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tv   News  RT  October 12, 2018 11:00am-11:28am EDT

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consumers across the entire internet ecosystem have you heard of total information awareness you know i'm talking about. you know i do know ok would you be comfortable sharing with us the name of the hotel you stayed in last night. no. or this time no it's a little closer to home more than eight hundred pages banned by facebook and these are not some fringe accounts conspiracy peddlers or extremists some of the pages have been around for years and have millions of followers among those to face the acts of pages exposing alleged corruption state surveillance and police brutality as well facebook i've explained the pages broke rules engaging inspire and inauthentic behavior some something we've heard before. and what makes this purge different to previous calls is that this is no secret kremlin bought operation as
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previously alleged by media some of the biggest pages were run by americans in america for americans the accounts removed expressed a spectrum of use both conservative and liberal pro and anti trump and the page owners ask a thing out facebook page with over two point one million followers has been unpublished along with eight hundred other pages in accounts the purge of old media is upon us i've been mammary hold from facebook three hundred fifty thousand followers who've gone there is a dangerous precedent been sat here where the big tech companies have appointed themselves as the gatekeepers are political thought an opinion of this intervention comes ahead of crucial midterm elections in the united states it's a sign of social media giants wading further into the minefield of free speech versus fake news and could be seen by many as a sign of meddling in itself. well let's talk weather for their with their ben-hur
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for the bow groupies strong got strong feelings on this the bow group of course they depended on so if you think back there. so what facebook and others like it doing here they say the humanity from themselves or are they the right people to be filtering out what they think is fake news or not or not no i don't think so and i think the best metric for what people want to see is what they are looking at and when you've got very popular news outlets like info wars that of course was banned in other prominent figures like tommy robinson and other journalists like katie hopkins the problem is you've got a small group of people deciding what's best for a very large group of people and you've also got a small group of people who either by their own admission or by exposure from from journalists of have been shown to operate with a very clear liberal bias and i think there is an important point to make that if
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a company like facebook or google wants to be an entirely private company and wants to be. very upfront about the fact that it operates with a bias then it should be able to do so but at the moment these companies are operating under the auspices that they are unbiased purveyors of news when of course that is not the case here i mean there is an argument is there are there actually people do want their news policed a bit they want to know that what they're getting isn't fake that it is real and that somebody is trying to make that as read as possible no. well i think people are much smarter than that you know if people are deciding to read for example the website info was or to you like your page on facebook that is your recent piece highlighted often have hundreds of thousands if not millions of likes you know people have self selected that and what we've seen in the you recently is even things like means being made illegal or being censored and of course these sorts of
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things aren't necessarily presenting themselves as being entirely factual they're using the bit of poetic license in a bit of humor into the mix so it's really a question of taste and the best people decide what their taste are of the public and the users yeah the congress has been worried about those. how likely is it that by removing this kind of stuff these pages this content it's going to affect the u.s. midterms any which way. oh i really i mean i don't buy into this idea that there was russian interference in the u.s. presidential election i was there through the campaign from twenty fifteen words and there was something where there was a real groundswell going on with donald trump it was the russian manufactured thing and you can see with the rallies that it was turning out you know forty fifty thousand people where you know five hundred people were turning up for jeb bush and hillary clinton something real was going on and you know frankly russia doesn't have the resources to mount that kind of thing in the united states and the same
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goes for bricks in that real was was was going on there and i mean if i think if you want to look at a foreign x. in political processes you've got to look at figures like george soros who it's very clear that he's throwing in millions and millions of pounds into the u.k. and into the u.s. to subvert the political system but but you know generally i take the view that you pay your money you take you take your choice so i think the public are much smarter than politicians and. the liberal elite generally give them credit for what it is to learn and if they want to it's a lot of that if they were to look at all of the issues that have been complaining that they have been worst hit by this censoring. yes i mean we've it we've experienced it in the compare we had two events running in parallel one that was published on our facebook page and another that was published on a university debating society facebook page and the university debating society
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facebook page despite having fewer followers than ours got a far better response and the reason is the oldest conservative think tank in britain one of the oldest conservative think tanks in the world so we're not some all right. new media kid on the block we were an old established organization like thing it's very apparent to us that we can all conservatives are being censored in this way in if you look at the reports that have come out about google and about facebook it's very clear that all of the people working there or at least the vast vast majority of the people working there trump think bret's is a disaster operate with a very clear liberal bias so it's unsurprising that their platforms operate with the same bias thought sparrows could each year the independent conservative think tank the bow group alone for london she is. now tracking those two astronauts who came back to earth a bit of a bummer yesterday the no doubt thanking their lucky stars right now after
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successfully escaping that failed launch of this soyuz spacecraft thursday the booster rocket malfunction just minutes into their flight caused them to abort and return to earth after a dramatic rescue of medical tests there was relief from friends and family as they were welcome back to baikonur. i am.
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the leader of the star city try to censor to moscow ati's mission oceanus that. starseed to us version to get a look in russian is where russian cosmonaut alex see of cine has been training for months and months preparing for his second mission to the international space station now he and another crew member and merrick an astronaut and meek hague right now here are to there a lot of key escape as they call it the emergency landing in kazakhstan they will be checked here for the next forty eight hours we hear from the doctors that both space men feel very well right now both physically and psychologically but the
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product will require is that they their health conditions are more neutered for the next two days we know that some family members are also here of course every very warm welcome but the question many now want to know the answer to is exactly what happened on thursday a criminal case was launched and as paschal high profile state commission was also formed to shed the light on the cause of the incident on thursday we hear that they had over nasir and european space agency already offered their assistance how when the investigation we expect the first results spiked over twenty five but already now we hear that suppuration system all function might be cause of collision again this is just preliminary suggestion they had of men programs the russian space agency ross cos most mr critical of provided more on what is happening right now on
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. the commission history its work the first rocket programs have already been found and the results are expected by the twentieth of october are systems to help analyze the reasons for what happened. until the exact cause of the incident is found all the space flights must be suspended but a very good news for both alexia cheney and in the hague we hear from the head of russian ross coarseness that they will fly to the international space station next spring already where american star city these guys will fly we planned for their flight to be in the spring of next year while the incident became a real shock for people involved in space industries and both sides of the atlantic to it is very important right now to be careful in best to gating and in answering the question exactly what caused this incident. when all this is being watched from
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above them as well as it was all happening the crew onboard the international space station more than a bird's eye view of what happened there actually captured the moment on camera the right place at the right time around the world these images were taken by the current space station commander the girls to just about make out the white streaks of smoke from the rockets the person is actually reading of course to welcome their colleagues on board in just a few hours after that but didn't history shows we watched helplessly as they saw those astronauts incredible escape to earth again even four hundred kilometers up the commander goes relief was palpable to hear they were ok. i'm glad that our friends are fine thanks to more than thousands of rescue workers this day has again shown how great the so uses despite a false start the group was safely brought back to earth space travel is stuff but we must go on for the benefit of humanity because song just practical terms when you've got more than half a million pounds a burning rocket fuel right behind you and
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a booster that's gone faulty you need to get out of the way and fast for thursday so you screwed that meant relying on a skype system that was developed way back in the one nine hundred sixty s. . it's a very dangerous situation and it's. him impressive. about the design of how they built the scape system that it works so very well but you're in a very volatile situation with lots of rocket propellant around you going very very fast very very high so things could have gone much much worse and it's just great that the escape system works so well every moment a brief tenth flight was being watched closely of course on the ground takes is for
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what happened step by step. baikonur cosmodrome fourteen forty local time lift off in five four three two one engine and lawyers like you are the engine that lift up. the law and she is always the most nerve raking pots the energy and stress involved the colossal rise of the respects and dangers of this time everything proceeding as the intended for today's plight near the two minute mark the first stage boosters begin to separate something goes wrong. all right and i cheated and there's no time to wait think one hundred twenty one seconds and merge and see protocols engage automatically the mission is compromised
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there are milliseconds to get the crew away with. the families of the crew with the heads of course morse and nasa watch on as the ejection system jettisons the crew module away from the rocket boosters the for the tons of high explosive fuel detonate and we have been escape tower for history is now jettisoned the ballistic trajectory they're on is rougher than anticipated the crew is shaken and that's it let's stay conscious with room for a little humor for. sixty. three minutes in emergency systems function as intended they begin their descent back to earth within minutes as search and rescue operation is underway helicopters assume airborne powering towards the landing site while lexi makes families crazy and who
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is not realize that up fast i watched the launch in t.v. but at a certain point i turned it off you can understand my feelings at the time there's no telling what medical condition the crew were in what we might call luck others would cool professionalism the crew trained for years for this the technicians who engineer the safety overrides the rescuers and medics who arrived in record time ross cosmos nasa teams it wasn't a miracle but it was the next best thing when it comes through space nothing is left to chance there's contingencies for everything sail safes protocols and provisions as checks double checks triple checks and so is a track record the best in the world proves it's as safe as can be but that only gets you so far space is after all the final frontier.
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somebody said that once before in may well for astronauts we spoke to say crews are of course always extremely well prepared for such emergencies but nonetheless they went on to the pipe raise on the chin in the hague for their quick thinking actions . i flew out to the space station aboard a soyuz rocket myself came back in a soyuz capsule on my fourth mission and so you know kind of brought me back to what it's like being in that vehicle and imagining going through this kind of emergency aboard but as you heard from the transmissions the crew was very calm very professional and they did everything's actually right and so first and foremost of course we're all very pleased that the crew is safe and healthy they're able to walk away from the from the landing site and now it's just a matter of the investigation to determine what happened what corrective action needs to be taken in and then recertifying the vehicles for launch just this was a situation that the crew
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a very well prepared for often it's almost impossible to believe that everything will go well however most of the time everything does go very well but we are prepared mentally things not going the way they're intended in this sort of event when there's an anomaly during the launch the crew reacted as they would in a simulator they practice their reactions multiple times in the simulator so they don't ask what's happening what do do we. right here right ahead of the break evidence is reportedly mounting against the saudis over the disappearance of a journalist in istanbul we'll tell you all about it ninety seconds away. with just manufacture consensus instance of public wealth. when the ruling classes to protect themselves. in the final
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merry go round. the one percent. we can all middle of the room sick. i mean the real news is really. it's been too many times where i've seen you know. seach city's hospitals. since the. terrorists you know attacking civilians it's been terrible really i'm more hopeful now than i was a few months back and the deal was a glimmer of hope in all of this.
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again you and now turkish state media reporting that a saudi delegations arrived in turkey for talks over the mysterious disappearance of that dissident journalist the man went missing over a week ago was last seen entering the saudi consulate in istanbul earlier discussed it was my colleague jacqueline. getting more more mysterious isn't it yeah accusations and denials have been flying since all this started and the majority of the information that we have is all based on these unnamed sources anonymous officials once again and according to media reports turkey has actually said that they have audio and video recording supporting the conclusions that the journalist was killed in the consulate according to articles written about this they haven't publicly released these what would be really damning recordings due to fears that it would reveal how they spy on foreign entities in their country but certain articles quoting people who have a parent listen to the recordings say that it says that you can hear how the
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journalist was interrogated tortured and then murder and that he was beaten while in the consulate so that would of course be extremely damaging evidence if that did come to live you know of course mr he was in the u.s. for twelve months before his disappearance in the u.s. . very close allies what is the u.s. saying publicly about this you know all eyes really are on the u.s. because of their ties to saudi arabia and a group of almost two dozen senators have already put forward calls for an investigation and already are discussing the idea of sanctions if saudi arabia is found to be culpable for this but at the same time there's also been bipartisan calls to stop arms sales to riyadh because of course u.s. is the u.s. is one of the biggest sellers of weapons to the kingdom but that's something that trump has not been ready to discuss yet let's take a listen to what he had to say i don't like stopping massive amounts of money
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that's being poured into our country and i know they're talking about different kinds of sanctions but they're spending one hundred ten billion dollars of military equipment or things that create. jobs. others for this country now the president has said that u.s. investigators are looking into the situation but that right reasons further concerns and questions due to news that hit on thursday saying that the u.s. may have earlier gained intercepts of saudi officials discussing ways to possibly lure. to saudi arabia and detain him it's not clear whether or not the u.s. acted on that information when they obtain that information but it does add a rather sinister twist to the story because of what that could mean so to show he's been missing since the second of october let's take a look back over the moments leading up to his disappearance of the events that
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followed. again you as well if you to this hour russia's ambassador also went to the u.k. says there's no reason not to believe that the knowledge of the two men accused of poisoning former spy service crippled is daughter back in march and also denying
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being a part of any russian intelligence lesko least on this one in the honestest situation is another of those but more exactly but what they are bus of the sites the media earlier. well kevin at the time it was described as a very low point between tie in ties between russia and the u.k. following this whole script file saga indeed the russian ambassador to the u.k. has met with journalists to yet again try to explain russia's officials position and basis for their reactions it has had following the accusations made against it at a time of what steve jobs as an anti russia campaign of the tory government that was specifically on some of the points that have been made by britain and terms of the accusations that were means that the g.r.u. of russia was behind this crippled poisoning the russian ambassador to the u.k. has had has said that russia has directly seen no evidence whatsoever presented by british officials to which directly that there have been no transparent.
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transparency or no documents or people that were made to be available to russia on this matter and ambassador alexander you're preventing like. sort of a script called the trough and bush era at least come forward publicly to try to present their case i'm like who is essentially disappeared ever since march fourth and nobody seems to know where he is let's take a listen. to what you're just against them because you know they didn't believe the russian this is true there is no official. from the british government to investigate this matter we have the official statement of these people and we don't have any reason to trust them. well on the latest allegations or rather reports made here in the u.k. by the belling cat group the russian ambassador essentially said that the identities i didn't see these that they said to have revealed. g.r.u.
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employees miskin and cheaply as they were presented here in the u.k. according to the russian ambassador those are creations of belling pacha group that he described as one with quote very close ties to british security services and they said they're essentially not to be believed because he sees them as a tool of the deepest style bushman's in the west and he's also reminded journalists here in britain that government officials here in britain have not really commented on anyway or refused to comment on the belling katz reports being made describing them essentially as part of the public debates and again he called on the journalists here to remember really all of the leaks being made against russia russia has had to respond to yet no cooperation between official channels has taken place yet. telling us what the russian position still is on this
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big story that. from the from london thank you for watching for me in moscow as well this way some of the we'll do stories looking so far this friday it's twenty eight minutes past six moscow time. good evening. i've been saying the numbers mean something they matter the u.s. is over one trillion dollars in debt more than ten points over time stamping each did. eighty five percent of global will you loan to the ultra rich eight point six percent market saw thirty percent minus minus two years some with four hundred to five hundred three per second per second and bitcoin rose to twenty thousand dollars. china's building two point one billion dollars a i industrial park but don't let the numbers overwhelm. the only numbers you need to remember is one one
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does not show you know forward to minutes one can only assume but. you need to let the audience you need to let people decide what is the relevant to them you don't need to filter he self censoring so john author self censored himself he believed he knew better he believed he knew with what the names were of these folks and that self-censorship which is such a step and this is completely wrong and this is why we have been sleepwalking into the next financial crisis how john authors spend a gonzo journalist i've been a property in new ways journalism how do you how do you not self-centered himself as this next crisis unfolds people would be better prepared to deal with it but they won't be because the failure of fake journals like a lot of. this
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is cruel. soon they need to actually physically hold it out of the ground you would have well well well well well. there's a lot of money. the oil and with that comes. a lot of a lot of people from all over the country. if you don't make a hundred thousand dollars a year. there's an issue. here in the. they work well.


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