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tv   News  RT  October 25, 2018 7:00am-7:31am EDT

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i think. the mayor of new york brands a series of parcel bombs targeting u.s. democrat politicians as an act of domestic terror donald trump lashes out at the media for polarizing americans. the media also has a responsibility just a civil tongue to stop the hostilities also to come a u.s. appeals court provides a lawsuit against major food producers accusing them of supporting child slavery in
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the cocoa production industry. and a syrian opposition delegation will meet with the russian foreign minister on friday to discuss the last remaining stronghold of the province we speak with the international committee of the red cross. i was completely overwhelmed by the scope of destruction and what these not absolutely critical to ensure that these people can regain access to some basic so obvious this. either well can you watching r.t. international this thursday afternoon worse just gone two o'clock here in the russian capital now after a string of intercepted parcel bombs sent to senior democrat figures in the u.s. police in new york at a restaurant owned by the actor robert de niro where another suspicious package has been found these are live. pictures we're looking at emergency services as you can
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see heading to the scene right now in the meantime hillary clinton barack obama and other democrats are among those who were targeted as were the c.n.n. headquarters of the packet is detonated the mayor of new york described the incident which appear connected as the mess the terror on the truck meanwhile has come under fire with critics saying his use of rhetoric has fueled hate the president himself blames the media let's get more information after he goes down after he joins us in the studio now eagle just tell us more then talk more about what trump has said and why there's been such a fierce reaction to that but indeed importantly no one was injured and apparently the perpetrator was either too amateurish to know people of such scale just don't open their parcels themselves or it was meant as a political stunt still domestic terror is what it's been called so obviously this couldn't have very did trumps attention and with the american president being
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probably the least arguably the least presidential figure in the top job he tried to keep his civil tone have a listen. these times we have to unify we have to come together. very clear strong and mistake a ball message that there were threats of political violence of any kind have no place in the united states of america and he was calling for unity there but looking at what people have said in the reaction to what he said that hasn't been the case well indeed unity one would argue is a state that's rarely found in the united states nowadays with the midterms and literally around the corner now it isn't helping the situation really both camps the conservatives and the democrats instantly decided to spearhead their own narrative using this incident donald trump was in the blue corner and everybody else was in the red corner have a listen. as far to the larger national effort to bridge the divide
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and bring people together the media also has a responsibility to set a civil tone and to stop the hostility and. negative and oftentimes false attacks and stories have to. i'm not one who sees equal blame spread all around our president cannot escape special scrutiny he is at the head of the hate parade and way too often clearly reading prepared remarks at a rally he seemed not to give a damn well the c.n.n. we're in the only one ganging up on trump and found everybody did not just on him on his daughter to weave trump she supported his father in his call to unity and everybody world just like the she should just denounce him right away trump did get his. hate red to because everybody blamed him as you've just heard these the c.n.n.
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reporter saying he's spearheading the hate train and obviously trump is viewing this is something else but one thing a lot of we've seen media reports showing an alleged picture of one of the explosive devices of one of the i.d.'s and allegedly again this is unconfirmed it showcased a parody of an islamic state flag but instead of the arab letters on it it had a catchphrase of one of very well known comedians in the united states and it's this catchphrase. started laughing this is a do. get er done so well again this is something we cannot corroborate whether of the author of the authenticity of this report but well it doesn't take a genius to add two and two and understand that this due to the character of this comedian is the. stereotypical image of
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a trump supporter so whatever it is it could be a hint who could be behind or who could try and frame someone to be behind these attempted attacks but well anyway with the midterms again just around the corner of the political debate is it only to get more heated or is ok thanks you got there was a darn off. for me mild tensions are also heating up the us mexico border as a large migrant caravan approaches the frontier there and with the midterm elections looming as we said it's become central to political debate. i've been watching for weeks as the caravan came up i'm not letting them in and not coming in and they're not coming and. everyone in this room is an immigrant you know who in the white house and so a little bit of a different picture he was talking about this care about the care of the care. there has been assured immigration recently caravan of
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a. group of protestors ministration official say they're working as efficiently and as effectively as possible the u.s. government doesn't give them any necessity when they dropped off the bus station. kuow to the challenge the trouble ministration had in dealing with the crisis they inherited from the obama administration who got a free pass from the media on causing this crisis what happened to the democratic party as one said bill clinton president obama understood that border security helps define a country. better security and prevent any sort of ensuring that this is a moral and humanitarian crisis we simply cannot allow people to poor into the united states undetected undocumented this is what we just got from president obama he writes immigration can be a controversial topic my administration acted to lift the shadow of deportation
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from these young people so we are a better country than one that shares families apart we turn it into a great political football and people are split on all kinds of political currents . did president obama really deported more people than any other president in total president obama had more than two point five million undocumented people by twenty fifteen. immigration because how the political you know when there is obviously a policy or material or some ships going out i'm. not particular about it being. you know people who get you know a dozen days away from. such a vital ally action to surprise me. and i think the question is how what do you
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manage in the kind of rhetoric from the right you know that have we're not just a lot of people going through that next time that. the world's poorest countries around one in four children are engaged in child labor that's according to unicef the u.n. child aid fund in particular cases of child slavery in the cocoa production industry have in recent years become more prominent. scientists while. she was. one of us federal appeals court on tuesday revived a lawsuit against food producers nestlé and cargill co the group of former child slaves from mali accused the companies for supporting forced child labor by purchasing cocoa from ivory coast. the former child slaves so waited too long for justice in this case in some the allegations being a picture of overseas slave labor the defendants perpetuated from headquarters in
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the united states the plaintiffs said the company's provided financial and technical support see why every case farmers in order to guarantee the cheapest source of cocoa however nestlé has recently sent a statement denying all of the allegations. regrettably in bringing such lawsuits the plaintiffs class action lawyers are targeting the very organizations trying to fight forced labor force child labor is unacceptable and has no place in our supply chain we have explicit policies against it and are working with other stakeholders to combat this global social problem in twenty seventeen nestlé came out with its first report on progress to eliminate child labor in its supply chain this outlined the main areas that the company had been focusing on after he spoke to dan kadlec he is a human and labor rights lawyer and he thinks though that consumer pressure on companies is the best way to change things. companies that can get away with forced
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labor child labor all will. well use it because they want to maximize their profit symbols that. i think companies that well and in cote d'ivoire. the space to be able to use for child labor. and so that's why so they're using it you know. that's why these lawsuits are important because it forces companies hopefully to amend their actions i think in the case of a nestle for example i think consumer pressure boycotts can work absolutely they have in the past including against nestle itself which is. frankly a bad actor are in very different ways over the years. now the border between bosnia and croatia has been the scene of yet another episode of violence between migrants and police as hundreds attempted to cross into the year.
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migrants demanding to enter her way she could be seen getting aggressive the police responded by firing tear gas and using baton cranks several people were left injured in the scuffle last croatia has become one of europe's main entry points for migrants who can see reach wealthier countries such as france and germany but croatia is reluctant to accept the u. migrant quotes is creating a stumbling block in talks to resolve the migrant crisis. this afternoon a delegation of syrian opposition forces is set to meet with the russian foreign minister. within the next twenty four as well have a look at that just after the break.
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i put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president i'm sure. that you'd like to be cross with the full screen of more people. interested in the water.
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a delegation of syrian opposition forces is set to meet the russian foreign minister sergey lavrov in moscow on friday the situation series. the agenda so you sides will also discuss the launch of the so-called constitution committee for syria this is the case. step towards finding a political solution to the crisis in the country well after seven years of war province is now the only remaining militant stronghold in the country there are an estimated thirty thousand there including ten thousand terrorists that's according to the u.n. a deadline for militants to pull out of a buffer zone around the province imposed under turkey russia broke the escalation deal was recently extended roughly three million civilians live in need to live and
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many of them fleeing the region. we were living in a camp life was difficult there was no aid no bread no water everything was scarce the situation was terribly bad well look there is barely any shelter in winter and in summer you would suffer from the heat that was our life just. the next still hot director of operations at the international committee of the red cross has just returned from a former militant stronghold recently regained by the syrian government. just returned from eastern court yesterday. i have to say i was completely overwhelmed by the scope of destruction in the eastern i think i have
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never seen anything like this in my twenty seven years of career of the state international committee of the red cross the scale of the needs starts starts to emerge and definitely there will be a need for huge support for all the people who are living there in these areas affected by conflict as well as for those who are returning east. is a suburb of damascus. approximately three even more than three million people used to live there and now it's only three hundred fifty thousand and. the place where i was nearly ninety percent of the infrastructure is completely destroyed you see entire neighborhoods that are at the steroid houses that are become have become completely unbelievable. is what i was talking about the people
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who are back and people who are living there they can fend for themselves some of the basic needs we are distributing food on a daily basis together with the syrian arab red crescent what is now absolutely critical is to ensure that these people can regain access to some basics are such as water sanitation hales and here there is still a lot to do and again together with the syrian arab red crescent see he's making a very serious contribution. well. particularly concerned about the possibility of escalation. of violence in that there are up to three million people living in this province. would simply result in a humanitarian disaster so very grateful for all the efforts that have taken place
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in the past few months and hopefully we'll continue to avoid escalation. leap because as i said this would result in a very very serious humanitarian disaster. the whole war and has been watching the syria conflict for a force for seventy years and we have all known for a very long time that this is and continues to be the war conflict that we see very very long and yet there doesn't appear to be sufficient political convergence to bring this conflict to an end so i truly hope that we now see the end of that we will now see the end of this conflict so that humanitarian aid can finally reach all the people of syria who are sold desperately longing for
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peace and need to be supported for a long time to come. definitely do all we can to convince. all those who are supporting the humanitarian effort been syria to continue supporting the people of syria as i said if anything needs are just going to grow in the coming months and years and really are. as far as the i.c.r.c. use concerned to continue our effort at the same level as in the past few years because now people are also are all also getting more accessible and therefore we can do more and we absolutely need to make sure that we can maintain the humanitarian effort at the levels of the previous years. that today
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since the start of nato largest war game since the end of the cold war tens of thousands of troops as well as warships and planes arrive for the drills in norway which shares a border with russia but this is an important day because drone sure sure is biggest exercise since the end all the calls. a war. of. words. this in audio is fictitious but the lessons we learn will be real well the russian defense minister has expressed his
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concern about increased military activity near russia's borders he said that it's reached a level not seen for nearly thirty years well the thing is that the need to use military activity at the borders of russia has reached an unprecedented post cold war level the scope of operational military training at our borders is expanding and becoming more intense block countries are engaged in offensive drills the aim of all this is increased capacity to swiftly deploy troops across europe. kate has been aggressive towards many countries as in wars with a number of countries right now has military in about one hundred seventy two countries has about twenty times the number of foreign military bases as all other countries combined and they see these new war games close to russia as a furtherance of that aggression in this case towards russia the united states made a promise after the fall of the soviet union that it would not go into
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not send nato into the warsaw pact countries or the former soviet countries and today it's in thirteen of those countries so if it never abided by that pact and this is clearly an aggressive move on the part of the united states and nato in my opinion. now something's looking so fast today here in r.c. don't forget you can keep selves updated to you on our social media pages and you check.
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facts guys are financial survival guide stacey let's learn about fill out let's say i'm not sure i get an earpiece i'm greased on face of the fight wall street fraud thank you for helping. on the story that's right. the debt slavery. run out of the with the flow for the best out of the jaws of. the concerts i was preparing to perform i had actually prepared myself to die. you'll know so he did what i do know sorry to trust with. as most of. you. in the home stuff tariana amber because.
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this country was. really good so i don't see it. so we'll see it getting. more traditionally if it was any good with the west if it was just that yes get more here to depreciate so it'll appear to education. and it's twenty b.s. get a new job but. prosecution will need to be criminals and this should be false because all. where you push us off the thread you'll find somebody number one place you do i mean yeah i mean i've moved out political pressure on the i need him enclosed in a security jenison knows where to put your kind of business models he was my american corporations jadhav wasn't completely sold on good mental disease has been
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able to use some controls on the scene and the solution. lies up in association with. the new can he saw swindle as it is just maybe he would do anything to add an investigative documentary. ghost more on oxy. pranking gave americans a lot of new job opportunities i needed to come up here to make some money i could make twenty five thousand dollars as a teacher or i could make fifty thousand dollars a year girl and truck so i chose to drive truck people rush to a small town in north dakota was an unemployment rate of zero percent like the gold rush is very very similar to gold but this beautiful story ended with pollution and devastation a lot of people have left here i don't know too many people here and just slow down
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so much they lost their jobs got laid off the american dream is changing that's not what it used to be. and it's a tough reality to deal. with. after seventeen years of war in afghanistan the country is stuck in a vicious circle of violence elections assassinations and reconciliation talks with the world around afghanistan changing the country be able to escape its bloody cycle. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy confront dacian let it be an arms race is on offer and spearing dramatic development only closely and going to resist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time time to sit down and talk.
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greetings and salutations as they say that wisdom comes with age talk watchers but apparently not when it comes to facts opinions in the warm comforting. low your television screen yes according to a new pew research center study when it comes to the citizenry of the united states of america the youth are far better at telling the difference between what is fact and what is zero pinion than u.s. citizens over the age of fifty here's here's how it all breaks down earlier this year pew research gave a cross-section of u.s. adults ten statements five facts five opinions and then asked them to be categorized as such surprisingly or well not very surprisingly depending on your level of pessimism only about
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a quarter of americans overall could act accurate accurately classify all five bags will statements that's twenty six percent and about a third could classify all five opinions statement as thirty five percent and all of that about a third of eighteen to forty nine year olds correctly identified all five of the of the backchannel statements as backchannel compared with two in ten among those ages fifty and older to win ten and judging what was opinion did not fare much better for our over fifty crowd with only twenty six percent of them identifying the five statements as opinion only that much. this of course leads to the all important question of why why is our learned elders here in the united states having such a terrible time discerning fact promote pinions alexis madrigal for the elastic he posits this he says the real correlation with poor performance is exposure to
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television news which has fallen off among young people but remains very very high among older people yes ladies and gentlemen it appears that our poor parents and grandparents branes up for living through the rise of talk radio and twenty four hour cable news networks bill o'reilly and wolf blitzer may have finally melted it may have finally cracked from all that. but you know what rather than leave them abandon the frothing around in the candy land world of the battles in the head of these let us throw them a line and get them started watching the whole. you. want to go to. the bank like real that this would. be the plot of. the day like you that i got. with. this.
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week i. welcome everyone to watching the harks i am tired and on top of the islands seem to have the old way was in the war when it comes to discerning fact from opinion the news stories about suburbia infotainment is a thing and it's causing problems well i'm not entirely surprised i'm not you know i mean we've talked about a lot of how how the change and sort of the legacy media into new media and how people are digesting it and trust but i think what's interesting is is how people actually try again they notice the difference but do they actually trust the media that they're watching that's a good question and one of the another study is a recent study by the american press institute found that younger americans are more likely than older americans to lack trust in both the media in general and even news sources they rely on i don't even trust they don't fully.

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