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tv   Going Underground  RT  October 27, 2018 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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port's the socialists are coming white house sounds alarm at rise of the left what is this it's the run up to the midterm elections of course and he's finally running because angus often said he should well know i'm not sure he's running i think it's the dangers of if he did have launched from the white house diatribe about the dangers of socialism apparently there's a lasting specter from karl marx the bearded man himself or bernie sanders not from soho and working mothers in sweden all in the same story and there's a new or logical thing about the way to his council of economic advisers report us two hundredth anniversary to eight hundred nine hundred twenty eighteen it's all in the still that's not the main figure out this is the main figure it's claimed that if medicare for all were financed through higher taxes g.d.p. would fall by nine percent seven thousand dollars per year this report is on trump's desk at the moment he thinks that i actually i didn't understand this they keep looking to they seem to think that's gathered avers marxist they'd buy out if
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you mean exactly as and explain that let me read to you something which i actually found very confusing quote from the report on drugs yes show and rosen said and i quote it to you a large fraction of women working in the public sector to take care of the children of other women who work in the public sector to care for the parents of the women who are looking after their children if swedish women take care of each other's parents in exchange for taking care of each other's children how much additional real output comes of it sure this really is marxism is not a normal were done so let's go from what's on trump's desk to a real hard geopolitics oh yes this on to a humdinger to use an american non-socialist phrase the times reports brecht's russia moves to block u.k. division for world trade raise of a destroyed by more russia are gaining already. russia and nineteen other well trade organization countries the point here is that while they're focusing on russia. it just takes one veto from one country in the world trade organization to
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bring the whole thing crashing down it is always two dozen countries but they just go russia moves all of gloucester russia because we're not at war with some of the other ones but we're almost all with russia because they're they're evil it's moscow so that's the new deal bricks it in other words russia and these other two dozen countries they will aim to stop it and i should just add today is the day putin macro merkel heard it wondering is will to talk about syria no sign and to resume but russia anyway made bricks according to facebook analytical and i'll let it go to another throw can it after another election arguably being influenced not by russia this time it gets worse well i'm not sure. that the news reports fears prince harry and meghan speech even that could influence the outcome of election which election not russia not britain the fijian election a former diplomat says that this could skew the result of me if you're pretty authoritarian leader and suddenly you get this couple people quite interested in
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this coat i detect well well using my journalistic i.q. about robin now you might be on the other side within that he said he was fiji is. foreign affairs permanent secretary to last a quick last year he said the perception is of course that the fijian government will take full advantage of these turning out they can win. previously been pivoting to what china just the other day said australian companies will build its military instead of china this we try to get in and it's really important strategically right on the other hand it might just be a good visit and they get even more criticism that they didn't go to this this dependent surely got a knighthood or something i was going to think they're being used as pawns of the foreign office that's they're not just making a nice trip to the south pacific everyone who goes there should visit fiji i mean who paid for the trip we probably did i don't think the fiji instead and certainly the government of fiji didn't and what do i want i do want to pitch. i just wanna
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free trip to fiji. thank you well if meghan markle could be weaponized to push for a nato friendly regime in fiji at next month's elections what about tomorrow's election in one of the most populous countries on earth i'm talking about the be in brics brazil and i'm joined now from the thirty three million strong city of south paulo by one of the world's greatest political cartoonists carlos le to call us welcome to going on the ground we've seen a u.s. secret service is of collaborated with elites in the western hemisphere for decades manipulating elections they did maybe appear to need to manipulate the elections in brazil to get what they want tomorrow is that the case with your country yeah i think so specially because you have proved steve benen who work here for the trump campaign and established a kind of. fake news machine not only in united states but also here supporting the fascist candidate in brazil but why did imprisoned lula the most popular
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candidate arguably choose had to run against sonora he was charged with corruption surely the people of brazil though want a person charged with corruption over this new man on the block has had very few options the workers' party had very few options and at least this guy. had made a good government when he was a mayor in some paulo he's not involved in any corruption scandals or kind of these kind of things but fortunately the pressure over to the start of the workers' workers' party is too big let's let's remind let's remember the workers' party suffer a kind of conspiracy involved opposition parties the legal system and the. mainstream media nor did chu put our way to start doing is from
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the government impeachment of duma for example and putting. in jail you know so everything was working in order to put the party to the started as a way for the process i suppose we have to remember fifty of brazil's two hundred million perhaps don't care so much about the election they're living in sub-saharan africa conditions but how does says he wants to work with the i.m.f. and world bank if he wins the election who can vote for the well in the metaphor i think it's quite difficult for any government chew chew to keep themselves as independent from the i.m.f. unfortunately you know especially because how economy is to linked to the international markets you know we. are under influence of world bank i.m.f. this kind of. organizations and while liberal mainstream media around the
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world doesn't like balsa narrow bloomberg reporting markets are reacting really well to the prospect of also narrow winning clear preference wall street journal brazilian swamp drain they call him j.p. morgan chase election is his to lose what about that difference between the financial press and the mainstream international press a good question i think maybe ford international press is is clear the situation here in brazil is very serious because probably things we had the end of the military dictatorship we didn't have the strong possibility of having the first real fascist president you know ruling brazil i think the brazilian media it's not calling him by his. real name. fascist because they are afraid
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of or because they are supporting him you know unfortunately mostly of the mainstream media and brazil are cowards. our decide to ation they think all we need to call this guy for his real name he's a fascist and no doubt a democracy and brazil is at risk with this guy no problem no not no nobel but in even the international media can see this of course he'll deny the fascist if he wins tomorrow but millions of people will vote for both. surely some reflection of the fact that lula the little experience with the i.m.f. bit of a failure unlike chavez who changed it structurally. brazilians will vote for the left and they will let me try to summarize the situation how we reach this
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serious situation basically is because their workers' party for the things they made right and the things they made wrong for example in order to rule the country the workers' party made many alliances with very conservative parties this is a wrong movie definitely one reason this kind of choice for being part of the game of the or league or key was one of the big mistakes of. this but. also that they may drive it for example the social programs that help a lot the poor people in brazil and this kind of things made the middle class to upper class very upset you know because they. were in use or to see black people in the universities the poor people have
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a more possibilities to chew by. offer only for the middle class this kind of things and this create a very middle class in brazil the upper class they got very hungry of this so basically decide to ation here is because not only the right thing to made by the party to struggle of this but also the wrong things but we need to add to the situation the fact of the brazilian mainstream media created. by the feeling more or less like the anticommunist feelings during the cold war so what we have now and brazil is fascist history these anti. pacha the struggle of the anti workers party feeling sentiments feared by the mainstream. media is also one of the responsible for the average people. to declare votes for fascist because they are against workers' party do damasio of
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propaganda by the mainstream media but do you think that ironically sable sinatra won at the election it could rake revolution something much more structural inevitable in brazil. river aleutian but at least she forced this social movement some reaction you know because all all the years of work is spotty. and neutralized i'm already called left more or less what happened during the obama government and united states where the movement was counting too much on the government you know. so i think if we have a far right government. it will force the social movement specially the women's
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movement the black people movement the l. g.b.t. movement the artist as intellectuals to some kind of her reaction you know all of which are thank you after the break after last night's long delayed rocket launch from cape canaveral legit greet queen guitarist dr brian may gives us his thoughts on britain going into logan space to break the. impressive well informed and dedicated public servant vs gerry corbett and pays tribute to a man alleged to have aided a critical cover up that led to tens of millions dead wounded or displaced told the civil trial to have going on the ground. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy to confront
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let it be an arms race off and spearing dramatic development only closely i'm going to resist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time to sit down and talk. prosecution will need. to stretch will find somebody to do i mean. political pressure on the. bundled up business models used by american corporations. to use. the solution.
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as it is really really came to an investigative documentary. ghost war. financial survival guide. looking forward to a year without. yanks this is what happens to pensions in britain. watched kaiser report. welcome back there's been a lot of talk about journalistic freedom murder and bone soars this week so let's remind ourselves about u.k. use of angle growing does against journalism when revealing all of phone calls and e-mails could be bugged by the state. we. know you can file say to see if it's really taken. to the computer while the intelligence agents watched overseeing
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the destruction was top civil servants of jeremy heywood officer he had repeatedly threatened the editor of the guardian newspaper to return documents leaked by n.s.a. cia whistleblower edward snowden now taking refuge in moscow heywood was tony blair's principle private secretary it was he who was questioned over delays to the iraq inquiry because of the alleged cover up of blair bush meeting minutes tony benn on this program in what would be his final t.v. interview alluded to it when accusing heywood's boss monty did with committing war crime in a question about the war crime i think what happened was he gave a private you sure to bush the bush wanted to attack iraq you would support team and i think that may have influenced. to go through because you thought he'd be thrown have written on my butt heywood's role in maybe one million dead was not question this week by ben's protege labor leader jeremy corbyn who had this to say
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about jeremy haywood i do join the prime minister in thanking the former head of the civil service jeremy how he would for his public service wish him well in his recovery and i have to say in my conversations with him what an impressive well informed and dedicated public servant he is now and what had britain's minority government leader just said that pm cues suggest to me hayward is sadly standing down as cabinet secretary and head of the civil service to concentrate on his recovery from ill health jeremy has been an exemplary public servant over. it's serving with the highest distinction prime ministers and ministers of all parties in the finest traditions of the civil service the finest traditions appear to include overseeing the use of angle grinders against journalism then and on continued arms export licenses for saudi arabia to threaten twenty million in yemen after bones was against journalism license will not be issued to saudi arabia or
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any other destination if to do so would be inconsistent with any provision of the consolidated e.u. and national arms export licensing criteria and in july twenty seventh the high court ruled that our sales to saudi arabia were compliant with those regulations members of parliament there arguably on another planet to the rest of the british public meanwhile i'm here at the london science museum to investigate a space age tale of tragedy and triumph the just released mission moon three d. reliving the great space race is out this week in the book's authors dr brian may join me now thanks for allowing we did talk to you about this presume we dole trouble very keen on a space force this book is aimed at him to understand in three d. what space exploration is all about yeah there's two very different things here this exploration and this war you know we're very much for the exploration side that i think the world was very disappointed when trump announced that he would
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take war into space you know that's not i don't think that's something that anybody wanted from the old and certainly not what neil armstrong would have said because he wanted it to be for all mankind trumps defense and says early on in the book that it is political from the outset the space race was the first the great irony you know i think we all know that the objective probably wouldn't have succeeded wouldn't have been gained if there hadn't been the element of competition that's not war that's competition you know but it's in the context of a cold war which was in existence at the time but if it hadn't been that incredible incentive to win this race probably. it wouldn't go that this is a strange things because you think cooperation is the essence you know but in this case no there were two separate peoples two separate teams striving for the same aim and in the beginning the russians were well ahead as you know and he was only later on that the run the russians encountered problems they couldn't fix and the americans were able to win the race but why do you think russia has been kind of wiped out of it was it the moon landing success of the united states no no it was
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before that i mean they will tell you in detail and it's in the book you know they they encountered some severe difficulties they had loss of life. they had the loss of some of the central driving forces and they even tell me about corollary well i mean losing their chief engineers over should really the intellectual architect of the program and they have the vision as well as teams working for him was a terrible blow there was a great accident much earlier of course at the launch facility the baikonur cosmodrome the killed some key people as well and then some just as with the americans some important participants were lost including the great original hero yuri gagarin of course died in the in a plane crash mishap so that sort of loss the difficulty of the program as well as the soviets having the sort of competing engineering groups who were working on different things without as much unification is they might have had
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early on all led by the time of apollo eight is trans lunar flight to fly around the moon and test the apollo concepts to come back them to earth by that time the momentum really stalled out in the soviet union because of what the americans had done and these terrible tragic losses and then you have female castro in cuba you have the bay of pigs and as you put it in this book the my rocket is bigger than your rocket when i don't know as if there had not been that original competent. as brian said you know we never would have gotten to the mood in the end it was even one thing for j.f.k. to put his foot down and say by the end of the decade we were going to do this but it was a very complex thing to do of course for any nation and without that competition of the aura that backdrop of the cold war it certainly never would have happened i
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believe but before the jig was up in the mission had been accomplished by apollo eleven the american astronauts and the russian cosmonauts were already becoming something of a fraternity independent of the political powers and apollo fifteen for example left a memorial to the fallen astronaut explorers from both countries on the moon there and there's a strong emphasis in the book about culture along with the space race and the music and i mean there's a reference to the beatles of apollo eleven your band queen in a bowl of fifteen really you see these connections between popular cultural hero of the book your lead singer as a surname of a planet that's been you know i think they named it after freddie. and it's no accident you know now we share this feeling that art and science really are not a separate as people have imagined you know we will brought up to think you can be an artist if you're going to be a scientist and vice versa but it's not so you know and i think the certainly the
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astronauts ical and the. community is very much autistic leigh inclined these days so yes i think that's one of the things which does it it really examines what was going on in the space race in the context in the broader context of sociology and and in general and of course politics there's a whole different side of this but which is the human side and i think we're talking about people who are so brave all these many you know with highly qualified putting in also incredibly courageous and i think one of the reasons we we feel good about this book is we think it will ensue. why individuals to think oh yeah i could do that you know i could step up to that plate because it doesn't just take technology it takes people who have a commitment that a passion and you have the courage to follow it through so i think that's a good part of what i books about and of course the books three d. three d. you can have to explain how can a book be three d. this is a flat book right but the magic is in the back scene really dropping it. the magic
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is here your stereoscope which looks like something very simple but it's actually a very hard drive it connects to the internet virtual reality get all thing and we're doing it with you into. this is victorian technology so you'll find your stereoscopic pictures in the book and they're not red and green these are stereoscopic pairs so once you get the hang of this which happens and then these wires are taken only journeys it's an interesting question which i can't answer that quickly in various ways yes they were you know the information is there and what we've done is go back into the nasa archives and trawl them extensively and find pages which work so for instance when these guys are in apollo ten they're certainly didn't get to the moon but they circled the moon and they pointed their hasselblad out of the window and went click and waited a few seconds it went click again and so you get your two images which if you mount them in the right way will give you a stereoscopic experience so that's what we do here we peel age the archives if you
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like and we make these stereoscopic has from them but the stereo skippy is real and it's the same decimals i see not many people know that they were actually tutored in the art of stairs photography they didn't take a stereo camera but they were trained to use their hasselblad like click click and to make a stereo pair usually they were too busy you know they had other things on their mind which is understandable safety cooperation albeit to the international space station didn't include china seems to be something that's key in the book even while there's a cold war going on what do you make of the fact that for instance certainly the i assess trump is saying twenty twenty four which was said you will do anyway to still funding. but jim brian stein the new head of nasa saying it could be funded by private space flight do you think dr site here is the idea for now in that private multi billion as the financing space you know i have no idea you know because what mr trump says and what he does two different things those are you know so i don't think any of us really know what will be happening in
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a couple of years' time but i think there's room for private investment yes you know but i think it would be nice and it would be incredibly beneficial if nasa is continued and continues to be funded because it's in the national and international interest that we do this i think that regardless of what happens as brian said in the next couple of years the longer term vision for space exploration to take the next big step because the moon is very very close in the quarter a million miles to go out there a little farther and to get the technology return that will happen from doing it going to mars for example which is very much in the crosshairs of everyone in the world who's interested in space exploration now buzz aldrin all the way down that's so much more ambitious than what we're talking about here with apollo and this era that's going to require regardless of what any president or premier says that's going to require international cooperation and resources from
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a huge group of people and private industry to try that because the ambition in the expense is way beyond anything that's ever been done before but in the book this is we such a unity of spirit told i was going through it britain has just announced it's going to set up a new g.p.s. system opposed to the european union one which was set up in opposition to the u.s. g.p.s. system what do you think about all these competing countries i don't like all this separate stuff you know and this sort of illusion that we can all stand to me the future lies in cooperation and so i get up every day and put my head in my hands about. i think is the stupidest thing we have tried to do you know this is another symptom you know and yes we can do things on our own but we do things a lot better when we cooperate with other people and great things happen from interactions in my opinion. we have a slight irony here because the interaction in this case was from two opposing
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camps never the less they were fuelling each other's efforts and it was so wonderful to sit in stammers and see alexei laying off the first man to walk in space and he'll armstrong first man to get on the moon sitting there and comparing their experiences and and coming together you know and sort of sealing this is this whole recent conference yeah the stone thing under bugs very that was a joy to see and to me that's the future you know let's cooperate let's work on strengthening the ties between between us economically on the one hand you know spiritually if you like and in terms of ideas and efforts in expanding humanity's horizon funniest and some retrospective abuse happened there's one thing that land of a wrote a wonderful book about the two sides of the exploration with scott you know so you have one from each other and one of the things he said was you know this terrible ice in the apollo one could have been avoided by corporations because exactly the
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same mistake had been made by the russians that's why they lost the first cosmonauts if only there had been a little bit of communication if only someone had said you can't use all this fear in the capsule those deaths could have been avoided so in retrospect yes i think cooperation would have helped as well maybe they were jack thank you thank you thank you dr brian may in astronomy editor in chief david j. icas speaking to that other side museum in london that mission moving three d. reliving the great space race is available now at all good bookstores right after monday when britain dries deposit budget until then you can judge by social media will be back on monday two thousand five hundred fifty seven years of a day or two moms can't. sponsorship of the jewish return. gave america a lot of job opportunities i needed to. make some money
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to read. for just twelve euros fifty a month. a florida resident is charged with. i could now face up to fifty eight years in prison. the european court of human rights throws out an appeal but had sold to defend defaming the prophet muhammad as freedom of speech on the program. the issue. we should have free speech and it goes.


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