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passengers on the flight from london to help prevent the deportation of a. question is said to be a convicted gang rapist. n.b.c. news misrepresents. phrase day. to day for the report to be correct but in the media has already become polarized new yorkers whether they live. we have to be open to listening to different countries different different people's interests. is going to be people living in different universes the captain of the doomed.
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to take off speaks exclusively to his dramatic escape. when everything goes according to plan in the first stage there is always this kind of see on the video . but after the first stage we felt those vibrations continue and then immediately there was the emergency signal going on. this is our. passengers on a flight from london to turkey stood up for a man who was being deported from britain the man was apparently shouting and crying when fellow passengers decided to intervene but explain the twist to the story. take him off the plane exactly but take a most of what was taken most of the price this is the moment the passengers on
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a flight to istanbul stood up for a man being forcibly removed from the u.k. the home office was attempting to deport you could be ahmed back to his home country of somalia which he'd left when he was reportedly a young boy. was a little over the fire. but his screams alerted the other passengers on board to the fact that he was being made to leave the country against his will so fellow passengers leapt to his defense he says whatever it was it was forget exactly what it was just got it was short because it was minutes later home office officials scored off the plane and back to u.k. jurisdiction. it's now been revealed the passengers helped to keep in the country
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is a convicted gang rapist in august two thousand and seven he brutally assaulted a sixteen year old girl along with three other men in a premeditated attack he was sentenced to nine years in prison and he was released after four one of his fellow gang members has since traveled to syria and died fighting with islamic state terrorists the passengers on the plane are unlikely to have known ahmed's dangerous criminal history and the loss of security was never a. good decision was going to lead to discovery that it was very little now thanks to their intervention you have had is thought to be back in the u.k. detention center while government officials tried to place him on another flight his lawyers now have time to appeal to see. to deport him the u.k. isn't alone when it comes to citizens disrupting government approved deportations
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early this year in sweden student activist refused to take a seat on a plane until a failed asylum seeker who was being sent back to afghanistan was taken off the flight and she live streamed the entire incident golborne thought they were tainted i don't. want to get killed it was later reported the man had been sentenced for assault the u.k. home office says that all foreign nationals who were sentenced for a crime and abuse the u.k.'s hospitality should be in no doubt of the government's determination to remove them but the government may not have banked on citizen activists being just as determined to let him stay. we asked the u.k. home office for clarification regarding the identity of the suspect and earlier we spoke with the former chief executive of the ukase immigration advisory service keith best he believes courts should decide such cases not the public and i think this example shows how wrong people can be although they may have sympathy for
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somebody particularly if they're being manhandled in a rather aggressive manner to get them on an aircraft in order to deport them i can understand where people to deport them i can understand where people sympathy might lie but of course as we've discovered with this case those sympathies may be very misplaced storages want to use that line for deportation cases then they have to do a balancing act between complying with the legal regulations or look this thing human rights safeguards and to make sure that they are fully articulated in favor of somebody who might otherwise be removed wrongly. meanwhile there are reports of other deportations running into difficulty french police dropped off two undocumented migrants in a forest without rome's consent later acknowledge in the wrongdoing will make sure
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he says incidents do not take place again will have an inquiry it was an accidental event. on the show the dubious give reports now on the italian reaction to the incident. as you can imagine pretty fear is this idea that the french offices oversee that their authority went into italy and effectively dumped two undocumented migrants on italian ground before fleeing now and there are many questions about did they knew that they were in italy well as some questions that you could raise about that did they not notice the italian flag which often flies in the resort town of club here which this happened very need to arm those they were speeding back across the border into france did they not see the sign that welcomed the back to france italy interior minister material so really is serious about this and he's gone as far as describing president michael of france as being
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an international embarrassment abandoning migrants in the talian forest cannot be considered an error or an accident what happened is a number president a defense against our country we are facing an international embarrassment. cannot pretend otherwise we will not accept any apology well so far there hasn't been any official word from the palace that the office of president might go on here in france and this is not the first time that they have been tensions between the two countries over that area just a few months ago actually summoned the french ambassador over an incident where two french customs officers actually went on to italian soil and actually try to apprehend and italian citizen who they tried to force to take a drug test far out of their jurisdiction and they have been other issues in regards to the the migrant crisis and how italy is responded to it just a few weeks ago the interior minister actually said that he would be prepared to
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close down all of the airports in italy after it was announced that germany might trying to put undocumented migrants back to italy it seems that wherever we go this issue of undocumented migration in this migration christ. is continuing tat these wants neighboring countries apart and it doesn't look like. anything to bury the subject. french opposition leader has vowed revenge after live streaming an astonishing tirade as offices raided his headquarters the left wing party chief threaten to make justice minister nicola bell of a pay as police went through his house as well as party premises he was rude to. put your. structure very. wrong.
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you're on our program where your music. more. you know where you're really. a friend some bowed party called for public rallies to block what he calls a social tart by president thought the raids are part of an investigation into misuse of e.u. funds and the alleged financial irregularities in presidential run of last year right wing leader marine le pen has been targeted by a similar probe she dismissed that as political persecution publisher and journalist in america more hill believes that mark trance cracking down on the opposition because he's threatened. macro is completely you must understand that it has been elected very very few people is it doesn't have a lot of electoral basis and so it's like
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a fly to fly forward so if you want to to show you wants to to shun responsibilities is for instance today was nominated was an appointed a minister of the interior it was only it doesn't have any competence in the police is only a friend of a close friend of a member not wrong we only blackmailed him saying if you don't appoint me i quit i quit all the government so it's a sign that he was true to rule like a in the band the latter was due to rule with close friends and not with very professional of people because if eels are very threatened threatened by either they anger other people and i think it would be. knows it will know a very bad which of discontent in this country. rights group amnesty international has released a damning report on the quote deep denial by britain and the us led coalition over
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civilian casualties during the anti eisel operation in the syrian city of rakhal the u.k. ministry of defense still maintains its hundreds of a strikes in iraq are resulted in zero civilian casualties a statistical improbability it is completely reprehensible that the coalition refuses to acknowledge its role in most of the civilian casualties it caused or since the coalition campaign against eisel in syria and iraq began in twenty fourteen the u.k.'s carried out some seventeen hundred airstrikes two hundred fifteen of them around the city of iraq are alone it earlier this year britain's defense ministry admitted responsibility for just a single civilian death some british m.p.'s agree with amnesty that u.k. authorities are in denial. during a strike to engage three diminished fighters a civilian motorbike crossed into the strike area at the last moment and it was assessed that one civilian was unintentionally killed the government's assertion is part of a wider strategy of denial around the consequences of britain's military campaign
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in syria and iraq britain's defense minister told us the u.k.'s provided details on each of the seven hundred strikes including operational briefings and confirmed when there was that civilian casualty it out it missions are carefully planned and aimed at minimizing the effect on civilians adding it would have preferred to have been involved in the city's research the school commentator john of the shafi says the u.k. has made similar claims though about other middle east conflicts. as part of a more general strategy to cover up soon some we put all the canes of civilian casualties that are caused by u.k. action this is of course something beyond the situation in iraq over here do the same both the iraq war we had the same of both afghanistan as well we hear over and over again that the strikes on meticulous strategic using the best technology that money can buy but in the end it's dropping bombs and explosives on dangerously
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populated civilian locations the language that's used that owned us meticulous you often hear as well of course famously or infamously collateral damage in fact these are real people and if you read the reports coming out of iraq and there's a real anger at the we civilians have been cheated not least because there's not even an undertaking to have an investigation into how these theories were taken place. the u.s. news network n.b.c. has come under fire for showing out of context remarks by president all trump about the american civil war his comments made it seem like he was praising a pro-slavery confederate general the outlet on the corrected that report two days later on the scale of more than looks at how the us media is becoming ever more polarized in the liberal side of american media donald trump was in hot water they had him on video praising robert illini the pro-slavery confederate general during
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the us civil war they even had video evidence for their claim of obvious racism it also gave you. a general. who was incredible he drank a little bit too much. you know what i'm talking about. so robert e. lee was a great general. but it turns out that n.b.c. misrepresented the comment the general the trunk called incredible was actually ulysses s. grant the general of the union army now grant was anything but a racist in fact after he became president he even sent troops to fight the ku klux klan years after the civil war was over and b.c. had to run a retraction and show the full sound by a general. who was incredible he drank a little bit too much. and his name was green general gray. anti trump faction smelled blood and went into overdrive they ran all kinds of
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headlines about trump praising the confederate general even said he was a big fan of general lee they even quoted distant descendants of lee denouncing the president and yet again our president is lying and showing us his true colors he is showing us that he supports an idol of white supremacy and the hatred robert the least for the continued in. our bodies but the pro trump crowd was watching a completely different movie the news in right field was that trump was innocent victimized by scheming liberals so folks in the anti trump camp got confirmation that the donald is a racist meanwhile those in the pro trump bubble got confirmation that the liberal press is out to slander him and that's just one example of how americans seem to live almost in two different realities with loyal audiences getting sucked in by different narratives but i am and i trying to decide if the temp of ministration is more sinister our more incompetent well let me relieve you of your burden would you
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go to sleep next time you could say that it's both incompetent and cynicism i think it's fair for black americans to say you know what i could consider the trump agenda made in america make america great again so we're here in liberal new york city and we're going to see if average new yorkers have even heard some of the headlines that are all the rage among conservatives. did you hear about the controversy regarding the the movie about the moon landing and donald trump didn't know but did not one controversy i haven't heard about no no i haven't. did you hear about trump praising robert e. lee. ever to leave yes i think i have yes i heard. do you feel like americans are divided and that like those who listen to protract media hear one side of the story and those who hear for an anti trump stuff hear another side part of your question i definitely feel like the country is divided by
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believe that from follow was follow incorrect maybe fake is. but i don't i'm not a term follower i believe the media i do feel like it's divided we have to be open to listening to different countries different different peoples interests as long as there is a divide between. ethnicities and cultures in no line of respect between these of them there's always going to be a divide in there's always going to be people living in different universes to some donald trump is a heroic champion making american great again to others he's a power mad fascist inciting bigotry no matter what you think of donald trump it's pretty obvious that americans are more deeply polarized than ever before and warring media narratives are deepening that division hale bopp and r.t. new york don't trump is branded n.b.c.'s coverage dishonestly claiming the channel deliberately made him look bad investigative journalist mike blumenthal feels the
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news coverage is leaving people in the dark. point worth making about fox and m s n b c is that their formula is to cover a very narrow range of topics so if you watch these networks you probably aren't going to know much about what's happening outside of american horse race politics so no matter which network you're watching you are going to wind up less informed unless you're completely concerned with the different palace intrigues going on in washington that's why a lot of americans are turning to alternative media as well as foreign media and why foreign media is under threat in the us why this network for example has been forced to register as a foreign agent it's pretty apparent that the national security state in the us doesn't want to americans to be particularly well informed about foreign policy and what's happening on the ground in yemen or in palestine or latin america.
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the captain of the doomed space rocket failed to take office spoken exclusively to the about his dramatic escape lexy of china was forced to abort the mission just minutes into the flight along with the u.s.s. donald nik a and he gave a firsthand account of what happened to want peace of the full interview is available on you tube channel for now though is an extract. but i mean that's that's a double we saw moments inside the capsule when you were shaking heavily and there was a disruption in the signal was that the exact moment when you realized something had gone wrong when everything goes according to plan in the first stages detached or there is always this kind of vibration i can see on the video images and that's normal but after the first stage attached we felt those vibrations continue and then immediately there was the emergency signal going off for us bill you know was a tough test for you and your family as well but my family members after having gone through the situation the next time it would be more difficult for them to let
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me go on such a space flight because obviously they've been given a fright but on the other hand they are confident in our equipment and what we're prepared for anything but can happen but this is our job with that and we can't stop what we've done we need to move on your mother met you at baikonur when you landed what was the first thing you told her what did she say to you i thought i told her not to worry but i said i was ok i said my health was in good shape i said look at me i'm walking and nothing is broken so don't be frightened i mean you know and after she saw me with her own eyes she calmed down so that's how it was for any cake it was his main flight did you discuss it with him from a personal point of view it did very well throughout our nineteen minute flight from liftoff to landing a lot of he did very well he acted in a professional manner and i believe our crew works very well together and i would like to take my next flight with nick can put a little so you've been trained to endure the pressure of seven g. accelerations what does that feel like you know what can you compare that to. the gravity forces can go in various directions usually you feel the pressure on your
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chest and your back i guess you could compare it to a block of concrete put on your chest with seven g. it's a block seven times you always go if you were ninety kilograms it would be a weight seven times bigger lying on your chest. you're the man who shared that lucky escape with astronaut nick haig he paid his dues to the captain. everything was new for me it was my first time so i have to give kudos to to my commander alexei of chen and he's a seasoned veteran cosmonaut and as we were going through this he was able to tell me you know what was normal what was not normal obviously a ballistic descent we come up and we're coming back down in a fairly steep trajectory and to lose all of that energy it all ends up being absorbed as as wind resistance in g. and so the g.'s built up pretty fast luckily that we didn't have the six to seven g.'s for very long it was only a handful of seconds and then things were back down to normal from that point after
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that peak of gee it's a normal so we use landing and so everything went nominal from that point on. britain's house of commons is being branded a dysfunctional place in an independent inquiry that was carried out by a former high gold judge the pool said bullying and harassment of staff has been thriving they're encouraged by cover up and denial culture as a coleman says that efforts to improve the situation have already been undertaken. some areas of the house were described as having a particularly bad reputation for sex this are racist attitudes and banter were known to have bad or dysfunctional management or a machel culture in which women in particular are not welcome.
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in interest men just come in watch from the top we have outstanding allegations directly against the speaker who is going to be one of the people considering the report. the changing culture has to come from the top and i no longer believe that the speaker john bercow is the correct person to provide that leadership so he should step down.
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ok so that is it from the news team for tonight and indeed for the next few hours because we've got the work man in for some essential maintenance to panic that you won't get rid of is that easy we will be back and raring to go tomorrow morning at seven am g.m.t. to join is that. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy thing for him to let it be an arms race is often very dramatic development only loosely i'm going to resist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time time to sit down and talk.
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seemed wrong. roles just don't call. me. yet to shape out these days to come to advocate and engagement because betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. i don't have faith in this government official of president i don't have face in the system i see i've got it set up i'm too liberal the system that sets aside for people like me this will move. as long as there are. different people or you for different reasons also job loss.
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most people in philadelphia are on the end ballot two paychecks away from homelessness. sunny's in the world. on the water a. total room. for money we didn't. owe your. move for your. fracking gave americans a lot of new job opportunities i needed to come up here to make some money i could make twenty five thousand dollars as a teacher or i could make fifty thousand dollars
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a year girl and truck so i chose to drive truck people rushed to a small town in north dakota was among the rate of zero percent is like a gold rush it is very very similar to a gold rush but this beautiful story ended with pollution and devastation a lot of people have left here i don't know too many people here in the mountains just slow down so much they lost jobs that laid off the american dream is changing that's not what it used to be. and that's a tough reality to deal. i know. i.
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haven't. officially getting rich. trade investment and tourism have all increased over the last few years.
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but this is a country that's still in recovery from the genocide by the committee rouge in the one nine hundred seventy s. . millions live in extreme poverty survive the own little more than a dollar a day. homelessness is a constant threat and children are especially vulnerable. unicef estimate that a third of the country's sex workers. under eighteen. into newtonian time aren't most unfair and all my great uncle will all be good. oh why i mean crank or poor then the amount of damage already and you'll get a copy in zero eight you will get those and then mine was a mere a little. fellow.
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and only found mowing the niche on the wall by. going to google on my mo when someone tomorrow when you bring your i will roll contempt but you let the pa go hard and play it out even though the m.r.i. op whole lot of families that i know. the. least. know me and not be down to it and i think we are. in tough times. and i.
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