condemn this attack it will be exposed and it will be consequences it seems every accusation of malign activity over the last four years from the downing of m.h. seven team to the water doping scandal has come back all at once united under a common name and symbol before it was often vague russian hackers agents or just putin but apparently we can now name the entity responsible for everything all along the g r u russian military intelligence even specific mains and faces have been linked with the alleged crimes seven individuals were indicted by the us with four of them also accused the involvement in the netherlands o.p.c. w hack and three war already featured in robert mueller is continuing russia
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meddling probe. this group of just sixteen people is certainly kept busy according to the latest allegations how can the malaysia airlines probe the o.p.c. w solsbury poising investigation and the dopey agencies from canada to brazil the us election you name it the hand of the g.r.u. is never far away and according to some the allegations are irrefutable proof of russia's guilt in all other incidents here you have evidence of the russian military launching a cyber attack on the very organization the international organization in the netherlands set up to investigate those novacek attacks and why would you do that if you were the guilty party and as we've seen before there is no need to meet any real standards of evidence remember when the n.s.a. was accused of spying on charts of the merkel back in twenty fifteen or the german federal prosecutor in the system had a legal burden of proof to be met to prove this low such luxury what rushes in the
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dock they're almost certain and high confidence from u.k. security services are enough to beat the drum for new sanctions and anyway the soviet era k.g.b. is long gone the image of public enemy number one is long overdue for an overhaul and this is the perfect opportunity to consolidate the perfect storm i think this is a coordinated attack look this one's got everything it's got it's got chemical weapons it got a lecture meddling it's got doping it's got every other thing you can think of that the russians are guilty of and i think this cloud of accusations is its own purpose in a normal rational people would say well why would they be saying these things unless they had some purpose in mind the purpose is to poison any possible rapprochement between washington especially and russia as donald trump said he wanted to do during the campaign to make sure that cannot happen and that relations continue to go from bad to worse we may not know the whole truth all which side is hiding
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something but it's image narrative which is important and the russians you know you bogeyman is becoming firmly embedded in public mindset. russia's ambassador to the united kingdom claims that evidence from the british scientists the lacking. we believe that this kind of statement reckless and explain why first of all this statements are not supported by any evidence this is first second we hear this kind of of the gay sions what in our quoted time and in this to seldon seventeen for former foreign secretary boris johnson was in moscow. of russian foreign minister offered him to have a consultations on the service security and he said if you have any questions in connection with the alleged russian activity we can put this specialist from two countries sit down on the table and to discuss professionally what are the concerns
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of the british side the british refused to do this and instead of that they launched reckless attacks on us without any evidence this is quite a big story you know this is the name of the russian intelligence organization you know if you names there are expelled in all these things but the beef i mean this is this substance is not. basically given so we're going to ask the british side to give more information on that and we're going to repeat our call if you have some information please share this information and we're ready to sit down and talk. but coveralls nomination to become a u.s. supreme court judge will advance to a final floor vote likely on saturday this is after a key senate procedural vote has passed fifty one to forty nine it comes in the
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wake of some three hundred anti kavanaugh demonstrators being arrested at a sit in protest on capitol hill among those detained with two celebrities all emily rhotic koski and compared to this there was a study and in n.z. . just occasionally compared to this this this this dumpster fire here. i'm still trying to get my head around this tunnel maybe you can clarify it for me as i understand all of these. witnesses and the evidence if there is and has been brought forward it's all been done in the surroundings of this nomination hearing why if there's evidence of sexual assault or a criminal act why is that not taking place separately and then they can say ok this this guy governor is a criminal he's not appropriate to be a supreme court judge. why is there no evidence of guilt and then an assessment whether this guy is suitable or not i just can't get my head around the concept.
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get there's no getting your head around it let me let everyone know that this judge judge brett kavanaugh was in the circuit court for the district of columbia the d.c. this is considered the second highest judge he's had six. six separate f.b.i. investigations six none of this came up when he up he. thousand questions never came up dianne feinstein the senator one of the leading senators of the democratic side of judiciary committee new since joe allow i had this information never said anything it was only until the eleventh hour when they said now we're going to introduce this why to try to stretch or we have mid-term elections coming up in november they're trying everything in their power to push this appointee off into the future as possible causing as much delay
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a failure anything to gum up the works both for the midterm election let me answer your question perhaps and not to be so well looked at all as i apologize for being none of this makes any sense this has been brought up this man has been again six years nobody heard of this he has not been hiding he's not been some recessed candidate he has been out in the open and none of these people ever said anything but now they do and there's also this you must understand this the the montreux the belief is that his. his position is going to result in the repeal of roe against wade or this supreme court case which which guaranteed women the right to have an abortion this is the montra is this incantation that with him in the supreme court is going to be back alley abortions and coat hangers and be
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terrible none of this is even remotely possible it's hysteria mixed with hysteria misinformation and you also have a this is the most important you have a a and anti trump sockpuppet. bumper sticker media that feels this gives all of these people all of the time they work no matter what no matter what the allegation. and if you dare dare to question the legitimacy the veracity the factual basis the the evidence that contradicts from other witnesses as well your anti-woman anti-female you are you're in favor of rape and rapists and you are shut down if you show anti social media and in your own workplace if you're an academic you even question this dare question any aspect of this and you are
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a male chauvinist pig you're horrible and you or you feel that the full weight of censure i mean this is divided people i know people who are so angry who i always ask them tell me what about this particular case bothers you the most i don't know i just can't get this guy what about this guy. that's it it's this anger it's this trump it's this and people i guess they feel maybe that kind of enjoy being a part of this public discussion i'm going to rallies i can i get a gram my face hey look mom i'm protesting this is great i don't know what i'm talking about i don't know what this man is done but i like this amy schumer how's their career going no problem here i am how my doing it it's it's a circus i said loser who is that you just made pharisee to the point you just might. not there's a presumption of guilt before innocence which flies in the face of everything i
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kind of grew up understanding in terms of common sense and the law let's look at it from the other side though let's say that these alleged victims are indeed victims and they were assaulted or were in difficult circumstances because of the the nominee. how do you feel about them being thrust into the spotlight now is this the right forum for the. suffering to be scrutinized. they were thrust in they shoved their way in they thrust themselves and this could have been there are people right now bay game we have a lawyer whose name i will not mention but he seems to be the the talent agent for these people and they are doing everything in their power to get on t.v. to be heard thrust into this oh no they're doing the thrusting they are for they
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are trying to break beat the door into here me and what's happening is now let me show you how bad this is let me go one step further if that's not enough and they realized this isn't working this sexual. aggression aspects i work and they went back and actually said that when did this when brett kavanaugh was in college. ready for this he was at a bar there was a fight or an argument and he threw i said somebody might have been drunk in college let me repeat through i said someone they actually had this investigated i'm not kidding and then you have another person who has a wait a minute when i was in college he was a lot more drunk than he was he's coming across as not is as as he is a bit of a tipple or now when people ask what in the name of god does this have to do with
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his being a supreme court justice or saying well it goes of the issue of veracity he said he didn't drink that much but he did so it's as we say in the legal biz it's impeachment of a witness based on collateral matters and it is there is no end to this and they're waiting and they have terrified his wife his daughters why he wants to do this why he wants to submit himself to this i know that might be the reason for his for his his ouster because he's insane to put himself in this family through this circus it's it's insane think about this everybody watching would you he's fifty to fifty three would you would any of us in our high school days have anything that might come up especially not corroborated that might be embarrassing and more importantly should something that came up to there or
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something if you commit murder certainly no matter where it is but throwing ice and somebody's face drinking a lot being a tipple or being a boozer when you were in high school did i meet thinness this is embarrassing there's part of me as a know as an american citizen as a lawyer as a member of the supreme court i am. mortified that we're looking like this is what you consider to be this is it this is what you're talking about throwing ice and drinking ad and unsubstantiated claims and by the way there are people who have done so no much we don't have time for this research into who this doctor for it is and whenever someone at vance's that is by the way did you know something that she had said in the past about this they say don't want to hear about it don't you're right you are a male and you don't understand sexual which puts believe me that that's not the
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issue but you but if i were to say that you did something on a particular date and four witnesses say that didn't happen you was the accused have no right you hit on this is called the presumption of innocence is called the burden of proof if you're going to say somebody did something if you're going to ruin their life and subject them by the way to losing his current job perhaps as district or as a circuit court of appeals judge for d.c. you better have at least some evidence and do not be offended if the good judge decides i'm going on all of them afraid it's going to influence your this point i mean he's such a lengthy issue and it's a long conversation and i hope we can continue at some point and you hit the nail on the head the now the presumption of innocence we don't yet know at this point whether the claims by these alleged victims. are genuine or not not something is going to be determined and i don't know when we're actually going to get to the bottom of this but it's
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a story we will stay with many thanks legal media analyst lionel. onto other news now to palestinians including a twelve year old boy being killed during protests today longo's his border with israel that's according to local health officials israel is climbing around twenty thousand palestinians amassed at the border as part of continuing demonstrations. the. perfect. perfect perfect. demonstrators gather every friday for the great march of return they regularly set fire to tires and they
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throw explosives at these really forces the protests began in the spring and donald trump recognized jerusalem as the israeli capital and moved the u.s. embassy there from television around two hundred palestinians have been killed during those protests. in the wake of donald trump's controversial comments toward saudi arabia where he said the state would collapse without u.s. support one of washington's key enemies is reached out to riyadh iran's foreign minister said that the country should work together to ensure regional security present repeatedly humiliate the saudis by saying they can't last two weeks without is support this is the recompense for the delusion that one security can be outsourced we again extend our hand to our neighbors let's build a strong region and stop this conceit saudi arabia and the us have been strong allies for decades in the last ten years washington is sold the country three hundred fifty billion dollars worth of weapons other business deals between the two
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powers are said to have amounted to tens of billions in our trump claims the saudi king would be dethroned in no time at all if it wasn't for us money. we protect saudi arabia would you say they're rich. and i love the king king solomon but i said king. we're protecting you you might not be there for two weeks without us you have to pay for your military. cutting henningsen is the founder of the news website twenty first century wired patrick surprising to hear this saudi arabia and iran to be great rivals in the region for a long time is there any possibility they could agree to cooperate. on one little this was a bit of super trolling. by the uranium for a minute.


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