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billion pounds of british money has been spent in iraq already the policies of u.k. labor bailout pm gordon brown they're being damned by jeremy corbyn speaking to this channel in twenty ten and if anyone thinks austerity is over soon into part two of the show one thing is certain though the u.k. has decided to slash spending on law enforcement officers with twenty thousand fewer police officers in twenty ten this is britain according to theresa may and main stream media has come under concerted attack from the biggest country on earth russia after u.k. failure to overthrow assad of syria russia now stands accused of attempting assassinations ahead of its world cup and hacking everything from the n.h.s. to bricks joining me is what a senior british army intelligence officer philip ingram m.b.e. philip thanks for coming back on first of all straight through the naming by the spelling cat organization of an attempted assassin using our team information unless well yes i understand the culture using r.t. as one of their intelligence sources so well done for working for them but you know i think the betting can best again is
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a fantastic piece of good journalism they've managed to expose the real names of these two individuals and i believe the british intelligence services will ignore them anyway but what they've done is the sure the amount of personal information out there is of it on the internet in league databases and elsewhere individuals whose personal security and their operational security should be protected hugely so i think this is a huge embarrassment to the g.r.u. and to president putin he said british intelligence you presume already were aware why did they not tell the british government so that they could sell to the dispatch board and say both of these people are decorated by putin himself well treason may did say that she believed that the two individuals were travelling under false identities and then she said very very clearly that they were members of the g. or you and blame them very clearly and that's the piece of the subtlety the british intelligence services. their sources could have been highly classified sources so
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they would not want to release the names lit up them to compromise their sources so it's better that it's come out through investigative journalism and through been caught you know what i'm getting out there if the kremlin and the russian government are basically saying denying all of this trait of a could easily have stood there and said look i've got the passports these are the names and presumably into the boats out of this photo of the friend of the grandmother but she said she didn't she didn't she didn't need to you she didn't need to go to that level of detail she got sufficient detail into the crown prosecution service them to bring charges all she needed to do was bring charges on it but were good enough for an interpol red notice to go out so for someone to be arrested pending extradition. proceedings or for european arrest warrant she only had to do that because as you know the criticism of this whole story is that how is it these two men in this great investigative journalist as you portray them
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appeared to have outwitted the multi-billion dollar nato intelligence security infrastructure because it would be in the interests of nato nations to present this evidence to the public to say we've caught him this is putin this is modern russia well i think that's come out through the previous occasions come up through the investigative journalism which i understand the u.k. authorities have. not disagreed with findings which is a tacit way of saying we agree with it but he didn't it didn't need to come out. putin was never going to extra these individuals to the u.k. to. be charged to the british people need to be aware that they are being targeted i mean i want to ask you about that what is the extent of this because we're hearing i'll get on the brakes in a second but the n.h.s. cancer research sports are hoping to make seventeen betting that says they're going to. i mean how in danger are we from moscow and well you could you could expand on how much espionage is going on under the. basis and it's never going away you know
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it's i think the second oldest profession ever since the cold war finished a lot of the western nations turned on went on brilliant that's over and on which we can shift our resources to counterterrorism and they did were a lot of the more traditional espionage leading states like russia china and others is very dangerous indeed the russian embassy of course deny this and they say and again if everything is done by the book. they say why is the british government refusing to comply with article thirty six of the nine hundred sixty three vienna convention with respect to consular access to protect the script rights under that convention is that is it your understanding the reason why britain technically appears to be violating that coverage and is to protect them because russia would endanger their lot i think it comes down to actually their individual wishes and from what i understand i don't know that we. can talk to them. will someone will have been talking to them but they will be able to make their own choice and surges
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cripple himself as part of his resettlement will almost certainly be given a british passport will be a british citizen. of. a russian citizen it's her choice as to who she accepts help from and she did stand in front of television and say that she was aware of the offers that have been made but didn't want to follow the winds as a journalist and i mean i should know this because during the iraq war obviously it was our intelligence services i just can't get this information i have to rely on people like you telling me that they know what you call you know and that's the way of the iraq war zone was brought up and here's where there's a misunderstanding as to what was a politically politically driven publicly released document and what was a piece of intelligence i saw what became the dodgy dossier i saw the dossier as it left the defense intelligence stuff in the u.k. and it was a comprehensive well thought through balanced piece of intelligence work but whenever it then within for
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a briefing on the classified material taken out and by known intelligence professionals and when it was briefing notes for politicians to make decisions on a lot of the cubby outs which were the warnings that were in there this was going to inquire you don't see this particular case when it comes to russia as necessarily a political i don't think there is at all because if you look at the analysis that's been done on the facts some of the presented facts from copies of documents from everything else in the offices in there it's a very clear. piece of script there's nothing in there that i would suggest is politically driven but it was russia is accused of hacking the o.p.c. w. now which russia itself as a signatory to. the fund through through through different areas and. we're doing investigations into syria but the o.p.c. to be at the time would investigations into have been vulnerable with this cripples so you can't tie it into script for syria you just know both investigations were
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happening at the same time the dutch for all refer to them as the doc for that was a relatively straightforward low level operation with the risk of compromise being absolutely minimal so. they were caught in a car park. with electronic equipment in the back of the car lying to sniff into the networks and potentially a tie didn't they just gave the matter tried to but if you can do it remotely you do it but nothing that they did compromise the operational or on however someone else did somewhere else so it was an intelligence operation that pointed the dutch security services into those for people to go into a car park and arrest them in the car time place to someone's target them in their amounts when the individuals were found with the taxi receipt from g.r.u. headquarters which is a basic basic basic mistake but they were probably technicians not trained intelligence operators that are if you didn't need them to be if indeed that is
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there's a scale of the g.a.o. you them or presumably britain has a very little to worry about a lot of the hacking operations obviously look at the origination of the ip addresses you can buy a v.p.n. . system online via google for hardly anything you get six months free i'm going to have it at i can appear to come from any country whatsoever some people are doing this illegally do you think the intelligence community here in britain is aware of it completely aware about but v.p.n. has a good. for the keeping yourself anonymous from the average organizational wiser delegate who is a relation of all you demand names because they use that to access websites inside russia which wouldn't be allowed to be accessed it is proof that a hacking attack originates in russia as opposed to any other country the dulcimer you know the dots were never. ending of the ip address which is important it isn't the only thing that's used people go in and analyze the script and the way the
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script is put together and a lot of the people are writing the viruses and stuff that are out there have got their own signatures in the way they do things there put characters in a certain order they'll put put lines in a certain order and the intelligence services of different countries the russians have the services will be doing this as well as the north koreans as well as the americans as well as the brits and allies in script to put together and then time those back to other individuals or groups of individuals that are working so it's not just ip address there's an awful lot more analysis goes on and with the pins there are methods of things being tracked further back through the v.p.n. remember the tor network it's a lot of people use an onion ring network was invented by the american intelligence services you're not telling me that there's not a backdoor somewhere in there where they can actually probably true a lot of people do tell me there isn't a backdrop but let's now go on i mean now we have jeremy corbin's deputy leader tom what writing for him or the inquiry into russian involvement in our bricks at
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referendum back by hillary clinton it appears i know you tweeted john morton today what about jeremy corbyn and how he was elected this although midst a time of people saying well no trouble was elected because of michigan corbin was elected because of twenty zero eight breck's it happened because of unhappiness with the policy do you expect that there will be an inquiry and do you think that russia one breaks no i don't think russia one and i don't think that will be an inquiry but were indeed. i am no we're if you look at warfare we're first changing and i'd say quote some someone not written fantastic book on this a couple j.j. patrick and his books called alternative war and alternative war is all about the use of perception so when we're dealing with you as a human being i'm hiking your certain levels a mic can you think in a slightly different way by providing information in different ways and targeting it targeting that information to meet your requirements here is the ultimate hacker
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will shakespear is but you know this is where the whole can be done latika thing came in with facebook because people's individual facebook profiles and this is were that were taken and used to target adverts of individuals that nations are looking out of some nations are much better using information and misinformation than other nations russia's got a word for a doctrine. which is masking the soon as the statement comes out that they don't like other statements will come out from different russian organizations. it must have been this it must been this must been this will immediately after surgery script all got attacked the messaging that came out of the russian embassy was it must have been something of a skit from portland on the misinformation the muscular author that was going we don't know the russians still saying they're not even going to talk about the latest revelations rebelling but for the being ripped thank you. after the break bone world mental health day we ask of britain's children are being failed by to raise amaze government and from the news the british military drones all about the fans i see british prime minister describes
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a perfect well you know it's called tory great britain visible coming up in part two of growing up to grow. descending into tribalism and cultural trench warfare a highly contentious brett kavanaugh supreme court nomination process has ignited anger on both sides of the aisle interestingly and ironically the point where there is wide agreement is the recognition of the status quo. sadly with no way out. i've been saying the numbers mean something they matter to us of that with one trillion dollars in debt more than ten white collar crimes have to teach this. eighty five percent of global wealth he longs to be ultra rich eight point six
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percent market saw thirty percent just last year some with four hundred to five hundred trees per second per second and this point rose to twenty thousand dollars . china is building a two point one billion dollar a i industrial park but don't let the numbers overwhelm. the only numbers you need to remember is one one does not show you can't afford to miss the one and only. if. it's easy to find and then. there followed a mess where there. bangs much more difficulties explaining how things are once you stop telling people look you my hate the banks buy where do you put your money. to put them in the bank and what happens if the bank goes on and don't see your money anymore these kind of reasonings will be much more and full to make
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people on the stand of dynamics there in why people locked on consequences of price is that of post nobody wants to. welcome back joining me now to go through some weeks papers book after former liberal democrat member of parliament lembit opaque. coming back on when i'm talking about russia destroying this country we're talking about people like you eating meat and destroying the earth gleefully intergovernmental panel on climate change but even thought out well it's a down to individuals not big multinational fossil fuel companies you are destroying the earth otherwise you have to. live it in fifteen years god verse eleven fish how does fish create climate change you can literally being serious here you don't seriously think the rich c.e.o.'s using private jets and have multi-million pound fossil fuel companies are doing nearly as much as loads of poor people it's the poor people that are destroying the planet our little rights than
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happy while china is doing loads for renewable energy the biggest infrastructure campaigns in history let's go to this story about china yes evening standard reports x. interpol chief bank hong way under investigation for taking bribes says china this is after his seeming abduction by the chinese communist party authorities yet have interpol says two interesting parts of this they say he's been tainted by is do young congo who was the head the chief of security he's serving a life sentence as far as i know in china for corruption and they say that he misled mang by his other point are there any other set of circumstances to be an outrage but it's convenient because it's china i saw why the west said it was a un security. council where is everyone talking about this you were the deputy chair of the all party parliament i was shown or in parliament if you were still there what would you be saying about this well i would be saying there's a double standard going on in favor of china on this occasion because the west will
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probably love this story because it makes china look a little bit dodgy john and that's remember a little bit a little bit even to the into a whole conference on november the sixty i'm sorry by i'm not going busy but the thing about this is they like the fact they're a little bit of might be sticking to china remember china's could be the biggest economy in the world and that's pretty much on stoppable now so little bit of doubt going to china's way we all sit tight in any other circumstance this would be the human rights story of the week where we didn't talk to the british army intelligence officer philip ingram just now about this next story that you've chosen i should have perhaps because the murdoch times appears to say we are safe but. as of these things to get take us through those well the times post britain takes on russia's military might with fleets of thousand pound drones are amazing and the correction is not quite a thousand pounds of it cheaper than that so the gift for families last christmas that's right is that if we could have conscript drones in the event of
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a russian invasion instead of sending great big tanks and everything else sending a few of the those into this war games exercise we're sending lots of drones that's going to keep the bear at bay afshan look at the bare wood you make of this well it just shows how much the british army has cut back it seems that this time compared to the last time it's shrunk by seventy five percent in the previous similar exercises there was sixty six challenger two tanks this time it's eighteen and because it's all cyber warfare as we were saying before we don't need any tank we don't need any soldiers we don't need any people his the weasel phrase moscow has repeatedly stated it would never attack any nato allies so all of this potentially for naught meanwhile this tory newspaper well known for supporting fat just as the daily mail always puts corbin articles on the front page the guardian the guardian and this is a beautiful story we live in a utopia it has labor voters should look afresh at the conservatives to reason mate
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what a surprise she would say that but the picture she paints the n.h.s. is in great hands the fact that we've got great investment in education to give everyone a chance all of this is described in this utopian beautiful paradise type way by to reason make the. welsh advance of all this and i quote to reason made millions of people who have supported labor all their lives are appalled by what has happened to a once great party under the leadership of gary coleman i didn't know she thought labor was ever a once great party that's the scoop it sure is amazing socialist well she must have been to one point i think corbin's expenditure as a proportion of g.d.p. is less than mrs that it's hardly radical but of let's look. the facts cancer waiting times are at the worst ever level in england one in ten school employees brings extra food in for the pupils who are so disadvantaged and they chose treatments fell by eighty four thousand the first seven months of twenty eight hundred compared to the previous year she's living in one world where living in
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a lot of those called great britain parallel universe me thinks more people who work on zero contracts and time in our history those great stories about the negatives that i read out there and some people are taking new initiatives that less thoughtful people politicians are good we don't even think about take us through this amazing new initiative creativity is free action as michael gove proves the new european reports govt mocked for dickensian proposal to allow brits to sift through their rubbish along with this nothing wrong what is this if you like walking around on rubbish tips it's literally dickensian the idea comes from our mutual friend apparently a book which govt loves this is govt michael gove who is working very form a very senior staff horace johnson in the back religious yeah but very senior member of british parliament still a brick city a grandee and he says that the public go into rubbish tips and make something new out of the old you never go into a rubbish tip to seek the old environmentally unfriendly cathode rage television
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set or washing machine or sandwich funnily enough not very often but this could be the future they could be we should all be doing this that the middle class go there too but this shouldn't just be the preserve of the poor or this is something that everyone should be allowed to do go house not surprisingly being slammed for this way a half used to paint that's a good thing to i mean they'll allow us to search landfills aids really. i mean this is environmentally friendly in the fall to you for the next few weeks to see if you take on goes idea half of your will be one color and the other half will be the other plants all being free because it's coming from landfill are saying that it's rubbish limburger pick fake. well as you gauge are these political parties and babs even royals draw attention to the arguable crisis and you gave mental health services for world mental health day today will be even mentioned the impact of years of austerity cuts cuts brought on by bailing out the bankers in the city of london ten years ago this week joining me now is paula
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peters she's an activist for disabled people against cuts and chair of the broadly in croydon united community she deepak and the unit community will be highlighting the experiences of universal credit claimants outside of brownlee's job center in southeast london for world mental health day to day paula welcome to going on the grounds of today world mental health day tourism a year ago personally said millions are to benefit from the tackling of the injustice of mental illness by our government how do you see it at the back while they live in a parallel universe to ask memo to post how do they explain that their children with severe injury mental health distress are if you have you only get access to children's adolescent mental health services if you're actively suicide or i was suicidal ideation in the last five years we've seen in two hundred fifty thousand children tonight access to mental health services and support that they desperately
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need we're seeing cuts to specialist mental health support in skulls and we're seeing with eight years of austerity mental health distress is actually rising the threat of suicide would obviously tell any of us to contact our local health charities the samaritans and so on but how important is charity to government policy because i understand the the big announcement from the british government is that the taxpayers' money is going to go into the citizens' advice bureau movement yeah we saw since advice one a fifty one million pound contract from the day to be paid no work and pensions to be a good thing surely while they are. i get money from the government for funding but when you see since advice in some of the surgeries use workfare which is forced unpaid work inside their offices they are very much clued in with the government as are most national charities they're in a catch twenty two situation. government from. yours but i mean is the point where
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the they are giving money to explain the pause we basically mean that the claimant will be told it says advise you're in trouble yeah basically those are things we can reel off yet but when you're saying like i say when you say insistence advice they are using forced paid work for claimants. go to work experience says in surprise if you don't take that work you will be sanctioned again again ramping up your mental distress a lot of these charities they're multi million pound organizations. when you see their chief executive offices and i have a six figure salaries to three hundred thousand a year where is the money going when people turn night these charities what we've done in the last six months when we found estimate valet the secretary of state for the d.w.p. was on the advisory board to samaritans where people in serious crisis contact
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samaritans for support when she was found out she was on the advisory board deepak along with many other grassroots campaigns run a campaign to remove her from that advisory board that is a kick in the teeth to millions of people in mental distress she's ramping up mental distress with the heinous policies that she and the conservative government are implementing today here the new world convention secretary gave quite a barnstorming speech at the conference raised quite a few eyebrows right across the sector. joy she was she would deny that she was doing what you're saying any hope that the united nations investigation into what she's doing or d.w.p. for these alleged atrocities that people like deep or girl urging. any hope of the united nations can do some first of all we refute wholeheartedly. what estimate very said last week that the cuts to. payments for
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person independence payments employment support allowance jobseeker's allowance are real news and we have eight years of evidence to back up news yeah well it's not fake news they are real stories millions of people affected by these policies can say you know i've been plunged further into poverty and destitution as a result of the he and his policies and regard in the united nations investigation there's been a year is of written and oral evidence to back up millions of crime and. who have been punished further into mental distress further into isolation as a result of d.w.p. policy and it should be noted the government where the first state in the world to be formally investigated under the united nations convention or the rights of
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people or disabilities in found guilty of grave in systemic human rights violations then in twenty seventeen the committee rolled the cuts that disabled people and people in mental distress were experiencing murtha human catastrophe on our lives and the un rapporteur for poverty is about to visit the u.k. here in november and they're coming here because this overwhelming evidence to show that disabled people people in mental distress are plunged further into poverty by the cuts this government all right making it's not fake news it's real news and we need to continue the fight to get the truth out there of what this government and the ball of work and pensions i mean universal credit is a big element of this they say they committed to ensuring that every child gets the very best chances in life. relation to that they've told us household incomes have never been higher fewer in absolute poverty bring three hundred thousand children the tories alone or with the liberals have cut thirty billion if the un special
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rapporteur isn't let into britain because of course the special rapporteur was not let into the so-called detention camps a immigration outrage against what would you like to tell that reparative that there were no there was no the un have heard from families who have lost loved ones as a result of been found fit from. mental distress. because of the constant reassessments they've met with great. terrorists coming to the u.k. but if we could say anything to the rapids. you know here the millions of people who've been affected. have been affected to cuts to mental health services who have been left are so light a fright left in you know marginalized in the fringes of society this shouldn't be happening in twenty first century britain it shouldn't be happening anywhere in the world poverty is a crime it needs to be stopped all of you just thank you and that's it for the show
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will be back on saturday with martha gellhorn prize for journalism twenty seventeen finalist but that's a b. levy was just got back from it live in syria as u.k. backed islam is giving out taste final defeat and till then you can judge by social media will be back on saturday twenty eight years of the day that syrian forces liberated lebanon.
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this is crude oil. so they need to actually physically hold it out of it you would have well well. there's a lot of money with the oil and with that comes. a lot of a lot of people from all over the country. if you don't make a hundred thousand dollars a year. as. there is an issue. here maybe. they were close to a hard work well work is not easy. and so they want to relieve their stress of how do they relieve their stress these may move that out like. that comfort that. people have been murdered up here people can raise their massive drug issues
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up here give a boom you have everything else that comes along with money. the u.s. threatens saudi arabia with repercussions if the riyadh is found to be responsible for the disappearance of a dissident a journalist in turkey. demanding everything we want to see what's going on here that's a bad situation this is serious it's time for the united states to rethink our military political. economic relationship with saudi arabia continue will be met with contempt. for american graduate student is a detained at an israeli airport and held for a week over her alleged support for the boycott divestment sanctions move. and the people on the caribbean island of martinique call on the french government government to take responsibility for contributing to a health crisis caused by the widespread use of highly toxic pesticides when he's.


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