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tv   News  RT  October 12, 2018 7:00am-7:19am EDT

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every vote seen as very crucial the parties are neck and neck according to latest polls. this leads into the bait about free speech versus fake news that endless stories that we've heard over the past few months with zuckerberg and some of the congress etc it's been very much in the news and by many this step by facebook will be viewed as some sort of meddling in the political process itself and as you say it seems pretty wide ranging two dozen across the board or i don't think telling us about that. now. so the story about those two astronauts thanking their lucky stars today yes they successfully escape in the failed launch of this soyuz spacecraft the booster rocket malfunction just to remind you just minutes into their flight causing them to abort and return to earth after a dramatic rescue of medical tests there was relief from friends and family as they were welcome back to by.
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i am. yeah what a day at the office thought to be able to crew arrived earlier at the star city training center to mosco out his reflection it was that. starseed to us version to
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go to the russian is where russian cosmonaut aleksey of cine has been training for months and months preparing for his second mission to the international space station now he and another crew member and merrick an astronaut and mika hague right now here are to there a lot of key escape as they call it the emergency landing in kazakhstan they will be checked here for the next forty eight hours we hear from the doctors that both space men feel very well right now both physically and psychologically but the product will require is that they their health conditions are more neutered for the next two days we know that some family members are also here of course every very warm welcome but the question many now want to know the answer to is exactly what happened on thursday a criminal case was launched and as paschal high profile state commission was also
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formed to shed the light on the cause of the incident on thursday we hear that they had open nasr and european space agency already offered their assistance helping the investigation we expect the first results spiked over twenty five but already now we hear that separation system all function might be cause of collision again this is just preliminary suggestion they had of men programs in russian space agency ross cos most mr critical of provided more on what is happening right now on. the commission history roots were the first rocket programs have already been found and the results are expected by the twentieth of october our systems to help analyze the reasons for would happen. until the exact cause of the incident is found all the space flies must be. suspended but
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a very good news for both alexei of cheney and in the hague we hear from the head of russian ross coarseness that they will why do the international space station next spring already. nasa watch on as the ejection system jettisons the crew module away from the rocket boosters before the tons of high explosive fuel detonate and we have lift a tower for this three years now and jettison the ballistic trajectory their arm is rougher than anticipated the crew is shaken and battered but stay conscious with room for a little humor. three minutes in emergency systems function as intended they begin their descent back to earth within minutes a search and rescue operation is underway helicopters assume airborne powering
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towards the landing site while lexi mixed families crazy and hopeless. at first i watched the launch on t.v. but at a certain point i turned it off you can understand my feelings at the time. there's new telling what medical condition the crew are in what we might call luck others would cool professionalism the crew trained for years for this the technicians who engineer the safety overrides the rescuers and medics who arrived in record time ross kos-mos nasa teams it wasn't a miracle but it was the next best thing when it comes through space nothing is left to chance as contingencies for everything sail saves protocols and provisions as checks double checks triple checks and so is a track record the best in the world proves it's as safe as can be but that only
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gets you so far space is after all the final frontier. of former astronauts we spoke to said crews are always well prepared for such emergencies and they praised of chicken and egg for the quick thinking actions. i flew out to the space station aboard a soyuz rocket myself i came back it was for use capsule and my fourth question and so you know kind of brought me back to what it's like being in that vehicle and imagining going through this kind of emergency aboard but as you heard from the transmissions the crew was very calm very professional and they did everything right and so first and foremost of course we're all very pleased that the crew is safe and healthy they're able to walk away from from the landing site and now it's just a matter of the investigation to determine what happened what corrective action needs to be taken in and then recertifying the vehicles for launch it just this was a situation that the crew were very well prepared for often it's almost impossible
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to believe that everything will go well however most of the time everything does go very well but we are prepared mentally things not going the way they're intended in this sort of event when there's an anomaly during the launch the crew reacted as they would in a simulator they practice their reactions multiple times in the simulator so they don't ask what's happening what do we do. or other needs now today the united states midterm elections less than a month away now with both democrats and republicans appearing to grow increasingly animated an outspoken there's a lot of stake a yugo of poll this week shows only a six percent gap in support between the two parties the democrats leading on forty seven percent cut him open looks at how campaign protocol's been torn up in the current political climate. i may not agree with what you say but i shall defend to the death your right to say it now that used to be the favorite quotation of americans but not anymore civility is passe just ask hillary clinton you cannot be civil with
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a political party that wants to destroy what you stand for what you care about if we are fortunate enough to win back the house and or the senate that's when civility can start again remember back when everyone hailed this motto when they go low we go high. well now barack obama's former attorney general has adjusted it just a little machine always says that you know when they go low you. know. they go low we keep it right. and some sectors of the us public are pretty clearly ready for battle. i was going. to be.
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there. were three. some republicans are now warning that the chaos could turn deadly i fear that there's going to be an assassination i really worry that somebody is going to be too and that those who are ratcheting up the conversation they have to realize they bear some responsibility if this elevates to violence after the senator's personal information was released online his family is on edge you know i felt incredibly threatened and frightened i had been frightened when rand left for d.c. that monday because you know what if the new message is get out in their face get in people's face but republicans are also out for blood to do. to extreme too dangerous to govern they've gone wacko. matchers join arsonists and you don't give power to an angry left wing mob and that's what
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the democrats are. bigger so civility just forget it it's likely that even after the midterm elections americans aren't just going to get over it divisions are getting deeper and r.t. new york has put a former u.s. congressman rome pull he says the beyond the border woods republicans and democrats agree on much more than they think the policies are very very similar and we who work in the free to move in the libertarian movement have said there is that there's a lot of bipartisanship when it comes to passing legislation like running up the deficits and getting involved in. scares me and didn't in foreign wars and being involved like this is they're very much the same but i think the disagreement is more of a cultural thing and there's a difference is unfair philosophy is not so much and we would like we as libertarians would like to see the discussion about you know like our federal
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reserve system and spending and deficits and personal liberties and civil liberties but there seems to be too much agreement there but right now there's no doubt there's a lot of hostility between the two groups never very very angry. ron paul talking to us all the way you don't trump gets the india buzz more russian defensive weapons look at whether he'll go ahead with a thinly veiled sanctions threat against another ally after this break.
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when customers go. well reduce some lower. that's undercutting but what's good for markets is not good for the global economy . it's two twenty we are seeing moscow time now next donald trump is keeping india in suspense after the country signed
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a massive weapons deal with russia is deciding whether or not to punish new delhi for by russian s. four hundred air defense systems or to give a presidential waiver over it either way he's keeping his cards very close to his chest for now but regardless of sanctions and great you are going to india is going to find earth day. you'll see sooner than you think russia is currently india's biggest arms supplier in a meeting earlier this month between the two countries' leaders saw them boost that even further striking a five billion dollar deal to supply india with the s four hundred anti missile defense system it is one of the world's most sophisticated surface to air weapons the system's got a range of four hundred kilometers it can shoot down that eighty targets imitate the asli besides india russian as for hundreds of been purchased to buy countries including china algeria better routes and turkey international affairs professor of charlie had told us he believes trump's threat is less about politics than business leverage. i think this is more of like post shooting and trying to bargaining
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starting to interviews uncertainty and unpredictability and then you know drives you know a deal that keeps you keep the other party trying to hoax and then to say ok i'm willing to reconsider this but what can you give me in return so this is part of his transactional diplomacy and i think he's looking at india buying more u.s. defense equipment for example he may also be looking at you know india opening market access to civilian american exports because there's also as you know a pattern really a trade war that's been going on so the options i mean. really for feet to morrow for influence and leverage in this country if he does the unthinkable and actually slap sanctions on us. the controversial self-styled syrian rescue group the white helmets to focus to the close united nations meeting on thursday diplomats are said
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to be divided over the group's possible removal of post-war syria what helmet's been accused of various things along the way links to extremists and working alongside the illness or terrorist group now they deny those claims insisting they are simply a civil rescue group an associate editor from the new site twenty first century watchdog called visited the group. generation we will crack down on this. this is anti polish activity and it must be eradicated. there was also outcry across the glades when poland's made this a criminal offense to accuse it of complicity in nazi war crimes particularly from israel. we have no tolerance for the distortion of the truth and rewriting history or denying the holocaust a seaman so mayo and the law was decriminalize. what was intended to defend the
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good name of poland will now be a civil not criminal offense and. they are just some of the world news stories so far this friday my name's kevin owen here in moscow thank you for watching for me on the team have a great day. hillary clinton so civility can only return when the democrats are back in power former obama a.g. eric holder has coined a new phrase when they go low we kick them without a doubt both statements can be dismissed as political banter as the midterms loom but it would seem no one can claim much virtue and civility in this environment. and your own pal. coming up that. i am told paul enough.
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will get. in from clinton there is a trade in young girls souls into an underground sex in the street sometimes but the people they trust the most. on. a couple. is china not russia the threat to us elections the administration says yes well explore that topic on this edition of politic. politicking on larry king on wednesday homeland security secretary kirsten. nielsen
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and f.b.i. director christopher ray said that china is engaged in an unprecedented influence campaign leading into the midterms and the twenty twenty presidential elections what have a new russia is meddling is this a new and legitimate threat or a diversion from the russian investigation. up in the long political panel where john went back republican strategist former chairman of the republican party of virginia he's in lansdown virginia and in chattanooga tennessee brian joyce host of the brian joyce show on talk radio on w g o w f.m. john what do you make of this warning is about china. you know i look any any serious threat to our election system needs to be taken seriously and i think in terms of the question of whether it's a diversion there's been so much news lately if you haven't noticed i'm not sure
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that anything's going to be a diversion at this point there's just too much going on i mean the kavanaugh story and what not so i don't know whether it's a diversion from the rest investigation the rest of us to geisha his way in the back burner anyway so i think some we should take seriously.


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