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tv   News  RT  October 25, 2018 1:00am-1:31am EDT

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welcome to the program. opposition forces is set to meet with russian foreign minister. the situation in syria. the talks. syria this is seen as a key step towards finding a political solution to the. crisis in the country now after seven years of war it
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is now the only remaining rebel stronghold in the country there are an estimated thirty thousand fighters there including ten thousand al nusra terrorists that's according to the united nations a deadline for militants to pull out of a buffer zone around the province imposed on russia deescalation deal was recently extended and roughly three million civilians currently live in need labor and many of them are fleeing the region fearing an outbreak of hostilities. we were living in a camp life was difficult there was no way no bread no water everything was scarse the situation was terribly bad. there is barely any shelter in winter and in summer
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you would suffer from the heat that was our life. like now to our dominick's still hot director operations of the international committee of the red cross joining us live now from damascus syria a very good morning to you sir you've been visiting eastern guta one of the numerous areas severely impacted by the conflict i understand now that some locals are attempting to return to the area under very difficult circumstances how bad is the humanitarian situation there in eastern guta. well good morning i just returned from yesterday and. i have to say i was completely overwhelmed by the scope of destruction in the east and i think i have never seen anything like this in my twenty seven years of carrying out of the state the national committee of the red cross and the needs are
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simply. huge and massive and never thought less indeed as you just say it. really saw and i spoke to even a few people who have recently retardant and meet destruction trying to rebuild their lives and i think. now in the east and as well as in other parts of the country it's only now. the. scale of the needs starts starts to emerge and definitely there will be need. huge support for people who are living there in these areas affected by conflict as well. it's interesting you say that you were overwhelmed and in your near three decades of working in humanitarian assistance you've never seen something quite as bad as the situation in eastern guta what are we talking about of the homes just rubble now is
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there any free flowing water is there any heating is there any food for the people who are struggling to return. particularly overwhelmed by the scale of destruction. approximately three even more than three million people who used to live there and . all these three hundred fifty thousand. in the place where i was nearly ninety percent of the infrastructure is completely destroyed you see entire neighborhoods that are at the steroid houses that are become completely unlivable. is what i was talking about the people who are back and people who are leaving. the basic needs we are distributing food on
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a daily basis together with the syrian arab red crescent. absolutely critical to ensure that these people can regain access to some basics. of water sanitation. and here. again together with the syrian arab red crescent. making a very serious contribution to the pictures of devastation that we've seen in syria i do say almost beyond comprehension even at the end of world war two for the final battle for. never. looked as bad as some of the cities in syria now it was a month or more ago that washington said it was cutting funding to the reconstruction efforts of syria is it difficult in your position to convince the international community to do more to help the people of syria. while we definitely do all we can to convince.
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all those who are supporting the humanitarian effort in syria to continue supporting the people of syria as i said if anything needs are just going to grow in the coming months and years and really. the i.c.r.c. used to continue. at the same level as in the past few years because now people are also are all all also getting more accessible and therefore we can do more and we absolutely need to make sure that we can maintain the humanitarian effort at the levels of the previous years now as we are broadcasting here on r.t. international a syrian opposition delegation will soon meet with the russian foreign minister here in moscow that will be on friday to discuss the situation in the last remaining rebel stronghold but as you probably heard me report over thirty thousand
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fighters there ten thousand terrorists and that's according to the u.n. can you tell us much about the humanitarian situation right now in the last stronghold of. particularly. the possibility of escalation. of violence in. your program there are up to three million people living in these. result you know you may need tarion disaster so very grateful for all the efforts that have taken place in the past few months and hopefully we'll continue to avoid escalation. because as i say it would result in a very very serious humanitarian disaster well of course since the beginning of the
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conflict in syria with multiple international state actors involved and tens of thousands of jihadists and mercenaries trained weaponized and even given medical care by some regional actors at what point dominic does the world say enough is enough. i've been sifting question. in the years the whole war and have been watching. for. years and we have all known for a very long time that this. continues to be the war. very very long and yet it doesn't appear to be sufficient. to bring this conflict to an end so i truly hope. see the end of.
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conflict so that humanitarian can. all of the people who are desperately longing for peace. be supported for a long time to come and dominate before i let you go if you could send out a message to the international community about the current circumstances in syria the diet humanitarian crisis there is people are trying to rebuild their lives what would you say to the international community about the current situation in syria. the international committee of the red cross. much for your time thank you. the u.s. president is facing. a number of u.s.
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politicians received. crude explosive devices. critics say divisive rhetoric and media blame the president and the media that's polarizing americans and fueling hostility. as part of a larger national effort to bridge judd divides and bring people together the media also has a responsibility to set a civil tone and to stop the endless hostility and constant negative and oftentimes false attacks and stories have to do. they just send a bomb to c.n.n. and the president doesn't say a word about that and then tells us we are to blame did you learn nothing from today. not a word for anybody not
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a word about himself. in the pot from the c.n.n. headquarters in a reprint when barack obama and other democrats are among those who have been targeted with eight packages and old intercepted and none of the possibles detonated in the new york mayor has described what has happened as an act of terror . this is a very painful time. in our nation. it's a time when people are feeling a lot of hatred in the air in addition to new york city mayor bill de blasio we have heard from the n.y.p.d. as counterterrorism chief and he has confirmed that four of the explosive devices that arrived in suspicious packages seem to have the same source the devices that were sent to barack obama and to the home of hillary and bill clinton the device that was detonated on monday at the home of billionaire george soros and the device that was found at c.n.n. headquarters all seem to have the exact same source they seem to have come from the
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same person the device was capable of going off these are pipe bomb like explosives now we're also hearing at that at this point in addition to the package containing the explosive there's also been a package containing suspicious white powder discovered at the c.n.n. headquarters explosive devices had to have projectiles and that's a. excuse me that sounds like. fire alarm here will keep you posted on that p.b. didn't out of the gong we evacuated the lights were turned on and as we got out. the end of the month we both still evacuated in addition to that we're hearing that at this point andrew cuomo new york city governor his office has had a package discovered at the office of maxine waters prominent democrat in california has been evacuated the office of debbie wasserman schultz former chair of the democratic national committee in florida has also been evacuated now hillary clinton has spoken up in response to today's events talking about divisiveness in u.s. politics this is hillary clinton but it is
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a troubling time isn't it. and it's a time of deep divisions. and we have to do everything we can to bring our country together we heard from the wife of senator rand paul talking about how she has taken some extra precautions in light of all the threats that she and her husband have received you know we've updated all of our security systems at home we i think with a loaded gun by my bad you know these are these are very rancorous times well guess what it's all over the place. it's everywhere there is also on another wave if you will of rhetoric and that is various democratic leaders maxine waters in eric holder who are saying you know go out there and when you say you had strong supporter in a restaurant or russia and have at a gas station north or somewhere and you get in their face when they go low we
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fight this rhetoric granted not on the level of pipe bombs and white powder but this is what we've been talking about all over the place. meanwhile tensions are also heating up of the us mexico border as a large migrant caravan approaches the fronts here and with midterm elections looming politicians have certainly seen an opportunity to school points. i've been watching for weeks as the caravan came up i'm not letting them in they're not coming and they're not coming and. everyone in this room is an immigrant you know who are white house and so a little bit of a different picture he was talking about this care about the care of. there has been assured immigration recently caravan of a. group of protestors ministration officials say they're working as efficiently
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and as effectively as possible the u.s. government doesn't give them any necessities when they dropped off the bus station . it shows you the challenges the trouble. it's dealing with the crisis they inherited from the obama administration who got a free pass from the media on causing this crisis what happened to the democratic party as one said bill clinton president obama understood that border security helps define a country you. better secure and prevent any sort of ensuring that this is a moral and humanitarian crisis we simply cannot allow people to poor into the united states undetected undocumented this is what we just got from president obama he writes immigration can be a controversial topic my administration acted to lift the shadow of deportation from these young people so we are
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a better country then one that shares families apart we turn it into a great political football and people out of state are all kinds of political points. did president obama really poured more people than any other president in total president obama had more than two point five million undocumented people by two thousand and fifteen. immigration becomes a political issue when there is obviously a policy on the table there are some shifts going on this topic and this particular event is being used on both sides and i think when we get you know a dozen days away from such a vital ally action it's not too surprising. and i think the question is what damage in this kind of rhetoric from both the right and the last have for not just
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those people vote for the next time that this happens. and still to come here on the program. since the end of the cold war.
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to be. the frank. people. in the water. thanks. twenty past the hour here in moscow i broke chemical giant monsanto is facing accusations it paid tens of thousands of euros to enlist the support of farmers across europe to lobby against a ban on one of its prester sides greenpeace also says monsanto set up fake farmers
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groups to actually promote the benefits of this product as r.t. charlotte explains not all is as it seems an investigation carried out by greenpeace says it's uncovered some startling truths about how monsanto a company tourists for its controversial range of weed killers has been lurking will being its interests in the investigation alleges that hundreds of thousands of euros were spent in creating fake farmers' groups to promote the main chemical found in monsanto's products so fake farmers think groups at least that's according to greenpeace but when. a little bit closer something didn't quite smell right greenpeace say that this lobby group in france isn't real but when r.t. searched for the people behind the names we are earthed real farmers use it but
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it's free news it's not good it's not true i'm real and i know other members that are real farmers who work every day i'm not fake i'm not a ghost i'm a real farmer i'm passionate about my work we asked greenpeace to detail why they believe the farmers were fake despite giving the organization five days to respond greenpeace said it didn't have the capacity to get back to us as stuff was swamped so the farm is definitely flesh and bone but he's behind this organization supporting the chemical is it. the new tourist monsanto dinny isn't sure why but it is really good if i can list the companies as i don't know them by heart but i understand why the industry and its farmers defend themselves everybody criticizes monsanto i don't want to defend them monsanto produces very little of the glyphosate in the world it's other countries and companies that produce the most.
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nice says he cares about the land this land his product so why does he use a product that's been labeled as toxic to aquatic life and is described as a probable human carcinogen by the international agency for research on cancer. although all the other and now assists in tests we're talking about eight hundred studies in the world confirm that this product is not dangerous why do we use guy for sate because it's practical because we use very diluted amounts you want to punish us by removing it while it's not considered dangerous. in a landmark ruling a judge in the u.s. awarded a former groundskeeper thirty nine million dollars after he developed cancer following exposure to the company's weed killer saying monsanto had failed to warn him of the risks monsanto denies the product causes cancer some countries aren't sold on the
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safety of the chemical and have already restricted its use but the pharma we talked to is worried that a ban on the weed killer will do more harm than good if. we shouldn't forget that sif we are the only country just stop using it we will be disadvantaged the primary task of carbon emissions will increase will need to work the soil more and overuse the equipment more work hours instead of a little dose of driver seat which allows us to make the work easier and we shouldn't forget about that. pharmaceutical group which owns monsanto now has dismissed claims that the chemical in question is carcinogenic that's despite repeated warnings made by the world health organization on this issue and agricultural expert we spoke to says that science has yet to produce a conclusive verdict. you know you don't see. animals and non-target plants keeling over and dying. in an immediate manner
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the problems are related to much more subtle effects on ecosystems and on human health that are linked to the sheer amount of blood for sale that is being used and i believe it is essential that more research is done the science is not clear but to turn around and say that the use of. contending how besides save does not sit with the overall science. thursday sees the start of nato the largest war games since the end of the cold war tens of thousands of troops as well as warships and planes arrived in norway for the drills this is an important day because trying to ensure this needless biggest exercise since the end all the cold war.
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this is fictitious but the lessons we learn will be really. well meantime the russian defense minister has expressed his concern about nato is ongoing increased military activity right along russia's borders he says that it's reached a level now not seen for nearly yes. well the thing is the need to use military activity at the borders of russia has reached an unprecedented post cold war level the scope of operational military training at our borders is expanding and becoming more intense block countries are engaged in offensive drills the aim of all this is
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increased capacity to swiftly deploy troops across europe. gates has been aggressive towards many countries as in wars with a number of countries right now has military in about one hundred seventy two countries has about twenty times the number of foreign military bases as all other countries combined and i see these new war games close to russia as a furtherance of that aggression in this case towards russia. the united states made a promise after the fall of the soviet union that it would not go into knots in nato into the warsaw pact countries or the former soviet countries and today it's in thirteen of those countries so it never abided by that pact and this is clearly an aggressive move on the part of the united states and nato in my opinion
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. it's quickly turning into a busy day for your worldwide news headlines hope you can join us in half an hour we return with a new program that. will . join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics sports business i'm showbusiness i'll see you then. prosecution will need to become almost. a softball design. called where you push us off the threshold finds somebody number one place you do i mean yeah i mean i mean political pressure on that god you've landed him in conclusion of her
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security jennifer nance with the pony kind of business models he was my american corporations doubtless lossing called police sold them could be mental diseases you need to use the controls on the scene and then the solution. lies up in dissociation. i noted when he saw some dogs it is just me of deleting. an investigative documentary. ghost war on oxy. greetings and salutations. they say that wisdom comes with age talk watchers but apparently not when it comes to facts opinions in the warm comforting glow of your television screen yes according to
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a new pew research center study when it comes to the citizenry of the united states of america the youth are far better at telling the difference between what is fact and what is zero pinioned than u.s. citizens over the age of fifty here's here's how it all breaks down earlier this year pew research gave a cross-section of u.s. adults ten statements five facts five opinions and then asked them to be categorized as such surprisingly or well not very surprisingly depending on your level of pessimism only about a quarter of americans overall could act accurate accurately classify all five bags will statements that's twenty six percent and about a third could classify all five opinions statements as thirty five percent and all of that about a third of eighteen to forty nine year olds correctly identified all five of the of the backchannel statements as backchannel compared with two in ten among those ages fifty and older who in ten and judging what was opinion did not fare much better
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for our over fifty crowd with only twenty six percent of them identifying the five statements as opinion only that much. this is of course leads to the all important question of why why is our learned elders here in the united states having such a terrible time discerning fact from open in alexis madrigal for the elastic he posits this he says the real correlation with poor performance is exposure to television news which has fallen off among young people but remains. hi among older people yes ladies and gentlemen it appears that our poor parents and grandparents branes up to living through the rise of talk radio and twenty four hour cable news networks bill o'reilly and wolf blitzer may have finally melted it may have finally cracked from all that but you know what rather than leave them abandon them frothing around in the candy land world of the mad i was in the head of these let
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us throw them a line and get them started watching the whole.


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