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tv   News  RT  October 17, 2018 4:00pm-4:31pm EDT

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that. there was a problem. but. to. talk about it people are. still. nineteen people were killed and only seventy injured in a shooting a bomb attack at a college in the southern russian city of carried out by an eighteen year old student the atrocity is left those who survived. and most of the.
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similarities are being drawn to one of the worst mass shootings at a high school in u.s. history fifteen people were killed and twenty four injured. another new saudi arabia is in the world's spotlight over missing journalists should some argue attention directed. to yemen where humanitarian crisis is becoming critical. kindergarten faces an outcry for promoting itself as a nursery school with quote. joining us this evening this is r.t. international. a guy. and a bomb attack on
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a college in crimea has left nineteen people dead more than seventy others injured it was carried out by a student to later committed suicide which is investigative committee says the explosion occurred in the college canteen and the device was packed with metal objects here is the moment of the attack obtained by our video agency ruptly. i think it was the reverse of what i look at i picked it up when i. looked at it right at the school over there. what. i was going. to correspondent is in crimea and brings us details of how the tragic events
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unfolded. it began as an you wouldn't read day at this college in carriage with students faculty going about classes fitting the cafeteria going about their meals when an improvised explosive device or bomb detonated in the cafeteria on the first floor was apparently incredibly powerful packed with bolts and nuts designed to maim to wound to kill people and of course panic windows blew out students were all over the floor running in fear. they will do as to what was happening and that is when the gunman himself the chief suspect being a student an eighteen year old student at the college that's when he shot drunk walking down the corridors down the first and second floor shooting at faculty members at stuff members as well as students seemingly indiscriminately nineteen people are reported dead more than seventy injured and from the perspective of the
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students it was truly a horrifying experience. when we see. it is you know the is that of all those that. grows. was the father would be growing. by the who. i'm one of the does not know i know you are nobody's even thought. you know why does any of. you really believe. psychologists are now working with survivors rescuers as well sifting through the college looking for more bombs that were bullets that he had planted more there are reports of several explosions instead of one but it was really horrifying
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a terrible tragedy in kutch today the government himself this was nothing suppose spontaneous he had planned the entire affair making the bombs go into all that effort it couldn't have been simple he got the gun legally from what we understand he applied for a license just a month ago and he got it the shotgun along with one hundred fifty rounds of ammunition that doesn't seem to have been a pats on the anything such that just seemed a random killing he targeted everyone he came across his father is now being questioned by police he has been arrested though no charges have been level jet police of reka reclassified this from a terrorist attack which was suspected earlier in the day to a multiple homicide and we're still hearing more from witnesses from that he said he's been in the five or ten minutes after i left someone broken all the window
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glass was shattered after the whole explosion and someone was running about was shot a gun store or something opened all the class doors and killed everyone inside i could have been dead now all my coworkers were shot dead children died my colleagues our dad. was you know the injured children and college stuff or transferred by public transport and ambulance i heard a blast and shooting a so people are lying within it's hands and legs about thirty people coached. i was working not far from here and ran straight to this place everyone hoped. i live the first building of the college and went to the second i opened the door and heard an explosion and then the shooting started everyone started screaming there was panic everywhere i don't know what happened after that we ran then my friend and i tried to help but we weren't allowed three days of mourning have been declared and condolences coming in from all over russia from abroad as well the
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investigation of course continues it's important not to jump to any conclusions there was a lot of conflicting information coming in early hours i'm sure the more important details that are going to come up going to emerge in the coming hours but for now we are on our way to the city itself traumatizes. and hopefully we'll find out more as to what happened. the lead stacker is believed to be a student of the college a team he was found dead in the building after apparently killing himself with a gun similarities are being drawn to another infamous atrocity carried out almost twenty years ago in a cochon of a as the story. two words that come to mind after wednesday tragic events copycat attack the scenario of the school massacre in the crimean city of courage as old but our carbon kopi off another school shooting that took place in the u.s. nineteen years ago columbine became perhaps an inspiration to
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a young shooter from crimea the similarities are chilling one of the columbine shooters and the crimean gunman are all of the same age only eighteen years old they were even dressed in similar black and white and they acted as if from the same playbook explosives placed in the canteen a serious of gunshots suicides in the school library the difference there were two shooters in the columbine attack and they killed thirteen students the crimean gunman was acting alone but somehow he managed to kill evan more but what's even more disturbing he wasn't the first one to draw his inspiration from the columbine pair earlier this year two students attempted to carry out a similar attack and the city of perm they too were lots of aces by the american massacre the question is how many more will follow the gruesome example.
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explosion of a brazen joins me on the line now thanks for coming off to each other sadly in these circumstances which is of yet another school attack. it seems like we're seeing them with increasing frequency is that really the case or is it a growing danger or is it just something that's being focused on more by the media . i think it is a growing danger i mean it's something somewhat of
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a combination but a growing danger because you know as you stated there has been a focus from the media on some of these attacks whether they're perpetrated in the u.s. or in europe or elsewhere in this case crimea you know every time that this is that this is seen or in the past there historic or modern school shootings that have been seen are now providing incentive motivation and really a plausibility from. people who might want to from people who might have any animosity against their school university and want to carry out a similar attack when we see it. on social media on media pictures and everywhere else when it's so widespread it seems to be more feasible for somebody that might become a perpetrator of such attacks. a lot of discussion takes place some of the time. to what extend to the children being to what extent is the bringing influencing the what do you think of the argument the movies computer games the corrupting the
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children into that holds any water. i don't think it holds water as being the main suspect of these games you know i think that it's a combination of things not just upbringing but really in the school systems you know you're talking about bullies and there's all kinds of stuff you know in the u.s. for example there's a very much a very coddling atmosphere for students so everybody gets a trophy everybody's ok and students are really encouraged to become bold to stand up for themselves in a healthy way or to speak their minds so what you end up happening is when schools where where there's not a safe place to vent frustrations and anger and animosity then students just build it up and so as they become teenagers yes it is true there is violence in video games and. movies but they're not only seeing that they're seeing it carried out in real life from social media and media where students eighteen years old might not watch the news like their parents would they're able to see some of these news reports on social media with the rise in that so i think it's a combination of factors you know one we need to make sure that we're helping our
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students to become stronger to be able to assert their their grievances and their anger in a healthy atmosphere rather than building up these resentments but to i mean it's a combination of the spread of media satellite media and satellite internet where we can see news reports that we might not have seen before just because of our social media feeds but again we need to allow an outlet for these places we need it to be ok that students are upset and we really need to know it on the outset we need to help protect our schools protect our children and not be so bogged down in anti gun violence that we forget that we need to enable local law enforcement school security guards to be around to. school it was a huge thing if somebody smoked who was. talking about again about shootings which we should teach is beyond. norio this is such commonplace talking about what's a solution we don't know how it will more do you think is the way forward. you
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know it's a tough question because i know that there's good arguments on both sides i think that again you know this is in america specifically you know there is a second amendment and i think that teachers that want to be armed that want to protect their students want to go through training and proper training if they undergo a secure background check if they're able to get a firearm can do so but then again i mean we have local law enforcement a lot of these high schools are in places where there's local police forces police departments who do have the training and who would be willing to monitor certain campuses or provide that so i mean we can look into regional funding to government funding national funding into some of these programs that allow for more police officers that just help to guard schools again but. and if we're not willing to do that or if we have you know these political grievances where we're not even willing to look at some of the options then this is still going to be an opportunity for for people who might be disgruntled or who might want to carry out an attack to do so without any security coming up against them at this point the belief is that
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this was woman. with a bomb and a gun does that sound like something that one person could have accomplished or would they have needed hope. i mean if you if you would ask this you know maybe a few years ago i think many experts would state that no this is something you would need help that of course it depends on the individual i mean this is a technical school it was a trade school but it dealt an engineering technology so there's a chance that this one student could have had the knowledge the education to to build a bomb the way that it was built this dirty i.e.d. that that went off and then to get a gun you know in recent days we're seeing that more of these attacks are able to be carried out with enough planning by one individual depending on the person where they can set up something now then again it just depends again on the on the security situation at the school work where there are security guards where the cameras available the bomb was already set off in the school before the shooter went in and if it was already there planted and about to go off either was this was
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an extremely skilled expert and bombs or i.e.d. is this attack or was or he did have help with somebody that was far advanced in this so we're not sure it just depends again on the education the knowledge and the skill of this particular attacker i guess the. jennifer jennifer great to talk to thank you. vigils in memory of the victims of this college attack being held across russia people being laying flowers and lighting candles at the war memorial to the city of. the gods of the walls of the kremlin the more president vladimir putin who was hosting these egyptian counterparts in the black sea resort of sochi opened me . with a statement about the atrocity. but you know what it is simple is that when you want to express my deepest condolences to the relatives of those who have been killed i hope that all the victims will recall but as soon as possible we will do
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everything we can it was how we should do it we already know this is a crime youth and we are looking to the into the motives why do you versions i want you to see it all the results of the investigation will be made public dear friend c. memory ill the victims let's honor them with a minute sign which is you going to do to much. rest assured we'll be keeping right across any further developments on this story following today's attack in crimea and the updates camembert bring them straight to you. ok let's move on to some of today's other stories now in the u.s. secretary of state has wrapped up a trip to turkey where he discussed the investigation into missing journalist jamal khashoggi my pump is previous stop was saudi arabia which has been accused of killing the man and its consulate in istanbul riyadh gave assurances to pump air
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that it would fully cooperate in the probe. they made a commitment to. anyone connected to any wrongdoing that may be found countable for that whether they are secure officer official they promised accountability for each of those persons whom they determine as a result of their investigation so it just serves accountability. for the country the country. of. all the. the saudi side again strongly denied any knowledge of what happened to cause shoji yesterday a nine hour turkish led search operation was conducted at the consulate in istanbul access finally granted fifteen days after the journalist was last seen following the search the president said investigators were looking at the possibility that
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there had been an attempt to hide the evidence by repainting the rules the case has transferred in tense global media scrutiny. president trump is criticizing the condemnation of saudi arabia over the case of missing journalist jamal khashoggi president's stunning statement as three sources tell c.n.n. that a high ranking officer with the saudi intelligence agency oversaw the saudis are now claiming was an interrogation and flushed shook the he wanted into a building in never came out of the building what are we talking about in the building was saudi if because shogi is dead said republican senator marco rubio today the u.s. must respond or it risks its own standing the more politicians and media personalities say the sound it is of condemnation for much more than just because shoji case how do you think president trump should respond if it's proven that the saudis were behind his disappearance if not murder one of the strong things that we
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could do is not only stop military sales not only put sanctions on saudi arabia but most importantly get out of this terrible terrible war in yemen led by the saudis. why have our lawmakers in the media turned a blind eye to the atrocities committed against yemen every day by the u.s. and saudi arabia. on sunday an air raid minibuses in the key yemeni port of a day killing at least fifteen civilians and injuring twenty more that's according to the united nations who fighters accuse the saudi led coalition of carrying out that attack data has recently become the most violent frontline in the three year long war in the country the saudi government said that it would investigate reports of civilian deaths of the casie advisor on yemen suzanne megan believes the sale of weapons to the worrying parties is only making the crisis worse. the numbers are very hard to grapple with thirteen million people on the brink of famine is one
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that should be compared to the entire population of countries where almost eighty million people. are. going to be human you cannot prepare for. parents to know when they send their children to school whether to come home or whether the bombs will hit the school almost every aspect of the daily life her going to affected by the. actors who want to help. i met some children recently with open wounds on their legs that they can afford to treat twenty million are in need of. only eighty percent of the population this is a crisis that is entirely manmade and could have been avoided and could indeed be avoided if we saw some serious action from the parties to the conflict and the allies in the saudi led coalition including the u.s. the u.k. france germany and others. overall the u.n.
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claims the situation in yemen is catastrophic warning up to thirty million people could be facing starvation if the waters in turn soon figure represents almost half the entire yemeni population the u.n. said that we could see the worst famine in our hundred years with other aid agencies raising the alarm. we are seeing a huge amount of duplicity from powerful countries countries like the u.k. in the us are consistently throwing money at the problem of the humanitarian crisis in yemen helping us reach people with food and water but meanwhile they're profiting from the sale of weapons that are perpetuating the war it seems to me that there are political interests at play that are overriding the end trysts. yemeni people so our question to those powers is are jobs in the us in the u.k. more valuable than lives in yemen. so to germany now where a kindergarten her school to control the sea by promoting itself as
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a nursery with hardly any migrants the daycare center clothes the message has simply been misunderstood but it has attracted criticism for other promotional initiatives to mr sethi explains. when hunting for a daycare center for your children what tops the list great teaching good can i start mr well how about hardly any migrants one can say gotten in the wealthy town of hamburg promoted just that leaving some parents moved to fight in a promotional price they highlighted the following. of the families with a migrant background only a few take care they've since deleted the sentence was deleted one sentence that accurately describes the fight but there are only a few families with a migration background the kindergarten few families does not mean families at the kindergarten also insisted it stands for inclusion and is equally a pencil children of german origin and families with a migration background but that's not the kindergartens only statements that true
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criticism it adds to the financial situation of parents living in the kindergartens area is excellent a large number of parents pursue self-employed activity such as lawyers doctors organizational consultants brokers business owners the backlash whisky. to follow. yeah enough money you can do as much stay decadent until you have them let the stupid playboys mingle with you these are the nazis in the guise of clean pure democrats and brit should lead in mosques itself with an immigrant free daycare center in the villa neighborhood a socially leitz we decided to see what jim and think about the issue as a mother i would not accept it i mean you should and you could use other ways to attract people so one thing to do because if you don't know each other you can't work and live together you can only understand each other when you grow up
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together from the earliest moment people will have international meet people from all of that involved so i think it's. really really important already young people get different cultures different ways of living and so on although parents favor a multicultural society when it comes to words under children they start bringing tranch into the proportion of native nationals in the schools and so forth and so there might be a discrepancy between what they say or do. our daughter was in the kindergarten for spanish germans and so there were a lot of nations latino nations and germans together and they spoke spanish in german and in their god so both languages thinking about everyone wants the best for their children whether the best means having known my point classmates and why the school should be bragging about this issue is another matter altogether. azzi beilin. let's just take you through the details of
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a major breaking news story this evening a gun and bomb attack on a college in crimea has left nineteen people dead with more than seventy others injured all of the victims are from the local area russia's investigative committee reclassified the incident from a terrorist attack to murder. three days of mourning have been declared in the region explosion happened in the college canteen the device was packed with metal objects vests gate is all studying c.c.t.v. footage of witnesses reported seeing the suspect carrying a rifle is how events unfolded. it really the long one the one you want one. you want.
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with them i don't mean to but i would really. like staying with us here on our international updates for you in just half an hour . join me every thursday on the alex simon chill and i'll be speaking to guests of the world of politics sports business i'm showbusiness i'll see you then. you know world of big partisan movie lot and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door on the back and
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shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now we're watching closely watching the hawks. have faith in this government official of president i don't have faith in the system i see i've got it so i'm too liberal the system designed for people like me. as well as the. different people who are here for different reasons but also john we also hope.
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most people in philadelphia are only a ballot two paychecks away from homelessness. just . a combination of eight nine and three there's also the worst possible hand in the japanese equivalent of blackjack. in other words good for nothing another time often used for the yakuza.
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