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do. you. think the plane exactly. passengers on a flight from london to help prevent the deportation of migrant. reported to be a convicted rapist. the n.b.c. news network shows remarks by u.s. president to make him look like a pro-slavery general taking a whole day to correct their report but not before polarizing the media so we can new yorkers on whether people are now living in separate. countries divide and. divide between. ethnicities and. respect between there's always going to be always going to be people living in different universes
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but the canadian athlete has become the first. woman to win a cycling world championship gold medal house. play. the sixteenth just off the eight am here in moscow welcome to your news here were naughty international passengers on a flight from london to tokyo have stood up for a man who was being deported from britain the man who was apparently shouting and crying resisting the deportation when fellow passengers decided to intervene however. explains there is a twist to this story. take him off the plane. take him off the plate take him off the plane this is the moment that passengers on a flight. stood up being forcibly removed from the u k. this
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was attempting to promote you could be ahmed back to his home country of somalia which he'd left when he was reportedly a young boy. was a little of the buyer. but his screams alerted the other passengers on board to the fact that he was being made to leave the country against his will so fellow passengers leapt to his defense he says he was was forget exactly what it was just got was short because it was minutes later home office officials scored off the plane and back to you jurisdiction. it's now been revealed the passengers helped to keep in the country is a convicted gang rapist in august two thousand and seven he brutally assaulted a sixteen year old girl along with three other men in
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a premeditated attack he was sentenced to nine years in prison and he was released after four one of his fellow gang members has since traveled to syria and died fighting with islamic state terrorists the passengers on the plane are unlikely to have known ahmed's dangerous criminal history and the loss of security was never she was. asleep was only deleted the room was very little now thanks to their intervention you have made it is thought to be back in a u.k. detention center while government officials tried to place him on another flight his lawyers now have time to appeal the decision to deport him the u.k. isn't alone when it comes to citizens disrupting government approved deportations early this year in sweden a student activist refused to take a seat on a plane until a failed us sign. seeker who is being sent back to afghanistan was taken off the
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flight and she live streamed the entire incident. and it's. going to get killed it was later reported the man had been sentenced for assault the u.k. home office says that all foreign nationals who were sentenced for a crime and abuse the u.k.'s hospitality should be in no doubt of the government's determination to remove them but the government may not have banked on citizen activists being just as determined to let him stay. earlier we spoke with former chief executive of the u.k.'s immigration advisory service keith best he believes that cases like this one should not be decided by the public but rather by the courts and i think this example shows how wrong people can be although they may have sympathy for somebody particularly if they're being manhandled in a rather aggressive manner to get them on an aircraft in order to deport them i can
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understand where people sympathy might lie but of course as we've discovered with this case those sympathies may be very misplaced if they are foreigners want to use that line for deportation cases then they have to do a balancing act between complying with the legal regulations or look at existing human rights safeguards and to make sure that they are fully articulated in favor of somebody who might otherwise be removed wrongly. u.s. news network n.b.c. is under fire after showing remarks by president donald trump on the american civil war out of context making him look like he was praising a pro-slavery confederate general the outlet only corrected its reported day later artie's caleb maupin looks at how the us mainstream media is creating its own narratives. in the liberal side of american media donald trump was in hot water
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they had him on video praising robert e. lee the pro-slavery confederate general during the us civil war they even had video evidence for their claim of obvious racism it also gave you. a general. who was incredible he drank a little bit too much. you know what i'm talking about. so robert e. lee was a great general. but it turns out that n.b.c. misrepresented the comment the general the trunk called incredible was actually ulysses s. grant the general of the union army now grant was anything but a racist in fact after he became president he even sent troops to fight the ku klux klan years after the civil war was over and b.c. had to run a retraction and show the full sound by a general. who was incredible he drank a little bit too much. and his name was green general.
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anti trump faction smelled blood and went into overdrive they ran all kinds of headlines about trump praising the confederate general even said he was a big fan of general lee they even quoted distant descendants of lee denouncing the president and yet again our president is long in showing us his true colors he is showing us that he supports an idol of white supremacy and hatred robert the least for the continued in. our bodies but the pro trump crowd was watching a completely different movie the news in right field was that trump was innocent victimized by scheming liberals so folks in the anti trump camp got confirmation that the donald is a racist meanwhile those in the pro trump bubble got confirmation that the liberal press is out to slander him and that's just one example of how americans seem to live almost in two different reale. with loyal audiences getting sucked in by
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different narratives do you look even in a place like tennessee were two brothers and now who came out in favor of calvin on his being hurt by being a bit of work out all because all of the activists energy all the money are like sunscreen you you should have it against him this is not going to be a walk in the park for democrats the way the democrats thought it was going to be even a few weeks ago and i'm not sure that leading into a heavily contested midterm election you want you're going away message to be we don't like to process the justice kavanaugh and also we're not really sort of native american with was before this didn't seem like too great take what nasa just a little bit more and has called president tom's she took a d.n.a. test showing she has does stand native american ancestry scientists say the average european american is zero point one eight percent native american so that it makes more and less native american than the average european american saudi arabia maybe a tenuous ally but they are still an ally in the most volatile region in the world
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but it may be that we've reached the point now where we have to reassess this relationship and we we may not need the saudis as much as we thought we did so we're here in liberal new york city and we're going to see if average new yorkers have even heard some of the headlines that are all the rage among conservatives trump praising robert e. lee did you hear about that you know. possibly my memory fails me i don't really follow the news especially when it comes to politics you did hear about yeah i don't really have much fruits are in the idea here to reach actually but i hear what he had to say about the n.b.c. says they actually got it wrong he was praising it was he's s. grant that's who he called incredible to hear that yeah. action i mean that they got. i mean i can't say whether they were wrong or right but like when it comes to him it's like you know it raises like you and i me when this when we him is always wrong right now to some donald trump is a heroic champion making america great again to us. others he's
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a power mad fascist inciting bigotry no matter what you think of donald trump it's pretty obvious that americans are more deeply polarized than ever before and warring media narratives are deepening that division caleb mopp and r.t. new york donald trump has branded n.b.c.'s coverage dishonest claiming that the channel deliberately made him look bad and we discussed the situation with investigative journalist max blumenthal who says americans are being left none the wiser by the news coverage point worth making about fox and m s n b c is that their formula is to cover a very narrow range of topics so if you watch these networks you probably aren't going to know much about what's happening outside of american horse race politics so no matter which network you're watching you are going to wind up less informed unless you're completely concerned with the different policy intrigues going on in washington that's why
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a lot of americans are turning to alternative media as well as foreign media and why foreign media is under threat in the u.s. why this network for example has been forced to register as a foreign agent pretty apparent that the national security state in the u.s. doesn't want to merican to be particularly well informed about foreign policy and what's happening on the ground in yemen or in palestine or latin america. canadian transgender athletes is facing a backlash to winning the cycling world championship rachel mackinnon who was born male who finished in the race in los angeles this sunday becoming the first of a transgender woman to win gold in this competition but her achievement was met not only by applause. unfair advantage and not to be celebrated look at the difference in size and muscle mass of course you were going to win imagine being
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the woman who came forth knowing that you should have a place on the podium amazing i was so if used at reading these i went out and challenged to eight year olds at a one hundred meter race guess what i only went in with. first time running in an eight year old's race to the winner denies the accusations saying she was forced to suppress her testosterone levels in accordance with competition rules on transgender athletes a hormone specialist mikhail adults of age told us what such rules are based on what in mysore is not in ukraine it's important to consider the specifics of this particular sport every athlete is a separate case they look at their anthropology and hormone profile and then we then decide if they may participate or we decided to debate the issue with our guests. what i find strange is the hue and cry being raised over transgender athletes but not over other athletes who clearly have certain advantages over
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fellow competitors i think the way in which transgender athletes are being singled out is very very unfair and wrong now of course we do need to look at whether transgender athletes do have an advantage which is unfair and gives them an advantage over others but i don't think the research really substantiate that at the moment female athletes themselves fear feel that there are some particular disadvantage in competing somebody who's gender has been. in some cases changed there are all kinds of advantages that athletes have for sprinters having fast twitch muscle fibers definitely gives you an advantage it isn't just this issue it's a whole range of issues about where genetic and other biology or factors may give a particular athlete the edge over others i certainly think there should be as far
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as gender interests. situations. going further the man i think would be an enormous task of. god proportion hopefully there would be some kind of consensus and we could establish a regime for all sports where. the athletes who are transgender and intersex but also those who perhaps have other special unique physical attributes or biological or genetic up tributes they could be included. the mayor of a small french town or an island off the country's atlantic coast is waging war on fast food giant mcdonald's which hopes to open up branch there for the mounting cost in legal fees of his anti big mac campaign already into its fourth year is dividing locals. i.
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i. we were elected because we ran on a platform of ecological and social transition the model practiced by this kind of company runs counter to that we do not endorse that model. to go big. because. people can eat whatever they want who am i to judge but we were elected on this platform so we have an alternative to this model.
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i think on the island such as always we should instead encourage french businesses there is another way to create jobs if you think about the quality well we all know . the only issue which is there is this kind of ecological extremism in play now today mcdonald's means creating more jobs reviving the town plenty of stories still coming your way here on the program today including dozens of palestinians are injured by israeli rubber bullets and tear gas during a protest in the west bank it's a demonstration against the shutting down of a school and more on that after the break. manufacture consent to public wealth. when the ruling class is protect themselves. when the final merry go round.
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in all middle of the room. you know world of big. lot and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smart we need to stop slamming the door. and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now we're watching closely watching the hawks.
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in truth a morning program hero nazi dozens of palestinians were injured after the israeli army fired rubber bullets and tear gas at students under fishbowls who were protesting the closure of a palestinian school that served two villages in the west bank the closure means five hundred children will no longer receive an education. about the israeli army is firing tear gas and sound forms there are children why just because palestinian students come here to learn patience. it is tonight's even the right education. that they are now and they're going to.
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tell you we brought our children to the school because we want them to study just like other kids all over the world the decision to close the school violates their right to education and we reject that. the israeli army says the reason for school closure is that some of the students have been throwing stones from the school claiming that the facility had produced acts of terror the idea is to clear the school a closed military zone in aid agencies warn that there are at least sixty one schools in the west bank that are currently under threat of demolition from israel they see it as a violation of our children's basic right to an education or the editor of the news website or palestine chronicle ramsey brut says the demolitions are actually a pretext for seizing more territory for illegal israeli settlements the need land and the need the land of the need the other villages and this is why the targeting
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of these of these areas so basically it usually starts with the confiscation of palestinian land then the targeting of anything in the city and who does protests then declaring more and more palestinian land to be closed off military military zone and even sure these closed off areas are joined by or are added to the jewish settlements that are in constant expansion this is a story that's really goes to the heart of israel even couldn't a solution of the west bank this is about building settlements and of course that would point every possible pretense in order for them to put the blame on the palestinians who are fighting for their wife and they are either for their. ecuador has agreed to partially restore internet access for wiki leaks founder julian assange has been denied that since march however he's been given some strict guidelines on how to behave online auntie's isa ali has details sources close to
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jude innocence of told r.t. that the ecuadorian embassy imposed a new protocol consisting of a ten page memo which covers the day to day aspects of mr sounds as life inside the ecuadorian embassy in regulating get really they cover things like how his visits are managed in any visitors who wish to go and see the former editor of wiki leaks will have to make an official inquiry via email and also how he communicates with the world we know that six months ago his internet access was cut off it will now be reestablished albeit part partially and also things like his medical treatment how he's treated medically that will be covered within the framework of that memo and also it prohibits him from doing will saying anything which is deemed as interfering in the internal affairs of other countries and of course six months ago
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when his into that access was caught it was a result of the various statements he was making with regard to the independence referendum in catalonia and as a result of that of course having his internet access cut off they've now prohibited him from making any statements that are considered to be political meddling now in september mr sound was forced to resign as editor of wiki leaks he was replaced by a kristinn hrafnsson an investigative journalist from iceland and wiki leaks releasing a statement saying that it was due to the extraordinary circumstances that he had been placed within the ecuadorian embassy which is why he had been made to stand down now of course it remains to be seen exactly how this. impacts life inside the embassy and also remains to be seen exactly when he will finally be able to leave the embassy among the strict rules about communication and visits the protocol.
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rather confusing details. england football fans are celebrating a shock three two victory over spain in the u.a.e. for nations league but the run up to the game in seville was overshadowed by violence with scenes of carnage and vandalism. situation not exactly unheard of but the english football fans are making themselves loud again this time in spain city of where it began on sunday night when what the media
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described as drink you will anti-social behavior by the english fans erupted when the riot police had to walk in after the english translated vandalizing cars and smashing property or you think that was allowed that allowed this continued into the day on this cliff. the english fans are being the polled in a pub outside. of england it ended pretty early he drank half a bottle of some book and was a scored on an ambulance now the f.a. english f.a. had to apologize for the fan behavior saying that it was unacceptable and promised to identify those involved and sanctioned all those responsible for this disorder funnily enough but some of these english fans on the ground have blamed the span. police for what happened to them like this bloodied bloke here saying that with the spanish police in seville and you know you might think this is shifting the blame but they have a point that spanish police particularly have been very rough when it comes to
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greeting and treating english fans last year when liverpool played seville and that city there was a lot of trouble between the fans of the police and even a blind man had taken away by the police and the club promised to investigate those actions which begs the question who ever thought of putting that game into the city with such a bad history and we have plenty of stories to gets you on this truth a october sixteenth programmer and about half. of the.
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show seems wrong but i. just don't. get to see. this day after. and in the game equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. on the news in the world. on the. total. or not he didn't want to. go to post this
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move for you. this is boom bust broadcasting around the world and covering the world of business and finance and the impact upon all of us i'm part chilton in washington we're glad you're aboard. coming up as a somewhat related to breakfast takes place wednesday what's the status of the united kingdom leaving the european union the report its c.e.o. stroll mark gives us the latest and there was last week's terrible tumble of markets we talked about that all around the globe was it a one off or is a recovery about to take a turn for the words john greyson daniel shea joins us to discuss global markets
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plus businesses that once had little to say about climate change are now putting their money and brains to work in an effort to protect themselves and the planet alex from hylas edge joins us from toronto and then tyson slocum steve malzberg help us take a look at the unusual and dire circumstances all that directly ahead but first we have some outlines to go. there is breaking news today on bret's that after talks reach an impasse over the weekend and british prime minister theresa may went before parliament to try and shore up perper carious political position over the weekend talks between ms maes government and their counterparts from the european union hit turbulence over the challenge of the irish border we've talked about that before while all sides are scheduled to reconvene for four more negotiations on wednesday earlier today ms may asked members of parliament to support her approach to brics the talks. we have made real progress in recent weeks on both withdrawal
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agreement and the political decoration on our future relationship and i want to pay tribute to both negotiating teams for the many many hours of hard work that has got us to this point in march we agreed legal text around the implementation period citizens' rights and the financial settlement and we've now made good progress on text concerning the majority of the outstanding issues and here to give us the latest on brac so it's a see our strong mark the reform which hillary thank you for being my pleasure so what's the latest on this we've been on a couple of times talking about this we appreciate you coming back to update us what's happening well what you heard theresa may say that was obviously both sides still want the best deal for themselves right what i've heard specially coming out of the e.u. is this rising tide of mutual appreciation that's good everything went through the weekend until basically it was late sunday night that it actually broke down so what we call in the irish border a sort of a bridge too far the irish border is significant of course the one thousand nine
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hundred eight peace agreement which ended all the sectarian violence is what's causing the issue what the easier once and is kind of going up against this very very issue what the in you want is to have this back stop which would be a guarantee of like sort of having the the europe starting at the side of the border we cannot have a border which is going to be disrupting business and we cannot push that border back into the irish sea so there you just to make sure i get it correct that you you want northern ireland part of our oil northern ireland to be part of the customs union still to have free trade in the u.k. so you know there would. be the integrity of the u.k. member the time before when i said it's not really brics it's really x. it because it's the u.k. and the u.k. is not the great there's the greater land mass of great britain it includes northern ireland yes so because of those peace accords remember that there was a lot of violence around that.


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