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tv   News  RT  October 25, 2018 9:00pm-9:30pm EDT

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it. was. a series of bomb threats against top political and media figures continues for a second day in the us that is president trump and the american media argue over who's to blame for the state of disarray. a very big part of the anger we see today in our society is caused by the purposely false and in accurate reporting of the mainstream media that i refer to as break news. refuses
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to budge on his budget plan despite brussels demanding changes deputy prime minister luigi demaio says he knows why the e.u. isn't happy. this is the first italian project the e.u. doesn't like no surprise this is the first italian budget written in rome and not in brussels. and facebook's fines for breaching privacy rules in the u.k. passes apple's both claims internet giant so weaponized thing personal information . very warm welcome you're watching r.t. international with mina king air and great to have you with us this hour our top story police in the u.s. have now found a total of ten packages containing crude explosive devices all were addressed to me leading down. critics and warn was sent to c.n.n.
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headquarters in new york none of them designated the mare of new york describes the incidents which appeared to be connected as domestic terror donald trump meanwhile has come under fire with many accusing him of inciting violence andrew farmer spoke to our correspondent don of about the threads. trump well he's known as probably the least presidential figure to be in office in a long time to hold the top job but reacting to what happened he tried to keep his cool in these times we have to unify we have to come together and send one very clear strong and mistake a ball message that acts or threats of political violence of any kind have no place in the united states of america. but that doesn't appear to have been the reaction well no unity one would argue is a red state found in the united states of america right now and. it's less than two
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weeks before the midterm vote so that isn't helping at all basically both camps the conservatives and the democrats they have been trying to spin the whole situation in their own favor now we don't know trump he's already talked a lot about this he has tweeted blaming the media for spearheading they hate he said that they are hateful beyond description that was in in a tweet but that was not the only thing that he had to say as part of a larger national effort to bridge the divides and bring people together the media also has a responsibility just said in a civil tone to stop the hostility and. negative and oftentimes false attacks and stories have to do with. i'm not one who sees equal blame spread all around our president cannot escape special scrutiny he
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is at the head of the hate parade and way too often clearly reading prepared remarks at a rally he seemed not to give a damn so trump on the red corner mainstream media in the blue corner so to speak and the c.n.n. by no means were the only ones ganging up on trump everybody jumped on him in fact not just him his daughter avon could. came under fire she was attacked for supporting her father for this call for unity trump did also get his share of hate because many many journalists and pundits have blamed him for you know cultivating this culture of hatred now adding gasoline to these flames are unverified reports and images of one of the explosive devices found allegedly showed a depiction of something that looked like an islamic state flag but instead of
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arabic letters there what it had that was a catchphrase of a very famous american comedian and here's the comedian it with his catchphrase it's like a caveman get. started laughing. again and verified whether or not that catchphrase was on the but if it was it doesn't take a genius to do two and two and get that character this comedians playing on stage is pretty much the most stereotypical image of a trump voter so right now it looks like the democrats have a it's a bit of a blessing for them in a twisted way that this thing happened especially when no one thankfully no nobody was killed or even injured so they are trying to spin it in such a way that donald trump is to blame donald trump and his camp are trying to spin it in a completely different way and well one thing to know for certain is that to draw closer
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this isn't going to change it's going to just get worse. while police handsful the center of the pack it is there's been all sorts of speculation in the media about who might have been responsible. i have this fear that it could be some russian operation to design to do what's happening now. let's cross live now to alessandra bruno a political commentator and contributor to geopolitical monitor dot com mr bruno it's have you with us on the program this evening how plausible does this claim from m.s.n. b.c. sound to you. oh yes it sounded very plausible to me in fact i immediately thought that molotov himself came back from the dead and made explosives to send to the american politicians i can't believe the frankly i was surprised to see the e-mail like i can't believe that they would be. let's say it stupid to come up with such
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a ludicrous accusation first of all without any proof or evidence but also without any motive the. more never people make these accusations they forget the old latin saying the romans used to have which is couey bono who benefits so if we if we do that kind of analysis. you know you'd have to think that it be someone supporting the democrats that was doing this because to first of all to gather sympathy for democrats and also because the timing is very suspicious given that the miller report is about to or has been already submitted to the senate with very little fanfare considering all the attention that it is received over the past few years in fact since trump was elected in two thousand and sixteen. and it was as many suspected
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a no show there were nothing many think there's absolutely nothing substantial in this report so they have to bring back the russian specter again why not with explosives this time. we've all become quite accustomed to donald trump being demonized in the mainstream media but how fair is it for what they say this lame for these attacks to be placed on him he's being criticized and putte perhaps being that the finger pointed at him as being to blame for these attacks. well i think blaming trump for the attacks is also this ingenious. much of the the rhetoric against trump suggests that he has been responsible for the divisions in the united states rather i think that trump
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won the election because he took advantage of the divisions and not because he caused them so he was simply riding on divisions that have already. exacerbated over the past. before obama as a matter of fact but the financial crisis of two thousand and eight and the economic collapse that. came after it helped to sure that are devised americans because we have not only divisions along. wealth and class lines but also. and everyone is being being forced to. look at their own for example white men feel now more alienated than say than ever because of this the statistics show that they are declining number in the united states but then you have also sexual identity and all kinds of
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identity springing up and demanding recognition so we have a literally a tribalism in the united states and as we've seen in libya what happens when society is ruled itself along tribal lines it is destroyed institutions this integrate so i think to blame trampas just. disingenious as to blame russia for the. mail bombs. sandra bruno a contributor for geopolitical monitor dot com thank you for your time thank you. and you are tensions are also on the rise in the u.s. over a large migrants caravan that's approaching the country's border with mexico and with those midterm elections looming it's become a highly politicized issue. i've been watching for weeks as the caravan came up not letting them in and not coming in and they're not coming and. everyone in this room
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is an immigrant you know who in the white house and so a little bit of a different picture he was talking about this caravan the caravan the caravan. there has been a sure illegal immigration recently caravan of immigrants was stopped by a group of flag waving protestors ministration official say they're working as efficiently and as effectively as possible the u.s. government doesn't give them any necessity when they dropped off the bus station. that shows you the challenge the trouble ministration had in dealing with the crisis they inherited from the obama administration who got a free pass from the media on causing this crisis what happened to the democratic party as one said bill clinton president obama understood that border security helps define a country you could talk to other security and the event people some of them
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straight believe that this is a moral and humanitarian crisis we simply cannot allow people to poor into the united states undetected undocumented this is what we just got from president obama he writes immigration can be a controversial topic my administration acted to lift the shadow of deportation from these young people so we are a better country then one that shares families apart we turned it into a great political football and people are still all kinds of political friends. did president obama really deported more people than any other president in total president obama had deportees more than two point five million undocumented people by twenty fifteen. immigration becomes a political issue when there is obviously even. ultimately what were some ships going out on this topic mr particularly better being on both sides and i think when
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we get you know a dozen days away from. such a vital election not too surprising. and i think the question is how what do you know managed in the kind of rhetoric from the right you know last half hour we're not just going to people go through the next time that the. worm has ruled out changes to his twenty nine thousand budget plan and that's despite the e.u. commission giving three weeks to tend its claiming revisions are needed quote in the interests of italy donalds quarter breaks down the. brussels a sharpening it's nice in preparation for a new battle with rome for the first time the e.u. has flat out rejected a member states budget demanding a resubmission for the first time as a commission is obliged to have. a country that it was off budget. but we seen nor. was it all and. it is in the interest of it dili.
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the e.u. claims that italy's debt situation is out of control and that salvias government needs to tighten its purse strings and fulfill its obligations the euro skeptics say it doesn't have anything to do with money since there are other states with bloated budgets that have never felt such a heavy hand from brussels this is the first italian budget the e.u. doesn't like no surprise this is the first italian budget written in rome and not in brussels they're going to. determine economy is healthy and this is an economic move that will give italy to stability it needs we won't change one comma in this document to. be you know to go to. the. on. the future. spain
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belgium portugal and slovenia have all been in violation of the e.u. agreements in the past and for years france has broken the three percent deficit threshold imposed on it by the e.u. as for debt it's been in the red since two thousand and two and only this year the second largest european economy received a carefully worded letter in response asking all very politely to reduce its debts . we thank you for sending the front twenty nineteen draft budget that we received on october fifteenth we would like to ask you for more details the commission's preliminary assessment also indicates that the growth rate for france does not respect the reference rates of debt reduction in twenty nineteen so italy refused to be taken to heel by this double standard.
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except the e.u. commissioner in charge of budgets didn't seem to find the stunt very funny even connecting the italian shushan and against to a potential quick path to fascism the episode of the made in italy shoe is grotesque at first you smile and we trivialize it because it's ridiculous but then we start getting used to this kind of muted symbolic violence and one day we wake up with fascism stay alert democracy is a fragile treasure or the draft budget would have seen over five hundred million dollars worth of cuts to defense spending while putting more money towards social welfare and tax cuts not exactly a sound way to revive fascism and certainly not
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a good way to be a shoe in with the new donald quarter r.t. . facebook has been fined by the u.k.'s information commission over the cambridge analytical scandal the commission is that the company has failed to protect user data it comes as apple's both tim cook gave a damning speech at the european parliament claiming personal information is being weaponized by tech giants. every day billions of dollars change hands in countless decisions are made on the basis of our likes and dislikes our friends and families our relationships and conversations our wishes. our hopes and dreams. each one harmless enough on its own or carefully assembled. traded and sold.
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a correspondent and i see a check in now has more on the turmoil surrounding the tech giant the i.o.c. here in the u.k. which is the independent data protection regulator have slapped facebook with a five hundred thousand pound fine for the role they played in the cambridge analytical scandal specifically failing to protect their users personal data when an app that was downloaded by just over three hundred thousand people ended up gathering information of eighty seven million people sharing some of that information with cambridge analytics that was later said to have been used for our targeted political advertising in the time during the u.s. presidential election and the i.c.a.o. said that as many as one million of those people were in the u.k. and the i.c.a.o. says that this information was allowed to be gathered without clear consent. between two thousand and seven and two thousand and fourteen facebook processed the
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personal information of users by allowing application developers access to the information without sufficiently clear and informed consent and allowing access even if users have not downloaded the app but were simply friends with people who had well a facebook have said they're reviewing this latest find that was announced but should have done more at the time while we respectfully disagree with some of the findings we have said before that we should have done more to investigate claims about cambridge analytical and taken action in two thousand and fifteen this amount to five hundred thousand pounds we have to be clear that it is the biggest possible fine given the existing regulation that was used that had to be used on this case despite the fact that there is new regulation now in place since may twenty eighty and that would have actually increased that number to much much larger amount which would have been seventeen million or
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a four percent of facebook's global. turnover which is obviously a very different number however critics are saying that still these these numbers are miniscule given the fact that facebook's annual revenue just in twenty seventeen was forty point seven billion dollars we shouldn't sugarcoat the consequence of. this is surveillance. and these stockpiles of personal data serve only to enrich the companies that collect. this should make us very uncomfortable it should serve a loss. a quarter of all children in some of the poorest countries are trapped in child labor according to unicef with the cocoa industry becoming an area of growing concern. of the.
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well. a u.s. federal appeals court on tuesday reinstated a lawsuit against food producers nestle and cargill a group of former child slaves from mali accused the companies of supporting forced child labor by purchasing cocoa from the ivory coast the former child slaves so waited to long for justice in this case in some the allegations being a picture of overseas slave labor the defendants perpetuated from headquarters in the united states the plaintiffs that the companies provided financial and technical support to ivory coast farmers in order to guarantee the cheapest cocoa nestlé denies any wrongdoing. regrettably in bringing such lawsuits the plaintiffs class action lawyers targeting the very organizations trying to fight forced labor force child labor is unacceptable and has no place in our supply chain we have explicit policies against it and are working with other stakeholders to
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combat this global social problem in twenty seventy nestlé published its first report on its progress in eliminating child labor and its supply chain it detailed the main areas the company had been focusing on but human rights lawyer duncan violate believes consumer pressure is the best way to bring change. companies that can get away with forced labor child labor will. will use it because they want to maximize their profits at least simples that and i think companies have found in code to do are the space to be able to use force child labor and so that's why so they're using it that's why these lawsuits are important because they forces companies hopefully to amend their action i think in the case of a nestle for example i think consumer pressure boycotts can work absolutely they have in the past including against nestle itself which has been frankly
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a bad actor for in very different ways over the years. the un's humanitarian aid agency house confirms the deaths of twenty one people in a saudi coalition and strike close to the yemeni port city of her data a warning you may find the following images upsetting the attack hit a fruit and vegetable vegetable market hospital chief say all the victims are civilians and children are among the dead so to chose the bodies lying on the ground in the aftermath of the tragedy this is how one witness described what happened. one of the larger. package in the yorker and the plane came and hit us from above as we were working. with the u.n. calls the yemeni civil war the worst manmade here and terry and crisis in the world with twenty two million people in dire need of assistance up to fourteen million people are at risk of starvation
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a country has been in conflict since twenty fifteen when our coalition of arab states launched a military operation to defeat the rebels and restore the ousted yemeni government riyadh has repeatedly denied attacking areas where civilians were present. what we heard from writer and author of the one who thinks that the international community should stand up against the military attacks on yemen. well i believe that the national community now is concentrating on that of the journalist. this actually. itself should. make the international community concentrate on the bigger one the bigger musser which is taking place more than three years and a half until now it is it is absolutely. unbearable it is hypocrisy of the international community why they are silent is it because saudi is rich is it because they can make money by sending weapons especially you know european
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countries and united states i don't believe this kind of hypocrisy is should continue there should be as than a strong stand against this intervention in yemen to put an end. when trying to take to the telephone of russia and china listen and that's the headline grabbing story by the new york times citing anonymous officials the article claims chinese and russian spies apparently tapped donald trump size so which he still uses to chat to old friends they hope to obtain information to use against him but all those named in the story have mocked the allegations and in a quarter never explains. well the new york times has published an article that has been raising plenty of eyebrows but the article says that the u.s. president aides have repeated warned the president that his cell phone calls are not secure but still donald trump refuses to give up his phones while of the
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u.s. president donald trump decided to comment on this article as he usually does using his twitter he wrote that the article was so incorrect and he also added that he uses only government phones while also at a daily briefing at the chinese foreign ministry spokeswoman said that the drawer in the list of behind this particular article we're trying to win an academy award for best screenplay and she also added that that was an other piece of avodah that the new york times is making fake news new you should bomb first the new york times should understand that by publishing this kind of reports it's creating new. fagin news. for those who fear my phones are being hacked hallway mobile phones can. we let you do that here in moscow we decided to ask russia's foreign ministry
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spokeswoman marty has a hard about to also comment on this article this is another example of our absurd conspirator an absolute world behind the looking glass the newspapers didn't show any concrete sources during your official information and your talks about from talking to the president of the united states the united states of america was brazenly tapping for example the german chancellor and this information was confirmed to form as you can see average one the mentioned in this article seems to disagree with it but what they do agree on is that it simply is not true the white house has rejected the findings of the new york times article saying that the president only uses one government. well there are doubts he lives here your thoughts that are story so do get in touch by following us on social media join us again in the top of the hour for the.
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priest who raped me when i was fourteen years of age was known to be a sexual abuse open he was ordained a priest and the church knew about his offending behavior and they ordained he continued to abuse from these ordination right through his entire career as
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a priest. greetings and salutations as the us corporate news media continues to lose their collective minds over the you know bombing that wasn't and c.n.n. can finally spend quality time justifying their victimhood i mean goodness gracious poor poor kate baldwin had to report outside with just her ear buds folded me humanity a little. pork a. and while yes attempted attacks on prominent political figures and news organizations do indeed deserve a headline or two or three what was truly tragic about yesterday's wall to wall
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coverage of mysterious packages baseless baseless were left wing conspiracies and ludicrous from right wing can counter conspiracies was the story that got lost in the shuffle a story that affects not just an elite few political leaders but all of us including and most importantly our children this week it was discovered that even more breakfast cereals and snack bars many of them directly marketed to kids contain the most lovely start of your day monsanto's own gladness it yes a wonderful ingredient to your cereal according to a second round of testing commissioned by the environmental working group to test the tech that glyphosate in all twenty eight samples of products made with conventionally grown oats all but two of the twenty eight samples had levels of glyphosate above e.w. g.'s health benchmark.


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