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tv   News  RT  October 6, 2018 2:00pm-2:27pm EDT

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we'll check the political political polls have you out of the popular all of the. police in france around goodbye plans to arm private security officers as the country wrestles with improving the security situation. there is a real risk with these agents not having enough training having a weapon in your hand means the possibility of taking your life is out of the question. the outrage over brett kavanaugh supremum court nomination has divided america and shows no sign of dying down with some supporters of his candidacy even being made to apologize. and saturday night sees the most anticipated mixed martial arts fight of the year is ari superstar common mcgregor takes on russia's undefeated no margaret made of in the last vegas we spoke exclusively to her father had to play. everything that we wanted to see and had we seen
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him drink a clarity of vision complete tranquility. back mcgregor will pray. for you good evening to you this is our senior international. not the rule of law the law of the strongest was the damning assessment of french national security by the country's outgoing interior minister before his resignation earlier this week some of the measures that have been tabled to improve the situation they have been slammed by france's police force r.t. shah the dubin ski has details as part says interior minister resigned this week has shown a spotlight on the state of the country's security and it. all went. all these neighborhoods the situation there is very bad it's time to restore
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the rule of law there because today is rather the lure of the strongest there the rule of narco traffickers radical islamists who have taken the place of the republic france has been at a high terror alert since a wave of islam missed attacks in two thousand and fifteen which killed more than one hundred and forty people and the atrocities kept coming. in a bid to keep france safe two hundred and fifty thousand security personnel are deployed
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every day but forces say they're being stretched too thin and have reached a breaking point they've worked on most twenty two million hours in overtime without any extra pay but m.p.'s from korn's own party have a simple solution to the problem private security forces are a component which we must know take into account everyone recognizes that there are no key partner there report suggests guards in places like supermarkets and shops should essentially become another arm of the security services it suggests that they could all be equipped with tasers have the right to carry concealed weapons and even get a distinct uniform police unions off furious to give its privatizing security there's a real problem with the risk of private security agents being more the risk to our
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citizens than an advantage right now feel you private security agents can carry firearms but that could also change up to three thousand could be granted the right to carry guns and rifles a situation which could cause a small revolution in the homeland security again making police unions uneasy is a real risk with these agents not having enough training having a weapon in your hand means the possibility of taking your life is out of the question and he says the changes could also lead to a clear divide between. protection available to those who can afford it and those who can't. foresee will fringe people have an equal right to security we want the public service missions to effectively protect french people from the privatization of security because if it's privatized security will depend on the purchasing power of the french to defend themselves and protect themselves also the officers are
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worried it will move fronts closer to the u.s. model a country all too familiar with gun violence so far this year there have been more than two hundred seventy mass shootings in the us mass shootings mass shooting in florida another mass shooting in a year of mass shootings the shootings continued unabated people are dying more people have been killed at schools this year and have been killed while serving in the military where the mass shooting generation while france understandably wants to make tragedies on its streets a thing of the past police have slammed the new plans and say there's a far simpler solution just give better back up to existing officers who are accountable to the very people they're meant to protect. in the u.s. tensions remain high over bread cover nars nomination to become a u.s.
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supreme court judge protesters are flooding capitol hill out of the final floor vote expected later today which is now all but certain to go his way. i. was. i was was was was of has even been an internal revolt among facebook employees after they discovered one of the firm's bosses was a close friend of kevin or had attended his sexual assault hearing last week smear a complex of the story it may be the number one store new. in the us right now but weighing in on the cabin all case can prove fatal in today's political climate facebook's vice president joe kaplan a close friend of kavanagh's made the grave mistake of attending the hearing to support his friend and kaplan's crime was caught on camera facebook employees were furious complaining about it on a private message board he knew that this would cause outrage internally but he
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knew that he couldn't get fired for it this was a protest against our culture and a slap in the face to his fellow employees according to kaplan they'd been friends for over two decades he attended his wedding their kids grew up together but friendships no excuse when confronted by liberal outrage so kaplan groveled apology i want to apologize i recognize this moment is a deeply painful one internally and externally given the level of hysteria facebook went even further apologizing on behalf of the whole company our leadership team recognizes that we've made mistakes handling the events of the last week and we're grateful for the feedback from our employees believe it or not all this was nothing compared to what an american pastor said in one of his sermons if he dare to mention the capital case regardless of where you stand politically regardless of how you read the situation. just step back from all that the twitter
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already were so incensed there was talk of not only boycotting his church but all churches the pastor apologize explaining that he wanted nothing but he's on no way intended to make any kind of statements about his guilt or innocence it was a sermon to do with the incivility in our society this time if pain was invoked i'm sorry and i hope you can forgive me when the new york times ran a poll calling into question the validity of the statements coming from kavanagh accuser christine forte twitter flipped out yet again which prompted the company to remove the poor and convey its in serious apologies we're sorry for this tweet respect twitter poll is insensitive in light of the gravity of this hearing we've deleted it it's hysteria mix with hysteria misinformation and you also have a this is the most support you have a sockpuppet bumper sticker media that feels this gives
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all of these people all of the time they were no matter what no matter what the allegation. and if you dare dare to question the legitimacy the veracity the factual basis the the evidence that contradicts from other witnesses as well your anti-woman anti-female you are you're in favor of rape and rapists and your shut down if you show any social media and in your own workplace if you're an academic you even question this there question every aspect of this. the most anticipated mixed martial arts fight of the year is on saturday night in las vegas our star khana mcgregor takes an undefeated russian beeban no it might be a middle who's bidding to retain his world title tensions that are boiling over.
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our correspondent alexia traveled to dagestan habib's native land and spoke to his father and coach up ahead of the big fight you can practice your fighting skills in a sense on how to live with this installation it's called knock the chickens teeth out speaks a thousand words really about what people here feel about their own people who got me out of taking on the extravagant irishman called on my gregor in a big u.f.c. fight seems controversial to you that's nothing compared to the dark history between the two fighters. beginning on day he toppled just like you can what do you think about these guys.
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i am part of over the years who make sure i regularly relieve them. around here send a message like location location and then i come will you will you want doesn't matter. you're. very honest most of you. will get the money that i saw and told them i get it she can enjoy life that is for me is more than fight for more than me and even enough for me personally. i have to save the lives but keep going and maul these guys and i'm not going down a man's knowledge straight he knows me. thank. there are too
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many surprised about this fight the east versus the west the undefeated you have seen champion coming up against the man who once defected to boxing for a big money match the fire of color mcgregor's verbal attacks on hubby and the icy cold response by the man from speaking of which we spoke to the father of the who told us that this was in fact an adopted tactic. everything that we wanted to see and had we've seen in him restraint a clarity of vision complete tranquility will to step back will crack mcgregor mcgregor there's nothing scary about him and although it's just a regular fight we greg has made a huge deal out of this attracting a lot of media attention that's what he does what we need though is more positivity for young people a good role model for them to exercise more and eventually become fitter father was denied a u.s. visa and will be watching the match here along with thousands of happy most devoted
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fans this will be the main venue it's a cinema but on sunday morning at five am it will be jam packed with people closest friends and relatives but you know what it's clear where the allegiances lie here in dagestan but surprisingly elsewhere in russia not everyone is rooting for the russian fighter. but i've been going there. with a. semi by limbs are gone and i can't use because these the that the better wrestler and he's the better than the boxer so yes i mean. you go a little go on this is a corner where the boy is a corner up you know these two guys. it's like us players first us play is close enough do you know these two guys know not so. ok so you know these two guys. you know when you could you pick
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a winner from each one yeah yeah why i saw his fight so i know is a technique and skill so i find it a little bit on him. so all is set for the biggest fight any you have ceased twenty five year history and we will be covering it from here in the land of could be notable got the other. artsy reporting in the republic of dagestan in cola mcgregor's homeland people seem to have few doubts who will win i think mcgregor is going to win and i want mcgregor so when he has form he has confidence he has a good record of fighting tough opponents in tough situations and i think he's going to one of seeing could be on his previous fights and he's falafel it is slow to take a move very quick it's kind of i guess a few strikes of. game over as well as a couple this whites who want change and he's going to weigh in on mcgregor out to win. the hall of origin but while mcgregor this is no mike
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a video for maybe the most anticipated minds of the season somewhat well the sea two of the big names tear into each other. part of russia they want me to get into a boxing match with them. that you know very well because the. french president of the has told his public to stop whining we'll explain why after the break.
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seemed wrong. to shape our. culture. and it. was betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart. just to look for common ground. join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to guests of the world of politics or business i'm sure business i'll see you there. why should americans work their taxes stalin and obamacare stalin through the central bank that money transferred into the pockets of a few cartel members to create wealth and income gap social unrest social cohesion
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arrests and wide scale poverty watch that. welcome back brazil will go to the polls within twenty four hours in a general election where a controversial right wing candidate is currently the front runner zaire both the naru is well ahead in the polls over former mayor of san paolo and and with the other candidates liking behind also now has been getting a lot of attention not least today's controversial remarks which earned him the nickname the brazilian trum. if you're a fan of drama and soap operas on a national scale you should be following brazilian politics it's got impeachments corruption scandals betrayals raising passions it even comes with an r rating for violence it's a guilty pleasure addictive but it's twists and turns and the season finale is just
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around the corner the country goes to the polls in a general election at this sunday it's not want to miss if only to see the fate of the main protagonist meet. labelled the trump of the tropics like his blonde counterparts his relationship with women is complicated by the. joy of the way. he shoots from the hip and is a fan of firearms. i was just curious why were you still there both of you you thought gallo part of the rosie as well as the bible apparently just look at his slogan was. important was he able to talk to his supporters like trump fans admire someone who says how what is the song my. boss now says what everybody wants to say the does not have the courage to say that's why i'm voting.
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number to my girl who was i believe what he says when he was in the honest person he's patriotic i think you know he's made it this far because he is not corrupt he's like family because he is ethical he is our only hope and that is why i'm here even those who love to hate but can't stand him because obvious similarities to trump i think i'm not the person world like car wrecks and even the inevitable protest movement is comparable to hash tag resistance in the usa cool. cool. although the added trump backlash never quite reach such fever pitch levels possibly because nobody managed to get the trump anyhow also not who has suffered for his straight talking even getting stabbed at a campaign rally. both soros is like
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trump upgraded he takes things to a whole new level if too many laughs and this is what micron is right the friendship complaining too much i hope you have no reasons to complain and he's retired as well. as somebody who doesn't think like charles because he doesn't come up even to his name you see my playground is like someone with things that life is simple and everything but he's very far fairly is a pretty good. he looks like a young it's not seen much of ron's does not know how to speak with french people example oh my granny looks like a consultant the things he's at the head of the company he doesn't understand that he changed his role when he became president. he looks like a cock well who wants to impose his domination on the fund you know it doesn't work it looks like the guy that was a smaller announced. they are world has been left stunned after
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a work by graffiti artist banksy which is just going under the hammer for more than a million dollars proceeded to self-destruct. the iconic stencil image girl with the red balloon was shredded a secret automatically activated device fitted at the base of its frame auction house attendees gasped as the prank unfolded before their eyes banksy whose works known for its anticapitalist took to instagram posting the message going going gone by i need me to upset though it's thought the work may have doubled in value as a result of the stunt. that wraps things up for this news hour join me in just over half an hour for the latest.
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unfortunately the united nations security council and its approach to yemen is only to listen to the spaceship in boise ford's many months or two months and then that is until tuesday when weeks in the air owns and i mean that i mean into present tense in the security council would make statements which are always ready to. correct additional note of what was and gets up to look at some of these it's just a good usual thing it's not enough. simply yet swim if you can also proceed. to look at with a showing of the where. he think it will ship. your fish and thirdly. both of shipping. you up and most of the book is
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the work of the person you will have still to say no i don't know what that or. if it was the latest news in the for us. but arsenal boys and he writes for you out of practice this was. where the students are in the store. right. time after time here we're going on the ground as the british government announces
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a three million pound growth through improve air quality in a country where perhaps five people die each hour because of breathing and pollution coming on the show we will not cooperate with the i.c.c. we will provide no assistance to the i.c.c. and we certainly will not join the i.c.c. we speak to one of the world's greatest human rights was geoffrey robertson who won the battle of this year's strictly come let's go party dancing was a german. or teresa mayes frenzy. find out with me and that's in on this week's coming on the phone but first what now for international lore is something called the world court judges that this kind of arguable hate speech from president donald trump is in the. very very seriously. we're doing many things right now including say that every one of the highest levels we've ever done some might say trump's economic warfare is just a more subtle version of the kind of jokey talk from his political enemy the late
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john mccain. in. britain for the spot isn't even on the international court of justice which ruled against trump this week on the u.k. minority government leader drazen may britain for the first time lost its seat at the table to the brics india partner to brazil russia china and south africa in a mass and then brought in dad the united nations security council christopher greenwood of the united kingdom has withdrawn from the election. analysis of the un as the president this means that india as j. bell beat upon daddy get elected automatically to the board. but of course some injuries amaze government may favor the views of trans national security advisor john bolton about supernational legal institutions like the i.c.j. bolton says one should welcome the murder by strangulation of the international criminal court russia or the no longer an i.c.c. signatory says the usa is breaking post world war two legal norms joining me now is
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one of the world's greatest human rights lawyers geoffrey robertson q.c. jeffrey thanks for coming back on since you were on louie braun cooper the lawyer has died what would you say is his legacy around the world before we get to the city louis was a great great lawyer he was a maverick in the sense that he took on popular causes but he's legacy for free with speech in particular was great for a lot of important free speech cases in the sixty's and he was. chairman of the index on censorship he stood up for the underdog and for risen as prisoners that write a state sentences he should in particular and he did it mostly for free he was an inspiration to my generation and he died at ninety two still writing books he was a figure
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a think most important and in taking on the establishment which was why he was never a point to do you should have been a lord he had the intellectual firepower to be one of the finest judges perhaps the greatest inquiry.


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