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tv   Worlds Apart  RT  October 14, 2018 6:30am-6:57am EDT

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course consider that in the past there were other troubles they were independent between the two world wars and then the world including the soviet union at the beginning of the second world war. but with other former soviet republic such as crane georgia well may need cradle crane or russia they have a common history they have come i would say cultural and religious but let's discuss does indeed tells when let me oppress you once more do you think russia current policy reserve in nato could really be described as containment i do consider that what i've been in in the very recent months sure is that russia on one side the east turning to work easier in order to create a stronger even bloc and even now you can ask the west yes and death would be a first step to stop a large amount of the western counters to work toward russian federation secondly
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the new generation of weapons the seer the president of russia for derision doing the speech and beginning of march he sure knew new weapons and that means a dem or nato is acting in order to establish a new meter the basis in sentence to euro or more of the you know the cities are looking forward the new system of the ballistics misses and so on the more this has no sense look at it as far as i understand from the russian point of view there is a big difference between containment as an effort to contain to limit the spread of nato not only in the russian neighborhood but around the world and pure defense and trying to keep nader a big russia see the main difference between those two actions but from what you're saying it looks like you believe russia is actually trying to deal with a low level of concrete way were to school damon. containment is now creamy and
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don't bust on one side so to say it's in luck because on the other side this is a very concrete step in action in order to stoke to war and the other sort to do to step forward. this is a very concrete and those are military action and political action of course now we were discussing a lot about to defer the potential step of nato in europe which would be the one of the former yugoslav republic of macedonia the last year montenegro joined and we had big troubles in montenegro huge discussion even the news that concerning the middle you can no region the potential attempt to the life for me to do can only because he was in favor to join nato what does it mean today to join nato to join nato means for some countries this is an insurance policy but on the other side than need be part of nato means to have some benefits to an economic benefits financial benefits also the fact that the county can rent some bases to the states
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that would pay for this the western policy during the cold war was based on the notion of ideological and compatibility with the soviet union there was a strong ideological factor there do you think russia ideologically also sees itself at odds with the west no i think that there is a different approach to life that is different culture. what is russia nowadays is russia. a democracy as we may consider any other western european country probably not to in russia that is a special democracy the school like this very often my opinion is that. the western european counties and nato counters they tended to emphasize the danger of the. the rash of presents in order to create in
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a name me that would produce the five i knew further actions toward that that kind of me if somebody knows or russia. are we sure that of russia would like to invade the stone you're lucky would be to india i personally don't think so are we sure that russia wanted to include you karim me if there was not a coupe in craning two thousand and fourteen that was allowed even by european counters in the european union this is the problem the problem is that sometimes we also have interference from the. western counties in the internal affairs of the former soviet republics and this is because this strategy of nato and of the western counties is to grow to include more counter losing their group in order to have a more probably economic economic profit and benefits you
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mentioned there the crisis in ukraine i think we both will agree that it was precipitated by this very tenuous relationship between russia on one hand and nato on the air on another hand. both sides still blame one another for what happened but do you think internally at least has there been any of revaluation of what happened in ukraine why it happened and what are the potential causes this is what we try. we try to discuss because you opinion what is very interesting is what provoked the crisis of mainly there was a movement in a crane there was a movement the beginning of the new millennium it was the orange revolution a movement the. leading the count to two words of the west. but then there was a when you who called this was elected again the. world. so there was
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a new position of the majority of the koreans but then i saw the news that the european union. had a wrong behavior it would be nice an international going to zeeshan this should be a neutral international organization well it is hard to be neutral when you. fear your neighbor but. one interesting thing you said was the. european union was on that path for many years the european union it wasn't the path of an lodgment but just last march the european commission issued their white paper in which it described five possible scenarios for its future and none of them mansion either the integration or ukraine or the e.u. enlargement in general do you think that has crystallized over the last four years or do you think even before they might down in bounds that was more or less understood then the european officials who are very active during the might on process protest in encouraging that probably european sentiment was it were
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essentially misleading the ukrainians and the onus but they don't have evidence of this would be learning is to the on the diplomatic papers when who would have access to this i think that the. strongest senior g. very often between the european union and nato. need to. see the role of the prominent role of the united states of america and the united states they have the cup of belittling to to make pressure on the other members of nato in order to go in in that direction and when they talk about dupion union i thought about to do kind of a propaganda that european union deed in lieu crane through the high representative for reforming the policy which was. lady catherine ashton when she went to maiden
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square with the little pea and flag to promote a dupion union but that was that in many opinion a wrong behavior because european union should say to any county that members we do not close the door so that if the counter is respect to the parade it was this but we will not make germans in the internal affairs of the county in order to promote european union and to seduce the counted towards europe yes specially when you have a new intentional following up on that and actually accepting the country into the european union ukraine is now facing presidential elections and the political tensions in that country are pretty strong there are five declared candidates more than a dozen of possible candidates the incumbent president has a somewhat low rating if there is a political crisis another political crisis in ukraine say without in two thousand and nineteen do you think the european union would be just as eager to interfere in
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and take sides. his you know to these that is it big to completion in the field of communications how do you communicate how do you make interference you have a lot of chances to do that i think the dupion union should the bit slow down its. presence in this framework and should leave the county to decide so the democracy also means that the county should be free to take the best possible solution but didn't turn eleven there shouldn't be a lot of interference from outside but very often we do have to you know where all the ukrainian politicians for example would want the european union to interfere actively to you know essentially endorse their political candidates let's wonder does it mean to be part. to the pm union it means
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a for many county means or disses a good opportunity it means a good living stand there thinking exactly the places it will go for to need you to become a beatle teacher because we get so money from european union so it's a good opportunity but what does it mean from the moral point of view that means to shield the european values and know they sure did in all the little peon member state there is the same european speedily the same european cohere ukrainians definitely claim that they have that european spirit in fact they believe that they are at the forefront of defending the european i remember the sentence of a victorian call of nature some years ago when he said that we are a european country but we have a spatial relations with russia but when he said we are european accounting means that where he is who create easy in europe if we can see that as usual goes from the atlantic ocean to the mon to his. easel utah is russia of and so part of russia
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is there but can we include two powerful russians of opinion or does the russia wish to be part of dupion union we are skeptical in front of this over this option the problem is that when we seduce a new member that opinion we should also think about a consequence of this in the bailout the release of that counter with diprivan use friends and partners such as russia and ukraine well too late for that i guess professor thought i have to take a short break now but we will be back in just a few moments stay tuned. i've been saying the numbers mean something the matter us with one trillion dollars and. more than ten white collar crime stamped each dish. eighty five percent of
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global wealth you longs to be culled from rich eight point six percent market saw thirty percent rise last year some with four hundred to five hundred three per second per second and bitcoin roasted forty thousand dollars. china is building a two point one billion dollar a i industrial farm but don't let the numbers overwhelm. the only numbers you need remember one one business shows you can't afford to miss the one and only food but . when goal may just manufacture consent instead of public wealth. when the running plus isn't protect themselves. when the financial merry go round lifts only the one percent. that's not
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going all middle of the room six. million more you leave. what politicians do something. they put themselves on the line and they get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president. more somehow wanted us. to try to do for us to supply them up for free in the morning can't be good. i'm interested always in the waters in the house. last question.
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welcome back to worlds apart from the fun of the lot the professor at dream yes university in italy professor speaking more broadly about transatlantic i think nothing tests friendship friendships more effectively than bickering about money and president trying seems to be very unequivocal about europe having to pay more to thin that native budget do you think he's going to get what he wants from europe i'm not sure because of the economic crisis and take for instance the example of my come to italy italy spends less than two percent of the g.d.p. for defense a president who was asking that very clearly correct to just a defined his movement as a puppet is that which means balkan is very often means extremists to kill because of this movement to have success also because they represent the we look of the
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population to brutus in front of some through problems that we have we we have next year elections in dupion free more we will see which would be the result of this so called the populist movement in dupion parliament and then we will we will see that indicate on of the problems that the europeans have nowadays as you mentioned some real problems and i think the two main factors that may have influenced the telly in their electorate are immigration and the economy and on both of which decision making was mostly done. in other european capitals rather than brome much of that was done in brussels some of that was done in berlin do you think the the change within the taliban politics is germanic enough to encourage change in the decision. taking on the european level with regards to both immigration and the
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management of on i mean this is partly true the problem for room is to obtain to get a spec to buy the olders the problem of immigration was in the interesting indicator because the room was left very often alone or to manage a dysprosium instead of having the necessary support of from the order european partners so when i was mentioning before which is the european speedy european speed to me is also a coma. in europe if we have to get there if we decided to be together then we should ensure dissolute that indeed there should be the same principle of burden sharing that to mention the in natal context so but then surely means that if we have a problem of eagerly surely and see city in lumping in southern italy or in greece even then mark even the street and even the filo maybe even poland even poland they should cooperate to not just say this is no there were problem because this is very
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far from our borders it depends on those. of the skills of the politicians you know now we have a new generation of politicians not everybody is convinced about the fact that they are very well prepared to face the challenge maybe yes maybe no we will see can i ask you specifically on our on it elise prospect of exiting the e.u. because. later this month the european commission may take an unprecedented decision of rejecting italy's national budget if the government does not improve its deficit figures and it's an interesting conundrum i think for the european commission because on the one hand and doesn't want to sad you know about example for others but on the other hand if it defies the talim government it may actually increase the prospect of the taking that step and leading the country out of the euro zone. what do you think would be a last damaging both for the e.u. and for him telling very good question first first point that out not from the e.u.
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but from the exactly the euro zone ok that doesn't mean that the country would leave the european union even though that mechanism of separating that to has not been determined in any case i think that it's up almost impossible do you believe will be sure what is possible is to have. a new conflict between do a p. and union in the italian government on the decision of the government with the concerning the financial forecast and in the financial budget. the new government must tain the promises that the had we devoted to us. they know they are extremely squeezed between. do need to respect of the european part of meters and didn't need that to
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improve the situation of the italian population as a whole will doesn't mean to improve the situation on the italian population very often means to create a new opportunities for citizen leaving also when he says in which requires mining activity for us that. yes i think that it will be a commission me may make a pressure over all of this they are doing debt. what is not acceptable from the principal point of view is that it will be an union should see what the government should do or not do well there is another european country that is facing not the same but somewhat similar about principles i'm talking about poland or which is. in a pretty frayed relationship with european commission and the european union as a whole how far. do you think both warsaw in brussels i willing to take that dispute over principles whether the head this is
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a this is part of the mocha see i mean some things we have different opinions are we must respect each other what is that then juggles is to see now you are not allowed to be part of the opinion of anymore if you don't share the same principle this is of course it is a fundamental aspect but you have to understand how do they interpreted this see in the local level so there should be those a bit of flexibility and utopian you know maybe not too much for exhibit but the bit of flexibility in some things we have different cultures in brussels we have the north color which is quite a region and does sound in part of europe culture which is more flexible and there the polish would agree is somewhere in the middle you know the polish or leaving me in a really interesting moment because a they also have their own culture sure just consider the ball and the walls are for many years is socially scone but also it was probably the only socially scone to have the very deep christian catholic feeling
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of allegiance and this mixed is very strange because it could be go see that is a paradox isn't in quince now it comes out and they want to stand do on the specific polish identity and did the radio show to you know to fight against loopy and union and to send to the messages i sometimes hear the poll say that they brussels. do not really practice what they preach they say it's about principles but they themselves are not always live up to those principles and i think that's very similar to how the russians framed their disagreements with europe before that you're craning crisis which makes me wonder if you in the european union will have to redefine how it sees itself and how it defines its prints. falls in the face of both this external tensions and this internal defines
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that we see it from poland and to some extent from italy yes european union is now in the very interesting stage in the sense that the goober knows so little p. and you know and becomes more and more difficult because the more european news and large unself the more we have more and more member is more and more and more difficult to find say sr jean said the opinion. would be a big defeat of the opinion in any case starting to have come to that that leaving do opinion no duels on the european union that could be represent a enough specked they could be followed by other countries in the future if they're not happy about the policy of the libyan you know so for the next elections next year of dual beyond beyond them and the boldness of that a p a new needle and they should do recall seriously we can see there they are approach to the international relations inside of european countries and which could be part of
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flexibility that they can add to meet in order to avoid the explosion of the european well professor thought i have to leave it there really appreciate your being with us today and thank you very much for your insights thank you do you encourage your peers to keep this conversation going on our social media pages and i hope to hear again same place same time here on all the part. when a loved one is murder. it's natural to seek the death penalty for the murder i would
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prefer and it means to win the death penalty just because i think that's a fair thing the right thing research shows that for every nine executions one convict just found innocent the idea that we were executing innocent people is terrifying the is just no really hasn't been that we hear even many of the times families want the death penalty to be abolished the reason we have to keep the death penalty here is because that's what murder victims' families what that's going to give them peace that's going to give them justice and we come in saying. not quite enough we've been through this this isn't the way. you cannot operate as united nations this is not just one rob but u.n. d.p. world health organization and in fact other international organizations like the international committee of the red cross you cannot work in a place like gaza with pragmatic cooperation with the local storage fees which are
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hamas in this case field or has been for most of the last few years. on even though a. total room. not he did not know. oh you ought to go to the post because this is the move for you.
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it was. the. this. was the behavior the but the. the the the. right and the she did it. in the top stories of the week barely three minutes in and at great speed a quick thinking crew of four from abandon them out functioning spacecraft on thursday before a nail biting descent back to. almost two weeks and still no clarity on the
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fate of a prominent journalist who vanished off to entering the saudi embassy in istanbul prompting speculation that he was murdered something though riyadh denied and. if we are fortunate enough to win back the house and or the senate that's when civility.


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