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tv   News  RT  October 24, 2018 11:00am-11:31am EDT

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got laid off the american dream is changing that's not what it used to be. and it's a tough reality to deal. for just twelve euros fifty per month. the series of bomb scares targets top political figures in the us suspicious devices devices have reportedly been sent to the white house as well as the homes of former presidents bill clinton and barack obama also to come europe and its transatlantic allies canada and the u.s. appear on willing to reconsider weapons sales to saudi arabia in the wake of the killing of the kingdom's this isn't. done from stressing the importance to the
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american economy of steel. so they really did a really great ally they are one of the biggest investors maybe the biggest investor in your country. they are doing hundreds of billions of dollars worth of investment. and ecuador announces it will no longer negotiate with u.k. authorities over the fate of wiki leaks founder julian assange. former president tells r.t. he feels his country is applied to protect him. from out east. slope is not just. there she's gone six pm. here in moscow you're watching r.t.
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international start this hour with breaking news to you because there has been a series of bomb scares against leading political figures in the u.s. suspicious devices have been sent to the white house as well as the homes of former presidents barack obama and bill clinton along with his with clinton's wife hillary the white house has issued a statement condemning the actions we condemn the attempted violent attacks recently made against president obama president clinton secretary clinton and other public figures the sarah rising acts are despicable and anyone responsible will be held accountable to the full six sound of the law meanwhile in manhattan new york the time warner center building has been evacuated also after a series of bomb threats the moment it was caught live on c.n.n. which has a studio in the building explosive devices that have projectiles and that's an. excuse me that sounds like a fire alarm here we'll keep you posted on that tell. me about the way it is the
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lights were turned out and as we got out. the end team also about the way they were early this week it was reported that an explosive device was found in a package delivered to the postbox the billionaire george soros the incident is now being investigated by the f.b.i. joint terrorism task force meanwhile it's not just democrats who've been on the receiving end of suspicious packages a number of republican representatives have recently received death threats to you while some have even been attacked in the street. a key european powers are refusing to cancel multibillion dollar arms sales to saudi arabia in the wake of the killing of dissident journalist. he was murdered in the kingdom's consulate in istanbul at the beginning of the month germany though wants other countries to follow its example and hold the arms sales but when french
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president menu macron was asked about his intentions he refused to answer the question. i don't have to react to every single statement so i won't answer that question. if you're not interested in the issues related to this event. but this is not a press conference. and it's not a press conference to react to the german chancellor. i mean all that has nothing to do with this event nothing. nothing so i want let's put some context on that front says one of the biggest sellers of defense in all this equipment in the world and saudi arabia is one of its biggest clients despite the fact the president has tried to play down the trade relations between the two countries the figure is don't lie between two thousand and eight and two thousand and seventeen deals with more than twelve billion dollars was struck between the
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two countries but it seems that doesn't want to have a discussion about that nor a discussion about suspending those possible deals between the two countries and that seems to be a similar thing that we're hearing in spain with two billion dollars. by the previous government which correspond to the demands of international national especially considering the un resolution and the head of the government now. legal security that permission to comply with international obligations and it will be well it seems that that's a similar view that's being taken by the canadians now they have deals with saudi arabia that are worth almost twelve billion dollars and the prime minister there just in food has said that he's more concerned about the cancellation fee which is around one billion dollars if they decide not to go ahead with that contract then roll that than holding saudi arabia to account for the killing of journalist it is
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only acceptable thinkable that someone could have known. the journalist on foreign soil like this i do not want to leave canadians holding a billion dollar bill because we're trying to move forward on doing the right thing seems not much also coming from to get knighted king that which is the second biggest supplier of arms to saudi arabia just behind me us with heels worth around fifteen billion dollars now the idea of sanctions it was a muted by the foreign secretary jeremy hunt but no clear indication of what those sanctions could be all whether they'll be applied when the prime of the certainly isn't made was questioned about the. prime minister's questions when she said she would speak to the king of saudi arabia the new concrete insulation whether it would be sanctions against the country it seems that there were germany is the only
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country it's going alone and putting its neck out in suspending and canceling these contracts shouted devinsky while saudi arabia claims that because she was killed in a fist fight turkey's president asserted that the journalist to be murdered in a vicious violent manner that was politically motivated more he called a pre-planned operation by the saudis he added that all those responsible would be brought to justice meanwhile the u.s. remains the biggest exporter of arms to saudi arabia while condemning the cover up of course orgies murder stressed the economic importance of continued weapon sales to riyadh coverup. ok we had a couple of technical problems there but we can still discuss this topic now with christian item from the stop the war coalition a british organization who regularly protests adelaide coalition side led coalition
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war in yemen thanks for your time this evening chris firstly what's your reaction that it only seems to be germany. is taking a hard line when it comes to arms sales to saudi arabia. it's pretty outrageous really i mean what the rest of the world's leaders are saying is are it's very bad or it's happening they're barely mentioned yemen by the way but this is all about the show. but they're saying it's very bad what the regime is doing really we're not going to do anything about it and this is a time when the attacks in saudi arabia. the attacks on yemen the war the saudis conducting is risky creating the biggest humanitarian crisis anywhere in the world since the second world war and yet despite the donald trump reason. the french government the spanish government they're all prepared to continuing. to continue these arms it's really. despicable and obviously we just continue
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to campaign to put the maximum pressure on them to change their minds just on that point about yemen why do you think given it's taken the killing of a journalist to gain the spotlight and bring this debate into focus why has yemen fallen by the wayside why didn't it get much media attention. well i mean. i suppose the only answer to that is to say that the killing of a journalist kind of threatens diplomatic. journalistic freedoms that too is leading governments in the world and in the west actually. are concerned about they're not concerned about the rights. or the suffering of yemeni people because as far as they're concerned they're backing saudi arabia. geopolitically this isn't just about arms sales this is also about the fact that the west sees the saudi
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regime as one of the main sources of stability and of its control. or. oil supplies and so forth across the region so as far as they're concerned the hooty rebels as they call backed by. their enemy saudi arabia is their friend and therefore if saudis conducting this war they're not going to make a big deal about it i mean that's the harsh geopolitical reality of the situation is it understandable that countries won't want to cancel very large arms contracts to saudi arabia because they argue look will only end up punishing ourselves saudi arabia can go to see whether countries around the world to buy arms will lose out on huge arms contracts so really it's not a punishment to saudi arabia. i don't think there's any.
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legitimacy to that argument i mean the truth is if the three or four biggest arms sellers to saudi arabia which are the u.s. britain france and spain if they turned around and said right that's it we're not supplying any more weapons that would have a hugely destabilizing effect on the regime there is already a pariah around the world and by the y. whose leader. is in deep trouble politically domestically so this is actually. an opportunity for the western powers to make a change to do something that could actually beneficially shy politics and. geopolitics in the middle east. and also a vertical task for free because that is what we are on the brink of humanitarian experts are saying that if the war carries on in its present intensity in its
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present form there is the possibility indeed the likelihood of twelve fourteen million people dying of starvation that would make that would be the worst humanitarian catastrophe anywhere in the world since the second world war surely in those circumstances you would think that anything you can prove to anything governments could do even had a chance of averting that catastrophe would be worth a try but no they're putting the interests of their arms manufacturers interests their own geopolitical interests before the concerns of millions of innocent people that is beyond describe us and just finally chris on the issue of christology and those responsible for his death turkey says it's important that those responsible are brought to justice what are the chances of that happening do you think.
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ah i think that that's a difficult question because it. relates to internal politics in saudi arabia i mean i think it's very very unlikely that he'll be brought to justice it is possible however that the public's right to support justice it is possible however that the may be such a crisis inside the country that. it might endanger mohammed bin salmond's position and that would be something but now i think there's very little likelihood that justice will prevail unfortunately and that is. a situation that is. exacerbated by the fact that the western governments for all their rhetoric and some of them are effectively letting the regime off scot free in terms of an. we kind of practical measures against it and that's one more reason why. we think and i think these foreign policy decisions need to be reversed ok chris look
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we're going to have to leave it there but very nice to talk to you that's chris nine and from the stop the war coalition thank you. now ecuador says it will no longer negotiate with the u.k. would you be the sun she's currently holed up in its embassy in london it marks a sea change in ecuador's position when it comes to the wiki leaks chief ecuador has no responsibility to take any further steps we are not mr assad as lawyers nor real representatives of the british government this is a matter to be resolved between great britain. relations with the country have soured since a change of government last year israeli nationalists suing ecuador for allegedly violating his human rights that after the embassy imposed house rules for the whistleblower as a condition for partial access to the internet former ecuadorian president. has called his country's handling of the case. we gave as
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a loan to. its. obligation of the equator government to protect us you have to remember that no. sounds. so it's not just this a look now it's. really a shame they tried to him and they are human late so. my point because they are. these rules are really against human rights and they are trying to isolate. as such to push him to abandon our embassy. listen she's been holed up inside the embassy in london since twenty twelve when he was granted political asylum there if he leaves the building though he will face arrest for breaking his bail conditions but the whistleblower does fear he'd then be extradited to the u.s. in a letter to ecuador's current leader or
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a no lawmakers in washington demanded this be handed over to the u.s. authorities or face a possible diplomatic fallout. we are very concerned we join a sanchez continued presence at your embassy in london and he's receipt of ecuador in citizenship last year it is clear that mr assad remains a dangerous criminal and a threat to global security and he should be brought to justice. we feel that it's very difficult for the united states to advance our bilateral relationship until mr assad is handed over to the proper earth or east they go to me has to protect us that i got it or institution that important american because of the behavior of this government. believes absolutism met a meet that to the american government well that would be very difficult i think they want to turn over such the american government and they've already seen this
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story know so. close to. a six year old's. equality that judges also you don't have to to forget that he has. very important as you show you know the nation's. tell you whether you are meant to protect the ass is mandatory they have to protect you they have such a washout international still to come this hour an oil spill hushed up for six years maybe america's worst environmental disaster will have written the details just after the break.
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what holds his hands to you so. he put themselves on the line big get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president. some who want to be rich. too going to be cross with you like that before three in the morning can't be good . i'm interested always in the waters of our. question. after world war two we ruled the world we have the most gold we had the sound this current say we had low interest rates and we were american century ready to go and like the awful good lottery winner that blows it all here we are twenty eight saying having kind of blown.
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i knew without saying now it is faith that's gone on for fourteen years in the gulf of mexico could become america's worst ever environmental disaster it was in two thousand and four when hurricane a van slammed into florida's gulf coast a very damaging an offshore drilling operation. however the company in charge managed to cover up the incident for six years. thanks thanks. thanks.
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flying over the gulf of mexico our research spots of oil coated gas and bubbling and i'm miles long. people are not the only ones who call the now polluted waters for the indigenous animals there are countless birds and wildlife the stakes are high life or death time is rather. i suppose the big difference is that. rosenberg was a big explosion and people. instantly and and then the most immoral groups released extremely rapidly in the. first the original incident. and you see. it was in the context of her and her. company and the american regulators managed to keep the entire incident pretty client it's one of those no accident so. which is going to six hundred.
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points of view but over the course of four years with those men use. of oil into the gulf it adds up to being the same kind of water as the deep water the roses. or back in twenty fifteen the company in question said that there was no evidence to suggest an ongoing leak or any significant environmental damage that hasn't given any further further explanation since journalist all of a tickle again says they even routine all spillage is do result in huge damage the gulf is currently producing something something like twenty percent of americans or those rather highly rated max three fires breaking out every few days. or else with pollutants in the hundreds of thousands of ground you know just through new york. and this entire gulf coast is highly used and it
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is bound. to mount more and of course there is environmental impacts impact other industries which are also tourism and fish roos show finish tens of thousands of miles of oil pipelines transect to this entire region and if you've got a pipeline you want two hundred leaks. ok well let's go back to our breaking news this hour the series of bomb scares against leading political figures in the u.s. because suspicious devices have been sent to the homes of former presidents barack obama and bill clinton along with his wife hillary we can get more details now from kalamata in our correspondent in new york good evening what further details then have come out. quite a bit is taking place now we have confirmation that explosive devices were mailed to the homes of barack obama in washington d.c. as well as the home of hillary and bill clinton in west chester new york now they
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these devices were discovered through team screening it was discovered that these were were made postal with explosives that were being sent they were discovered by the post office in addition now there were rumors circulating that similar devices or a similar bomb had been sent to the white house however the secret service is now coming forward saying that those rumors are not accurate they have not discovered any any device sent to the white house now the bombs resembled a pipe bomb according to reports now furthermore the time warner building in new york city which hosts the c.n.n. headquarters of new york the the time warner building has been evacuated they've evacuated the building now it's not clear if the device has been discovered at c.n.n. or not but that's the rumor that continues to circulate now monday there was a a similar device or bomb mailed to george soros the wealthy liberal billionaire who is often you know hated by critics of the critics of the democratic party he
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received a postal bomb in the mail and it was preemptively detonated by a bomb squad on monday so now it's displaying it's not exactly clear you know they're saying that these devices are similar in nature but we haven't had a confirmation from law enforcement that these are really connected that there's actually a connection between these devices they're not saying anything about about the origins or any information as of yet however we heard from the white house sarah huckabee sanders the white house press secretary has come forward and condemned these acts of violence and called for the individuals who are perpetrating these acts to be prosecuted within the full extent of the law but a lot of in from. ation coming out we know that the time warner building where c.n.n. is headquartered here in new york city is currently evacuated you know we know about the two devices that were sent to the homes of former presidents bill clinton
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and former president barack obama as well as you know hillary clinton the democratic party presidential candidate from twenty sixteen and so a lot of information coming out right now a lot of questions being raised but we do have confirmation from the secret service that the reports that another device was sent to the white house those reports are inaccurate no device was sent to the u.s. white house. ok kind of thanks for the update now and then but tonight in new york thank you. so that brings you up to date say that things are looking good i hear and i say we're back with the headlines that morning just i've often. cranking gave americans a lot of job opportunities i needed to come up here to make some money i
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could make twenty five thousand dollars as a teacher or i could make fifty thousand dollars a year good truck so i chose to drive truck people rush to a small town in north dakota was an unemployment rate of zero percent like gold rush is very very similar to a gold rush but this beautiful story ended with pollution and devastation a lot of people have left here i don't know too many people here and just slow down so much they lost their jobs that laid off the american dream is changing that's not what it used to be. and that's a tough reality to deal with. in a world of big partisan. lot and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door on the bath and shouting
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past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks. go. see the same. us. i. was. i.
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was you know i wasn't we don't let up on them. it's always such serious security you know i always saw was a couple dogs show your face a toll on the streets well i don't actually it's easier you know like that i don't want too much attention. here you know. singing into tain and you know far for a lady to go on the stage and perform from people openly it is considered a taboo in afghanistan and iran i just don't want. to do the best out of georgia to go go go go go go go no it wouldn't. look i'm going to. go are going for about making film in the country to. see them or you know we don't have phone in this to you we don't have. this country it was. really good so don't say.
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so we'll see if you think. your brain with the loaves i want to go to sleep just and commit them but it. is still a record of them now that i delivered it to trust. them couldn't believe my back that if i change my name if. that required if you don't bother i can be tiresome he'd ask me which i have time to change i mean. so the next message i meet the guy gets back and that is he going to be good i was catching much i'm playing it cut it j.t. that's a cotton asked to sign me couldn't care act upon my dress a cat in case they think i'm a total fade out from the stuff you know that could be any car call me learn. that no fear all you ought to put on a teddy how this is not a school in boston. last sunday i must love all you know the snow was deep in
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a slow soft spot. nothing to do nothing. right. place it felt like you've been lost not only the general but it wasn't the kind of oh i thought i thought would look good from which you never took the cup which did it because. now that gold was up like i said but. it didn't. hurt. anything.


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