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to roughly. twelve euros fifty per month. he's had line news president trump threatens to expand the united states' nuclear arsenal he says russia and china. here in the agreement should have been done years ago so people. will build it up. earlier now so the united states intends to leave a key nuclear arms agreement with russia provoking a mixed reaction from european allies. also this hour saudi arabia admits dissident journalist was murdered in the kingdom's consulate in istanbul but as international pressure grows washington stopped short of repercussions saying any talk of
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sanctions it's premature. and the british prime minister tries to convince parliament that progress is being made on some of these condemned the intensified pressure being put on the reason they. put the reason. and this is your news from r.t. international first for you this hour developments in the past couple of hours donald trump has thrown down a threat to russia and china pledging to build up the united states nuclear arsenal until quote people come to their senses shortly after he declared that the united states will pull out of a key cold war era missile treaty with moscow that's up to date on developments in the past few hours is in new york hi there what more do we know at this point what might the reaction from moscow be. well trump's national security advisor is in moscow out trying to mediate the situation but now we've heard from
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trump himself he says that russia and china are going to continue building up their nuclear arsenal until people quote come to their senses this is what donald trump said right yes got it here to the agreement they should have been done years ago but still people come to this that we have more money than anybody else by far we'll build it up until they come to this that when they do then we'll hold the guard at the top and that by the way not only will read which i would love to do but right now they have not adhered to the agreement. all right now this refers to the nine hundred eighty seven into range nuclear forces treaty sensually this agreement bans short to intermediate range nuclear missiles saying only long range missiles can be built it was signed in one thousand eight
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hundred seven it was seen as kind of a turning point in the steps to end the cold war this particular treaty now at this point we've got john bolton in russia and he is not using the same kind of bold language we're hearing from donald trump he has met with the national security council of russia he has met with the russian foreign minister and he is saying that the united states essentially still has time to determine its stand on the issue and there could be variations of sub some sort of new treaty regarding nuclear forces now we have all that but the rest of the european powers seem to disagree there's been statements to the effect of this being a regrettable action on the part of the united states let's take a listen. the announcement by the u.s. that it's going to withdraw from the i.m.f. accord is regrettable the i.n.f. agreement has been an important pillar of our european security architecture for thirty years for us in europe it's of great importance we call on the u.s. to consider the possible consequences they believe that the u.s.
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and russia need to remain engaged in constructive dialogue to preserve the treaty and to ensure. it to ensure its cool and verifiable implementation which of course is crucial for europe's and global security the fact that this thirty year old treaty regarding nuclear weapons intended to curb and prevent an arms race seems to now be pretty widely in question it seems to represent an escalation of tension between the united states and russia. ok with that update in new york annabelle thanks very much for that. the director of the nuclear studies institute at american university in washington d.c. told us that it's trump who needs to come to his senses and avoid a new nuclear arms race. you have to remember back in the one nine hundred eighty s. . the united states and russia had about seventy thousand nuclear weapons between us it was estimated that between us we had the capability destructive capability
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equivalent to about one point five million hiroshima bombs it was an important treaty it eliminated an entire class of nuclear weapons remember twenty seven one hundred nuclear missiles were destroyed bolton called for pulling out of the i.n.f. treaty in two thousand and eleven before there were even any allegations that the russians were in any way breaching the treaty the fact that bolton of all people is the one who's actually conducting these discussions is very very serious and we know the bolton strongly influenced trump's decision to abrogate the i.n.f. treaty trumpet said what's the point of having nuclear weapons if we can't use them to a normal person a reasonable person that means let's get rid of our nuclear weapons to trump them is make them more usable and i hope that somehow the europeans or the asians or the russians can talk enough sense into them that we go ahead with negotiations to
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settle these disputes rather than go ahead with a new arms race. next as coals grow for saudi arabia to be punished over the death of journalist jamal khashoggi donald trump's son in law an advisor jared cushman has said that the white house is still in the fact finding phase of the investigation. do you trust the saudis to investigate themselves i mean we're getting facts in from multiple places and then once those facts come in the secretary of state will work with our national security team to help us determine what we want to believe and what we think is credible and what we think is not credible saudi arabia's foreign minister claims the outspoken columnist was killed by a rogue operation at its consulate in istanbul and called it a tremendous mistake however washington isn't rushing with any repercussions as medina quarter never explains after weeks of denying it saudi arabia confirms jamal khashoggi was murdered inside its consul eight and estimable individuals who did
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this to us outside the scope of their authority obviously was a tremendous mistake made and what compounded the mistake was the attempt to try to cover up that is unacceptable if you come from and these things unfortunately happen we want to make sure that those who are responsible are punished they vowed those responsible will be punished but will saudi arabia face any rep recursions so do your abuse admission is a good first step but not enough it would be premature to come and sanctions until we get further down the investigation doesn't look like it it's premature you might wonder why am murder case of such as counting proportions isn't immediately punished remember this creepy poisoning well here is the reaction that emerged just hours after the initial reports is highly likely that russia was responsible between the poles russia culpable culpable culpable for the attempted murder is kate is culpable quarrel is with putin's kremlin we think overwhelmingly likely
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that it was his decision and days later the diplomatic fallout was at a level rarely seen before saying sions expulsion of russian diplomats and more sanctions pushing us from time to time certain steps are being taken by the. u.s. visa v russia including sanctions on very contrived reasons without any evidence provided of russia allegedly using chemical weapons so there's no evidence what steps are being taken against russia and now we see a murder in istanbul but you know steps are being taken we need to sort out our single approach to cases like these but washington chimed in then so what's stopping them now clearly rebbie has been a great ally they are ordering military equipment everybody in the world one of that order we got it and we are all of it every bit of it i don't like stopping massive amounts of money that's being poured into our country spending one hundred
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ten billion dollars on military what they have or things that create good jobs like jobs and others for this country while europe and even some american senators who believe arms sales and need to be stopped but. firstly we're outraged by this case we made it clear secondly there is an urgent need for details and those responsible are still not being held accountable thirdly i agree with all those who say that arms exports which are already limited must not take place in current circumstances and fourthly further reaction should be internationally coronated i feel certain that the crown prince was involved in it he directed it and that's why i think we cannot continue to have relations with him i would cut off arms sales it's the only thing the saudis will listen to but trump is adamant it's a big first step to only a first step but it's a big first but i would prefer that we don't use retribution cancelling one hundred
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ten billion dollars worth of work which means six hundred thousand jobs the turkish president to promise a super reveal all the ugly truth on tuesday. what we are looking for justice here and this will be revealed in all its naked truth not through some. ordinary steps but in all its naked truth a question is will this finally be enough to trigger a reaction from the white house. a political analyst and commentator should be a house anally thinks that if saudi arabia gets away with these killing it sets a dangerous precedent. we're going to see whether it's rogue on not clearly the or saudi arabia in turkey knew what was going on which by extension means that the government knew what was going on and the only reason that nothing's happening is because he is currently the darling of the united states administration more specifically the trumpet ministration the british government decided that it was
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russia that done this attack on this cripples immediately the fingers of the world were pointing at russia over here there is actual evidence those were livid and it's that it was malice of forethought in the killing of the road or not rope it was malice and it was connected directly to the government the problem is that this goes against humanity this goes against human rights and it's a very very bad precedent. the pentagon has defended a strike on a mosque in syria last friday saying it was targeting islamic state militants inside reports say the dozens of civilians were killed in the attack india it's all province the syrian foreign ministry is now calling on enter national organizations to step in over the u.s. led coalition's ongoing campaign r.t. senior correspondent what i guess as the details the massacres the united nations to get involved to investigate these u.s. led coalition airstrikes sixty odd civilians dead reportedly worth an investigation no which the pentagon is already preempting it wasn't their fault see that all
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these civilians died when they bombed a mosque it was isis is fault because the islam ists went to a mosque. such dire misuse of the mosque is another example of their violation of the law of war and made the mosque a valid military target interesting reasoning by the same logic if isis fighters get treated the civilian hospital the us is well within its rights to level it but this sort of trigger happy attitude is costing hundreds of lives in july u.s. led coalition airstrikes on villages in did as sort of syria killed as many as fifty four people according to various human rights organizations dozens of them being women and children the pentagon men admitted that it may have carried out these airstrikes promised to investigate which they seem to do often nowadays you
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are some who command is adamant it's strikes clearly hit the intended target a survivor pulled from the rubble after the powerful attack from the air syrians are describing it as a massacre according to syrian monitoring group activists and rescue workers in march two thousand and seventeen at least forty six people were killed in another u.s. air strike on a mosque near aleppo during prayer time no less but it was packed with locals and fighters alike or if you go with the u.s. version they actually targeted a separate building fifteen meters away which doesn't make an awful lot of difference when it comes to the sort of bombs we're talking about here we could go on and on with these examples but regardless the u.s. mission in syria was to destroy isis a great a good mission accomplished the president said so the coalition to defeat isis has liberated very close to one hundred percent of the territory will do
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a great job with those as we have just absolutely decimated isis so why airstrikes targeting isis as they say still killing scores of civilians why isn't the u.s. with. during from syria but rather occupying and fortifying vast tracts of the country solidifying their influence any number of reasons isis which they say is already defeated iran which they want to contain russia which they want to challenge or oil which they want to control and to for few civilians die along the way well that's just collateral the investigation assessed that although all feasible precautions were taken unintended civilian casualties regrettably occurred security and political analyst i'm on a shabby things the u.s. led coalition's aims in syria are not limited to fighting terrorists. i think that the american operations are on one hand claiming to be fighting isis and on the
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other hand finding all kinds of you know maneuvers to let isis get away with it because the presence of eyes is the continued presence of these small pockets of eyes that can be used by the americans and their coalition forces their western coalition as a pretext to remain in syria and remain in in control of parts of the country where they can put pressure on the syrian government and that is actually what's happening there and now there are acting in a way benefiting from the fact that media attention is elsewhere and bombing indiscriminately killing innocent civilians and thinking that they can get away with it here the syrian government stepped in and asked for a probe and i think this probe should be for all actions done in syria throughout the fight from the beginning. the british prime minister has been enduring an all round grilling by and pieces she trying to update parliament on the progress she says she's making in talks with brussels said the deal is now ninety five percent
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complete opposition m.p.'s have been slamming the idea of extending to go to the e.u. the p.m.'s been under serious pressure this past week from both those opposing bricks it and leave supporters as well an associate churkin and i reports from westminster . we're seeing quite a mulcher was times four to resubmit during this week specifically seen as quite a crucial one for her premiership we do know that just throughout the last couple of weeks we have seen many reports suggesting that a potential revolt is brewing within the conservative party and speculation has been quite right that she could be faced with a no confidence vote and indeed all of this comes amidst major dissatisfaction with the way to resign me according to those who oppose her position has been handling brock's it and in order for any kind of no confidence vote to be triggered we need to see forty eight letter sent in by conservative party members to the conservative
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party chairman and again rumor has been going around westminster that they are actually said to be just several letters away from reaching that number. this week the reason why you will find the cheese drinking in the last chance saloon and the bad news for her is that the bar is already drawing i cannot continue to support an administration that cannot function in what could be seen as a quiet frenzy of damage control we've seen this weekend to reset me published an op ed where she tried to convince the british people that she has things under control and that she will deliver the breck set that she has been promising despite all of this chaos that has been unraveling and people questioning whether or not she's been a is she going to be able to do it we have also been seeing her addressing the house of commons trying to calm some anxieties there however how efficient that was is a bit of a question every word on bricks it was anticipated
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a mixture of denial and delusion the conservative party has spent the past two years arguing with itself instead of negotiating a sensible deal with the prime minister returned to their homes to do from our homes are to me to really to the extreme. two years of the government benches are holding to you can you turn around soon leaving us all to the brink of a catastrophic nor deal the prime minister comes before us to deal with nothing but jargon and rhetoric the position we're in is that ninety five percent of withdrawal agreement as i said has been agreed the point is you know of this is finally agrees until the leaders look at the package and agree the whole package together hence the nothing is agreed until everything is agreed her car going to split three ways . split at least seven worries when will she realize she completely lost control of the situation despite a recent me they're trying to save fifty cent explained to m.p.'s that according to
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her as many as one thousand as much as ninety five percent of the withdrawal agreement has been reached it is clear that there is lots of tension anxiety and questions about whether or not she's going to be able to deliver a broad set that is actually going to be working for the u.k. and this tension and anxiety has also just within the last days spilled from within political chambers but also out onto the streets where we saw on saturday hundreds of thousands of protesters take to the streets of london demanding a second brock's that referendum but we do know of course that to recently has said time and time again that there would be no second referendum that the people has voted and the decision is what it is but the big question now is whether or not theresa means actually going to be able to continue to make those decisions on behalf of the british people given all of these latest developments well as for where this leaves to resume a now i discussed that with tom brooks who's a leading academic on more government studies and he believes that the only way out
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for to reason may is to change his stance on brics it. she's drawn so many red lines about all the things that she interpreted the referendum meant at the start of the negotiations it's really boxster in that she's really has no negotiating room other than considered to plead right now for brussels to change its view in order for there to be a deal because there's nothing it seems she's willing to give up which is a very bad position to be in for herself politically and it's also of course for i think for the u.k. the only way out of it for her i think it would be to change some of her red lines citic a deep breath admit that she's made some mistakes call for a coalition of national unity which should have been done eighteen months or more ago and request that extension but i think that in itself while the right thing to do as a matter of statesmanship i think is also affect the political suicide for her certainly as a tory. next with the us mid-term elections neighbor to the state of texas
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is founded south of the political epicenter of the crucial poll examining how encouraging voters has landed the state's democratic party and has jacqueline booga . never before have the u.s. midterm elections gotten so much attention and they're now just weeks away this november election is more important than any midterm in our lifetime they have to know that going out for the midterms is very important it's almost like going out for the twenty twenty election that's coming up we have a chance to restore some sanity in our politics. such hype in the states is usually only reserved for presidential elections or black friday maybe but this time around we're seeing politicians grappling over every last voter and the great state of texas is no exception texas is traditionally a staunch republican state but this year the democrats are stepping up efforts to paint it blue our mission of the texas democratic party is clear fire the base permanent infrastructure and of course when elections that means aggressive
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communications and smart messaging their aggressive communication includes an extensive line of mirch attack me gifts and the occasional puppy genius until now the texas democratic party are being accused of encouraging under age and now on u.s. citizens to vote after they sent out forms with the boxes saying i'm over eighteen an american pretext for voter convenience and the governor of texas is calling this a big deal this is being investigated if true there will be serious consequences but those serious consequences likely won't fall in the party but those who receive their letters democrats say every mailing had a warning explaining that voting requirements must be met aka you must be a u.s. citizen but was the last time you actually read all of the terms of agreement in fine print most would say never you just click agree and hope you didn't just sign away your firstborn so it's no wonder people got confused and phones have been ringing off the hook sense the spokesman for the texas secretary of state said in
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the run up to that deadline they received a pretty large volume of code somewhere non-citizens who were wondering whether them a woman that had been some change and they were now in fact able to vote and what about those who didn't bother to check in with the authorities and just decided to wing it well they could find themselves in a whole world of trouble. the texas democrat party unintentionally or otherwise is offering votes registration to non citizens without some form of official intervention confused known citizens rather than the texas dems who end up paying the consequences of this not generally speaking in the election form you are required to check a box and to sign your name if you do both of these things you have committed fraud and you're prosecutable and certainly subject to expulsion from the united states not being a citizen there is a suspicion you know that many people voted legally because we have a very easy and lax voting laws in this country and we have so many non-citizens
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living here people who are otherwise you know which will to vote. we believe many of these people do vote because they have a deep seated interest for years the republican party has required or would like to see a requirement of people signing applying a signature or having some some kind of i.d. to prove who they are so that it marries against registration every country in the world does this and the democrats fight it tooth and nail because. they feel that that this sort of activity will drive down their vote. and to fracking campaign as in northwest england have been demonstrating at a site where the controversial gas extraction method restarted last week after a seventy a nationwide ban was overturned. the site in lancashire is the first to be given the green light to restart operations that was suspended in twenty and besides environmental costs campaign is one of the
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dangers linked to earthquakes believed to be caused by the drilling process involved in fracking last year a number of activists were arrested during a peaceful demonstration we spoke to one of them. i spent three weeks in prison for fracking protests we managed to shut down operations this fracking site every day of the month for a whole month of july last year it took me took them over a year to take me to court. for the action i did i did a piece production i climbed on top of a little read it was it was delivering. i stayed up all night nori for eighty four hours three in our face that we stopped the convoy of seven lorries carrying the main training supports for the drilling rig it was a deterrent sentence and they were hoping that by putting activists in prison they would. direct action protests against the trucking industry richard roberts is one of three campaigners charged last september with public nuisance offenses he was
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sentenced to sixteen months in jail for blocking access to a fracking site the trio with the first environmental activists to be jailed in the u.k. and almost ninety years but a court of appeal has now found the ruling was excessive and replace the present with conditional discharge is meanwhile the judge who initially decided to jail the trio is facing questions himself over ties to the energy sector several members of his family reportedly work for an oil and gas corporation that's prompted calls for the u.k. justice secretary to launch an investigation richard roberts again says the energy lobbies reach goes well beyond this one case. this state. is clearly in facing an industry that nobody wants. communities around the u.k. every funding upper case and it was pro-choice every local council around this country was rejected sometimes unanimously but always by a large majority and now we have county councils such as lancashire. who have outright rejected the trucking industry and yet west it says overturn the decision
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implies industry on the bill and that's why when i was standing on top of a lonely so many cars were going past peeking in support they were waving out their window south saying keep it up may stay up there keep it stay out there for some as you can there are just fifty x. all currently oil and gas executives in the fake government and they have financial interests and gusto be don't want this and that's the way it looks from moscow this hour thanks for checking in with the international next the inside track on how the route between the united states and iran could impact the wider middle east stand by for sophie and.
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zia's says harlan kentucky. boy it was. a co money city with no coal mines left. the jobs are gone all the coal was so bad that it was love to see these people the survivors of disappearing before their eyes. i remember thinking when i was younger that if anything ever happened to the coal mines here that it would become a ghost town but i never thought in the million years i would see that and it's how it's happened.
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that's guy's a financial survival guide stacey let's learn a salad fill out let's say i'm not so i get. back up the fight well street spot thank you for helping. the story that's wrote. slavery. welcome to so if you can kill. i'm sophie shevardnadze there seems to be no end to american involvement in the middle east. but is washington still as powerful
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a player there as it wants to be today i talked to colonel lawrence wilkerson former chief of staff to secretary of state colin powell. in terms white house is taking a tough stance on iraq is part of threatening drastic american action against iran with the american troops spread across the world. coming together to decide the fate of their region can washington hope to continue dictating the future of the middle east. of the white house lead to real trouble and counted handle yet another unpredictable conflict. colonel lawrence wilkerson former chief of staff to secretary of state colin powell welcome to the show it's great to have you with us again so lately all the important in syria are being decided on car out moscow and tehran the yes which u.s. which once.


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