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first than. and. later. that. day at the. end of the next cd you potch convention to say i will not run for the chair of this for the last month. on the merkel says she will not be running for a fifth term as german chancellor and will stand down as party leader after eighteen years in charge. for its use we're aware of from the afternoon
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of twenty seventh of june on words civilians were being killed. rights groups urged the french government to relaunch a probe into the one thousand nine hundred one and genocide is video emerges appearing to show france knew more about the slaughter than it claimed. before you yeah me too you could but the. truth is only the nuclear event will be the whole image from both the egyptian people. and the nato war games drawn protests in norway as troops conducting their biggest drills since the cold war. are broadcasting live direct from our studios in moscow this is r t international and john thomas glad to have you with us. all right uncle merkel is stepping down
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as leader of the christian democratic union party after eighteen years at the helm she will stay on as a german chancellor but says that she will not run for a fifth term in two thousand and twenty one. at the next cd you party convention in december i will not run for the chair of the party this fourth term is the last one for me the decision follows her party's disappointing election performance of this time in the state of hessen where the c.d.u. suffered a double digit loss of the chancellor admitted the result was hard to take. the next inside the figures that came in overnight from her selection a wholly disappointing and bitter when the body does committee it can no longer be business as usual process after this result has after the result of the area after the conflicts between the c.d.u. and the c.s.u. in the summer and after all the difficulties in forming a government coalition as the previous attempts to form one between the c.d.u.
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c.s.u. f.t.p. and the green party fell through. it's been about soaked in this and i believe we should pause for a moment and think i hope we see yesterday's election is a turning point that we put to the task we have sat and done from the last federal election and until this moment that i realized the opportunity for us. exact time now and again america has been in power for a long time maybe it's time for someone new to even use our flesh and i don't think the. politicians have lost trust people believe them any more than caldwell mum harbor me or. i have seriously considered welton for that. there is also no other real alternative. i'm glad local says she will remain as chancellor but is stepping down as the leader of the christian democratic union she had in the past said to jobs being the party leader. and being chancellor
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they went hand in hand and you shouldn't separate one of the other this does come as something of a surprise the c.d.u. were in well day or a set of dire straits has been in for a while but angle merkel's been at the helm for eighteen years she's such a big part of the the d.n.a. of the c.d.u. today so for her to say that she's stepping down and somebody else is going to be shaping that party that's that's big news perhaps worth noting that this was probably the most relaxed we've seen angela merkel speaking to the press in months and she lists off the troubles that they faced it's no wonder they find themselves in such a situation in fact as the result started coming in on sunday evening we saw both those within the c.d.u. her own party and her coalition partners already starting to turn on angle of merkel and suggesting that there needed to be a change solution to the state of the government isn't acceptable we therefore expect the c.d.u. to take appropriate action wrong on this house this evening there was
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a very mixed message has there wants the christian democratic union to continue leading this state many people have shown during this election that it must be different not in hester lives. or with the social democrats and the c.d.u. haemorrhaging votes in those votes to go somewhere the beneficiaries were the green party who put in a little strong showing after previously doing well in bavaria and also alternative for germany. and to the parliament and has a for the first time and now it means that they have representation in all sixteen states in germany as well as be represented in the national parliament the bundestag party leadership of the f.d.a. well they were ecstatic at the results with the people's party the f.t. is now represented in every german region after the great success it has but when it comes to angela merkel the christian democratic union in the coalition it's.
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well held together with sticky tape and popsicle sticks at the moment it comes down to popularity and angela merkel's party has been hemorrhaging popularity since she made the decision to welcome with open arms refugees and migrants to germany it was a huge issue in the election in twenty seventeen and well it caused problems for them there it caused problems with trying to cobble together a coalition it took the best part of seven months to do that and since the coalition government has been in place since march it's never really looked stable it almost fell apart completely this summer with horses they offered the interior minister threatening to walk out of the cabinet and walk out of the coalition with his christie and social union party he was put catered eventually with promises of of limits on refugees and migrants but it hasn't gone away and the problems that as they said started out in the lead up to the twenty seventeen election they then followed through coalition talks they've now started to impact on local government
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and the overall impression of the c.d.u. party and that is why until a merkel's deemed it time to go is the head of the party she says she's going to hang on until twenty twenty one is chancellor looking to see how she well how she gets on to do that depending on who takes over the job she's vacating as head of her party. the merkel enjoy the consistently high approval ratings during the first ten years of her leadership but since two thousand and fifteen her open door policy on refugees has turned many voters against her. oppression political oppression we have a responsibility to help them based on the geneva convention for refugees based on our sign and policy. article one of our constitutional whether we want to.
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measure it along political or russian ality this move by going to merkel is not surprising at all because her party was losing. confidence among the electorate and the reason and so to speak the burden of this party was on herself so it was quite rational for her to leave office as party chairman but they were the less whenever something important happened you usually are surprised by it
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happening right now and this is why there was rain this uprising that anger merkel so quickly has stronger consequences out of the disaster still a electoral defeats during the last eight elections and if they aren't and in history. right merkel's announcement that she will no longer lead the christian democratic union comes after decades at the forefront of german politics and she began her political career after the fall of the berlin wall joining the c.d.u. in one thousand nine hundred nine ten years later she became the party secretary general and its leader in two thousand and in two thousand and five on merkel became germany's first female chancellor and since then she has been reelected another three times.
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the time i remember she was always there i mean i can't really remember a time she was like the chancellor and i don't even know who came before. as an event on us that you want to give us it's i think she was elected in two thousand and five for the first time i was like seven she's just been around for ever she's always been an image she's been in power a long time i think there's a piece. i've never seen in adults without governing. in two thousand and five she was elected for the first time i was only thirteen. i pierced my ear lobes a boy from my school died in a traffic accident. in fukushima the core melted people died. i went to
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mississippi for a year as an exchange student. black smoke that obama whites mccain barack obama became the first black president. studied. back and i'm a. french human rights groups are calling for a probe into the one thousand nine hundred one and genocide to be reopened this comes after news website media pardon released a video appearing to show a senior french military officer discussing an ongoing massacre several days before the army chose to intervene france has denied any culpability. before you are the only two you could put on your t.v. but you could use all the you don't equal you know if you don't comply with the one who makes homebody do look forward to the show all three of. the genocide in
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rwanda lasted for about one hundred days and left more than half a million people dead and he's done a quarter reports now on the case from paris. leading french human rights groups called for a reopening of the case on friday trying to get answers from top french military officials about the government's involvement in the one nine hundred ninety four massacre in the east african country of rwanda now human rights activists are demanding answers one leader of the organization survey is a plaintiff in the case she says it was too premature to close the case while other lawyers are accusing france were in direct complicity in the genocide lines of inquiry were not sufficiently followed up. to allow investigators to determine france's military and political responsibility french military authorities were aware that from the afternoon off twenty seventh of june on words civilians were being killed the survivors open the case thirteen years ago although back in july
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it was scrapped due to lack of evidence and lack of convictions but survivors of the massacre claim they asked the french military for help on june twenty seventh one thousand nine hundred ninety four but the military only came three days later already after hundreds of people were killed in the massacre and the allegation now is that the french government actually knew what was going on and specifically decided not to intervene the genocide was committed mainly by the hutu government and its backers against the ethnic minority tutsi tribe and allegations of the french government supports for the hutus who carried out most of the slaughter in the genocide have been rough on the french government's relations with the rwandan government for years but the french although they admit that they have made mistakes they say they have no complicity in the genocide that took place there.
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and we managed to speak with one of the massacre survivors the duma plus who needs it didn't surprise me i was very happy that the media part of the truth we as the survivors have known this for a long time but it's important that the french people know what happened back in one thousand nine hundred ninety four when the military was there i only know. no that france aren't promised to declassify the archives but it didn't work out everything he published was already known the only thing i have to add is that the french people have to know the truth the context of the one in genocide was
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a poor year war it is argument between france and rwanda it's been going on since one thousand nine hundred four did the french have a mandate to french have a mandate to intervene if french. is and they had a mandate to intervene then they did something wrong. soldiers typically. do night tonight take action now demanded. nato exercises in norway have sparked mass protests on the streets of oslo it comes after moscow held its own military drills last month or two but i've gotten of comments. fifty thousand troops two hundred and fifty aircraft sixty five warships and ten thousand tanks and vehicles that's
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a pretty straightforward message it is ambitious and it is demanding in recent years europe security environment how significant it deteriorated nato has been careful not to mention moscow as the boogeyman which the exercise is aimed against but there are no illusions that nato jets will be flying i mean two hundred kilometers from the russian border us troops will be learning to fight in cold conditions against a simulated enemy that is and surprisingly exactly as powerful as moscow. the effect of this activity will increase the tension between norway and russia despite quite clumsy attempts by the representatives of the alliance and its member states to picture such military activity as defensive it's obvious that this fighting capabilities demonstration has a distinct anti russian character tensions now a worse than they've been in a third of a century both nato and moscow have been going to it streams staging bigger and
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bigger war games russia's vostok maneuvers the natives trident war games record size for both this year and each blaming each other. demonstrates russia's focus on exercising large scale conflict it fits into a pattern we've seen over some time and more assertive russia significantly increasing its defense budget and its military presence wait wait wait getting a little carried away there russia's military budget has been decreasing not increasing year after year you would have thought nato intelligence would have spotted that now compare moscow's military spending to nato's which is almost a trillion dollars a year it literally accounts for harf the world's military spending i mean there's no competition here in this the need to use military activity at the borders of
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russia has reached an unprecedented post cold war level bloc countries are engaged in offensive drills the aim of all this is increased capacity to swiftly deploy troops across europe. it's a remarkable cycle nato builds up its forces. responds by building up its own which nato then calls russian aggression and uses it to justify stationing more tanks troops near russia. and repeat it's not really had real i think he said probably. trying to look back at it typical nato drills we had of the thirty's in the eighty's the typical would be that we had ten thousand participants now we got more than fifty one thousand it's a game of political struggle between the united states and russia are going on all very impressive this far as military escalations go but what with all these war games this propaganda militant rhetoric and collapsing arms treaties one can only
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wonder how long can we go on like this and much more we can escalate the for a stupid decision or an accident puts a spark to this trillion dollar powder keg. we could leaks founder julian assange claims aqua door is planning to end its political asylum and hand him over to the u.s. that is after an ecuadorian court threw out a songes lawsuit over his living conditions at the country's embassy in london earlier the ecuadorian embassy issued a memo giving us a list of rules to follow if he wants to continue his six year stay in the building include restrictions on personal visits and a ban on communications that could harm ecuador or its relations with foreign states the ecuadorian foreign minister and assad his lawyers have been giving some very different points of view on the case but it's clear this protocol was issued with strict respect for international law the ecuadorian state has an international
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responsibility to protect means to us. human rights activist peter tatchell thinks i could or is trying to wear down a songe as a way of getting him out of the embassy. well let's be clear the conditions imposed on during a song by the ecuadorian authorities are extremely draconian they are in some respects similar to the kinds of restrictions that a prisoner would face in a maximum security jail now of course in some respects some aspects of these conditions are reasonable but the way they're being imposed very clearly with the intention of making life bearable for mr. does appear to be part of a deliberate trying to make life so bad for him that he voluntarily even though ecuador is saying that he's going to stay. president trump in the first lady have started their how when celebrations by handing out candy to
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children at the white house but behind the smiles of there are some ominous signs on the horizon as are these came up in comments. with halloween fast approaching pollsters are looking into what strikes fear into americans the most now turn on any mainstream t.v. network and they'll have an answer for you efforts to influence the twenty eight eighteen midterm elections the big news and divisive stories and posts caravan of impoverished migrants white nationalists prepared to take to the streets trump administration plan could a race the definition of transgender but according to a new poll conducted by chapman university in california americans actual fears don't really line up when given a list of one hundred things to be afraid of including nuclear war zombies ghosts and other terrors americans list in their primary phobia for the fourth consecutive year as being corrupt politicians. and perhaps this fear isn't exactly baseless we do have
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a president whose tax returns are still under wraps and he seems to be pretty blatantly doing favors for his next of kin i've heard even i've heard how good with . the people that know. this is nothing to do with that but does that but i want to tell you that people that know that he wagner would be dynamite but. then be accused of nepotism if you could believe it right and trump got a lactaid by tearing into his opponent hillary clinton he called her crooked hillary because her reputation for shady deals has been around for years the f.b.i. even looked into her clinton foundation the former secretary of state never shied away from taking big sums from financial heavyweights you have to be paid six hundred seventy five thousand dollars well i don't know that's what they offered. accusations of corruption are abundant in american politics even though they rarely make the legal field in the united states there's all kinds of politicians being
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accused of insider trading lavish gifts as they say welcome to american politics but it seems that the mainstream media is working overtime to direct our phobias elsewhere there's no limit to what the russian federation do to undermine american democracy while you know what we have to work on immigration i have a big dairy district a live agriculture a lot of undocumented workers but these things aren't even in the top ten because we have so many of the. things that relate to your life or the future of your kids and things like that not trumped of things like you know terrorism is going to get to or your bridges are going to fall down or something it's real life things that people are worried about a part of it is the economic ones including the corruption of politicians i was interested in the corrupt politician thing being at the top because for a long time people haven't recognized how corrupt their politicians are they think it's thinking in gradually that the whole system really stinks american politicians
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have learned that playing on people's fears is a big seller but it seems that what scares the americans the most is the very scare mongers trying to manipulate their fears tale of mopp and. r t new york. u.k. energy company quadrille is suspending its operations at a fracking well in northern england after another tremor in the area drilling began at the lancashire site about two weeks ago on october twenty fourth miner seismic activity was detected but operations continued after a stronger tremor on october twenty sixth operations were halted but only for eighteen hours quadrille has defended its activity saying it poses no danger. microseismic events such as these results in tiny movements that way below anything that would be felt its surface much less cause any harm or damage without the sophisticated monitoring in place it could drill or they would not be detected in the campaign or for the talking group says quadrille its operations could cause
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a disaster. lewis fracking at the moment it's a worrying situation and it seems to be going very slowly and cautiously as they should. if you if you then. ground running that's already being historically weakened significantly by historic coal extract the consequences could be very devastating. and that effectively covers the entire bottle and a half of the fracking licenses in this country and that's where the real problem is. suicide bomber has injured at least twenty people in tunisia capital eight of them are police officers and at least one of them is a civilian woman blew herself up in front of a shopping center so far no terrorist group has claimed the attack the area has
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a strong police presence as a number of government buildings are located nearby tunisia's the last major terrorist attack was in two thousand and fifteen and thirty eight people were killed at a beach resort. syria's national museum in damascus has reopened six years after it was shelled by militants for many is a sign that life is returning to normal after years of civil war. they are going to . be set up and deciding the reopening of the museum shows that civilization has conquered terrorism the national museum of damascus serves as a witness to the long and bright history of the syrian people the reopening of the
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museum is significant. in the city of rocco which was previously held by islamic state the losses are far greater more than forty five hundred artifacts were looted during the jihadi occupation according to syrian officials and many priceless works were stolen from the museums in palmira garage and homes. and that doesn't mean i'll be back with headlines in thirty three minutes stay with us. as a trumpet ministration pulls out of a key arms control agreement nato conducts
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a massive exercise in the arctic is a new front being opened up and it seems the saudis will get away with murder. but politicians to do something to. put themselves on the line they get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president. some want. to go right to the press this is like the full story of the more people. i'm interested always in the why. aren't. more. you know world a big part of new things. and conspiracies it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we
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need to be smart we need to stop slamming the door on the back and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks. this is boom bust broadcasting around the world covering the world of business and finance in the impact upon all of us everybody around the world we're so glad you're with us i'm bart chilton in washington coming up today we've got lots from
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brazil where they've got a new right wing leader to germany where the leader makes a major announcement to indonesia where there's a horrible human tragedy it's occurred in one of boeing's new airliners we have a show fall to the brim with important timely news like up to the day five seconds ago news we'll get to all of it plus we have to keep. competition questions those walmart stand a chance of being a real rival to amazon lots for us to get to so we pop start today let's roll. we start with markets after a week of down and dour markets last week as we told you about before save brazil and shanghai last week which were the exception stock markets are trying to regain their footing around the world and they have not done so we have seen a six hundred point swing today in the dow jones industrial average traded there and ending down for the day of course.


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