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tv   Going Underground  RT  October 8, 2018 2:30pm-2:53pm EDT

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sam bacile to the view it's back plus token word and the civil rights struggle we speak to award winning poet sophia for corps but first while the media of nato nations continue to allege russia of unproven crimes its biggest economic bloc the e.u. continues do negotiate with defacto bricks at rogue state britain so how will the u.k. deal with the usa as it threatens china with tariffs and iran with war all this limits the u.s. media that appears to be at war with trump over everything from russia to alleged sex crimes and all this when you liberal i.m.f. was christine legarde today makes veiled threats against trump trade policy joining me now to discuss it is a former clinton aide when he talks but there's a legal loophole he brings in other valuation yeah and you know what they may find it's completely legal alex as in the north everybody wants to hide the money from the government who wants to give it to them but i think that will be really interesting you know what the chief financial officer of trump's organization i'm just thinking this is going to be interesting in the coming weeks also service
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father fred trump and he the c.f.o. of trump organization was subpoenaed by bob miller's investigation to come forward and for the grand jury to talk about russian financial transactions with the organization so the government's already talking to the c.f.o. it will be interesting because he signed off on all the tax returns and things like that now that this is circulating out there because the republicans are so often complaining that the clintons are doing at the d.n.c. they're involved in a deal with putin of russia and even anything it's the democrats that she actually questions which isn't out of the may remember that up again right but why do you think that trump has been getting a lot of the trade deal these things through he's got his tax cuts for the rich through congress will hear much from the d.n.c. about this why the thing that his protection for the rich for the rich is america.
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really is a painful we don't have a problem in ireland but we have no time to talk about that particularly what is your president when it comes to his negotiating tactics over trade deals this threat of twenty five percent tariffs on two hundred billion of chinese goods. i mean it doesn't stop there will go for the entire five hundred and five billion dollars of chinese exports to the united states and my view is the trump is wrestled to the ground because this is getting painful for the chinese economy and the next bite will be even more difficult you see the decline of the stock market the decline in the currency the problem of the banks all kinds of economic problems in terms of economic growth in china as a result of trump's trade policies the point is john it can just sell the goods through its own burgeoning middle class doesn't even need the usa will be one side of the argument on that will though be great if they could do that but their economy is not that strong you just want up and their economy is based on
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a predatory kind of export model if they don't have the model it begins to read my words collapse well today is the bali meeting earthquake but missing it was the terrible death toll in the media what do you make of christine legarde convicted of corruption in the paris court she seems to be making pretty veiled threats maybe thinly veiled threats against your president saying this protection isn't this kind of what you would call the art of the deal morally wrong with will guard is of course. globalist in terms of mentality she would be anti trump the i.m.f. has never been like the world bank is favored institution anymore i mean went to the un and pounded the last week if you could go to bali which he won't he would do the same against the i.m.f. i don't think that she has you know much significance to suggest that the you know global trade will be off by point two percent. as
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a result of the trade difficulties it is not consequential the real problem i think in the global economy is a rising interest rate environment which will affect emerging markets. actually quite dramatically but it's not the opec countries because the oil price looks pretty firm between seventy five and eighty which is positive for countries even like russia and the usa other saluted in other words net exporter we were part of the globe but the media in your country which stretches this country for some reason when this thing's happening about your supreme court nominees and so on do you think it masses that much because the way we're told here in britain is trumps polling numbers a lot because look at all of this the new york times showing what a liar he is about being a self-made man well trump's initial campaign his election and i would say his presidency is in part in opposition to the media so the more media opposition he
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gets the more popular he becomes amongst his base we'll see what happens in november it's looking more and more as a result of actually this kavanaugh the supreme court nomination that the president could and his party could hold the u.s. congress and most definitely pick up seats in the u.s. senate which makes trump stronger in the future and more or less assures his reelection just the opposite of what the left leaning and trump hating media wants and just finally if britain tries to negotiate with the united states and opposed the will that mean we'll have g.m.o. food here will that mean that we'll have all the lack of regulation that we will these things these things are part of a boiler bilateral negotiation we just negotiated a new agreement with mexico and with canada so these things get ironed out i don't
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think there's any particular problem with eating such chlorine dipped chickens the americans have been doing it for decades. thank you after the break something. i'm bush i'm proud i'm trying. to resist me see. how to fight full of titian's with poetry we hear a performance from sophia with a core all the more can we ever bought to a going underground. for us to sign explaining to this idea of the us dollar reserve currency empire they built over a post world war two hero where everyone gets into debt to the america and pays homage to america china russia africa. they're all saying now we want markopolos up
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even trump wants markopolos up we want to go for it we want to trade directly bilaterally we don't want to be part of the globalization any more. the way to the united states is dangerous for moost of the illegal immigrants. crossing the most but first a little sympathy i want to become most incredible in the last post on this but many of them look for refuge in the so-called sentry sides of the draft used to share information about undocumented migrants with federal authorities the last person i asked dan commom. policy to morrow i then had to press on the government on a question that one that. they had to watch as they all choose to stay in the country with donald trump in the white house over forty gravels. both of you had to be who you beat up to the loop with a fifth the struggles of many couples won't. kill the chance of putting food and
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bills and spawn both of you up with a few hope of the. welcome back away from the us now and do you. politics and poetry i'm joined now by award winning good word poet so if you have a course of your things were going on tell us about the on full tour and the yes ok so we are starting in london we're hitting bristow newcastle manchester in the coming back to london for the sixth of december which is the sort of really big one and it's a bunch of poets slash rap is with a string quartet a percussionist a pianist and it's just a big of poetry illustration our music and it's just not something that's been done before ever. not on top of the one off shows where you combine different aunts but you know the way to. unfold has been the perfect sort of mix up of different awful
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and it's war in an epic scale so tell me this is interesting going underground view as i would think you named blair brown and trump in the single day i think it's just a song about dancing i mean obviously isn't it i mean yeah it is but isn't buffalo dogs with us who comes into all of it because we don't sit around this idea of where the titians know what they do. and we're dancing around a whole bunch of other ideas as well but i think the whole point of that was more so. in a world where we have. missions and who have. leading us in sort of governing us you need to be able to find your own freedom you need to be able to liberate yourself a man to pay yourself. not necessarily their will because that's illegal we don't condone that. but liberating amounts for yourself for the present you might have set yourself in for every sin that could be an insecurity that could be a worry that could be shyness that could be anxiety just what everybody sort of said about yourself is just freeing yourself from that the only way to. describe
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what your tracks are about you want to just go where you have to listen to it because if you just said it it wouldn't be. form but. specifically i mean we've been covering homelessness on this show for quite a while doubled in the bus is. quite a few years ago you were you were your brother then diary of a girl there with you. just tell me a bit about that i mean it's just worse all of the adding is just more fury sort of to the situation don't get we will never are more trying to do something about this crisis that we have in london all the u.k. as a whole but i know mrs is also an increase as well. and i think there's no truck with so little to go the way it. i had a conversation with a chat chat chat people quite often if i can queue an elevator and that annoying
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person that much so conversation so i was in a burning in. the school crazy i missed this crisis and i think because it's so small and i've only got once or main city center. you see it is so concentrated in front of you everywhere that you go i had a conversation with a homeless person we just got to talking it was an essay about homelessness but of course is. so one thing to bring up in conversation and he said that the hardest thing for him he used to he was in the army and the hardest thing for him was that necessarily that he had a. brain or his back was his home or the fact that his bed was now cardboard on concrete it was any of that it was learning to accept that he was invisible it was learning to grow into invisibility to everyone else and he said this is very dehumanizing experience when you stop being human you stop being jake someone's son someone's ex-husband someone who once served our country someone who
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used to hold people's babies and the baby would lawful quiet weather might be someone who was so close to the intimacies of life suddenly become a piece of paid me suddenly become a piece of cardboard or suddenly become just a headline a tabloid headline so to him it was to other people onlookers he was in. on the floor he was a potential crack addict. a potential thief someone who's only there because they've been addicted to drugs someone who got himself in that situation. and that is sort of the narrative that homeless people of the time which does stop people seeing them is human we've cut off that empathy so i don't know if it's because we see so often or because when we do have this it's either about the quizes or the fact that. the parts of society. and i think the part that stuck with me most was the fact that he's learning to become invisible and that is a horrible thing to go through even as i'm sure you can vouch for it if you have
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a husband or wife that might be your partner friend they suddenly stop paying attention to you for whatever reason you filled that touches you emotionally my point was to go on if my heart was turned around and suddenly stop. showing me support going to feel that really emotionally imagine the whole world cutting you off but still having to see them every day still seeing them see you and still choosing to cut you off and i think that was the one of the first times they actually sunk into my stomach that these guys still experience the whole spectrum of emotions that we do you don't get used to loneliness you don't get used to isolation you don't get used to becoming human when you are human and humane when you are human. and i think what pushed me to write that piece was because they'd have stories everyone who sat there has a story there's a reason that they're when he used to serve in the army used to fight for our country fight for everyone else see how positive as if he's not there and i think
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with all that you have the opportunity at almost the organization to tell other people's stories if you have that platform to encourage empathy to encourage humanizing these traditional. stories that we constantly see to the point where we're desensitized to them all of the time. but we have a role to keep that. empathy i like inside people and i think that's why i try to do it to just to have people remember that they're not is a crisis and this is a problem that we're going through but these guys that are going through it they're not just a headline they're not just a. program in place then they're not it that they wish they're human is that having to demonize on the street and that's you know that was a three year that was a suburban where tourism is just. maison conference was to get people out of poverty she of course. there was a. time in this country when we saw the grim feel for. your.
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computer we both one so my. there are one hundred million problems that arisen since grown fell since before going to fell just the fact that there are still almost i think five hundred. high rise buildings in london that are made of this clouding and people know that when they build these buildings that eventually this is nice to come out eventually we're going to need to be about this but because for the i think eighty five percent of those almost five hundred buildings often of working class people have across people. it just hasn't been made a main concern it's a glow says she's complete probably to far as safety we know it's not like it's not at all because we saw the fire that happen in kensington or you know that was it yes compared to this was yes. so it was definitely across situation so i think leading up to there were a whole bunch of problems but of course people can turn a blind say we didn't know then you can't have those arguments because i think now
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there's just more pressing matters i think now it's what's happened since going fell that we need to address of course everything else needs to be addressed but this is imminent this is this needs to be addressed right now because there are people who are given a bit on that still haven't got housing and even the way the housing thing was orchestrated you had people who lived in the tower that were now battling each other because some people got put in twenty one twenty first floor apartments after they've just had to jump from a ten foot tenth floor balcony and going fellow that was just no consideration no compassion you wouldn't if you are considering mental health as much as we say that we're pushing in in the media and politics you know do things like that and then as well as that there's still so many whole families that have had to go through that lose their whole lives we had watched their families and friends quite literally burnt to death that are in hotels still and they haven't been housed and that breaks my heart when you think about how many. there's over twenty thousand abandoned houses in london and that recorded and that just houses and there are
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abandoned buildings in east london alone i thought you can't turn a corner without seeing a bunch of building. and these are all of these spaces that are just privately owned or by the council when they haven't been changed for decades and we've got people who are still having to live in a hotel room with maybe two other families because it's going to fail so i just think there's been no consideration for again humanity when it when it's come to this whole tragedy so i think the crux of it is learning empathy. empathy as a people and not looking at someone or group of people as a call because right now it's a political issue it's a social issue it's a mental issue and there's so many things attached to it and i see so many interviews on going felt the b.b.c. and so many other people are adamant to interview as many survivors as possible by i'm not seeing that same enthusiasm with housing as many people as possible and i know i've heard
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a lot of i've sat with gunfire survivors i've heard it all of them say we just keep on going told it's not that easy it's not that easy it's not that easy but if someone has come from a building that has burned to the floor because of neglect your one responsibility is to help build them up again of course is to make sure something happen again but your main responsibility is to deal with this is why the that is that should be the priority has been treated as a second class. at the moment. i can't understand why so few of the core thank you we're going to have in the second if you're interested in hearing more from so if you have any feel for the artists on the unfold tour you can find venues and dates on the website below in the on forty two is out now to know when say well that mental health day when we speak to disabled people against cuts about the un investigating the u.k. government a deal that he would just read social media will be back on wednesday sixty one years to the day the worst nuclear alleged accident in the history of britain windscale renamed by margaret thatcher sellafield here's
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a few of the core unfold with daunce. inside. i headed. to talk. to speed. up the steps. the small talk. is always on. the take if. you want to music. even when it's only when you're playing because this. is so people.
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media makes you want to give. you all my love with. someone. starts to change in the economy and if they don't i'm going to because it may yet i don't listen to a victim of the system the system to turn it back on the system the system when you commit to a system folded in a hut system. the last time system of the well it's time. to be seen is all. based on faith. that's the lazy big. time crowd i'm strong and so many other leaders but me to much trust i've seen
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climate change on people change and people try to suck a lot of love to say see if you give them a chance so even when they come to visit. you must does your boss diminish moodysson trying to find a quick because most of the sokoto. you saw you don't see she's not going to. be seventy. washington's ambassador to nato threatens to take out russian missiles and the us interior secretary threatens a naval blockade of russia is the trump doctrine finally revealed.
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i put them so. they get accepted or rejected. you want to present. to the right person as a white woman for three of them or the group that i'm interested in the waters of my heart. i. believe god.
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is in turkey with reports that he's being killed inside. russia tried to be chemical weapons. visit. being a special operation by russian military. breaking mixed martial law.


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