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tv   Going Underground  RT  October 8, 2018 2:30am-2:57am EDT

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him number two the tax you know his is i arrest filings have ben you know heading in the back they can see rich. absolutely but he didn't want people to see that maybe he was worth as much as he really is and it's interesting because the research shows us that he devalued to the government nearly down to six percent hundreds a million dollars lower for real estate transaction in order to get out of paying the taxes yet when he talks but there's a legal loophole he brings another valuation yeah and you know what they may find it's completely legal now it's as if everybody wants to hide the money from the government who wants to give it to them but i think that will be really interesting you know what the chief financial officer of trump's organization i'm just thinking this is going to be interesting in the coming weeks also service father fred trump and he the c.f.o. of trump organization was subpoenaed by bob mueller is investigation to come forward and for the grand jury to talk about russian financial transactions with
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the organization so the government's already talking to the c.f.o. it will be interesting because he signed off on all the tax returns and things like that now that this is circulating out there because the republicans are so often complaining that the clintons are doing at the d.n.c. they're involved in a deal with putin of russia and even anything it's the democrats that she actually questions which isn't out of the may remember that again right but why do you think that trump has been getting a lot of the trade deal all these things he's got his tax cuts for the rich through congress will hear much from the d.n.c. about this why the ring that his protection for the rich for the rich is. arguably of the expense of that you know that just goes through is an incredible question and it's something the democrats should be hitting hard on going into the midterm elections make it about the economy when clinton made it about the economy in the present. so race against george h.w.
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bush it's the economy stupid it worked when the republicans to the same to the democrats it worked so this is the time to say hey here are the tax cuts here's the proof what's in your paycheck now what was it before where your benefit running or no but i tell you i sometimes you like to look and say come on get on message because the american people quite honestly want to see things done i think the impeachment side of things to sin even be discussed and yet democrats try to rile up a crowd with it but i think it can work against them talk about policies and that economic policy is the number one number one and you can show it that those ninety nine percent versus the one percent trump telling his friends that it is winter white house at mar a lago hey i just made some money that's a race of legs but at the same time we can point to the highest employment better employment figures for by nora g.'s and so forth. of the democrats which in two thousand to any of four twelve percent increase in childhood poverty that was the
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democrats yeah and i think that you have to and it's really a tough game here because everybody can spin their own numbers and they can inflate numbers they can deflate numbers but that's something that has to be addressed not just by saying hey listen that was a bigger problem that it should be this is what we're going to do differently to address it they've got to look at and the republicans as well you know republicans really aren't around anymore it's trump so those republicans that want to stand out from the trunk brigade they too have to look forward and set up their own policy to bring voters back in the fold so his popularity in the polls notoriously bad. he has been dropping in the polls do you think it's poor spin new director t.v. the white as you think is he needs more help on these things of the new york does everyone seems to be against him in the media except folks news if he were to stick to the unemployment numbers if he would were to stick to trade deal. that he's been
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making i think it would serve his entire party much better he takes himself off message and there are many republicans that column daily from the hell faint queens to this please talk about the economy is he doing things to talk about this and he just does own thing and it really is to his detriment but i don't think you see it that way or schwartz thank you thank you. well now to give us the other side is the man one step to be doldrums ambassador to the e.u. dr ted malik ted thanks for coming back on morris or the former clinton official said to us new readout on post breaks that u.k. u.s. deals why aid to the troubled ministration in new york doldrum himself will try and throw us some bones to say britain is going to get a good deal well the president was here this summer and he made his views rather clear about brooks's and i think that the outcome is that there would be after
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march most definitely a u.s. u.k. free trade agreement i mean that's the easiest thing that the complicated thing is you know i leave britain occasionally travel to asia or to united states i come back it's like coming to a time capsule i mean why do they do it why don't they get the bricks and thing done why does it has to go on and on and on and on i mean it is it really is a painful we don't have a problem in ireland but we have no time to talk about that particularly what is your president when it comes to these negotiating tactics over trade deals this threat a twenty five percent tariff on two hundred billion of chinese goods. i mean doesn't stop there will go for the entire five hundred and five billion dollars of chinese exports to the united states and my view is the trump is wrestled to the ground because this is getting painful for the chinese economy and the next bite will be even more difficult you see the decline of the stock market the decline in the the currency. the problem of the banks all kinds of economic problems in terms of
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economic growth in china as a result of trump's trade policies the point is china can just sell the goods through its own burgeoning middle class it doesn't even need the usa will be one side of the argument on that well that would be great if they could do that but their economy is not that strong you just want to open their economy is based on a predatory kind of export model if they don't have the model it begins to read my words collapse well today is the meeting earthquake but me saying it was the terrible death toll in the media what do you make of christine legarde convicted of corruption in the paris court she sees to be making pretty veiled threats maybe thinly veiled threats against your president saying this protection isn't this kind of what you would call the art of the deal morally wrong with will guard is of course. globalist in terms of mentality she would be and trump the
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i.m.f. has never been like the world bank is favored institution anymore i mean went to the un and pounded the last week if you could go to bali which he won't he would do the same against the i.m.f. i don't think that she has you know much significance to suggest that the you know global trade will be off by point two percent. as a result of the trade difficulties it is not consequential the real problem i think in the global economy is a rising interest rate environment which will affect emerging markets actually quite dramatically but it's not the opec countries because the oil price looks pretty firm between seventy five and eighty which is positive for countries even like russia and the usa and the other saluted in other words net exporter we were part of the globe but the media in your country which stretches this country for some reason. when there's things happening about your supremes court nominees and
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so on do you think it matters that much because the way we're told here in britain is trumps polling numbers a lot because look at all of this the new york times showing what a liar he is about being a self-made man well trump's initial campaign his election and i would say as presidency is in part in opposition to the media so the more media opposition he gets the more popular he becomes amongst his base we'll see what happens in november it's looking more and more as a result of actually this cavanagh's supreme court nomination that the president could and his party could hold the u.s. congress and most definitely pick up seats in the u.s. senate which makes trump stronger in the future and more or less assures his reelection just the opposite of what the left leaning and trump hating media wants and just finally if britain tries to negotiate with the united states and
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opposed will that mean we'll have g.m.o. food here will that mean that we'll have all the lack of regulation that we will these think these things are part of a boiler bilateral negotiation we just negotiated a new agreement with mexico and with canada so these things get ironed out i don't think there's any particular problem with eating such chlorine dipped chickens the americans have been doing it for decades. thank you after the break. politicians with poetry we hear a performance from sophie ethic or all the similar to a going underground. this
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is crude oil. so they need to actually physically pump it out of the ground he would have well well well well well. there's a lot of money with the oil and with that comes. a lot of a lot of people from all over the country. if you don't make a hundred thousand dollars a year. as a minimum there's an issue. here immediately they work well sixteen hours a day it's hard work well work it's not easy work and so they want to relieve their
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stress and how do they relieve their stress these men move back out like these men that comfort these many sacks. people have been murdered up here people been raped they're massive drug issues up here play of a boom you have everything else that comes along with money. i've been saying the numbers mean something they matter us as are with one trillion dollars in debt more than ten white collar crime stamping each did. eighty five percent of global will you loan to the ultra rich eight point six percent market saw thirty percent rise last year some with four hundred to five hundred trees per second per second and bitcoin rose to twenty thousand dollars. china's building two point one billion dollars a i industrial park but don't let. the numbers overwhelm
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. the only numbers you need remembering what one doesn't show you know for two minutes one can only be. the way to the united states is dangerous for most of the illegal immigrants. that's not the word of sympathy i want. and i want the last but i have many of them look for refuge in the so-called sentries sides of the refuse to share information about undocumented migrants with federal authorities the last person as they are. most needed more don't. get them in a lot less and they want that. they can't what are their options to stay in the country with donald trump in the white house. he had to be that. i said many couples. deal with the push to put
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impulse response both. of you upwards of up to the bulk of the. welcome back away from the us now and do you keep politics in poetry i'm joined now by ordering good word poet so here's a course of your thanks for going on tell us about the on full tour and yes ok so we are starting in london we're hitting still new castle manchester in the coming back to london for the sixth of december which is the big one and it's a bunch of poets slash with a string quartet a percussionist pianist and it's just a big of poetry illustration our music and it's just not something that's been done before ever or at least not on top of the one off shows where you can buy but not the way to. the. fix the mix up all different awful and it's war in an epic
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scale so tell me if this is interesting going underground view as i would think you name check blair brown and trump in the single don't i think it's just a song about dancing i mean obviously isn't it i mean yeah it is but isn't buffalo dogs with us who comes into a lot of it because we don't sit around this idea of one addition know what they did. and were dancing around a whole bunch of other ideas as well but i think the whole point of that was more so. in a world where we have some. who have grown. leading us in sort of governing us you need to be able to find your own free give you need to be able to liberate yourself a man to pay yourself. not necessarily their will because that's illegal we don't condone. it but liberate amounts for yourself for the present you might have set yourself in for every sin that could be an insecurity that could be a way to be a shyness that could be anxiety just where everybody sort of set out yourself is
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just freeing yourself from that the only way to. describe what your tracks are about you when i just go with you to listen to it because if you just said it it wouldn't be. form but. specifically i mean we've been covering homelessness on this show for quite a while doubled in the day is. quite a few years ago you were you were talking about it in diary of a homeless girl isn't it with you to revamp it and add things to it but just tell me a bit about the i mean it's just. be adding it's just moved fury to the situation don't get we will never are more trying to do something about this crisis that we had been around in a league as a whole but and i miss is also an increase as well. and i think it is not tracked particularly about also i don't want to go the way it. is i had a conversation with a chat. people quote if i can cue an elevator and that annoying person that much
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so conversation so i was in a burning in. the school crazy this is crisis and i think because it's so small and i've only got one so all main city center. you see it is so concentrated in front of you everywhere you go i had a conversation with a homeless person we just got to talking it was an essay about courses or vehicle saw thing to bring up in conversation and he said that the hardest thing for him he used to he was only in the hardest thing for him was it necessarily that he had a. brain or. still almost i think five hundred. highrise of buildings in one day that i made of this clouding and people know that when they build these buildings that eventually this is need to come out eventually we're going to need to revamp this but because for the i think eighty five percent of those almost five hundred buildings often of working class people have across people. it just hasn't been made a main concern it's
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a glow says she's completely probable for as they have to know it's not right it's not at all because we saw the fire that happened in kensington or you know walk to and that was just compared to this was yes. so it was definitely across situation so i think leading up to there were a whole bunch of problems but of course people can turn a blind say we didn't know then you can't have those arguments because i think now there's just more pressing matters i think now it's what's happened since going fell that we need to address of course everything else needs to be addressed but this is imminent this is this needs to be addressed right now because there are people who are given a bit on that still haven't got housing and even the way the housing thing was orchestrated you had people that lived in the tower that were now battling each other because some people got put in twenty one twenty first floor apartments after they've just had to jump from a ten foot tenth floor balcony and going fellow just no consideration no compassion you wouldn't if you are considering mental health as much as we say the. pushing in
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in the media and politics you do things like that and then as well as that there's still so many whole families that have had to go through that lose their whole lives we had watched their families and friends quite literally burnt to death. over in hotels still and they haven't been housed and that breaks my heart when you think of how many there's over twenty thousand abandoned houses in london and recorded and that just houses and there are abandoned buildings in east london alone i thought you can't turn a corner without seeing abandoned building. and these are all these spaces that just privately door by the council when they haven't been changed for decades and we've got people who are still having to live in a hotel room with maybe two other families because it's going to fail so i just think there's been no consideration for again humanity when it when it's come to this whole tragedy so i think the crux of it is learning empathy. empathy as a people and not looking at someone or group of people as
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a call because right now it's a political issue it's a social issue it's a mental issue and there's so many things attached to it and i see so many interviews on going felt the b.b.c. and so many other people are adamant to interview as many survivors as possible by i'm not seeing that same enthusiasm with housing as many people as possible and i know i've heard a lot of i've sat with gunfire survivors i've heard it all of them say. it's not that easy it's not that easy it's not that easy but if someone has come from a building that has burned to the floor because of neglect. your one responsibility is to help build them up again of course is to make it happen again but your main responsibility is to deal with the surviving that is that should be the priority but that has been treated as a second class. at the moment and i just i can't understand why a survey of the corps thank you we're going to have done in a second if you're interested in hearing more from sophia and any of your other
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artists on the unfold tour you can find venues and dates on the website below in the on forty two is out now to know wednesday well that mental health day when we speak to disabled people against cuts about the un investigating the u.k. government until the social media will be back on wednesday sixty one years to the day of the worst nuclear alleged accident in the history of britain windscale renamed by margaret thatcher sellafield here's a view of the core and unfold with dawn's. he told me to slow down you still need to speed. up the dosage it. should ease the disability but. you can't as well tell you. the same. is always on the brits if it is to make people to establish a good hospital
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a little take it to. your little society as it is the way you. use it the first solar. winds this is simplicity. this is the time the lead is so. long. the media makes its images you. can't believe in your. claims it. would even if he said. some of this. is the sun. the sun the told you can't. believe this is a bulge. it isn't a dog this is us it was the system the system. the system the system lets us
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stop this insults. but it does allow us time system well it's time to. see his old. ways that satan is watching. us the lazy a big. problem. in so many other leaders beliefs a little much trust climate change change and people try to someone. i'm just saying see if you give him a chance to meet up with a cup of easy if. you must does your boss diminish to trying to find this little difficulty and some of you saw you just see she was like you love me for many a night. so
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what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy confrontation let it be an arms race is often spearing dramatic development only mostly i'm going to exist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time time to sit down and talk. to us the sonic playing to this idea of the us dollar reserve currency empire they've built over a post world war two era where everyone gets the debts of america and pays homage to america china russia iran africa. they're all saying no we want markopolos up even trump wants markopolos up we want to go for it we want to trade directly bilaterally we don't want to be part of the globalization any more. unfortunately the united nations security council in his approach to yemen is only to listen to the speech of employees or to force as many months or two months in
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the resume to tubes when leaks in the air only i mean but imminent to present it to the security council would make the statements which are always ready to. this is cruel. soon they hate us. it physically pulled it out of the ground he would have well well. there's a lot of money with the oil and with that comes. a lot of a lot of people from all over the country. if you don't make a hundred thousand dollars a year. as a minimum there is an issue. here in india. they work all sixteen hours
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a day it's hard work well work it's not easy work and so they want to relieve their stress and how do they relieve their stress these men move back out like he's a man that comfort these many seconds people have been murdered up here people been raped there are massive drug issues up here you have a boom you have everything else that comes along with money. what politicians do. they put themselves on the line they get accepted or rejected . so when you want to be president and you. want to. have to go on to be cross with you like that before three in the morning can't be good. i'm interested always in the waters in the house. which should.
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a wakeup call for the german chancellor merkel as polls predict that main coalition c.s.u. will put in its worst performance in decades in various upcoming elections. if li threatens to close its airport so if germany goes ahead with the rumored plans
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to send migrants back that it's reigniting the route of how fairly to distribute asylum seekers across the e.u. . and i'm a scandal russian a mixed martial arts fighter but not of my command of could face disciplinary action. victory over irish superstar.


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