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tv   Cross Talk  RT  October 29, 2018 8:30am-9:01am EDT

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a national level essentially saying she realizes the buck stops with her it's her image that's now affecting the party and that's why she's made this decision it does seem inevitable really after what was being said by both a coalition partners and by her allies within our own party following the results and let's have a listen now solution state of the government isn't acceptable we therefore expect the c.d.u. to take appropriate action with us this evening there was a very mixed message has there wants the christian democratic union to continue leading this state many people have shown during this election that it must be different not in hester lives. well there were double digit drops in the polls for both the christian democratic union and the social democratic party of germany as well those votes went to a mixture the green party again doing very well in local elections they picked up around twenty percent of the vote
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a great night out for them they the big successes along with alternative for germany they picked up throughout thirteen percent of the vote they entered the parliament in for the first time they won't be for part of any coalition in parliament the every other party said they won't work with them there but this is the first one invented in has it now means that they are represented in all sixteen german state parliaments as well as being represented in the ponder stack their leadership ecstatic with the results on sunday evening. with the people's party the f.t. is now represented in every german region after the great success it has. well the big news going through angle of merkel the german chancellor saying that she won't run for reelection as the chairperson of the christian democratic union saying she will remain in the role as chancellor expecting to remain in that role up until the
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next election but will not stand again as chancellor of germany eighteen years she's been in charge of the christian democrats it's coming to an end and it may well be a new christian democrats that enters twenty nineteen. i'm sure you'll be keeping across this breaking story for us peter our europe correspondent peter all of our life from ben and thank you. angela merkel is germany's famous female chancellor and the longest serving lead to in the european union she is widely recognized as the most powerful woman in twenty fifteen mikko was nominated for the nobel peace prize for her open arms refugee policy angela merkel went into politics after the fall of the better than wall joining the christian democratic union in one thousand nine hundred eighty nine ten years later she became the party secretary general she became the c.d.s. lead in two thousand by two thousand and five angela merkel made history by becoming germany's fast female chancellor since then she has been re-elected to
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feather three times meaning a generation of chairman said pretty used to anything nicolas that countries need a. good time i remember she was always there i mean i can't really remember a time she was like the chancellor and i don't even know if you take the server. as only but on this that you argue that america said i think she was elected in two thousand and five for the first time i was like seven she's been around forever she's always been an average to sit in power all the time there's a peace. settlement i don't advertise it.
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i've never been in the delta without under american governing. in two thousand and five she was elected for the first time i was only thirteen. i pierced my ear lobes a boy from a school died in a traffic accident. in fukushima the core melted people died. i went to mississippi for a year as an exchange student. black smoke at obama whites. barack obama became the first black president. and. we can now discuss this life with fish on to have a soul a member of geminis the left party get to see it now merkel said to
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a cd leader for almost two decades so how shocking is head decision to resign and the arrow of political stability in the heart of europe is coming to an end today and the fight for a successorship begins now. so why is she stepping down as heads of the party if she plans to continuous chunks until twenty twenty one she's yeah she's scared that she will not be reelected by her party because even her most loyal follow us have now seen that they can only lose when they follow her so she knows that if she wants to cling onto power as chancellor then she has to let go of the party leadership but that runs counter to her position her position until yesterday that you can only be chance that if you are the leader of the party. but mikel strongly opposed the same leave from have pre-disaster who left his position
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as s.p.d. chairman but continued as chancellor at the now he's doing the same so what was your reaction to that yes in two thousand and four when gas was so we can do as a party leader that gave up power as part of the she sat that this is his complete and utter loss of power and one year later she succeeded him a chance so i am very doubtful that she can hold on to a twenty twenty one i think that in november december in december at the party conference of the conservative party her favorite pig for a successor is not elected then that's her advice and it might not even be until twenty twenty one so if mikel isn't focused on party politics now do you think her effectiveness of a chancellor could improve. she has done a lot for no money off the old people and. no no she has never had any had
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any principles and as you just pointed out she said that you can only be chancellor as long as your party leader and now she's giving up power as a party leader and she has she said well i will continue our chancellor she has no principles and a politician to lead such a big country is germany such stormy times as we're in now needs guiding principles and she is not such a politician but what future do you see for the cd party without medical now. it will be stormy times ahead for the party the ads and the right wing of the c.d.u. will be fighting it out and all the while they're in government with the s.p.d. party that itself has lost ten percent or more yesterday and is fighting and trying to fight so we have a government that is completely in fights with each other and with themselves so i
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don't think we will have better politicians coming up after merkel i think the c.d.u. is in deep need of poss from government and i think that now all the parties of the left wing should try to. assemble their forces behind zavada neck and push her into the into the house of parliament and put her into the position of a new chancellor because only that of our nation and the left wing can now bring the winds of change that germany needs where he just touched upon this briefly but what changes can we expect to see in him in politics off to nicholas to parchin now she won't be running for fifth term what changes can we see now. we have no idea it is true of territory she herself just said in the press conference that her decision was unprecedented so we are not on charge of territory and we don't know
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who in the c.d.u. will be the moderates will be the right wingers will there even be people in the city who say they can do a coalition with a. everything is possible and this is why political times and also interesting in germany that in you'll pass no opinion how do you evaluate nichols legacy what she stands for chimney and europe as a whole she's been a great failure she has led germany in the wrong direction she has led europe in the wrong direction and she will be remembered as such as a great failure. but many would argue that mickelson great things for your great things the gemini she's held her position for a long period of time yeah she's done great things for us so what is she going for germany. well thank you very much for. him and he left
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party member thank you. thank you. now to brazil where after a ted lenten hard fought presidential campaign the rightwing comes and it also has seen off his socialist rival fernando had thousands of elated supporters of the country's president have gathered on the streets of rio de janeiro to celebrate. however it wasn't all celebrations there were also a violent clashes between both sonora supporters and opponents in a rare neighborhoods. the full makeup timbale sonora secured over fifty five percent of the vote in brazilian politics he's a figure known for his controversial statements both an hour once called for the
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middle of a sitting president to the to me of the country's military dictatorship and on spicher attacks on women and minority groups he ran on an anti crime anti corruption platform and has proved skillful it's engaging with very to this especially via social media. both an hour's work as policy opponents it's a form of. he entered the presidential race off to jail to former presidents alluded to silva was bound from participating with such polarize candidates brazil's election has been tense right here's a look back at it. oh
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it's not hate just excitement for about a country we've had enough of corruption in our of stealing from the people enough of stealing our health care we're not stupid. i'm no good. but. i still keep the mess sixty's here and the old ladies in a two mind who have lived through that with come out of their homes to fight for democracy i can't help but those people write in some toss from the free brazil movement's belief that despite his controversial statements both scenarios when
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doesn't pose a threat to democracy in brazil yes he looked as he used to make the frames of the lead three regina we're having the best expressed here made statements on t.v. at all and still to be corporate least if we took those now exciting news for the office he has always said that he would support democracy this is for speech as elected president was to change the constitution in defending our democracy and at the same time it's folly for brazil that we see the live to talk about democracy seize the used always he said the use brazil two final straw interests of course the role of media to reach all the rich regimes but also america. we bring you breaking news from germany america has confirmed the sheath that bring down as party leader of the christian democratic union after almost two decades in the job it follows another disappointing election performance this time in. state
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of health say whether c.d.u. suffered a slump in the share of the voters they may have now throws open the race for who will succeed her c.d.u. leader she intends to stay on as chairman chancellor and have full term runs until twenty twenty one years since often this one is fact i thought that first of all at the next party convention in december i will not run for the chair of the party secondly this force is the last one for me i will not run for chancellor during the twenty twentieth's you know lection nor will i seek a seat in the parliament. live to belin out who are your correspondent paid to all of her people can you bring us up to speed with the latest. well we were expecting that this monday morning angle of merkel the german chancellor has announced that she will step down as the chair of the christian democratic union she will remain as chancellor of the country however she won't stand again in the
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general election in twenty twenty one i think we pretty much knew that she hadn't directly said it but it had been widely circulated this would have been angler merkel's last term as chancellor now the question is will she see out the whole term she will stand stepped down she won't seek reelection to be chair of the party now what she had previously was herself at the head of a party which she'd not only shaped but dominated for the best part of two decades eighteen years she's been the head honcho of the christian democratic union it's now up to who will take over just how difficult her job will be as chancellor because what she had been previously as she's been in charge of everybody else and now it would be a case where by a huge essentially be chancellor at the behest of the party and of course whoever runs the party well it could change its face on the what we see today angela merkel
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as put the christian democratic union very much on a said tourist attack there are some in the more conservative elements of the party to the right of the party they would like to see their voices heard a little bit more and a pushing for the likes of current health minister. to be elected to the next chair of the party now that would really put the cat amongst the pigeons as the spine is an outspoken and open critic of angle or merkel particularly migrant policies that would be well be very difficult to see how she would go on as chancellor if he was the head of her party now there's also the rules of working out how it would work with the current grand coalition would the social. democrats be willing to remain in a coalition with a christian democratic union that may have moved to the right away from the center as policies of angela merkel this all could result in us having brand new elections
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put this is all further down the road quite a lot of new information to london everybody's doorstep this monday lunchtime but that news is that angle of merkel will be stepping down chair of the christian democratic union and she will not seek reelection as chancellor it does seem that the straw that broke the camel's back was the results were the result in hester in the local elections on sunday evening the christian democratic union taking another double digit drop in the polls there they lost just over ten percent on what they had previously this was the second election in the second week that it happened just two weeks ago in bavaria there was equally as disastrous results for angela merkel c.d.u. c.s.u. union there. what we have heard and what we did hear in the immediate aftermath of those results were comments both from inside her own party and from her coalition partners saying that this was really the end of the line. solution to the
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state of the government isn't acceptable we therefore expect this city you to take appropriate action. this evening there was a very mixed message has there wants the christian democratic union to continue leading this state many people have shown during this election that it must be different not in hester but in berlin. well while the s.p.d. and the c.d.u. him ridged votes in those votes had to go somewhere and they went to two of the well smaller parties in germany the green party will start off with they picked up twenty percent around there in the polls can't really call in one of the smaller parties these days but you've cast your mind back just a year and they barely limped their way into the blunder star they barely got past the threshold that was needed to take up their seats again there they had they came back and that was needed to take up their seats again there they had they came back resurgent in bavaria they've done the same thing in hair so it's
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a great night for them and also a good night for the populist alternative for germany party they entered parliament in here so for the first time they won't play any role in creating the the local government then all of the other parties will enter into coalition with them but it is a landmark because it now means that they're represented in all of the sixteen states in germany as well as being represented in the national parliament the bundestag their leadership understandably excited and happy after last night's result with the people's party the f.t. is now represented in every german region after the great success it has. the big news the end of an era upon a soft eighteen years in charge of the christian democratic union i'm going to merkel is said that she will step down from the role as chairwoman allowing somebody else to fill her shoes at the which could be it's all said and done dusted
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by the party congress at the beginning of december up in hamburg she will remain as chancellor for now but she will no longer be head of the christian democratic union peter out of her bringing us up to date life from palin. international relations professor peter says the elections in have say in bavaria have put chairman is ruling coalition and a very difficult position she does not have then any more the support and the confidence of her all and the growth. in this is very tricky gyal an instrument. it's a moment so as a source of democrats on a similar situation it is not. clear yet our ward where response will be to seniors and the defeat in bavaria. may ask for new elections which is the actual as well so basically germany which used to be the ngos that lutie and progress in
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europe is in a very very big moment and i think this kind of situation she has been our president of the reason for. the mistrust and the loss of confidence in. google is under pressure after reports of form a thin executive received a multi-million dollar exit package after being accused of sexual misconduct by a colleague the tech giant is also accused of trying to finance the story which goes back to twenty fourteen igor standoff reports. the era of need to has been celebrated as a turning point no more it seemed to could sexual harassers get away with it all tools need to be to be to be to me to meet pull. but as some perpetrators were ostracized and ruined for life others apparently were covered and protected this is the claim made in
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a new york times article about the man who fathered the android mobile operating system allegedly the google big short coerced and other employee into intercourse at a hotel an accusation andy rubin denies specifically i never coerced a woman to have sex in a hotel room these false allegations are part of a smear campaign by my ex-wife. but the misconduct story is only part of the scandal according to the paper google's big head has reportedly knew of the allegations but there was no big outing for rubin no public shaming no kavanah scale investigation what happened instead a discreet resignation letter filed by the executive a goodbye golden handshake of a staggering ninety million dollars and a pat on the back from the big boss i want to wish and the all the best with what's next with android he created something through the remarkable with a billion plus happy users and the irony is that it's google one of the champions
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of the me too movement in supported by actions like creating a whole project with this i catching heat map for the hash tag and note that we did not edit this in any way including the music. the fall when the paper published its investigation google retorted by flaunting its record of layoffs over such accusations in the last two years forty eight people have been terminated for sexual harassment including thirty who were seedy and managers and above. and from we've learned so far this scandal looks pretty black and white good going the new york times against potentially bad guy google but the irony actually goes deeper here the new york times is amidst a very similar scandal itself back in twenty seventeen their white house correspondent glenn thrush was accused of inappropriate sexual behavior the paper
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did punish him by not allowing him to cover white house events anymore because that will show him those who are preaching the loudest about things like tolerance or things like you know taking moral high ground are often those who don't hold themselves to that same accountability because i don't think for them it's necessarily a more ality or even you know a principle of theirs i think it's more about politics to them so then when it's convenient for them to say they espouse the me too movement for political pragmatism or for you know sometimes i think click for click baits things like that that's very different from when it hits them personally the need to phenomenon had a lot of women inspired and empowered to giving them hope that maybe they don't have to be afraid to speak out anymore and while this message could not be more true it's hypocrites within the ranks that are stealing the hope from the victims.
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moving on now in the me too movement to see even made it to that this new lows two of hollywood's biggest names have spoken out about the negative messages they believe are in some animation films. from the online series in case you missed it breaks down some of the classics did you spend a blissful childhood hopefully enjoying disney classics well in case you missed it they tend to fall into monsters so. how can we just found by and watch the prince kiss snow white without consent runs out the success the little mermaid giving up her voice for the true love of a. i want we say cinderella save yourself you don't leave no prints these are some of the criticisms from actresses kristen bell and keira knightly who have unwittingly become figureheads of a movement that suggests that we love. and can prove some classic stories apparently bella and might leave refused to let their kids even watch some of these
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old classics what on the street is not the only one a lot of people think about this stuff really really really hard or they were not hot enough maybe the fridge should have got permission but then it's not right with the lying that nobody writing towards longer possibly can we still one of the very people in the way. the little mermaid may have given up her voice but that was ariel just said let's just let her do her thing and telling cinderella to save herself so the work message to all those trapped in domestic servitude around the world is to just help yourself and ignore any princes who want to help looking at you mochel the modern day does tend to get the p.c. seal of approval although if we try hard enough i'm pretty sure we can run those two let's have a try showing that. a little girl if i just have parents and sets out across the ocean or just some logs with a tiny little chicken that is not a good example and in the interests of animal welfare did anyone else. chicken if
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it wanted to go to the frozen body queen finds one closed doors for years after a traumatic incident and then please to the top of the mountain on the main wall the one that is a variable lesson in how to treat p.t.s.d. as ever i see why my house is the solution to keep your kids blissfully ignorant to the complexities of reality reducing guy to all acceptable story lines that artists need to stick with it declare two thousand years deal. and everything from that but it's a good thought for berg. will be back shortly with more top stories they were. join me every thursday on the alec simon show and i'll be speaking to guests of the world of politics sport i'm showbusiness i'll see that.
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while give easy val send this to us. and. for unions. the rational. designer of the needy thief. at the new. zuma. should. begin to your good. fortune for the outnumbered a lot about. more than
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a financial. disease says harlan kentucky. overall in his view of the employees are you going to three families or you know you're. in. a coma any city with almost no coal mines left. the jobs are gone. all the pay rises showed that. these people the survivors of disappearing before their eyes. i remember thinking when i was younger that if anything ever happened to the coal mines here that it would become a ghost town but i never thought in
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a million years i would see that and it's how finance happened. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy confrontation let it be an arms race off and spearing dramatic development only personally i'm going to resist i don't see how that strategy will be successful it's very critical time to sit down and talk. to me and when is prepared for kids to foster fool out the next season party convention to i would not run the chair of the party secondly this fourth time is the last month for me. the german chancellor and now his chief stepping down in twenty twenty one on content plans to quit says leave the f.m. policy off the eighty.


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