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tv   Watching the Hawks  RT  October 26, 2018 2:30pm-3:01pm EDT

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close to investigating what's going on there they pushed the price of oil up. last ten years because of fracking in america america position the south as energy independent and no longer subject to the political pressures. from opec and the saudis so we're going to see a real test of this because. all of the. cars coming out of saudi arabia is making people. greetings and salutations. as the u.s. corporate news media continues to lose their collective minds over the unit that wasn't and c.n.n. can finally spend quality air time justifying their victimhood i mean goodness gracious poor poor kate baldwin had to report outside with just her ear buds folded
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me humanity it would also. kate and well yes attempted attacks on prominent political figures and news organizations do indeed deserve a headline or two or three what was truly tragic about yesterday's wall to wall coverage of mysterious packages baseless baseless leftwing conspiracies and ludicrous from right wing can counter conspiracies was the story that got lost in the shuffle a story that affects not just an elite few political leaders but all of us including and most importantly our children this week it was discovered that even more breakfast cereals and snack bars many of them directly marketed to kids contain the most lovely start of your day monsanto's own life yes a wonderful ingredient to your cereal according to a second round of testing commissioned by the environmental working group to test the tech to glyphosate in all twenty. of products made with conventionally grown
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oats all but two of the twenty eight samples had levels of glyphosate above e.w. g.'s health benchmark all blood two had levels above the group of what this group considers to be safe to. some of the products according to the daily mail include honey nut cheerios quaker oatmeal squares honey nut and quaker overnight oh you know really so while c.n.n. continues to celebrate its resolve in these desperate times of donald trump an evil russian descent from asia networks and cower in a cowardly idiot or group of cowardly idiots bailed industrial arts projects sent in the mail today let us focus on some news that is actually important to not just you and me but to all of us as we start watching the hawks. but if you treat it like. it's.
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the plot of. the day like you know that i got. this. welcome aboard the watch of the harks i robot and i'm happy and i don't eat cereal ever again. wow this is one of those ones that just hit me i was like this is i mean. how much more cereal or how much more derringers and terrible things going to happen to our foods before we wake up and start saying i think we've got a problem here but as i. mentioned there's just a little bit of carcinogenic it's the perfect good amount of carrots and engines right it is what i mean if you ask the breakfast cereal companies apparently well so naturally the corporate conglomerates who control what we eat in the morning
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when immediately in to protect their assets. protect their assets most like them declaring that. the report artificially creates a safe level for glyphosate that is detached from those that have been established by responsible regulatory bodies in an effort to grab headlines. response of over a year in trade bodies do we have those do we i mean i don't even think we have those anymore i thought we got rid of those a couple years ago. that regulations were that you know that bothers me about their report too was rather than like saying you know their response rather than saying oh wow this could be a concern let us check let us do some tests do it we'll let us maybe you know why do they put some boots on the ground and get some gears turning and see if this is really dangerous and see if kids are people or serials or with no ads no no you guys are fudging the numbers and how dare you but this is true this is what we get
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with everything these days it's this is too many deaths by drone that can't be attributed to an actual military gauge event it's perfectly within the numbers of except of all acceptable deaths ride around well there's a lot of this really terrible you know awful chemical that can cause cancer and other things on this food that we give to children young children babies practically and the like. you're just too sensitive you're too sensitive you're too to their kids though but for me kids it's you don't get to mess around has to do with people when kids' lives and kids are the ones who are eating this stuff the most. out of developing age and also don't expect the food and drug administration that i'm going to trust what they say that's a good point that's a really good point and this isn't even the for this is the second round of tests there but yes they did one we talked about it in august and they did a round of tests and they found the presence of it in forty five breakfast cereals
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for quaker quakers kellogg's and general mills so now they have gone through even more of these and we're seeing quite frankly if your kids eating out twice a day which a lot of kids couples. i wouldn't if i kids i don't why wouldn't i want to let my dog eat things that it's really an incredible you know in this kind of debate of. versus you know this kind of debate right now. formed around this will who's levels are better tested and who you know what you know what how much of life pursuit can you have in your system in the big caps the glide pursuit tolerance level five parts per million right but when you really look at a. health benchmark is much more conservative that saying one hundred sixty parts per billion is not say any level higher than that so obviously they're looking at a much smaller mountain because yes in one dose sure five parts per million is probably fine but if you're having it every day there's a cumulative effect you're going to have something close raise higher risk of true
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journalists we're going to dig into the door that. there could be some just like a lot of things you see out of the f.d.a. or the e.p.a. and all these organizations what you're seeing is that they're basing a lot of what their standards are whether it's our food preparing matter whether it's life saving our food on old study is that came out in the seventy's and eighty's on the one that is the times reported that after looking at all the available. data and research that had been done on the e.p.a. stuff scientists put a lot of weight into one thousand nine hundred eighty three mouse study they sort of fudged a lot of what was going on there and had some of the results from because of pressure from men santo what they had said that was carcinogen but interpreted taishan was subsequently reversed by e.p.a. upper management advisory boards so what happened was the the mouse study said this
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is not good and under pressure the reverse that and said now it's fine so you'll excuse me if i'm like now we need better standards and we as a society are allowed to set those standards and. while driving to navigate the war between privacy and security most of us are suddenly finding ourselves caught between the two states the corporate and the police and nowhere does that manifest itself better that in the ongoing battle between apple and law enforcement on the hack ability of the i phone you see it appears that apple's latest version of iowa has reportedly turned law enforcement's greatest tool in hacking i phone metadata the great key into as moto reports quote an expensive doorstop artie's actually banks has more. apple's allayed as i phone operating system io was twelve is preventing a law enforcement from cranking up the code not too long ago the green shift firm
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co-founded by a former apple security engineer created the greek device which is supposed to extract method data files from. the company or score contracts with law enforcement agencies all over the world including the u.s. immigration and customs enforcement and the u.k. police with the purpose of cracking down on crime however apple has crippled the great key program to the point where it can only do a partial extraction of data on a walk to i phone pulling a few up on. encrypted files and some added data that experts say is worthless with i.o.'s twelve apple created the u.s.b. restricted mode that shuts off lightning port access on the i phone if it hasn't been unlocked by a user in the last hour that's allegedly stops law enforcement or any third party from hacking and i phone experts say al bull's new security update purged the company wants to protect its consumers privacy and lessen the chances an i phone
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user becomes a victim of a hacking by any third party person company or bought apple c.e.o. tim cook spoke at a data privacy conference earlier this week and he had this to say hey be ready. in the. whole room. with. the device to. be. in. the room although it appears that i phones are secure from greek here right now experts believe that great shift another company is maybe looking for alternative solutions and washington actually banks are to. look at tim cook up their goal or know this is people who want their data belongs to them renewed we're going to secure a number of. pretty wild for us is going to say that everybody else is just out you
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know someone's got to be the voice of reason. and sort of you know what it what did everyone expect it's but i think it's because some you know when you're talking about people over thirty five grow up without having our lives on a small device and when you've grown up with your life. and now texting. i phone and it definitely. but one of the things our police officer captain john sure one of the rochester police department in minnesota actually told forbes that given time and i'm sure a work around will be created will be developed and then the cycle will repeat someone is always building a better mousetrap so i think you're going to see i mean do you think this is just going to be this is going to be their their dance forever and ever will get a little bit further. there will be instead of just sticking to basic laws about
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you know you search and seizure you know the darn laws and i mean you would think good because there shouldn't be that bans especially between law enforcement corporate you need a warrant to get access to dozens of anything it's going to take you it means that you have to go to the pool and say hey we have a warrant we would like this person's mother and apple can say that what we have it or our security system to prevent us from having no access to that so go bark up a different tree you know it's interesting because like google said tim's been preaching about this and the question i have is do you think it's kind of. bore that are they just really playing the good p.r. since like snowden and some sold out of they're just trying to do good p.r. move for the or are they really do think they're serious about really wanting to protect their users stop well i think they're very serious that their users are going to care a lot more about it time in the coming years than their current users up until this point have convenience you know will will trump your personal civil liberties and things like wow my privacy is not that big of
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a deal but in this situation yeah i think it's a good p.r. move but it was great he's echoing you know. somehow ours military industrial complex we're getting too big we're getting too scary was giving out this speech oh you know we've got to be careful we've got to protect people and we have to go back to basics would be to call the data industrial complex the interesting are i was we go to break watchers don't forget to let us know what you think of the topics we've covered facebook and twitter and see our poll shows that are t.v. dot com coming up word take a trip back to the wall forgotten them. housing issues that have led to this tent city the heart of the american midwest with. into a little bit so. you don't want to miss the state trooper.
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after almost two years and office many still question whether donald trump has a coherent foreign policy the same cannot be said about the president's national security adviser john bolton when you think of bolton the words subtlety and diplomacy don't come to mind so is there no bolton dark. rather just go with the flow the best out of. the time says it's a pain to perform i actually prepare myself to. say . as mr. carter that i learned.
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this country was. so. deep mission. there. i would normally just let you fuck your consensus and stick to the public will. when the really close is some project themselves. with the flame and their ego to listen to the one percent.
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we can all middle of the room see. the real you. currently the tent city known as the wall of forgotten natives in minneapolis minnesota holds over two hundred homeless members of the american indian community and according to what little coverage it has gotten you would think the driving force behind this homelessness is the opioid epidemic but there is much more to the minneapolis tent city and those like it around the country while indigenous american indians constitute only about one percent of minnesota's population twenty percent of homeless youth aged twelve to twenty seventeen in the state are american indian according to the northeast regional project near the half of all american
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indian homeless adults reported having been physically abused as a child a rate thirteen percent higher than the national average the report also showed that american indians experience homelessness are more likely to experience major depression and post-traumatic stress disorder more than their counterparts with fifty six percent reporting a serious or persistent mental health condition now ever mental illness of abuse of fact all demographics so what is taking an already oppressed and marginalized group american indians and. shoving them off the cliff well in a twenty seven thousand u.s. department of housing and urban development survey by ramsey county minnesota which included st paul the twin city of minneapolis it was found the quote stagnant wages skyrocketing rents and a lack of affordable housing were the biggest contributors to a rising rate of homeless people in cities across the united states for the residents of a wall of forgotten natives they were ability to found a flower fordable housing has become much harder in the last decade see in twenty
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ten the average rental price in minneapolis was about twelve hundred and ninety dollars a month by twenty fifteen that price of risen to. apologies for dropping a broadcast we have an update on that possible story in the united states you can watch the remainder of the program very shortly and of course live now to a news conference the u.s. department of justice let's listen in right now. we're going to get an update shortly from the department of justice as it was saying that follows closely from the sort of course by president donald trump arrests or in a restaurant that has been made a suspect is in custody over the series of attempted mail bombings in the united
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states said to be originating in florida and sent of course through a series of leading political and media figures barack obama the clintons and c.n.n. headquarters that's been the headline story across multiple media over the last twenty four hours or so as we said the bomber just confirming a person is in custody hoping to get some more details now on exactly who they are and their motives in this press conference beginning any. but al. i. i i. i.
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i. thank you all for being here over the past week more than a dozen suspicious packages have been sent to the through the united states postal service to a media outlet a hollywood actor and at least seven high ranking current and former political leaders in the democratic party this is only an acceptable political violence or the threat of violence is antithetical to our vigorous system of self-government it is a threat. to that respect for law and process that allows our people to accept legislation elections court rulings with which they do not agree this is the central feature of our system of government you advocate for your beliefs enthusiastically but we peaceably and lawfully comply with the results please know that from the beginning this investigative team has made this matter
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a top priority focusing their great talents and expertise on neutralizing this threat they have moved swiftly and professionally using extraordinarily technical expertise to apprehend the one alleged responsible this is a demonstration of the skill capability and determination merican law enforcement the best in the world so i am pleased to participate in this. announcement that a suspect is in the custody of the f.b.i. i want to remind everyone that the defendant in this case as in every case is innocent until proven guilty he has been charged today with five crimes including answer state transportation an explosive illegal mailing of explosives threats against former presidents and certain other persons threatening interstate
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communications and assaulting current and former federal officers for these charges the defendant faces up to fifty eight years in prison these charges may change or expand as the investigation proceeds this is a law and order it ministration we will not tolerate such lawlessness especially in political violence and so i want to thank f.b.i. director a and his team all of our law enforcement partners who are here secret service postal inspectors capitol police. and new york city police department and the united states attorney berman of the southern district of new york and u.s. attorney for the southern district of alabama. federal state and local law enforcement officers from across this country responded immediately to the calls
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and contributed to this after it we are proud of each one of them i want to reiterate the defendant in this case is innocent until proven guilty but let this be a lesson to anyone regardless of their political beliefs that we will bring the force of law against anyone who attempts to use threats intimidation and outright violence to further an agenda we will find you we will prosecute you to the fullest . that of the law and now director ryan. incredible job leading this effort over the last few days he will give us the details of today's important arrest kris. jenner. as attorney general has confirmed we have arrested seize our say in connection with this
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investigation as our investigation is still ongoing i may not be able to answer questions about his background or about his motive what i can say is that this was a nationwide investigation of enormous scope and of the greatest importance our investigation range from new york. to delaware to maryland to the district of columbia to florida to california and as it always does the f.b.i. responded with every resource we've got including our joint terrorism task forces our counterterrorism division and our world renowned experts at the f.b.i. lab in quantico. but and i really can't underscore this enough we did not act alone as you can see from the agencies and departments represented up here today threat of this scope and of this magnitude requires all of us working shoulder to shoulder and today's arrest is
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a testament to the strength of our partnerships and what we can do when we all work together i want to acknowledge the many partners who helped in recovering and transporting these i.e.d. to our lab in quantico this is dangerous and highly skilled specialized work requires great care and we're incredibly grateful to all those who helped us in that effort in getting those devices to our lab from around the country. we can confirm that thirteen i.e.t.f. were sent to various individuals across the country each device consisted of roughly six inches of p.v.c. pipe a small clock a battery some wiring and what is known as energetic material which is essentially potential explosives and material they give off heat and energy through
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a reaction to heat shock or friction. though we're still analyzing the devices in our laboratory these are not holds devices i want to focus for a moment on the amazing work of our folks at the f.b.i. lab based on their initial analysis they uncovered a latent fingerprint from one of the envelopes containing an i.e.d. that had been sent to congresswoman maxine waters we have confirmed this fingerprint is that of c's are saying. there is also a possible d.n.a. connection between samples collected from pieces of two different by the mailed in separate envelopes and a sample previously collected from say och in connection with an earlier arrest down in florida. this is phenomenal work with the greatest pressure under an incredibly tight time for and we see unbelievable work like this on t.v.
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and in hollywood but to see it up close in reality is something to behold and we are so proud of our team at the lab for their work in keeping people safe and helping us to find the individual responsible. late last night we also turned to our partners in the florida department of law enforcement for confirmation of this d.n.a. connection and we want to thank them in particular for their very quick work. i also want to thank the men and women of the f.b.i. scouring. terrorism division who remained on high alert every single day to try to keep the american people safe from harm and who moved quickly and efficiently into action every single time today's arrest doesn't mean we're all out of the woods there may be other packages in transit now and other packages on the way so we need the help of everyone out there every citizen everyone in law enforcement everyone
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we've got. to help with this investigation in the days to come if you've got any information please call us our tip line at one eight hundred call f.b.i. or our e-mail line tips f.b.i. . no piece of information is too small every tip could be the one that leads to something very important and of course if you see something suspicious suspicious activity please call your local authorities we need all hands on deck we need to stay vigilant finally i want to thank our partners too many to name from across the country because we cannot do this work alone everyone up here today understands that and we take that to heart every single day as we do the hard work together of protecting three hundred twenty five million americans like to turn the podium over to commissioner o'neill from the n.y.p.d.
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. i. thank you have turned everyone to be half of the men and women of the n.y.p.d. quite frankly all the people near me i want to command and thank all of our local state and federal law enforcement partners in this effort including the attorney general's office and u.s. attorney's office for the southern district of new york or n.y.p.d. detectives along with f.b.i. a.t.f. agents postal inspectors new york state police and many others they are one team on our joint terrorist task. force j t t f a new york was the first of its kind in the nation it's been in business since one thousand eight today there were three hundred best gaiters from fifty six agencies hundred thirteen of them are new york city cops when it comes to terrorism in new york city and my p.d. doesn't do anything without the f.b.i. and the f.b.i. doesn't do anything without the n.y.p.d. that's a partnership that was forged in fire in my thirty six years in policing our relationship
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has never been stronger than this case told that story again new york city cops are side by side with f.b.i. agents and many other agencies in florida this morning to get it they brought justice as they always do the wide experience of our agencies coupled with the individual expertise of the members of the n.y.p.d. bomb squad are highly trained emergency service unit our intel bureau canada terrorism bureau our patrol cops who are the first to respond to c.n.n. all helped lead to today's arrest i couldn't be more proud of the work each of them did in this case and the work they do every day we said from the outset that we would identify an arrest the person or people responsible for these acts we can make that promise because of the confidence we have in our ability to investigate and it deliberate the precise matter today's arrest means that new yorkers and indeed people across our nation are safe but as director ray said there might be.


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