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tv   News  RT  October 22, 2018 1:00pm-1:31pm EDT

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this is r t with the u.s. saying it's dropping a landmark nuclear arms treaty with russia president from the hawkish national security advisor john bolton is in moscow right now for talks. saudi arabia admits the dissident journalist jamal khashoggi worlds' murdered in the kingdom's consulate in istanbul but as international pressure grows washington stopped short of repercussions saying any talk of sanctions is premature. in britain right now to resume major addressing parliament with a major update as some. pressure on the prime minister.
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by their life worldwide from moscow name calling welcome to our early news update we're going to start off with developments right here in the russian capital donald trump's national security advisor john bolton is here for talks with russia's top diplomats and security officials his visit here to the russian capital comes after president trump announced that he'll be taking the u.s. out of a nuclear arms treaty with russia also vowing to develop new weapons of the treaty was signed back in one thousand nine hundred seven between then soviet union and america under the agreement all short and mid range nuclear and conventional missiles were eliminated apart from those who launched from the sea and it's being reported that bolton will now meet the russian president at some point as well r.t.d. has more on the u.s. national security advisers visit to moscow. obviously john bolton and he's back shed till he doesn't have really really have time to switch to moscow's time zone here indeed he has kicked off his meeting spree by sitting down with russia's head
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of security council they talked about all sorts of things mostly military and conflict he things syria afghanistan all sorts of nonproliferation treaties like for example when it comes to chemical weapons and nuclear weapons but of course the big topic they both kind of briefly touched upon was this i.n.f. treaty russia has once again stressed that it does want to cooperate with the united states and whatever differences besides may be in countering right now should be solved through dialogue the pinnacle of two nights of tonight should be his meeting with russia's foreign minister sergei lavrov he has already how do you media conference earlier today and stressed that it is important for all to kind of refrain from any speculation when it comes to the u.s. apparent desire to pull out of the treaty have a lesson. in usual in regards to the u.s. position on the i.n.f.
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treaty i have yet to see the decision by the u.s. president i have only heard about his intentions as i have also seen some of the reactions to it that's been mixed some support that others have urged the u.s. not to turn down the whole system of arms control both nuclear and conventional you but let's not speculate at this point as that would be counterproductive let's wait for official clarification if john bolton is ready to do so oh yes we are happy to hear it and we'll make our position clear skies based on a clear statement that withdrawal procedure has so far not been activated one thing to understand the key thing to understand about this treaty is that a lot of military experts view it as very one sided favoring the united states they're saying that the united states can't really that the concessions the unite. states have to make within this deal really don't match the concessions that the russian side is already making this so perhaps that's why us former ambassador to
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russia michael mcfaul the said that the biggest losers if tramples out all will be american european allies and indeed we've heard something coming hours of europe as well for example french president emmanuel mccrone called the i.n.f. treaty key to european stability and security and he wasn't alone the announcement by the us that it's going to withdraw from the i.m.f. accord is regrettable the i.m.f. agreement has been an important pillar of our european security architecture for thirty years for us in europe it's of great importance we call on the u.s. to consider the possible consequences to believe that the u.s. and russia need to remain engaged in constructive dialogue to preserve the treaty and to ensure. to ensure its cool and verifiable implementation which of course is crucial for europe's and global security well john bolton is seen as the
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key poor courage championing in favor of scrapping the deal well we'll see if his stance really stands here and more school and whether or not indeed it will be america's allies that will be bearing the brunt of whatever decision the united states will make. it out of there in central moscow keeping watch on those meetings that are under way with us now dario rivaldo who's a former italian m.p. and now international relations analyst welcome to r.t. can i ask you first about how italy is going to handle all this prime minister conti earlier expressed his concern over the united states' decision jew to bring it up with president putin when the pair meet in moscow on wednesday what do you think prime minister conti wants to achieve with that meeting. well you know it's really. any european a county for sure he's quite worried about a statement released by the white house. i think that
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he can do so much anyway he has you know we are now engaged. in chad our problem of our financial law. anyway iow. the fact that we are prepared to to clear our war to help together with other european partners have to make the american so to think about the before are really going on that road they announced. as well as italy we've had germany say the decisions regrettable austria saying that it threatens a new arms race as far as you say it is europe in one voice and this. unfortunately it is not really one voice it but that we can say that all of the voice. of all of them out on the same way and.
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it is not the first time or already obama announced that it was possible for him to recreate by the agreement and that moment the european reaction such c.d.'s having obama to think about and to renounce or to get out of from the agreement the fact is that mr trump looks to be less attentive to what european are thinking about and so i'm not so sure that the european the voice or the voice of the different european counties can convince him to to get back we have to add one other thing that most probably the most real reason for which a trumpet made that statement is due to the mid-term elections that we are going to he's going to have in the beginning november and. i think that more than a for international reason it was acute to internal reasons that this season the
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season of americans arrived in what do you think of the other school of thought that says this is not just about the united states and russia the donald trump concern is about china's growing military power. well i think that there is something true in that i repeat the biggest reason i suppose is the you do internal reasons pleading to not political reasons but most probably the real target of what prompts a this is not russia but is china because even if. it looks that the americans are now. posing both of them. understood that what the american feed of the now as the biggest threat is not russia china notwithstanding what they say. for a number of people this treaty is out of date it's old fashioned the world was very
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different in one thousand nine hundred seven than it is today is that reason enough to walk away from it all should blow bill agencies like the u.n. or the u.s. seeing be stepping in to just update what's already there. you're seeing the fact is that these announcement is a more a psychological effect than. to that piece of the war the fact is that these agreements. made human range. nuclear me size but everybody knows for the moment that any b. county that. told me what i had said can launch them not not only by closing. days he said but also by five bases so i don't think that the fact that their announcement of the agreement that has been
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written has been announced the may signify that we have closed a possible war i think. it is a sort of blackmailing face of russia and as you say you to be for. something for having a free hand in face of china. one plenty of talking to do over the next forty eight seventy two hours or so i will keep watch on what italian pm says as well and wednesday for now though in milan area of a revolt of former intel and m.p. thanks for your time. thank you. donald trump's son in law an advisor jarrett cushion has said that the white house is still in the fact finding phase as it looks into the murder of saudi dissident journalist jamal khashoggi. do you trust the saudis to investigate themselves i mean we're getting facts in from multiple places and then once those facts come in the secretary of state will will will work with our national security team to help
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us determine what we want to believe in and what we think is credible and what we think is not credible saudi arabia's foreign minister says the outspoken columnist was killed by a rogue operation that it's consulate in istanbul and called it a tremendous mistake however washington isn't rushing with any repercussions as medina cancian of explains. after weeks of denying it saudi arabia confirms jamal khashoggi was murdered inside its consul eight and estimable individuals who did this to us outside the scope of their authority obviously was a tremendous mistake made and what compounded the mistake was the attempt to try to cover up that is unacceptable and because from until these things unfortunately happen we want to make sure that those who are responsible are punished they val's those responsible or will be punished but will saudi arabia face anywhere precautions so do your abuse admission is a good first step but not enough it would be premature to come and sanctions until we get further down the investigation doesn't look like it it's premature you might
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wonder why am murder case of such as counting proportions isn't immediately punished remember this creep poisoning well here is the reaction that emerged just hours after the initial reports is highly likely that russia was responsible the two poles russia culpable culpable culpable for the attempted murder is cake is culpable quarrel is with putin's kremlin and we think overwhelmingly that you liked me that it was his decision and days later the diplomatic fallout was at a level rarely seen before saying sions expulsion of russian diplomats and more sanctions pushing us from time to time certain steps are being taken by the us reserve the russia including sanctions on very contrived reasons without any evidence provided of russia allegedly using chemical weapons so there's no evidence what steps are being taken against russia and now we see
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a murder in istanbul but no steps are being taken we need to sort out our single approach to cases like these. washington chimed in then so what's stopping them now. they are ordering military equipment everybody. in the world one of that order we got it and we are all of it every bit of it i don't like stopping massive amounts of money that's being poured into our country spending one hundred ten billion dollars on military equipment and or things that create good jobs like jobs and others for this country while europe and even some american senators who believe arms sales and need to be stopped but. firstly we're outraged by this case we made it clear secondly there is an urgent need for details and those responsible are still not being held accountable thirdly i agree with all those who say that arms experts which are already limited must not take place in current
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circumstances and fourthly further reaction should be internationally coronated i feel certain that the crown prince was involved in it he directed this and that's why i think we cannot continue to have relations with him i would cut off arms sales it's the only thing the saudis will listen to but trump is adamant it's a big first step it's only a first step but it's a big first but i would prefer that we don't use. canceling one hundred ten billion dollars worth of work which means six hundred thousand jobs the turkish president to promise assume reveal all the ugly truth on tuesday. what we are looking for justice here and this will be revealed in all its naked truth not through some ordinary steps but in all its naked truth the question is will this finally be enough to trigger a reaction from the white house. this is an update on the talks coming right up to
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reason may the prime minister right now trying to convince m.p.'s in the commons we're live in westminster in ninety seconds. good politicians to do something. to put themselves on the line to get accepted or
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rejected. so when you want to be president. or some want to be. too great to be close this is what the. people are. interested in the. welcome back to r.c. international busy chamber in the house of commons in westminster the moment in london where the british prime minister's said that the irish border issue is proving to be the major stumbling block as the brits in the go again stalled to reason has been addressing parliament with an update say that ninety five percent of the talks are complete but opposition m.p.'s have been slamming the idea of
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extending negotiations with brussels that have been a lot of false starts along the way it's also playing out right now in the house of commons where it has been for the past ninety minutes or so the p.m.'s been under serious pressure this past week of course from both those opposing bread and leave supporters as well who saying they're not going far enough let's go live to. westminster is their. bring us up to speed on what's been happening in the house of commons this past ninety minutes. well colin now we're seeing quite to mulch was times four to resubmit during this week specifically seen as quite a crucial one for her premiership we do know that just throughout the last couple of weeks we have seen many reports suggesting that a potential revolt is brewing within the conservative party and speculation has been quite right that she could be faced with a no confidence vote and indeed all of this comes amidst major dissatisfaction with the way to resign me according to those who oppose her position has been handling
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brock's it and in order for any kind of no confidence vote to be triggered we need to see forty eight letters sent in by conservative party members to the conservative party chairman and again rumor has been going around westminster that they are actually said to be just several letters away from reaching that number. this week the reason why you will find the cheese drinking in the last chance saloon and the bad news for her is that the bar is already dry she's fast running out of throat if she cannot command the support of her cabinet her party or parliament more fundamental change will inevitably form i cannot continue to support an administration that cannot function in what could be seen as quote a frenzy of damage control we've seen this weekend to receive me published an op ed where she tried to convince the british people that she has things under control and that she will deliver the brags that she has been promising despite all of this
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chaos that has been unraveling and people questioning whether or not she's been if she's going to be able to do it we have also been seeing her addressing the house of commons trying to calm some anxieties there however how efficient that was is a bit of a question citizens after nixon the prime minister says that ninety five. say into the deal is done but previously should told us nothing is agreed until everything is agreed which is it their bricks if it goes the oceans have been a litany of missed missed deadlines shambolic and now they're begging for extra time the prime minister returns to their homes to do from our homes are totally humiliated as cyclone tech stone was just a few short months before the u.k. is sure jewel to leave the e.u. checa shredded the u.k. has no plan to break the impasse no cloud as we have ever corso to the cliff edge
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line because the prime minister is humiliated and harm strong by the extreme but x. thirty years and no north korea to speak of the e.u. twenty seven speak with one clear voice the conservative government squabbles almost that soon here divisions amongst the tory party apart allies like the u.k. government to the extreme brics are two years on the government benches are holding the u.k. to ransom leading us all to the brink of a catastrophic nor deal the prime minister comes before us today with nothing but jargon and rhetoric the position we're in is that ninety five percent of withdrawal agreement as i said has been agreed and we have a substantial part in relation to security services transport and other issues of the future relationship in terms of the structure and scope of that future relationship which has been agreed of course the point is you know of this is finally agrees until the leaders look at the package and agree the whole package
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together hence the nothing is agreed until everything is agree so that while low despite a recent made they're trying to save face and explain to m.p.'s that according to her as many as one thousand as much as ninety five percent of that withdrawal agreement has been reached it is clear that there is lots of tension anxiety and questions about whether or not she. it's going to be able to deliver a brag that is actually going to be working for the u.k. and you know this this tension and anxiety has also just within the last days spilled from within political chambers but also out onto the streets where we saw on saturday hundreds of thousands of protesters take to the streets of london demanding a second brock's that referendum because they're. not happy with the way things stand now but we do know of course that theresa may has said time and time again that there would be no second referendum that the people has voted and the decision is what it is but the big question now is whether or not theresa me is actually going to be able to continue to make those decisions on behalf of the british
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people given all of these latest developments and i notice that two notable absence is in the chamber. as a former secretary and foreign secretary neither of them of the moment ok we'll let you go back to watching the debate in westminster for now though thanks for that. next this hour hindu worshippers from southern india are defying a court order to allow women into a major shrine on sunday a group of women trying to enter a temple in corolla but were blocked by crowds of religious conservatives in the midst of the chaos there's been a five day long prayer ritual at the site. as
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long as the temple is here we have to follow this tradition. i am. so we'll ensure that anybody who wants to go to the people will go without any obstruction nor stretchin will be tolerated i mean he called. this fashion god says i'm not a devotee i'm just here to do my job just let me go she faces still infected and that's when she is forced to return back. to support somebody. that's going there without. the spices.
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and harassing you for an hour across monday's developments and i'll be back with the team in half an hour with your next update for now though thanks for watching. when lawmakers manufacture consent to instant of public wealth. when the ruling classes protect themselves. with the flame and merry go round lifts only the one percent. we can all middle of the room six. million real new.
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welcome to. not say there seems to be no answer to the american involvement in the middle east. but is washington still as powerful a player there as it wants to be today i talked to colonel lawrence wilkerson former chief of staff to secretary of state colin powell. in terms white house just taking its our stance on iraq as powerful advisors are threatening drastic american action against iran but with american troops spread across the world and local
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powers coming together to decide the fate of their region can washington hope to continue dictating the future of the middle east when the militant boss cheering on the white house leads to a new real trouble and can it handle yet another. unpredictable conflict. colonel lawrence wilkerson former chief of staff to secretary of state colin powell welcome to the show it's great to have you with us again so lately although important between him and syria are being decided on corrupt moscow and tehran yes which u.s. which once. was keen to intervene but mostly just watching the show right now is the current white house more conscious than the previous one or just less powerful i think both white houses obama's and trumps have been with regard to syria in particular cautious i think they're still being cautious in the trumpet ministration but i would remind you that there are some twelve installations if you
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will let our u.s. installations in syria as and that there is no intention to move those elements out of syria until it is one individual from the pentagon put it all iranian elements are out of syria and he added parent that ickle a and isis and other elements like isis or thoroughly defeated so that tells me that regardless of what president trump might want to have as a policy which i think is to eventually leave syria substantially we're there we're very much there we talk more about that what is the current american goal in syria because under obama it did seem like america didn't quite know what it wanted to do exactly the strength now what it wants there that's a good question it's a question i ask my students about everything from u.s. russia policy to.


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