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tv   Worlds Apart  RT  October 14, 2018 10:30am-10:54am EDT

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or was based on the notion of ideological income and competitive with the soviet union there was a strong ideological factor there do you think russia ideologically also sees itself at odds with the west no i think that there is a different approach to life that is different culture. what is russia nowadays is russia. a democracy as we may consider any other western european country probably not the russia that is a special democracy the school like this very often my opinion is that. the western european countries in nato counters they tended to emphasize the danger that a rational represents in order to create an enemy that would use the fi
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new for their actions toward that that kind of me if somebody knows or russia. are we sure that of russia would like to invade the stone your lot it would be to india i personally don't think so are we sure that russia wanted to include to careen me if there was not a coupe in craning two thousand and fourteen that was allowed even by european counters and the european union this is the problem the problem is that sometimes we also have interference from the. western counties in the internal affairs of the former soviet republics and this is because this strategy of nato and of the western counties is to grow to include more counters in their group in order to have a more probably economic economic profit and benefits you mentioned there the crisis in ukraine i think we will. we'll agree that it was
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precipitated by this very tenuous relationship between russia on one hand and nato on the air on another hand. both sides still blame one another for what happened but do you think internally at least has there been any revaluation of what happened in ukraine why it happened what are the potential conflict this is what we try. to who try to discuss because even your opinion what is very interesting is what provoked of the crisis will be mainly there was a movement in a crane there was a movement to the beginning of the new millennium it was the orange revolution a movement the. leading the count to two words of the west. but then there was a one year who called visual selective the game of. wars or there was a new position of the majority of the koreans but then i saw news that the
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european union. had a wrong behavior it would be nice in international going to zeeshan this should be a neutral international organization well it is hard to be neutral when you. fear your neighbor but. one interesting thing you said was the. european union was on that path for many years the european union it wasn't the path of an lodgment but just last march the european commission issued their white paper in which it described five possible scenarios for its future and none of them mentioned either the integration of ukraine or the e.u. enlargement in general do you think that has crystallized over the last four years or do you think even before the my down in bounds that was more or less understood then the european officials who are very active during the night on process of protest in encouraging that probably european sentiment was it were essentially misleading the ukrainians and the onus but the evidence of this. would be learned
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is to to study on the diplomatic papers when we would have access to these i think that the. strongest senior g very often between the european union and nato. in nato we. see the role of the prominent role of the united states of america and the united states they have the cup ability to to make pressure on the other members of nato in order to go in in that in that direction and when they talk about dupion union i thought about to do kind of a propaganda that european union deed in the crane through the high representative for reforming policy which was lady catherine ashton when she went to maidan square with the european flag to promote a dupion union but that was that in many opinion
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a wrong behavior because european union should say to any candidate members we do not close the door so that if the counter is respect to the parade it was this but we will not make insurance in the internal affairs of the county in order to promote european union and to seduce the counted towards the rupee has specially when the hero has a new intentional following up on that and actually accepting the country into the european union ukraine is now facing presidential elections and the political tensions in that country are pretty strong there are five declared candidates more than a dozen of possible candidates the incumbent president has a somewhat low rating if there is a political crisis another political crisis in ukraine say without in two thousand and nineteen death being the european union it would be just as eager to interfere in and take sides in. his you know. today's that is it big
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competition in the field of communications how do you communicate how do you make interference you have a lot of chances to do that i think the dupion union should a bit slow down its. presence in this framework and should leave the county to decide so democracy also means that the county should be free to take the best possible solution but it didn't turn a lever there shouldn't be a lot of interference from outside but very often we do have the you know where all the ukrainian politicians for example would want the european union to interfere actively. you know a essentially endorse their political candidate saying let's wonder what does it mean to be part of a pm union it means a for many county means or disses a good opportunity it means a good living standard thinking exactly injury to the places that will do for to
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need you to become a bit richer because we will get some money from the european union saw it it's a good opportunity but what does it mean from the moral point of view that means to shield the european values and not they sure that in all the european member state there is the same european spirit the same european co-leader ukrainians definitely claim that they have that european spirit in fact they believe that they are at the forefront of the founding the no member of the centers of victorian court which is some years ago when he said that we are a european country but we have a special relations with russia but when he said we are european countries means the worries you create is in europe if we can see that the euro goes from the atlantic ocean to the mon things you create easily loys russia so part of russia is there but can we include a part of russia europe. or does russia wish to be part of the an union we have to
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wait skeptically in front of this option the problem is that when we seduce a new member of the peon you know we should think about to the consequence of this in the. that column to do with the previews friends and barnett such as russia and ukraine well too late for that i guess professor thought i have to take a short break now but we will be back in just a few moments stay tuned. this is crude oil. they need to actually physically pulled it out of the ground you
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would have well well well well well. there's a lot of money with oil and with that comes. a lot of a lot of people from all over the country. you don't make a hundred thousand dollars a year. there's an issue. here maybe. they were told sixty dollars a day hard work will work it's not easy work and so they want to relieve their stress of how do they relieve their stress. these men need that outlet. that comfort these many. people have been murdered up here people can raise their massive drug issues up here give a boom you have everything else that comes along with money.
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manufacture consensus and stick to the public well. when the right wing close to some project themselves. with the famous larry go around listen to the woman. who ignore middle of the room signal. from the real news group. i know. i'm not that. type of time to all put enough. in film palin there is a trade in young girls sold into an underground sex in the street sometimes but the
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people who trust the most. welcome back to worlds apart with the fun of a lot the professor at tree yes university in italy mississippi a lot of speaking more broadly about transatlantic assessing nothing tests friendship friendships more effectively than bickering about money and president trump seems to be very unequivocal about europe having to pay more to be in that and they don't budge and do you think he's going to get what he was. from europe
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i'm not sure because of the economic crisis and take for instance the example of my country italy italy spends less than two percent of the g.d.p. for the defense. president who was asking that very clearly and it's absolutely understandable because the. goodies should be the principle of bargain sharing and of course we do not have the same financial capability than other states are the most important kountry is the most important g.d.p. of the world but there is a percentage so in generally think you should at least i think two percent of your g.d.p. is the sense now we are facing a huge crisis in italy they're discussing in these days the new financial law. moreover the new forces that are in the government they probably is the the to deliver some resources to the poor people that we call the lady to the chip that
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the nuns and they. try to find the resources in order to maintain what they declare during the campaign because this is accordance course but. much to mattick is mathematic and very often figures are figures and it's not easy to find these compared to the available resources now speaking about mathematics i learned recently to my own surprise that. italy's real per capita g.d.p. is now lord and the euro while the euro zone experiment began in two thousand in one thousand nine hundred eight even greece has actually registered some growth but italy hasn't while this supposedly populous politicians say that your hasn't delivered for italy don't they actually have a point this way and they want the last elections yes they have a point the people the general the people they feel to be who are concerning the
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chase power and. but the problem is that in the last years we were affected by a huge world economic financial crisis and we had also to to put that in that would combine reason we did the european crisis that we had asked of two thousand and five when the european constitution was rejected then we had the huge prizes india little zone no we do not really we do not really have a lot of resources to do to deliver to the defense of the to the military is as we may say and nearly often they talian sadoun in the period of the cold war they were thinking that there is no need to invest a lot of money in defense because in any case we would be protected by the united states and they need talk but this is exactly what the americans now do reject and say you cannot continue to survive like this and they have
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a point or this on the one hand and doesn't want to sad you know about example for others but on the other hand if it defies the talim government it may actually increase the prospect of taking about leading the country out of the euro zone. what do you think would be a last damaging both for the e.u. and for him telling a very good question first first point that out not from the u. but from the unexpected euro zone ok that doesn't mean that the country would leave the european union even though that mechanism of separating that to has not been determined in any case i think that it's up almost impossible do you believe would be the oval sword what is possible is to have. a new conflict between the do a peon union in the italian government on the decision of the government with the concerning the financial forecast and in the financial budget.
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the new government must tain the promises that they had we devote to us. they know they are extremely squeezed between. do need to respect of the european part of meters and didn't need to improve the situation of the italian population as a whole would doesn't mean to improve the situation on the italian police but often means to create a new opportunities for citizen leaving also when he says in which requires mining activity for us that. yes i think that it will be a commission me may make a pressure on rome on this they are doing debt. what is not acceptable from the principal point of view is that the european union should see what the
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government should do or not do while there is another european country that is facing not the same but how it's. about principles i'm talking about poland or which is. in a pretty frayed relationship at the european commission and the european union as a whole how far. do you think both wars. willing to take that dispute over principles whether the head this is a this is part of the mocha c i mean some things we have different opinions or we've us to respect each other what is that then juggles is to say now you're not allowed to be part of the opinion anymore if you don't share the same principle this is of course it is a fundamental aspect but you have to understand how do they interpreted this in the local level so there should be those a bit of flexibility and utopian you know maybe not too much for exhibit but a bit of flexibility in some things we have different cultures in brussels we have
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the north koreans are which is quite a region and the sound in part of europe culture which is more flexible and the polish would agree is somewhere in the middle east those i think know the polish or leaving me in a really interesting moment because a they also have their own culture just consider the ball and the walls are for many years is socially scone but also it was probably the only socially scone who had a very deep christian catholic feeling of relief and this mixed is very strange because it could be called see that is a paradox isn't in quince now it comes out in the want to strength to do all the specific the polish identity in the radio show to you know to fight against dupion union and to send messages i sometimes hear the poll say that they brussels elites do not really practice what they preach they say it's about
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principles but they themselves not always live up to those principles and i think that's very similar to how the russians framed their disagreements with europe before that your cranium crisis which makes me wonder if you think the european union will have to redefine how it sees itself and how it defines its prints. falls in the face of both this external tensions and this internal defense that we're seeing from poland and to some extent from italy yes european union is now in the in a very interesting stage in the sense that the goal or no civility and you know in becomes more and more difficult because the more european news and large itself the more we have more and more member is more and more and more difficult to find would say senior jean said the european union bank said there would be a big defeat of the hope in any case starting to have come to that that leaving do opinion no duels on the european union that could represent
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a enough specked they could be followed by other countries in the future if they're not happy about the policy of that opinion so for the next elections next year of the it will be an pon them and the boldness of the peon union they should do recall seriously we can see there they are approach to the international relations inside of european countries and which could be part of the flexibility that they can have to meet in order to avoid the explosion of the european well professor felt we have to leave it there really appreciate your being with us today and thank you very much for your insights thank you do you encourage our ears to keep this conversation going in our social media pages and i hope to hear again same place same time here on all the part.
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the way to the united states is dangerous for most of the illegal immigrants. crossing the thought that would a simple i want to be gotten lost and i wanted us to sum this up but if many of them look for refuge in the so-called sentry sites the drift used to share information about undocumented migrants with federal authorities would be best for some grass band. was needed more help i then had a press and i got them in a lot of class and the one that. they had
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a lot of the option was to stay in the country with donald trump in the white house for forty gobbles. both fifty what if he had to be about to do. a sit sit struggles of many couples won't. kill what chance of putting food impulse response both of you out to do it all for the. money you know one of. them though we're. not he didn't. oh. oh it's a good move for your.
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buck. at the top stories of the way. hurtling toward space a rocket malfunction forces a quick thinking crane abandon their mission and face a nailbiting plunge back. almost two weeks on in the still no answers to what has happened to the prominent journalist vanished after entering the saudi embassy in
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the sample claims he was murdered something that riyadh deny and. if we are fortunate enough to win back the house and or the senate that's when civility can start again the midterm election.


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